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  1. I think we go defense in the 1st, 2nd and & 3rd rounds...
  2. I don't ever recall knowing who we were picking at this stage. You can't know, it's a guess. You can know who you want. But the only thing you can do is make an educated guess on who's going to be there when we pick...
  3. Bradberry wanted top CB money. 1. We can't afford it. 2. He isn't a top 10 CB.
  4. My top picks at 7 would be Okunda, Brown, Simmons. There only reason I put Simmons third is because I think that Whitehead, Kunaszyk and Thompson will be good in 43 alignment, but we need strong interior pressure for that to be the case.
  5. I think we're addressing that through the draft, but we'll see. Thus far, I'm not exactly unhappy with where we are...
  6. How can you see heart and soul on a roster that have yet to play under their new coaching staff? There is so much much negativity here it's crazy...
  7. I'm looking forward to setting my Panthers on the field...
  8. I think we're going after Okunda. No source, just me thinking from where we're at and wishing...
  9. This is trolling: What in the hell kind of good ole boy network signing is going on with this team. Does he truly believe he needs to give a runout to anyone associated with temple and Baylor?
  10. How many coaches don't sign players they're familiar with?
  11. 71 people are talking about this
  12. Aren't some of yall that's defending Cam now are some of the same people that's been blaming him for our losses, raging him on his attire and commenting on his personal life?
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