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  1. Patriots were one of the other teams but Greg mentioned during the SB broadcast he was their 3rd option with option #1 being getting Gronk back. Got a feeling Greg might have went there had they shown more interest in him.
  2. Not sure but Igo needs to tighten up security a bit. Got a bit lost while exploring the dark web and wound up here somehow.
  3. I am an unapologetic fan of Tom Brady and the furthest thing from a conspiracy theorist but I believe the rumor that Brady has always had something similar taped to his ankle and would be buzzed by Ernie Adams (or someone else) when there was blindside pressure coming. Always wondered how Brady could seemingly sense what he couldn't see better than anyone else in the league and always get rid of the ball like he did at the last second. Not sure if it will ever come out or not, but I think it could be a thing. Still a Brady fanboy regardless. Now excuse me while I slip back into the darkness before rising from the abyss to post a thoughtful perspective on some other very random topic in a couple of months.
  4. Enjoy mofo.............happy for ya !

  5. Wow - what a sh*t show this was to read! Well done boys! Very enjoyable. I hate to be a semi voice of reason in such a cluster fug of an argument but is it possible that someone was indeed banned for going on an "N" word rant but that person was someone other than a Bwood alt? Maybe people just assumed it was him. Both sides seem rather adamant on their stance in this argument and maybe both sides are right? I seem to remember the whole fiasco but did not see the actual rant, just the aftermath the next day.
  6. Nah - but the other ones I have were much more regrettable. Large tribal on my shoulder/arm and other similar bad decisions from years ago. Very stereotypical white tattoo choices. I don't have the Tasmanian Devil lifting a barbell so I got that going for me.
  7. Cool...I'm getting it but with a Finnish flag underneath. Not like a NASCAR checkered finish flag, but the actual flag of Finland. I need to make sure that is clear when I talk to the tattoo artist. I might be white but not redneck white.
  8. I kind of like that tattoo....what's that mean about me?
  9. Doubtful Alonso or Kendricks see the field this week. Alonso hasn't played a full game since week 1 and Kendricks has been out the last couple games with a hamstirng. DeMeco Ryans might be out as well with a hamstring but I think he hopes to play.
  10. The wide 9 left Philly with Jim Washburn back in 2012. It was actually gone before Andy Reid was fired.
  11. But not until he left here, so what does that say? I guess that is something I just never understood. How can everyone yell from the mountain top that the WRs sucked the last few years, never get separation, drop easy passes, etc. but at the same time they proclaim that Proehl is the best WR's coach in the league? What makes Proehl so much better than the other WR coaches in the league but none of his WRs have done anything until he got a 1st round pick with Benjamin? I honestly have no idea if Proehl is good or not but apparently many people know he is but something just doesn't add up there. I know, I know....it's Shula's fault.
  12. Oh fug that! Won't be coming back in here till it gets to a new page!
  13. Still early with not much detail but looks like someone else may have been up to no good in a movie theater just a bit ago. http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/crime/2015/08/05/dispatcher-active-shooter-reported-antioch-theater/31171021/ Police said about 2:20 p.m. they were examining two backpacks, one on the suspect and one left in the theater, to make sure they are not dangerous. Police spokesman Don Aaron said officers entered the theater showing Mad Max through the projection room and engaged the suspect in gunfire. "The officer started at the projection room and started clearing down," Aaron said. "He encountered the gunman. The gunman opened fire on the South Precinct officer. That officer returned his fire, and then backed away out of the theater."
  14. I love it but avoid stores as much as possible and do 80-90% of my shopping online so the 2 day free shipping is great.
  15. I've been wanting to do the same. Not to hijack the thread, but what is the best way to get a signal outside to it if where I am putting it is no where near my cable boxes? Want to put one outside by the pool area which is off my kitchen.
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