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  1. Johnny Rockets

    What a lousy strategy

    You know that’s kind of his thing right? Falling on the sword for the team over and over again to the point it’s gotten a bit disingenuous. Nice quality to have I suppose but hearing him say that and only that each time would grow old.
  2. My son works for Ole Miss and says the guy is an absolute monster.
  3. Johnny Rockets

    Giants don’t pick up Stew’s option

    Stew and his wife bought a media company in Charlotte and moved backed here "for good" about a month ago when the Giants told him they wouldn't pick up his option. Heavily involved with promoting music for kids in the community and will use the media platform to help promote his cause. Glad to have him back doing good things around here.
  4. Not personnel related but I'd throw in that Tepper building a real practice facility this off season is an important step that is being somewhat overlooked. Ridiculous that an NFL team has to practice in a conference room leading up to games when the weather was bad and there was a lot of bad weather in this area during the football season.
  5. Johnny Rockets


    Went to the premier party for this movie about a year or so ago in Greensboro. It was a very cool experience. Congrats! @PhillyB
  6. Johnny Rockets

    Speeding Ticket

    I hired a lawyer once for a speeding ticket. Fugger supposedly pleaded me down to a lessor charge until I received notice that it actually had me pleading guilty to going faster than I was charged with! Took me forever to clean that up.
  7. Johnny Rockets

    Put in an offer for a house....

    I just dealt with termite damage last year. No bueno. Cost me $8k. Fug a termite.
  8. Coach Rivera interview this morning on WFNZ while making his rounds at the SB. Discussed Peppers retirement, Cam's injury and why he continued playing him, and the possible switch to 3-4 defense. https://wfnz.radio.com/blogs/mac-attack/panthers-coach-ron-rivera-im-honored-have-coached-julius-peppers Olsen jumped on right after Ron..... https://wfnz.radio.com/blogs/mac-attack/panthers-tight-end-greg-olsen-there-no-doubt-my-mind-i-can-still-play-high-level
  9. Johnny Rockets

    Speeding Ticket

    Maybe some see it as a racket but I was legit speeding so I only have myself to blame and appreciated the convenience. No court, no lawyers, no hassle.
  10. Johnny Rockets

    Speeding Ticket

    That is odd because I was offered improper equipment and no points on my license. I wouldn't take 9 mph over, as that will be points on your license and with your clean driving record you should get nothing. I mentioned it because it worked for me and was extremely convenient and took about 5 mins of my time and some $ but much less than a layer would have cost me. If that isn't going to work for you, show up as Bronn said. I just liked that I got the same outcome without any of the hassle.
  11. Johnny Rockets

    Speeding Ticket

    The last ticket I got was in Cabarrus county a few months ago going 70 in a 55. State trooper pointed out to me on the ticket the option of requesting a plea deal online. Literally took about 30 seconds and within 2 days I got a response from the DA offering an improper equipment violation instead. Paid the fine online and avoided court and lawyers. Officer told me it was something fairly new and the lawyers hate it because it cuts them out of the equation and saves people a lot of time and money. Not sure if that is an option in your case but look into it and if it is, I recommend going that route.
  12. Johnny Rockets

    Gronkowski is a moron

    The local loser who accused Beason of being a cokehead, sued him for assault and lost, was in and out of jail for larceny and run out of town because he had so may enemies is just like Gronk? Bit of a stretch there don't you think?
  13. Johnny Rockets


    well, if the fishing is slow........
  14. Johnny Rockets


    Take me fishing and tell me all about it.
  15. Johnny Rockets


    Dating at your age is basically just two people hanging out talking about how much fun they used to be and what foods they can no longer eat.