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  1. One of the points I made at the time, was that both JR and his son were endorsing Navarro to be the next owner, which didn't sit right with me. I kept trying to understand why anyone thought that someone that the previous owner, who was being ousted and publicly shamed, wanted to follow in his footsteps would be a good thing for the team. I've been pro-Tepper since day one of his announcement of intent to buy the team. So glad it landed with him, and he's saying and more importantly doing what I feel are the right things that an owner should do. That even includes not rushing to can the two guys in charge, as so far, even my disgruntled view of Hurney has been impressed with his team build so far. I'm hoping this translates to not only wins this year, but consistency for years to come. The best part is is that Tepper doesn't seem afraid to mix it up, if need be, and if something isn't working has the balls to get it fixed. That's priceless in an owner, for sure.
  2. Can't imagine that felt good when he finally did manage to get changed... ouch
  3. Had to work.. very jelly, since I forgot to set the DVR :(
  4. I'd say they were more than tough calls. More like bullshit to make sure the media darlings go through easier. South Africa got hosed, plain and simple, especially when they drove the dagger in with that second yellow. I guess the player is supposed to pull their leg back while falling backwards and the Spanish team is running in for contact. Apparently, SA missed the memo on that one.
  5. Not trying to be a wet blanket here, and I'm enjoying the moves Hurney has made so far. But, it was the long-term effects that really did him in last time, such as the huge RB contracts for Double Trouble, re-signing Jake to an overpaid contract, trading away picks to move up way too much and for too little, etc. Now, if that that was more of JR meddling, and less Hurney doing what was best for the team, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. However, if Hurney sticks around at least a few more years, then we'll truly see where he stands after getting a second chance with this team. Not going to lie, I still have worries about the draft trades in the future, and that the potential cap hell we suffered through may repeat themselves. I'm also hoping these are unfounded fears, and he's not going to do that whole song and dance again down the road. Guess we'll see eventually.
  6. I can see Wilhelm. That seems more like Cam's style on nicknames
  7. I'd be much more worried if they had predicted anything higher. That's a sure fire way of having us poo the bed.
  8. Lol, these are long-standing running jokes on here. He's not serious in the least I'm sure. Crap, wasn't the second one from that thread about a stripper that one guy who's terrible at rap said one time? Trying to remember who that was now...
  9. Can't argue with anything they said about us. That draft turned out to be absolute garbage, with only one redeeming player, and one player who is still waiting to show us something. Yikes is right.
  10. So, we grab this kid in the 5th, while Ozigbo is still sitting there? Not only did he grade far higher than Scarlett, he would be a good complement to CMC, and can frickin CATCH! I swear to god, I think Marty is just fuging trolling us now.
  11. and here I was about to say Hurney had done a good job this offseason with the FA pickups, and the first round choice. Then he comes in and packages one of his picks that could have been a starter, then drafts a QB in the bottom of the third with two legit safeties still on the board, a DT we could have used, and any number of other more important positions. Not saying I hate the Little pick, but not happy about losing our extra third rounder like we did. I know you need to make moves to get your guy too, so I understand it completely. I just felt we needed help elsewhere more. The QB is just.. ugh. My entire fire just went out the window today. I'll just look at the end results of the draft after this shitshow. It's not worth the heartburn
  12. They never listen to me... never. I should.. I should just burn this place down. Yes, down - down to the ground.
  13. I would love this one: Greene to come in and compete for the LG spot, with whomever loses RT between Williams and Daley.
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