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  1. I'm just hoping that we have a better showing than we did against Chicago...by winning this game
  2. Does every GM in the NFL do every aspect of their job well enough to warrant full control? Does every HC in the NFL do every aspect of their job well enough to warrant full control. No to both, but fortunately they both are in a system, much like the players, where they can rely on their team and work together to improve the team. This isn't the Rivera pointing finger era anymore. This is a team. Unfortunately, a lot of people like rehashing our history of past mistakes instead of embracing the future and acknowledging that there will still be mistakes.
  3. What has he done in this tenure to make him trash? We're currently more competitive than a lot of predictions. I'm happy about where we are right now, looking forward to improving on it and I don't care who's at the helm....as long as our trajectory is going up...
  4. I agree but this seems to be more about Hurney's previous tenure. I don't see what he's done during this tenure to deserve constantly blaming him for everything that's wrong. And yes there are a lot of folks that focus on the negative in the huddle.
  5. But really a good comparison. The Cowboys team, for the most part, stayed in tact. Where we on the other hand, practically had a complete overhaul, from players and coaching.
  6. I'm assuming the last part is a joke. What he did in his previous tenure is history. I don't see anything he's done in his current tenure to warrant the hate he gets. Has he made all perfect decisions..No, but neither have any of you. He's been a part of where we are now and where we are has exceeded everyone's expectations. Let's build from where we are, towards where we're going!
  7. CMC should still be out. He's the MVP of the offense, so we need him to be 150% before coming back.
  8. I didn't say that our defense was our problem. IMO, correcting those things on defense would help our offense, as we are a team. No one statement fixes every problem, some statements addresses what it addressed.
  9. Trey Boston isn't terrible but he isn't great either. Playing off is giving teams a manageable 3rd down. Trey Boston has never been as good of a tackler as he can make a play on the ball.
  10. We need to play a little more aggressive, on defense, the entire game, play proactive instead of reactive.
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