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  1. Thanks. I am not the opposing fan who comes in and tries to give great analysis and discuss things while trying to build up some sort of fake karma to help the team, but I have enjoyed some of the photoshop action that has come out of this place over the years and enjoyed watching Davis and Keuchly destroy teams this year when they have showed games in Arizona. It's interesting watching the talk surrounding this game because both sides are complaining about the media picking the other team, both have a lot of fans with deeper knowledge of the game than some other "fanbases" and it just seems like a really interesting matchup of "new powers" in the NFC. Hardly anyone is talking about the fact that it is technically a rematch from last year, because both teams are so much different this year. I also can say that out here on sports radio Cam gets a lot more respect than in some places. We've all been pretty bewildered by some of the flak he takes. Its comical to me how much he gets on people's nerves, despite the fact that he has obviously matured as a leader and player over the past year. Sure he can be a bit flamboyant, but who the hell wouldn't be?
  2. I too am a Cardinals fan, but I have crept this forum for years now because you guys have a great sense of humor and are probably the most similar to the forums I frequent in AZ. I don't know where this "Camthers" thing, but it's pretty stupid. I know that those of us who are die hard fans of the Cardinals and the NFL in general do not take the Panthers lightly in any sense. I think the key for us is keeping Carson upright. If we can do that it will be a game. If we can't, it won't.
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