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  1. PantherPhann89

    Injecting Josh Norman back into the secondary

    1Norman, Cockrell, Bradberry, Jackson - get a load of that CB combination. Edited your line up. Don't know how good Cockrell is though, but I doubt if we'd be able to afford Norman's salary, especially with Kalil's salary.
  2. PantherPhann89

    Pagano joins the Bears

    So we interviewed him only to offer him a job as a positions coach, instead of our DC, so that we can keep our DC that's not going to DC...
  3. PantherPhann89

    The Coaching Staff (as it stands now)

    Nothing beats a failure but a try...
  4. Not at all! Maybe just because of my own expectations. Having a new owner, I expected him to make immediate changes because of loss skid, but nothing. Maybe he didn't think the was a better option, idk. Allowing Assistants to be fired that had no direct impact on the loses and keeping those in their same positions that did, is ridiculous! And not resigning Thomas Davis, the 2nd best LB on the team is crazy.
  5. PantherPhann89

    The Coaching Staff (as it stands now)

    We should teach out to Steve Smith. I think he'd be an excellent choice, if he's interested.
  6. SMDH, I just don't understand. Nothing changed with a new HC in Rivera. Nothing changed with a new/old GM in Hurney. Defense got worse and thus far, nothing has changed under new owner...
  7. If Eric Washington remains our defensive coordinator with Ron Rivera the HC: someone please tell me what it takes to change this organization. It seems like we're stuck in the losing is ok mindset...
  8. PantherPhann89

    PFF Grades for Panthers

    How did K Short grade the 2nd highest?
  9. PantherPhann89

    You want to contend again, right?

    Not resigning Thomas Davis shows a changing of the guards. A changing of the guards would be bringing in a coaching staff that knows how to coach talent, not letting go of one of our most trusted linebackers.
  10. I don't want to see Thomas Davis go anywhere!
  11. Let's continue to bring back former players, coaches, GM's and expect better results. RR is going to continue to call defensive plays, wow. I'd find it hard to believe that he wasn't calling plays most of the season. If he wasn't and allowed the season to tank with 7 straight loses before he intervened, then he should be fired anyway. The process within this organization baffles me. I'm holding onto hope for Tepper stil.
  12. We have serious issues to deal with on the offensive line regardless...
  13. Would he finish a game behind this o- line...
  14. PantherPhann89

    Difference an oline makes it to a season Colts

    I agree that we need to go o-line heavy and by o-line heavy, I mean studs. I'd also like to upgrade our o-line coach. Our o-line is not good at run blocking and i believe thats scheme and players, so let's fix both now...
  15. Not really, but, if sitting Cam for a year could get him back to 100%, YES, without question. However, we'd need to plan to win during that year as well. That means, bringing in a QB that can last/play 16 games behind this line or solidifying our o-line to protect Kyle Allen...