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  1. Johnny Rockets

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Can’t stand em. Misery loves company though.
  2. Johnny Rockets

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Better than Igos thread saying this season reminds him of the SB run in 2015 that he was pushing.
  3. Panthers have fared well against the AFC in recent history (7-1) while the Browns have 1 win in the last 12 against the NFC. However, the Browns arrow is pointing up even though they didn't look good last week in Houston after digging themselves an early hole. Coming back home is a positive for the Browns and Nick Chubb is a stud that doesn't really get the recognition he is slowly earning and needs to be stopped somehow. What's that all mean? Not a damn thing really but it's better than just typing...."Anothers PAntherz loss upcummings this wekk, firez everyone!!!!"
  4. Agree with this. Moose was just talking about this yesterday. Said that WR's even have something called the "brother in law" where if the WR is cool with the CB covering them (aka "brother in law"), they will even let them know the play is not coming their way so they can both take it easy and jog it out. It's not a Cam thing, it's not a Funchess thing.....it's just the way it is.
  5. Johnny Rockets

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    So I know this is a GOT thread but I am about to watch the last episode of the Leftovers and I’m gonna miss this show. I don’t think I could explain it to people but what a great show. Thanks again for the recommendation.
  6. Johnny Rockets

    Muhsin Muhammad dropping truth bombs.

    The part about Cam that was a bit surprising (as Silent Majority mentioned) was the fact that he said Cam is still the same player he always has been and needs to take his game to the next level. The stuff about being leaders and bringing other players along while you put in the extra work after practice and not worrying about the "fun stuff" was a a bit cringe worthy also. Although no specific names were mentioned, Moose has been down that road before when it comes to Cam. He is hard on him for whatever reason. He did address coaches holding players accountable, allowing a certain culture, the issue with clock management (specifically having to call so many time outs and getting plays off), etc. Definitely didn't absolve the coaching staff of blame. I enjoy hearing Moose's opinions and try to listen in for the 2 hours he is on each Monday. Don't always agree with him and this is one of those times considering Cam and the offense in general is what is keeping this team respectful.
  7. Johnny Rockets

    Muhsin Muhammad dropping truth bombs.

    Before everyone jumps on the "Moose speaks the truth" train. I listened to him on my drive home yesterday and he wasn't placing a lot of blame on Ron. He was more harsh on the players....especially Cam.
  8. I tried some Butternut shells for the first time a couple weeks ago at an Italian place and thought it was one of the best things ever. After 1 and a half I had had enough. Just got too sweet for me but they sure would good at first. and who cooks Italian on Thanksgiving? What's wrong with a damn turkey?
  9. I hated brussel sprouts until I tried this but have you drizzled on some balsamic vinaigrette to finish them off? Puts them over the top!
  10. Johnny Rockets

    Game Day Menu

    Dog lost 21-0; 21-0 and 21-0 if anyone is interested. Peed on the boards twice. That Panther game sucked and my prediction was waaaaaaayyyy off.
  11. Johnny Rockets

    Game Day Menu

    I couldn’t agree more! You youngins make note of this man’s statement. Truer words have never been spoken. Enjoy it while you can cause one day life starts to get in the way and you’ll realize its just no longer worth it. Whelp...Bloody Mary time to kick things off! I may fill up the yeti, set up the Cornhole boards and some music, and tailgate in the driveway. My dog is terrible at Cornhole so I usually win and trash talk him throughout. He hates cornhole but will do anything for some Sonic tator tots.
  12. Johnny Rockets

    Game Day Menu

    Splurging on my usual family size order tator tots from Sonic. You people aren’t pressuring me into fancy meals. I don’t drink much nowadays but with Panthers playing at 1p and Eagles vs Saints on after.....that might change today. I took off work tomorrow to burn some excess vacation time but have nothing to do so I may get plowed today just to remind myself why drinking is a bad idea. That logic might not make sense to some (and it doesn’t to me either now that I read it) but it’s no worse than Igo’s idea of cooking tofu and styrofoam or whatever the hell he said he was making. BTW- Panthers -34 Lions - 17 Enjoy the day and ladies and gents
  13. Johnny Rockets

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    I didn’t get around to watching until last night and I’m only 2 episodes in but I absolutely love The Leftovers so far. If you say it only gets better in S2 and S3, I think I am really going to like this show.
  14. If you think you might be the only one that hates the Seahawks around here, then you haven't been paying attention.
  15. Johnny Rockets

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    Beating decent teams like the Pats, Packers, and Dolphins but losing to teams like the Jets, Raiders, 49ers, and Browns will drive anyone mad.