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  1. God this. We let up no sacks. When the fug has this ever happened. We have a full 4 quarters against a good team. This team caused our biggest rivals to struggle at home last week. We're a legit team and I'm so excited for this team.
  2. Because the next game our offense struggles this board is gonna poo it's diaper per usual. I've been one of the more vocal "shut up, stay calm, we're good" posters on here so miss me with lumping me in with these other whiners.
  3. Oh no doubt, but he still has s learning curve. This fanbsse is extremely feast or famine. If he slows down we'll just hear more bitching and moaning.
  4. He was shut out the second half. This isn't a bad thing, he was electric for us the first half. But the Ravens adjusted to him. As will other teams now that tape is out. This is why we've been using him sparingly. Torrey Smith, a veteran isn't flashy like more but he's been geling more as our offense has. He's our Cotch. This core needs him just as much as we need Moore. This is mainly for @RumHam who can't tell the difference between a rock and a vet. But I know if Moore starts cooling off we'll lose our heads and start blaming everyone. Moore flashed today. That's what rookies do. Terrific team win. Moore's gonna be special. I cannot stop cumming.
  5. No I've followed Tyrod since he's been drafted. Dude panics under pressure and even when he's not he doesn't see the whole field. I trust Hiniken more
  6. James Conner has been on fire these last few weeks. That being said the Steelers are overrated but it's tough to judge divisional games anyway, Ravens lost to the Browns.
  7. Came here to post this. It's not a fluke so much as just some QBs know how to deal with it better than others. Cam knows how to deal with the blitz and usually knows where to go against defenses. Still gonna be a tough game. That defense is real.
  8. Okay but they still can't get off the field Last week against the Redskins they didn't give up a bunch of points, but the Redskins still had a lot of long, clock eating drives. We had three offensive drives in the second half. Of course, the Redskins are also built for that, they're one of the best clock managing teams in the NFL. That's what Alex Smith is good at. The reason we were able to comeback this week is because our defense was finally able to get off the field. I'm glad we haven't been giving up points as much, that's a step up from the form show in the Falcons and Giants games. Once they can stop drives more consistently, we'll be golden.
  9. Oh I know, I'm not one that's blind to their flaws. But as far as problems go with coaching staff, I think we're a lot better off than you give them credit for. Yes Rivera makes mistakes that are infuriating, but so does every coach. But we're a focused, solid football team that's improving AND 4-2. That's not a small feat. I don't think yesterday was really the fault of any major coaching flaws. The Eagles just played us well, but we adjusted with pass protection and how we attacked the Eagles after what we were doing not working before.
  10. I honestly can't get a read on you sometimes man and I mean that with all due respect. Sometimes you say coaches see the whole process and fans see the results but have bunch a critical pov for our coaches. I'd argue that today was one of our most well coached games, we held the eagles to 17 points, we adjusted well when we were getting beat, and cleaned up most of our errors and absolutely exploited the Eagles weaknesses, yet you still say that Cam saved us. I dunno man, I guess part of the fun of discussing football is discussing difficulties but I cannot get a grasp on where you stand.
  11. Now we're mad because we're not constantly passing down field. I don't get it. Our offensive line isn't great. The Eagles defensive line is. Yet they got a lesser amount of sacks than us. Quick passing game is how you beat those d-lines. It's why everybody has been doing it against us. And the Eagles. And the Vikings. And the Cowboys. The list goes on. We tried to go deep early this game, we knew that was the Eagles weakness ass did they. They got us early, their d-line was able to beat our o-line when we did. On a non fugin windstorm of a day we probably go into the half 10-6. I also wanna take this time to note we went up tempo at the end of the half and it didn't work. Can we please stop acting like every time Cam runs it we're an unstoppable juggernaut. Second half we get one drive in the third, it blows up do to an grounding call but we move well. 4th quarter we get 21. Notice we hit the hurry up the moment Cox hit the sideline. That's not coincidental. Remember last season or. Most previous seasons where if we were down 17 that'd be a death sentence? It definitely wasn't because of a lack of agression. Now we have a more balanced mix. The difference between our offense this time last season and this season is night and day. And I still don't think we've played our best football yet. Hell even the game winning drive we weren't all agression, the last 3rd down conversion was s beautiful designed play that took advantage of the Eagles respecting out deep game and us having the best receiver out of the backfield in the NFL. We didn't just win on the backs of our deep game, we won because we're a more complete offense now. We're finally that type of team that can win with an average o-line. We played a complete game today and came out the better of it. Mistakes, errors and just losing can happen in any game. Good teams respond and adjust. This game kind of reminds me of the Seahawk win in 15. This can only bode well for us. But you know Norv is Shula 2.0. and even Hue Jackson can out coach Rivera.
  12. KC is a regular season team if I've seen one. All offense and no defense. I'd be wildly surprised if they're playing in February. We've seen Mahomes struggle against good defendes already. Also we'd have beaten the chifes once if Lafell could catch a fuging cold.
  13. When we started blocking better we got the deep passes off Wowza
  14. I think Hogan woulda been really solid if it weren't for his injuries. But that's just speculation.
  15. That's super cool man but also not the point I was making. A lot of people that critique Ron over every thing he does despite most people in the thread hating the pick. Now we're brerating him for admitting he was nervous about branching off from his normal and taking a chance when a lot of people here were mad we didn't drart one of those two cornere. Doesn't apply to you, cool my guy, that wasn't directed at you then. Turns out this was based off a misread anyway so