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  1. Does anyone know how long Burris is scheduled to be out or if he is done for the year? I thought he was playing pretty well before getting hurt.
  2. Well if our o-line doesn’t start protecting Teddy better, the Panthers will be forced to put PJ Walker in because Teddy will be on IR. It is ridiculous the amount of pressure he had on him last night. He took a lot of unnecessary hits due to protection issues
  3. The defense does not look good, however, in fairness they lost two starters in the secondary...Burris and Douglas were playing pretty well before going out. That is hard to replace. also losing YGM and KK did not help either. Now Kerr is out today. Plus Jackson is not 100%. Lots of key injuries.....sooner or later that will catch-up to any defense.
  4. It will be interesting to see how they use him once CMC returns. Does he take away touches from CMC?
  5. Jackson, Short, Whitehead, Apple, Weatherly, Haynes, and etc.
  6. Well Raheem Morris is the new interim HC. I would assume he has a good shot at being permanent especially if they start winning. That team has talent. If you recall, he replaced Chucky in Tampa after being the defensive backs coach. He was only 32 and was like the youngest HC at the time.
  7. So what happened to Little? Did he get hurt or did he get benched?
  8. The Panthers went to the Super Bowl with Steussie at LT. Think about that! He was far from great but he was a better LT than several we have seen since Gross retired.
  9. Yeah but Smith and Morgan were rookies. Morgan got hurt and did not finish the season and Smith only played special teams. Rucker, Moose and Buckner were talented. But let’s face it, the 2001 team could not win mostly due to the QB situation. Seefart cut B-Line for Jeff Lewis who was cut during preseason. So Weinke was the starter as a rookie. That team lost 15-games in a row. Similar to the 2010 team in that we had a rookie QB as the starter. Not only was Clausen a rookie, but was not even a talented rookie. He was awful and never was a starter similar to Weinke. I would hate to think we have to suffer through another 2001 or 2010 season this year.
  10. Less talent this year vs 2010. Maybe about the same talent as 2001. Tepper better be glad no fans are allowed in the stadium now and perhaps the rest of the year.
  11. It may be as simple as maybe Tepper is not as smart as he thinks he is. He may be smart At running a company but not so smart at running a NFL team. If he was smart, he would hire smart football people and let them run the team...and stay out of their way.
  12. Risers: Anderson, Burns and Douglas Fallers: David Tepper. Since he bought the Panthers, their record is 12 - 22.
  13. Losing Bradberry will end up being worse than losing Josh Norman.
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