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  1. What's this "we" poo, Pats fan? And beating the defending NFC champs doesn't make you the best.. it makes you the guys who happened to beat them. No more, no less.
  2. A Pinocchio gif emoji for when we know someone is full of poo. The bonus is, it can double for the then retired eggplant in the right situation.
  3. Yup, go up two just to be saved by VAR-decision from losing it completely. Definitely very Spursy... sigh.
  4. Jesus... that's a jail house "first night in the slammer" rape of the Texans. I'm sure it hurts to see Tunsil go, but that's a hell of a price tag they got in exchange. That GM should be gone for this disaster. His first mistake was thinking Kalil would be a bonafide starting LT, after watching how piss poor he did here. The second was not getting anyone else (including a NY turnstyle) in case Kalil sucked.
  5. I can see that, or they may just stand pat. Curious though, if other folks think we may go a different direction, such as DT, OG, QB, S, or somewhere else as well, now that cuts have happened. There's a valid argument that we could also upgrade on those backup spots (or starter for LG) as well, should someone worth a damn be available. It'll be interesting to see how this goes.
  6. Pretty obvious who would go here, if they decide to cut one. The more important and better question is, which position do you think Holyfield would possibly be cut for, that would need an upgrade to what we have already?
  7. Not so sure about my guys, with the loss to Newcastle last week. Guess we'll start to see tomorrow if they really have what it takes to contend this year, or if there's just too much contentious internal strife from players wanting out that's affecting our locker room.
  8. Wait.. what? I think you may have misread this one. I believe he was saying that he didn't want one of our starters, such as CMC, doing kickoff duties. With Godwin on the roster, he can handle those duties, so it's better for everyone. (Edit: Or I could just be missing the joking banter here... always possible, since I'm a dunce)
  9. Dammit.. I was hoping Levrone would make the team as the 6th, with us parting ways with Smith. Even though it's unlikely, considering he was cut today versus tomorrow, I'll still be pulling for him to make the Practice Squad now. However, I won't be surprised if someone scoops him from the waiver wire, since he had nice hands all preseason and managed to do a decent job of getting separation.
  10. We have a WR with some size, and it won't cost us anything extra to keep him. https://www.panthers.com/team/players-roster/andre-levrone/
  11. That's kind of what set me off on draft night. We gave up a chance to get a real Free Safety for someone that no one had evaluated so high. Felt like days of old, where Hurney had gotten snookered again. I'm pulling for him to do well, of course, but at that spot, he should be a day-one impact player. Not necessarily a starter, but for the draft capital, someone we can rely on to make positive plays consistently.
  12. Cut him and keep: Moore Samuel Wright Hogan Godwin - PR/KR with decent upside as a WR. I'm betting he'll settle in soon enough. Levrone - Kid has good hands that has flashed in the preseason. Two up and coming guys, two vets, and two rookies to develop without worry of being scooped up from the waiver wire or the PS. I don't feel Smith has done enough to supplant a single one of these guys so far, and I'll admit to a slight bias on the last one, but he's made the most of his chances. I've honestly not even noticed when Smith is in the game so far this preseason, and as a vet, that should tell you a lot.
  13. Don't have an issue with Vanilla in the preseason. What I had an issue with was the lack of intensity, and our guys straight up losing the one-on-one match ups that define preseason evaluation. Buffalo worked harder, that's just plain fact, regardless of who was in and who was out for us or them. I'd like to see the coaches light a fire under the team's ass this next game, to really shake out who wants to stay, and who needs to go now. It's do or die time guys, try not to repeat the Buffalo game, k?
  14. Honestly, drawing level with ManC at their house surprised the hell outta me. We don't have the best record in their house, so a draw is about as good as I could expect lately. All I gotta say is, thank goodness for VAR! (I'll hate it and curse it later, I'm sure, but for now, it's alright by me)
  15. I wouldn't be upset if we kept that kid from Virginia, Levrone, instead of Smith. We have Wright and Hogan for the vet presence, and that kid as a 5th/6th WR seemed to have good hands, catching the ball away from his body last game plenty of times. To me, would definitely be worth developing, while not taking the chance of someone scooping him up off our practice squad. Not likely to, but could happen. This is only his second season, and the kid is the tallest receiver we have on the roster at 6'2", offsetting the shorter guys in Moore and Samuel. Of course, if we keep Smith, that's fine too, provided he's one of six kept. I wouldn't want to lose Hogan, Wright, or Godwin for him; the latter mainly for his PR/KR abilities while he develops. I won't lose sleep over it, but still not my preference as our last WR.
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