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  1. Until we change the way we're playing defense, I don't have confidence in winning any of them. If you give any QB in the NFL time to throw the ball, he'll be able to pick a defense apart, especially when that same defense is allowing over 100 yards rushing per game...
  2. Congratulations to him, personally I've always thought he could ball. Getting experience and reps will only aid in his return to the NFL....
  3. All interpretation... of course all options are on the table, our arresting QB is injured with no definite time table to return. And when or if he returns, we don't know if he can overcome the injuries and how long before he's starting QB ready. Let's let the man heal up before we kick him out the door...
  4. Enough with the excuses. You're saying that if the offense plays bad, the defense just gives up. It's the defense job to play defense regardless of what the offense does. I recall TD and Cam going in on each other during camp. Iron sharpens iron. These guys should take pride in making stops, getting it's and sacks. The defensive play has nothing to do with the offensive success or lack there of. Our players aren't prepared!
  5. I don't think our players are overrated as much as I think they are used incorrectly. Or game planning is around CMC and everyone else gets in where they fit in. The worst past is that we won't deviate from that plan at any point in the game. We're playing straight up football and our opponents are playing mismatches, like getting Julio lined up against Kuechly on a go route. Or coaches aren't doing us any favors. Changing part won't help because old habits will bleed through. We need a new coaching staff, new FO both on the same page and with the same goal.
  6. Being ranked 13th against weaker teams doesn't make me wrong any more than it makes our offensive good, because it's not!. Surely you know that...
  7. Nothing is guaranteed but personally, I don't find a lot of fault with what Hurney has done this season and I've given up on Ron...
  8. Ron now, Washington at season's end, still out on Hurney...
  9. Okay, put the other guy in, at this point, we've got nothing to lose.
  10. Getting beat in every phase of the game. Ron is suppose to be in charge of the defense now, he should be fired for that alone. Shut out, in the 1st half, at home, by our rivals that has only won 2 games this year. Our coaching staff is more often than not, unprepared and out coached!
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