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  1. The ironic part about the Gaulden pick....it was reported he was chosen because Brady Hoke coached him at TN and thought he was great. Of course Hoke did not even make it through the season before getting canned. And no - I am not suggesting he got fired because of Gaulden but only I am pretty sure Gaulden was picked due to his recommendation
  2. There is no good solution on this and why it is so difficult to make a decision. Any decision the Panthers make on Matt Kalil, is a bad one because of the contract. I don’t guess there’s any chance that he would be willing to give the Panthers a break.
  3. Sorry/ I thought he was paid $5m last season as the Panthers took over his contract during the trade. If I recall, it was a 1-year deal. Where does it say he is getting another $5m for this season?
  4. This has to be a smoke screen. If Matt Kalil is in the plans for the Panthers in 2019, then why didn’t they bring him back in the 2018 season when he was healthy? Clearly, the left tackle position was a major weakness to the Panthers in 2018. I thought the the reason why they did not bring him back, was because they did not want him to get injured so they could release him.
  5. I think we need a new D-Line more than a CB. A great D-Line can hide a lot of secondary deficiencies and it has been several years since the Panthers have had a dominant front 4. It is time for a major upgrade
  6. I agree and you can add a 3rd to this list....Jordan Gross forced out after the 2013 season. The Panthers hve been trying to replace him since....5-years.
  7. The ironic part about Gaulden is he was drafted in the 3rd because Brady Hoke recommended him. And Brady Hoke was fired a few weeks ago. I’m not suggesting he was fired due to the Gaulden, but just that he was the big reason why this kid was drafted which was a questionable pick....and he is not even with the team any longer.
  8. I agree. But my question is....why did Coleman drop off so drastically in 2017? Seems like the Panthers jumped the gun on releasing him. I was surprised when he was cut....and disappointed when he was immediately signed by the Saints.
  9. Maybe Brian St Pierre is available. Foxy got the last laugh on that one.
  10. Peppers is one of the all time greats but the Panthers need to get younger. It’s time to move on. The entire DL needs a cleansing....maybe keep Mario and KK but that would be about it.
  11. Signing K.Short to a long-term deal is more important than signing J. Norman to a long-term deal. Josh had 1 very good season.....but he also plays on a consistently top ranked defense, and with some of the best LB's in the game (Luke & Thomas). He should get paid, but what he is reportedly expecting to be paid ($14M per year!) is greatly over-valued for what the Panthers will pay for a CB. I hope they trade him, and collect draft picks. Other than Chris Gamble (who was arguably the best Panther CB of all time), the Panthers have historically only had 'average CB's' on some of their best teams. With the right front 7, the Panthers have proven that a 'shut-down corner' is a luxury, but not needed to win.
  12. The Panthers definitely have a very 'seasoned' D-line now: Johnson 29, Allen 33, Edwards 34, and Cole 35.
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