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  1. Teddy absolutely played poorly today and saw ghosts. But good lord our line was playing like hot ass all night. Even if we go QB we'd fuging kill a room back thete.
  2. Even Moton struggled tonight at times. Just poo marks all around.
  3. Teddy played with some serious tips tonigjt but good fuging lord They just kept a gap blitzing And they kept missing it.
  4. I get...that he was probably supposed to rotate to that area but he really, really didn't have to.
  5. He can do it well enough. He's not an excellent deep ball thrower like a Jay Cutler or a Josh Allen but uh Teddy can also do things that those QBs can't do as well. Idk why everyone acts like its deep ball or bust in the NFL.
  6. Man there sure is a lot of goalpost moving in here
  7. Just want to say if Mehta Manish(sp) is the one reporting these rumors he's the Jets version of Person so take it with a chunk of salt.
  8. Thats a trigger word for me don't do that to me
  9. We don't really play man much so I don't think we're gonna see anyone shadowing Julio solo. However if there's one team with the pure WR talent to fug our zone in the ass it's the Falcons. Luckily their defense is buttcheeks too.
  10. This is the kind of millennial dad joke energy I need in my life.
  11. This is the kind of millennial dad joke energy I need in my life.
  12. I have long said I don't think OBJ and Baker are a good combo. Granted it was the Bengals defense but Baker had his best game of his career without him. We'll see if its a lasting trend. But I'm betting 5hat Run game and WR core can survive without OBJ.
  13. Agree Whether you like Teddy big picture or not, one thing you have to like is he allows us an opportunity to develop a guy like the Chiefs did Mahomes and what that Packers hope to achieve with Love. With how they're looking this season, pending an Adams injury, I don't think the Packers fans are mad they're devolping Love's potential behind Rodgers.
  14. Maybe being around Jarius Wright did him some good. He looked like his good season here at times.
  15. I didn't know this but this is not a shocking stat at all.
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