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  1. Y'all remember when the WPD cop threw the dog on the suspect in the car that had his hands out the window surrendering? I do.
  2. This. He's chosen power over living openly as who he is. Idgaf if he's gay, but he knows if he came out, he'd lose the next election and he's allowed that fact to be used to make him a Trump pawn. fug him.
  3. Cops are intentionally targeting journalists... wonder where they got that idea?
  4. Yeah, idk... looks like they had him in the vehicle but idk of they were beating him or what was going on. Hopefully even more video comes out.
  5. I was referring simply to the arrest. If a citizen murdered someone, they would be arrested. The charges would come later. This murderous cop walked free for 4 days... hmm, reminds me of the white fugs that murdered Ahmaud, they weren't arrested either... it's almost like there's a reason for it.
  6. Bullshit. 4 days? If a regular citizen was on video murdering someone, they'd have been arrested in 4 minutes. I'd argue that the protests were the only reason he's been arrested and charged at all. Also I'm fairly sure @Gazi meant ALL dirty cops... which will take a while.
  7. I would have zero problem with 1st degree murder here but I want the guy convicted and in jail and proving intent, even with the videos, would not be easy.
  8. Tweeted by LL Cool J in fact Yeah, this vantage point is even more damning imo because there was NO WAY George Floyd was getting up (or really even moving) with three cops on him (the knee was totally and completely unnecessary) AND Chauvin slams his head and neck down at least once in this video.
  9. Looks to me like 2nd degree would be more appropriate https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/murder-charges-in-minnesota-43141
  10. I've seen that @Porn Shop Clerk is that the same guy? I wouldn't be surprised in any way.
  11. As I'm sure none of you are surprised to learn, yesterday Twitter and Facebook were full of the "should have complied" and "wait until all the facts come out" brigade.
  12. 100% agree. Nothing will change until there are real consequences for LEOs that break the law. I continue to argue that our entire system of law enforcement needs rebuilt from scratch.
  13. Same poo, different day... but nah, we don't need any changes in the way police conduct business here.
  14. Read this slowly. Because you are dumb. Flynn. Plead. Guilty.
  15. I would say that nah, you can't be this dumb... but yeah, you are. Flynn admitted guilt. Do you know what those words mean? There's not way to spin this yet you are. You are insane.
  16. No, I wouldn't be a good cop. I personally do not have the temperament for it. That's my point. But apparently nothing keeps people from being cops...
  17. What a bullshit argument. Are you serious? Is this like when someone says "wow that quarterback sucks" and you say "oh yeah, could you do any better?" When the person was comparing QB A to all other QBs not themselves. I don't want to be a fuging cop.
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