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  1. That experience at Miami means a lot. He also spent some time with Olsen previously, wouldn't surprise me if he put in a good word for him. He can't be worse than Dickson. I'm excited.
  2. Yo I go I feel this is the perfect time to ask, what's the teems feeling on Alexander for.Clemson? Some reports have been popping up about apparent attitude problems, so do we feel strongly about him one way or the other.
  3. So you just pick and choose when to reply to me Its a good look on ya fam
  4. One where you said Hakeem Nicks would for sure be a Panther before week 1
  5. I find it hard to believe you missed multiple posts about it in two threads but That bet we had before the season? Remember that?
  6. Before we ban Bwood can we get him to pay that 15 he owes me for saying we'd sign Hakerm Nicks before week one.
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