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  1. And this is all first wave, btw. Spring Break is going to Wreck Our poo. There's no excuse to have beaches open besides wringing out as much money as they can out of the situation.
  2. It's worth noting Italy has stopped testing Mild cases in an effort to better treat and manage critical or serious ones. That said, Italy is a grim reminder that this is gonna take longer than two weeks. We we first realized we had internal spread we should've shut down. Found hotspots and cases. Instead we went about as normal (and still are, the spring break waves are gonna fug us.) and it's depressing. Buckle the fug up everybody we're gonna be here for a while
  3. It's really not all that surprising. Everyone assumes he had a bunch of tackles because he was good in the box, which is partly true He also had a lot of tackles because he got beat in coverage and had to scramble to get the tackle. He was absolutely picked on often last season.
  4. We got 9 entertaining seasons. Sucks we never got a ring but Cam's tenure here was not a waste. Wouldn't trade that 15' season for the world.
  5. I don't watch wrestling, but there's plenty in my age group who do. I get it, the Wrestlers appeal to our generation a lot more than the older wrestlers do.
  6. Sooooo if we left Little at tackle, people would be mad we didn't do enough to protect Cam. You'd still be harping on about NO getting better because they took a player we didn't. If we drafted a tackle, we'd be mad about sliding Little to guard, saying he's a waste of a pick. You'd still be harping on about NO getting better because they took a player we didn't. But here we are, trading for a stop gap tackle and moving Little to guard. People are mad because we wasted a pick, even though there's a huge precedent of players moving to guard then playing tackle later. And you're still harping on about NO getting better because they took a player we didn't.
  7. So you guys wanted to draft a T at 7, which would've moved Little to guard anyway. But are now mad that Little is moving to guard because we traded for an LT?
  8. We have one wide receiver under contract next season atm How is WR not a huge need?
  9. 1 in each of his first two seasons with them. Missed weeks 1-7 last year, one more in the middle of his return, and then the last two of the season. And as long as he is not one of the 2-4% of people who develop long term lung damage, he should have recovered much better than Pardis did with half the commitment. Worst case he's shot. Best case he's a good stop gap blindside protector.
  10. All of that super matters if you look at it through the lens of "What we're doing only matters for a big run next season." , and there's nothing to indicate that we're doing that. You can't compare that to the Rams who literally loaded up for a playoff push that season. Even if you look at the lens of "We need to keep Cam upright and healthy and see what we have with him going into 2021" Okung could help with that more than Trai, and G is infinitely easier to get serviceable play than tackle. It is entirely realistic for Cam to have a solid season and be a part of our big picture and us miss the playoffs next year.
  11. why bitch about it? He's likely a Panther now. And we're off the hook for him next season. As someone said in the thread earlier, we probably weren't getting higher than 4th for Trai, and according to the Huddle Hurney can't draft well past the first anyway, why not take a shot on a guy our O-line coach really wanted and at least gives us a starter going into the season?
  12. Not at 7, or even in the first mind you. But if I'm gonna take a raw prospect with accuracy issues and is probably a developmental project, I like Hurts a lot more.
  13. god i love all the dumb julian love hype and i hope someone is dumb enough to take him in the top 10. I'd take Hurts over Love.
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