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  1. I would love this one: Greene to come in and compete for the LG spot, with whomever loses RT between Williams and Daley.
  2. That's because I'm an idiot every morning before I've had a chance to drink my coffee... Ed Oliver from Houston >.< Can't make it as slim as yours, since I'm posting this from PC versus phone, but that's his stats. This is a guy everyone has as a consensus top 10 pick and first DT off the board. Interesting how he measures up against the others here, since his stats aren't as good as theirs overall. I'd love to revisit this topic in about three years, to see which one has the best production by then. Of course, where they go to team and scheme-wise can impact that, but I don't think it would be as much some folks may believe, and we can see how much the stats mean in the big picture. Thanks M28 for finding Wilkins' numbers, and for the link to the site! My personal favorite of the three is Wilkins, but I won't argue with Gary at all if he slips and all the top DEs are gone already. I've said it plenty of tmies now, so long as the first 2-3 picks are top talent defensive players, I'm fine with whatever.
  3. Please tell me Ron isn't dumb enough to rely on a guy who has already failed on the left over the guy who seemed able to play really well there, as of the beginning of last season. You're poo-stirring again, aren't you?
  4. Not sure where you pulled the graphic on his measurable stats from M28, but could you also pull one for Wilkins and Houston? I'd like to see a side-by-side of those three to see where each stands in an apples-to-apples comparison of just their athletic ability and potential. Could make this debate a lot more interesting.
  5. True, but then I couldn't get away with being a smart ass there without any ruffled feathers In all seriousness, I'd say it's all a crap shoot. Guy looks dominant in college, goes to the NFL, parties too hard/gets into trouble with the local law/isn't as good as he was showing in college because he didn't face the challenge of other elite players, etc., then will go on to disappear in three years or less on one hand. Whereas, the blue-collar hard working guy UDFA can also succeed, because he wants it much, much more a la Norwell. There's no such thing as a "safe pick" in the draft for any sport. There's less a probability of failure, such as a most LB spots, RBs, and OGs. But to say that there's remarkable difference between one spot or another is a fallacy, because as I said, it all boils down to that it's a crap shoot for any player picked. If I had to say the easiest, it's LB.. the toughest would most likely be safety to me. You don't know if it's the system making him look good, with coverage help down the sides form really good CBs. You also don't know if it's the system and zero assistance making a guy look bad too. For me, at least, I think Safety is the toughest to evaluate, since there are so many moving parts to a backfield, and you can't really pin errors on just one guy.
  6. I'll say Fullback, since it's pretty much nonexistent in today's NFL... (Well, you did state not to say QB)
  7. The only trade I wouldn't mind seeing in this draft is the one where we trade down for more picks in the first two rounds/top of the third. That's only if the top DEs are off the board, and nothing really jumps out at us as a BPA at that point. Any instance where we trade up would be flat out stupid.
  8. Higher-end convenience store, like a Publix/Harris Teeter is to a Winn Dixie/Food Lion. https://www.wawa.com/
  9. I'd actually feel better about taking Wilkins in the first, followed by either Saunders or Wren in a later round to take the NT spot, since Wilkins can handle both inside and outside duties as the UT in a 4-3 and DE in a 3-4. Saunders or Wren are just massive and who we can use to replace Poe either this or next year. Grab someone else in the later rounds who is a true DE for the other side, like Ximines, Jackson from Miami, or Ferguson (whomever the best DE is left while not neglecting FS in the first three rounds), and you have your DL set for the next four years or so. Really, you have your defense set for at minimum three, with any successive drafts just plugging the holes due to FA or retirement at that point.
  10. There's a reason it's a cliche - happy wife, happy life There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something your significant other finds enjoyable, especially when it's spending a few hours listening to music. I mean, it could be worse here. She could have asked for a "Twilight" movie marathon Saturday, which would most likely end with you gouging your own eyes out with a spoon. It's all in one's own perspective in the big picture of what you can tolerate.
  11. So, I guess this guy didn't get the memo that we're switching to a 3-4 this year?? (Or that KK has fallen off a cliff lately, Poe definitely does NOT move well for a 345-pounder, or that Jones is still one of the fastest guys on the team, or that...)
  12. So, is that an "outrageous... I like it!", or an "outrageous... pass me some of that and stop bogarting it!"? Hard to tell from your reaction there.
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