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  1. There's a word for that Rebuilding. No one is forcing you to stick around for it if you don't want to. Rebuilding sucks. Losing the players we've grown to love over the past decade sucks. No one's denying Cam's talent. I love what he's done for us, miss him, and wish we could've kept him. We're just going in a different direction.
  2. Haha remember how we thought this would fall off in the summer and we'd worry about a second wave in the fall. At this rate I'd be surprised if we have a season come September. poo might look really bleak by then.
  3. I would absolutely do this for a second no questions asked. Hell I'd do it for a first provided it was out of the top 5/in the top 5 and Teddy exceeded expectations. Potentially elite player < already proven top 4 defensive player in the NFL. Jamal Adams is elite.
  4. Depends on the offense. If it's a vertical offense like what we tried to run with Shula, you really want as many guys who can hold their own and get to where they need to be as long as possible. For a more rhythm based, quick passing offense, like what we are persuambly gonna run with Teddy, you just want guys who aren't Matt Kalil or Byron Bell and are at least aware in passpro.
  5. With how this year has gone I refuse to make predictions for any team.
  6. You did claim he was an all-pro. Which is false. In any case, that's football. We're not the first team that let a player walk to save money and replace him with a lesser player. The entire huddle all off-season, espcially post draft, wanted us to sign a corner knowing the market was thin, and then when we do y'all wanna bitch about which B- cornerback we signed. This isn't a one year process, everyone knew that. I'd love to hear your amazing plan to restock on cornerbacks this season or why looking short term and giving Bradberry 32 million garunteed (something people love giving Hurney poo for is resigning our players to what they feel they're owed) is the best solution.
  7. Anyway with the pick of Troy Pride Jr and now this signing it's safe to assume we're gonna be running a LOT of man. I'm actually eager to see DJax play man to man more.
  8. Really now? What season was his all-pro.season? I really like James (at times) but let's not act like he was completely shutdown. WRs like Golladay fuged his poo.
  9. That's you. I didn't even watch wrestling as a kid. So I have literally no emotional ties to wrestling. But entertainment is entertainment. It's for all ages. And no it's not a developmental league. It's college. Most colleges don't prepare you for the NFL even if you are groomed to play in the NFL. These coaches are gonna say they're prepping them for the NFL but it's a totally different mindset and work ethic when they get to the NFL. You're playing wildly varrying different levels of competition in college. It's not a developmental league. It's just College Football.
  10. Scalding takes. Really, really dumb and bad scalding takes.
  11. It's honestly something that we can say that. Looking at our 95 brothers they have...who? MJD? And then there's the Texans who've had a couple, Andre Johnson, Watt and I'm sure you can put Hopkins there too. Only downside is we don't have any hardware to show for it
  12. Felons can improve as people and deserve a chance to work. Who knew.
  13. Hindsight is 20/20 n all but I always thought taking Baker over Byron Murphy was a head scratcher.
  14. You are using this story to push your own agenda right now my guy. This is a serious, serious charge. Far more serious than anything that any NFL player has done recently. In Florida nif they're found guilty, it's an automatic 10 year sentence. Let's also not forget Baker allegedly told one of the gunmen to shoot someone. Please name one, one thing that remotely compares to this situation. If they're found not guilty, unfortunately, that's the law. They'll probably be suspended but no reason the leauge for the leauge to keep them out.
  15. Even if Kareem Hunt was convicted it'd be a misdemeanor, not a felony. So,
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