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  1. I think lack of talent is the reason why the DL has not developed over the years. Too many misses in drafting and free agency has caused the current decline. Kony Ealy and Butler were huge misses and set the DL back for years.
  2. Ryne Robinson, David Gettis, Brandon Lafell
  3. Life is way too short to argue about Gettleman vs Hurney. They are the past and neither got the job done. They both got paid millions to be pretty bad at their jobs. Lets move on and focus on the future.
  4. You kick the extra point in that situation unless there is something wrong with Gano....Even if the 2-point conversion worked Detroit stills wins with a field goal.
  5. I wonder why they didn’t just kick the extra point...is Gano hurt? Myabe he reinjured his ballerina plant foot again..LOL. Something was clearly wrong with the dude. He was “way off” today.
  6. thennek

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    Sadly, I think Greg has lost a step and maybe why he is losing targets. I also think Greg has to stay in and block to offset some of the O-Line weaknesses.
  7. thennek

    Snap Counts: vs. Giants

    Butler with 14! Ouch- I guess we know where he stands. Not a very good 1st round pick.
  8. thennek

    What's up with Luke?

    I’m assuming it has something to do with his hyper extended knee from a few games ago
  9. When the defensive line cannot get consistent pressure on the quarterback, no CB is going to look good. Eli had very little pressure all day. A young Derrell Revis and Deion Sanders would’ve gotten burned in the Panthers secondary today. The Panthers D-line is not getting it done.....
  10. thennek

    Lack of Deep Threats

    Other than Samuel being out, some of this probably has something to do with our offensive line injuries. I think one of the reasons why the O-line has looked good is because Norv is calling plays to help them be successful while they are still learning. Those long deep route take a long time to develop. I will take the dink and dunk short passes and an effective run game over the deep long passes until the offense develops into being ready to doing this.
  11. thennek

    Run defense concern

    Yesterday Dontari Poe looked like Edgar Allen Poe, and Butler looked lost and ineffective. I also wonder if “Father Time” has finally caught up with one of the all time greats....Peppers has not been himself. And Mayo is not good enough. With all of the major injuries on the offense....and there are many.. The offense still played well enough to win this game. I expect the defense to play extremely well against Cincy and turn this around.
  12. thennek

    Connor Cook signed to PS

    This shows how far Gilbert fell. The Panthers signing this guy to the PS over Gilbert when he was supposedly in the running to be backing up Cam just a short time ago.
  13. I don’t think we even know who the starting OL will be on Sunday.......
  14. Maybe Wharton can suit up...LOL