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  1. Guess what folks... there's also an IRS whistleblower... Hmmmm... https://news.yahoo.com/irs-whistleblower-cites-pressure-trump-131423789.html So... either Trump is guilty of all kinds of shady & criminal poo or all of these federal employees just like filing complaints... I wonder which it is.
  2. @retired & @bull123 y'all gonna watch the hearings today so you can smear a decorated war vet?
  3. Almost like Trump is guilty as fug of bribery...
  4. It's always been my understanding (in NC anyway) that if you're breaking a traffic law at the time of an accident that you are at least partially responsible. I would say that going 94mph in any zone would give you a pretty fair amount of liability... unless of course, you're a cop.
  5. Never not once, have I ever heard anyone IRL, tough guy or no, brag that they grabbed a woman by the pussy. Because that is sexual assault. You on the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if you touch little boys in your spare time.
  6. I would assume that the "" mean that SZ thinks it's an alt. Given the post history, I'd be inclined to agree. ...and yes, this person is a Trumper.
  7. Guy was fired but what would've happened without the video?
  8. This really couldn't be going any worse for Trump at this point despite what his cultists like Retired keep saying... Schiff was able to take Trump's bully pulpit and turn it against him, something that really no one else has done yet. Simply amazing how this is playing out on live TV.
  9. He doesn't. He's dumb and only listens to FoxNews talking points.
  10. Next up: "Bribery is really good though..."
  11. Ah yes, the idiot technicality defense. He DID hold it back... until the investigation was launched and then it was released. He absolutely used the threat of withholding funds as a BRIBE you dumbass. You're such a sucker.
  12. I just read this again... you're such a dick @retired A misogynistic asshole. Is she going to cry? Why am I surprised you fake piece of poo?
  13. Just remember you are a fake christian and support a traitor.
  14. Trump will be psycho tweeting any time now LOL
  15. My youngest is at State and went by the rally... I'll ask him what he heard.
  16. This is actually hilarious that you're either so stupid that you believe this or that you're a big enough troll to try and make us think you do... LOL
  17. Are you claiming that Trump is a liar sir?
  18. Guess what... Trump committed perjury in his written answers to Mueller. SURPRISE!!!
  19. How does Trump's asshole taste? You must like it
  20. I mean, I know you're stupid... but you do know what the word 'illegal' means, right? https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/ukraine-aid-state-department-donald-trump-illegal-012318334.html Trump's own Dept of State released the military aid funds which had been approved by Congress because HE WAS COMMITTING A CRIME.
  21. Asking @retired to do critical thinking is a streeeeeeeeeeeetch. A big one. But yes, evangelicals and radical muslims have a LOT in common.
  22. He won't... as with most evangelicals, they don't care how they get their agenda met... they've made a deal with the devil and they embrace it. Fake ass pieces of poo.
  23. That you would type this unironically while enthusiastically supporting a lying, racist, misogynist, bigot, traitor of a president might be the most sad and insane thing you've typed on this forum and that's saying a LOT. You are an unabashed hypocrite you fuging fake Christian.
  24. Came to post that... Apparently you can't eat while black
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