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  1. Perhaps “coach” Wharton can suit up and play LG...LOL. BTW- he was a very underrated OL player for the Panthers. He and Gross held down that left side of the O-line for a number of years.
  2. The Panthers could be a lot worse off. Imagine if they picked Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen in the first round last year instead of picking up UDFA Kyle Allen.
  3. Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me? I’ll just be happy to win a game!
  4. I am actually not sure that Williams is an upgrade over Chris Clark. And that is pretty bad
  5. Let me clarify: I don’t think Williams is the answer at LT. But I don’t think Williams is the answer at RT either. Williams is either not fully healed, or he was never that good to begin with.
  6. Actually improving the LG position could improve the LT play. Back in the day, we actually had a legit LT in Jordan Gross. He played significantly better when Wharton came back to play LG. Wharton coming back made a huge difference on the left side of the line.
  7. I don’t think Williams would be good at RT either. He’s coming back from a serious knee injury, perhaps he should not even be starting at any position.
  8. I remember a game that DWilliams was the read option QB because the Panthers had nobody else after the Weinke got concussed. I hope this game does not turn into that... But the Panthers did win that game. Maybe CMC for the read option!
  9. I know a guy that played in the NFL for 14 years in the 80s and into the 90’s. He hated training camp...I don’t think a NFL veteran needs to be treated like a rookie recruit in Boot Camp. He would definitely say vet days are a good thing and the “old boot camp” days were not.
  10. IF CAP makes the team it would because of special teams. It certainly would not be for his RB skills. I would think he would be easily replaceable on special teams too.
  11. Signing K.Short to a long-term deal is more important than signing J. Norman to a long-term deal. Josh had 1 very good season.....but he also plays on a consistently top ranked defense, and with some of the best LB's in the game (Luke & Thomas). He should get paid, but what he is reportedly expecting to be paid ($14M per year!) is greatly over-valued for what the Panthers will pay for a CB. I hope they trade him, and collect draft picks. Other than Chris Gamble (who was arguably the best Panther CB of all time), the Panthers have historically only had 'average CB's' on some of their best teams. With the right front 7, the Panthers have proven that a 'shut-down corner' is a luxury, but not needed to win.
  12. The Panthers definitely have a very 'seasoned' D-line now: Johnson 29, Allen 33, Edwards 34, and Cole 35.
  13. I think Amini gets cut. He has been often injured, and when healthy has been ineffective.
  14. The good news is that 3 of the 5 o-line positions should be better than last year at this time, and Kalil should be equal to last year at Center. Remmers and Williams (RT) were not even on the team last year at this time, and Chandler was the starting RT. Amini was the starting LG , and Norwell was not starting yet. And Turner was a rookie and not the starting RG yet. I'm not surprised that Oher does not look like an all-pro LT because he never was. He is a stop-gap until the Panthers can draft a legitimate LT. I think he will be better than Bell just from the fact that the rest of the o-line is better than 1 year ago.
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