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  1. It seems like we running away from ground and pound all together...
  2. PantherPhann89

    what we need to do this offseason

    We need quality starting offensive linemen...
  3. 1. Dominating Offense 2. Dominating Defense 3. Dominating Special Teams
  4. PantherPhann89

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Our defense just gave up 52 points and we cut the backup RB???
  5. PantherPhann89

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    So is our backup RB CAP or Cadet? I don't get this, I guess I'll see how we use him down the road. Maybe they didn't feel that CJ fitted the system, IDK...
  6. We've got a lot of work to do, a lot, mostly on DEFENSE and stil the O-line...
  7. I agree, he hasn't been the force we're used to seeing this year. But it's possible that is because of the absence of Star?
  8. PantherPhann89

    CMC is team MVP and equally important as Cam.

    Why are discussing which player is more important on our team, just so we can have an unnecessary debate. This is our team, everyone that plays their role well is important to our success. We as a fan base should be supporting our TEAM! CMC is calling, Cam is calling, Luke, Addison, Davis, lotte de lotte da. Let's just Keep Pounding!
  9. PantherPhann89

    James Bradberry - Respect

    Bradberry played his but off against the Bucs. To me, that was the best performance of his career...
  10. A great team win today, on to the next one...
  11. Surely, this isn't a surprise to anyone. Not because it's Steve Smith, but with any player. I'm pretty sure that's partially why teams don't trade within their division...
  12. PantherPhann89

    Another player honor

    Way to Gano...