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  1. Exactly right. If you can't contend for a division championship or playoff run, be bad. Don't try to win 8 games, it's stupid. San Francisco went from being pretty good to horrible. And in about 4 years' time, they stockpiled top picks and now they might have the best overall roster in the league. They even got their franchise QB without having to draft a guy No. 1 overall.
  2. I'm very thankful it's not my problem to fix lol. I think the biggest problem we have is the two extreme ends of the discussion are making all the noise. We have those shouting kids should basically become contract employees and the exact opposite controlling the discussion. I think my opinion on this changed when we added the playoff and thus added more games to the schedule of supposed amateur athletes. If they could find a way to get the regular season back to 11 games (maybe 10, even), I'd like that, especially if we can get rid of those awful pay games where FCS teams get slaughtered by power schools for a couple hundred grand.
  3. I suppose that's fair. Tua had the ankle issue in 2018 and this year he had a freak injury that we've only seen what, once in the last 35 years? I don't want to put the injury prone label on him yet, but that's a concern that would make me leery to trade much for him. He very well could be the next Sam Bradford.
  4. The difference is Tua is what, 21? And he doesn't have a decade's worth of hits on him. Personally, I don't think I'd trade a ton for Tua, but if you could get up to No. 5 and not sell the farm, it's worth considering. The problem with that is you lose trade value in Cam because teams would just wait out the last year of his contract (assuming you don't cut him).
  5. If things are above board, yeah. I don't have any problem at all with kids using their skills for compensation. If a kid is shooting ads for Gatorade or Nike, those companies aren't fly by night. As you said, we're all being naive if we don't think they're being taken care of in the first place. The only thing better than a great coach at the college level is a great team of bagmen. If these deals are out in the open, it's not a bribe. And I don't think there would be nearly as much funneling kids to school as a lot of people think because of how incestuous relationships are in the sports world. For example, Nike isn't sending kids to Oregon because they make way more money in equipment sales to other schools than they'd get making Oregon an all-star team.
  6. Agree 100%. I don't understand why folks can't take a man at his word.
  7. 1. Whatever the market dictates. If a booster wants to write a check for $150K, great. If it's $300K, great. 2. See above. 3. See No. 1 4. See No. 1 5. See No. 1 6. See No. 1 Private entities (in this case, booster departments) can pay their employees whatever they want. By having kids get paid endorsements off their NLI, the schools avoid the hassle of paying them and making them employees in the eyes of the government. If Trevor Lawrence is worth $1 million to Nike or whoever wants to endorse him, so be it. There will be market correction after these boosters get burned by kids who are busts out of high school. Until then, the first wave of paid players are gonna get taken care of very well.
  8. In that case, you should have enough time to install the system and keep it going, right? A lot has to do with QB, too. Whether it's Cam or a young guy, continuity with HC/QB would help should Brady keep climbing the ladder.
  9. I think the rule for a spike is it has to be immediately after the snap, meaning if you bobble the snap, you can't pick it up and ground the ball without a penalty. It's like an exception to the rule based on it being a clock management play without any real design.
  10. I'm going to type this and I want you to read it slowly. Kyle Allen is the backup and only playing because the starter, Cam Newton, is injured. The expectations for Allen are lower because A) He's not as good as Cam, B) He's not as good as Cam, and C) He's not as good as Cam. If you take Aaron Rodgers out of the game for Green Bay and in his place is an undrafted free agent who's played in 8 games, I'm not going to expect the same performance. This isn't a difficult concept to understand. You're conflating people who think Kyle Allen is better and should be the starter with my take, which is Allen is the backup and should be viewed as such. Could Kyle Allen be the starter here one day? Maybe. But until then, he's the backup and doing what's asked of him in the absence of Cam.
  11. No, he's always the better player? I'm not sure the angle you're taking here with me because I've felt Cam should be QB1 until he's no longer on the team. But go off
  12. I'd probably say he should've set his feet and made the throw. Because he's a 9-year pro and former league MVP, not a backup who's played in a half dozen games. Why is it hard to understand that we expect more from Cam because he's a better player?
  13. They absolutely should have. Punting on 4th & 3 from the 42 is a bad decision. Fortunately, Palardy executed a punt that wasn't a touchback.
  14. New England uses analytics quite a bit, as well. Who can forget going for it on their own 28 yard line that time against the Colts? That was what, a decade ago? Philly also uses them a lot. Pederson loves going for it on 4th down and calls plays as such.
  15. I don't see it as a double standard. MVPs are expected to perform at a high level. A backup QB is going to be praised for nearly winning on the road vs arguably the best team in the NFC despite two turnovers. It's all about expectations. Cam Newton has higher expectations (and rightfully so) than Kyle Allen. So the bar for Kyle to be praised is lower.
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