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  1. I was always partial to Animal... but looking back, Rolf was the best of them all.
  2. Wait, would you expect anything else from this place? I thought you said you're going in with low expectations?? He could play a nearly flawless game, shutting everything down for his responsibility, miss one tackle that leads to three yards, instead of two had he made it, and people here will still post bitch threads about how he should be benched/traded/cut within 0.7 seconds of its happening. Scot, you know better than that.. this is the Huddle.
  3. I'd be curious to see how much time is left on the clock when the ball is snapped. We've been almost notorious in our hiking the ball with 2 seconds left or less, and it feels like we've improved, but I'd love to have the exact numbers for comparison. Even if it's just an average per game, to keep it simple. We can then do side by side with prior years, including 2015, etc., for any correlations between success and quicker tempo of play-calling/execution.
  4. Raskle

    Panthers work out a few players today

    Well we did have Brian St Pierre at one point, so there is a history there
  5. I'm gonna be optimistic and say our defense balls out, taking at least one pick to the house for a TD. If our offense can just generate consistent yardage, and manage some FGs, we'll win this on a low scoring edge of our seats performance at the end. 17-12 Panthers win. I woke up with my electric blue-colored glasses on this morning, so yeah, come at me brah.
  6. Raskle

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    Gotta have faith man. With our defense alone, we have a good chance of winning any game we play. With Cam's ability to escape pressure, run and gun, or just take it to the house himself; our offense may look anemic at times, but it's possible we score whenever he has the ball. I just have a hard time stating we'll lose immediately when we have all this talent, and new coordinators in place to finally take advantage of it. Even 50/50 is better than we've had in the past, so I'm cautiously optimistic, even with all the injuries to key players so far. Keep the faith bud, keep pounding. We're not going to win them all, we're not going to lose them all, and its anyone's game every single Sunday. That's what makes this sport so exciting, right?
  7. Raskle

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    Well ain't you just full of sunshine and fuging unicorns? So, you're not going to bother to watch, right, since you're so sure we'll be losing? I mean, why bother, if you already know the outcome is so pessimistic? Me, I think I'll still hold out the hope that Cam is going to be Cam, and ball out. No matter who is in front of him on that line, he'll be ready to face the challenge.
  8. Raskle

    His Name was Todd...

    You left out the roid rage and clothes-lining of returners when juiced part.
  9. I truly hope this isn't the case. I'd rather not have everyone but Kalil starting in a different spot than last week, and the Moton/VR combo on the left side looked pretty effective to me covering Cam's blindside. Plus, Amini... should never see a football field again, other than from the stands.
  10. Maybe I'm just reading it differently than you guys, and fall into that 'too lazy to look it up' category, but this reads to me: In this season's Week One game, they passed more on first down than the Panthers have done in any previous Week One game in recent years. This is where I'm not sure how comparing W1-2018 against Dallas would have any sort of relevance to W8-2017 against Tampa, or why they should be compared when it wasn't a directly alluded to by Tepper in the first place (granted, that's to me and how I read it). I'd be curious to see how that stacks up and fits the narrative a little better, but yeah.. lazy. I also don't get how an owner of a team, suggesting to his coaches to use a tool more that he's used for years to be successful should be construed as "meddling." Analytics, or Statistical Analysis, is just a more efficient way to see trends and patterns to help decide the most effective way to game plan. It doesn't replace human decision, but it should help it and make it quicker and easier to do so. It should be held in the same regard as watching film, as both are just analysis of a play and its success rate, which personnel/packages were utilized, and how these could be altered to increase chance of positive gain. It's not voodoo magic, or nerdy science. It's just a tool used to help them make better decisions, and see trends the coaches might not have noticed (Ron on Amini for example, where human bias can be argued against by raw facts to show he's a bad player). You guys should be commending him for trying to increase its usage, not the opposite, as I've seen multiple times in this thread. It's how good teams become great teams, a la the Patriots (minus the cheating thing).
  11. Smoke route right, to DJ for about 3 yards that he turns into 23 after breaking some ankles. (A guy can dream, right?)
  12. Raskle

    Midfield Logo promo video

    This has to be one of the most brilliant marketing items I've seen in a long time. As a fan, I loved everything about that video. From a pure marketing analysis they hit on: Shot at night - Why during the night? Most "big stage" performances are nighttime events, such as Sunday Night Football. Also gives the setting a nice mystique and immediate claim to a "classier" feel. "New Friend" - Gives Tepper the buddy/neighbor feel, rather than an NFL owner, making him more approachable and removing the whole "Mister" stigma associated with our last one. The hat tip not only draws attention to the logo, but is something you would expect to see from the guy across the street as a greeting. Did you also notice the blazing BofA logo behind him? Helps cement the sponsorship, without being overbearing. Narrated by the actor being a groundskeeper - Blue collar worker for the main focus, speaking of down to earth ideas, again, immediately making the viewer more at ease to listen to the message, since it's coming from one of our own who happens to also be associated to the team, and acting as a bridge between. "Our House" - Something we all know, as rabid fans, has been lacking for years now. They wanted to hit on that, and hope to turn it around, starting with the logo at midfield (an ask we've had for years as well). They also did it so that folks not so into the Panthers as we all are, can get behind the idea and be included. "Not this guy" - As someone else pointed out, a shot at the wine and cheese crowd, something a lot of us more rabid (and spending) fans have an issue with. As a businessman, you want more folks who will go to the limits to defend your brand, not someone who is only there to make connection for their own business interests, and couldn't really care less about the product you are offering. Clips shown/History - Gives a quick synopsis of the history of the franchise, paying homage, while showing the future of the franchise and direction we're going. For the more casual fans, who may not know it, to bring them up to speed. Also, to reaffirm the die-hards, who lived through those moments. The nice touch was showing how the team gives back to the community, TD and Beane pounding the drum - classy and subtle. "Only team known" - Again, as someone mentioned, a shot at the local non-Panther fans. We've been around long enough to finally have generational fans, also covered by the grandad/grandkid shot on the couch. I'm glad we've finally hit this point myself, and it must be nice to have only known the Panthers your entire life. Kinda jealous to be honest, lol. Shot of the Panther Statue - Another homage to the initial PSL owners who helped bring the team to Carolina. Also, a shot at JR, whose statue was definitely NOT included in this video. plus, that statue is pure bad ass BBQ controversy - Took something local that people like to debate, and incorporated it quite subtly into the video. Even the casual fan has a preference on BBQ, which will cause discussion, which in turn causes more exposure and interest. Hell, we've had quite a few shots fired in these six pages already about which is better. If your average casual sees this, they will talk about it with friends and coworkers. Oh, where did you hear that? The Panthers video? But I have never heard of mustard on BBQ.. sounds.. interesting. Like I said.. this one is brilliant. I'm sure I've missed a few other things, but going just from initial watch and memory, this is what I picked up. I know that if I were a business owner, I'd be smart and want these guys to do my next commercial. They nailed it 110% on just about everything that will help cement the product into the minds of their consumers. Well done guys, well done. Now, with all that said, I got hit in the feels too - was pretty awesome to watch!
  13. Power run off tackle from the I with Armah getting the nod, with CMC juking the opposite way. Defenders slant to follow him, and Armah just busts through the SAM for the TD. (Ok I'll admit it.. I just wanna scream ARMAHGEDDON!!!)
  14. No worries. Chris Simms picked against us, and we always win when he does, so we're good man. (Btw, there's four pages there of picks, not just the first)