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  1. This is the only acceptable answer to any numeric question, such as "How many roads must a man walk down?" But don't panic, you have your towel, right?
  2. yeah, I made one trade down and got a B+, which is insane. Kept getting good value at the spots though, so not sure what they expect folks to do there:
  3. Fotu is projecting 3rd round right now, according to a few sites, but we all know that changes the closer we get to the combine. At the moment, I'd absolutely LOVE this latest mock draft I did on https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-drafts. Fixes the lines immensely, helps steady our safety spot, nabs a WR that Coach Rhule is familiar with, and gives us an interesting pass-catching TE prospect to develop. The only thing I felt could still use an upgrade was the CB spot, but the chips didn't fall that way for me, and we can always snag someone in FA if need be.
  4. I'm actually hoping we can snag Mims in a late (5+) round. He'd be a hell of a steal if we did, and he'd be one of Coach's guys from before - Win/Win for the right price
  5. Let them go wtf, I guess? At the end of the day, it's what Tep, our players, and our fans think of him that matters. Honestly, this is a huge positive on Tepper for me. Seems like he identified the guy he wanted, and rather than sitting on his heels like our former owner waiting for the stars to align or whatever, he took the reins and threw the cash at him to get his coach before anyone else could. Didn't even hesitate, didn't wait to see what other teams might be willing to give the guy, didn't let him leave without saying yes - he chunked the Brinks truck at him and landed his choice. If nothing else, it shows he's not afraid to go after what he wants immediately, and without any signs of backing down from it. I like that in an owner.. I like it a lot.
  6. Don't care one or another how well Love will or will not do in the NFL.. I think we'd better use that 2nd rounder to take a Center or Guard, regardless of who our first pick is.
  7. Not sure it's been posted, but saw this, and absolutely LOVE it: Cannot argue with anything he says here, and hope it translates to the players well.
  8. Was saying the guy should pick either/or here, not that he was a fan of those teams, lol.
  9. You are now dead to me.... wanker. Just kidding.. sorta
  10. Well, he does have that ample chest, so not really far off your norm there
  11. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't catch where anyone in this entire thread said to take a Center in the first round. As far as I know, we were all speaking of one in the 2nd round, and someone mentioned maybe losing Biadasz due to some other dumb team taking him high in the first, because we've seen it happen before where they grab one too early. But, I didn't read anyone's comments suggesting that we should do that ourselves at all.
  12. Great.. didn't confirm the veracity of his comment or look for any article on it. Just was curious to see what AR's IQ was, since that was the direct thing you took umbrage with in the first place. I appreciate your following up and finding that article, so everyone can make a more informed decision on it, especially since it came straight form the horse's mouth, so to speak. Have a beer, bud!
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