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  1. One a side note, the Eagles announced their training camp schedule recently and also that training camp practices were now closed to the public with the exception of one held at the stadium. Basically Panther's version of Fanfest. Not sure how many teams have done this already or if it will be a trend that other teams follow but enjoy training camp while you can.
  2. It's been all over the news at least for for the past year. Guy seems to have real issues but no one has been hiding anything. Wait - this is the Tinderbox, makes sense now why this is new. I'll see myself out.
  3. The last episode was really well done. So well done that I built a nuclear power plant out of mashed potatoes in my kitchen right after I watched it.
  4. I signed in just to pie this post. Well done,
  5. I did about a year ago in NC (Cabarrus County). Had a 1999 Toyota Camry with 200,000 miles that I originally bought new and handed down to my son several years back. He drove it up for Christmas and said he needed to get it inspected. I got in the thing and the struts and suspension were completely gone and it was so unsafe to drive. Gave him my Lexus and took it straight to the recycle/junk yard and it was simple. I never considered selling it even though the engine was still in great shape and didn't use a drop of oil. He had lost the title but even then, because of the year of the car I as able to junk it without the title. Think I got about $300-$350 for it and had to do nothing but drive it to them.
  6. This may be known already by some but I didn't realize it. HBO is airing a 2 hour GOT behind the scenes documentary this Sunday.
  7. Slightly off topic but think this will be a conversation at a later date on the Huddle. Charlotte Pipe and Foundry seems to be leaving the area and good chance Tepper scoops up this desired land possibly for a new stadium or other endeavors (MLS?). Got a feeling he has helped make this move happen. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/charlotte-pipe-is-leaving-its-longtime-home-near-uptown/951107816 Charlotte Pipe & Foundry is close to a $325 million deal to move its metal pipe manufacturing operation near uptown Charlotte to an undeveloped site in the Oakboro area of Stanly County, sources have told the Charlotte Business Journal. An announcement on an estimated $125 million in incentives that were signed into law Thursday could be made as soon as this week, according to one source.
  8. Ian Rapoport also released a podcast with Tepper yesterday. I haven't listened yet but I've heard it's interesting. Starts at the 12:15 mark.. https://omny.fm/shows/rap-sheet-friends/ep-38-panthers-owner-david-tepper-ties-and-tea
  9. He won't have the luxury of lining up along side Aaron Donald in TB.
  10. Their queen is dead, they have no reason to stay and as Davos suggested, they are going to start a new life for themselves. As you mention, they follow Greyworm and that is where he wanted to go. With Dany dead, there is really no reason for the Unsullied to stay. Not sure about the Dothraki, I didn't pick up on them leaving or where they were going.
  11. Ahhhh yes, I see your point there now.
  12. I didn't see that as a punishment at all. Jon wound up where he always wanted to be and was most comfortable. Sam knew that....Jon has always wanted to be in the "True North". When Jon was saying goodbye to Tormund he told him he wished he could be going with him but he knew he had to take care of things in Kings Landing first. He was going to wind up in the North whether they "sent" him there or not. The way I see it, Jon got to go exactly where he wanted but not to the throne which is where many people who watched the show wanted him to wind up.
  13. The other part that made sense to me that I see people griping about is Bran turning down being the King of Winterfell because "he does not want" but yet he takes over ruling all the other kingdoms. If Bran can see the past, present, and future he would know that his destiny is to be the King of the 7 (or is it 6 now) Kingdoms so he would turn down being the King of Winterfell and it's not about what he wants but what his destiny is. Maybe I have that wrong but I am in apparently in the smaller portion of people that thought they wrapped it all up rather well and the main characters (mostly the Starks) all wound up where they belonged in the end. I really enjoyed the show from start to finish and was very much entertained throughout but admittedly had no expectations of what should happen, know nothing about the books, and just let it play out however they wanted to tell it.
  14. Isn't it kind of like a prison of sorts?....as Tyrion said "a place to keep bastards and broken men" or something of that nature. Just somewhere to send the outcasts away from "society". And as far as the wall, that's a big a$$ wall....they wouldn't tear it down plus who knows what other dangers lie in the north. It wasn't just to keep White Walkers out right? I honestly don't know as I haven't read the books and was just an average viewer of the show but it made good sense to me why both would still be there.
  15. As Bronn just mentioned, the wall is hundreds of miles long and I believe has numerous castles along it. The part of the wall that was destroyed was far away from Castle Black which is what was shown at the end of the show.
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