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  1. Irony here mentioning Cam and Peyton. Cam was a major contributor to "giving" Peyton his SB.
  2. jim stone

    Choker Cam

    Chokes and blows like stormy and monica. This week and last.
  3. jim stone

    Cam sucks

    Cam blew this like stormy and monica. Last week as well. If he is hurt that bad, why was he on the field. Least we should get a decent draft pick. Any good college QBs graduating?
  4. jim stone

    I feel like firing someone

    I do not want to hit the snooze button again.
  5. jim stone

    I feel like firing someone

    Too bad you can't fire the new jack ass owner.
  6. jim stone

    Cam Arm Is Done

    He threw for over 300 yesterday, count the bucs defensive receivers, (I'll call 'em) may well be another 3.
  7. jim stone

    What should the US do in this scenario?

    Good to hear from you, old wise one. Hey< do you need parking passes for the Pats game Friday? Got I do not need. Lot 99. Anybody?
  8. jim stone

    What should the US do in this scenario?

    I'm old enough to be your grandaddy boy. Seen it all. Been there.
  9. jim stone

    What should the US do in this scenario?

    Media BS. Trying to scare the pussy antifa and the like. Nothing to see here. This type of scenario would much more likely with a chicken poo like obama in office. Weakened military, no balls to shoot back if attacked. China is not stupid. They would never attack with a president like Trump in office.
  10. Can you tell me where?  I've been going to games there for 15 years

    At least somewhat familiar with Pantherville


  11. Couple of mine. From the little camera. I have about 200 more from the good camera, but have not gotten back the CD. The last one there Short was taking away that Falcons jersey. Could haved been a bet or possibly just bitch slapped hin and taken it away, the way the game went.