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  1. The Oline wasn't nearly as bad as people would like to make them out to be compared to the rest of the league. As Ryan Kalil liked to point out, that terrible O-line allowed the 6th fewest sacks in the league, 9th in QB hits allowed, and was a big part of being 1st in yards per rushing attempt. As bad as you might think they were, the majority of the league had much worse Oline play.
  2. He does live here, co-hosts local sports radio weekly (does a great job at it also), close ties with guys on the team and former players like Smitty. Going by the way he talks about it all, he really did embrace his time here as a Panther and also the city of Charlotte.
  3. Johnny Rockets

    Hat Rankings! Guess who is dead last?

    Well.... https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/02/nfl-draft-hats-2019-new-era We couldn’t use all city flags because the NFL has a team in Carolina that represents the two states. It became about working with each individual team to identify for them what they really wanted that flag to be or what ties them to their community.
  4. Johnny Rockets

    The Dirt (Netflix)

    I just finished the book earlier this week and had no idea until recently they were making a movie on it. The book for what is, was very entertaining and guilty pleasure. Actually very well written. Was never a huge Crue fan and even less of one after reading the book. I plan on checking the movie out this week but honestly it looks a bit meh.
  5. Johnny Rockets

    Last Years #notmyfantasyleague (Baseball)

    We've got 3 more people wanting to join that I sent to Nance and I think the only one we are missing from last year is $2 Domestics who was our runner up last year. If he joins, we will be at 10. Not sure the limit on teams but 10-12 would be a good number. Glad we are getting this going for another year. Edit- Just saw limit is 10 which is good.
  6. Johnny Rockets

    Last Years #notmyfantasyleague (Baseball)

    Just signed up and sent an email about the subject before I saw your response here. What's the best way to notify you if we have someone who wants to join? Post here, private message you here, or email through the Yahoo league? I also threw in possibly a simple $20 entry; winner take all but I understand if collecting money (no matter how small) might not be something you want to deal with. I just really want 10 people to play and stay involved.
  7. Johnny Rockets

    Have we all seen WR D.K Metcalf?

    Had a feeling that might be the case. I have heard the same from people that have close ties to Ole Miss.
  8. Johnny Rockets

    Have we all seen WR D.K Metcalf?

    Just curious but what is your insight/basis for your evaluation on Metcalf? Do you watch a lot of Ole Miss games, alumni? Not asking to disagree with you because I think you are spot on and you seem to know what you are talking about.
  9. Johnny Rockets

    Jason Witten "unretiring"

    Ron mentioned today he would love to use both Greg and Ian similar to when he had Greg and Shockey but that Ian still needs a lot of "seasoning". I wouldn't say Ian is more effective on the field than Greg at this point. More athletic? Sure, but there is a lot more that goes into playing that position than catching and running and Ian is still very raw.
  10. Johnny Rockets

    Matt Kalil a panther in 2019?

    The Roaring Riot posted an interesting article yesterday on the case for Kalil being on the roster in 2019 and why cutting him now might not be the best move.... https://theriotreport.com/the-case-for-matt-kalil/
  11. Imagine my surprise/disappointment when they took it off the shelves for good after one season! They received more than one strongly worded email from me I promise you that! .......and it was Tuscan Orange Grapefruit Mich Ultra thank you.
  12. I was just asking!!!!!!!!!! Never been to one and had stereotypes in my mind of what they were like.
  13. That's the other thing. I always assumed the male/female ratio to be something like 85%/15% at these things. Not so?
  14. I enjoy beer of all types but never had a desire to attend a beer festival. I imagine them all being an over crowded mess of drunken bros, waiting in long lines for undersized beers. Am I wrong?
  15. Johnny Rockets

    Michael Crabtree cut by the Ravens.

    He also had AZ and GB in the NFC along with the Jets and Oakland in the AFC. Just a speculation piece.