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  1. Another 6th round pick most likely.
  2. Good news. Finally got some numbers on the Bruce Irvin contract. Good for another 6th round pick. https://twitter.com/BradyHenderson/status/1258887722107731968?s=19
  3. Say what you want but this draft has Rhules fingerprints all over it especially after the first round. It does not look like a Hurney draft to me.
  4. Many other GMs and coaches had their kids on the video and I am pretty sure Hurney doesn't have young kids to entertain at his age. There is absolutely nothing you can get from that.
  5. Wrong. Slye costs almost nothing cap wise. Might as well go with the young guy and see if he can figure it out. No sense in keeping Gano.
  6. I found that odd as well. He mentioned it is one of his goals to make at least one trade every draft. The problem is he is terrible at getting the correct value on draft trades. I loved the Chinn pick but he traded away the 2nd pick in the 5th round to move 5 spots.
  7. If you listen to Chinns interview he mentions the Arkansas St. WR as the best receiver he went against last year. That has to be Bayless. I am betting they took notice of him when scouting Chinn.
  8. I'm not a fan of Hurney but this a fair deal for a RB headed into his prime years that could also start at WR for many teams. Very few players in the history of the NFL have the unique skills Christian has. He is a weapon that gives DCs nightmares.
  9. I sure hope Rhule has some objectivity and doesn't draft Lynch to early. If we are going to take a Baylor player early I would rather it be Mims.
  10. The biggest headscratcher is Robert's contract. Hurney gave him a significant pay raise making a qualifying free agent. Made less than 2 mil. last year.
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