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  1. PantherPhann89

    Byrd has joined a different flock

    Congratulations Byrd... Keep Pounding
  2. That maybe, but it also has a lot to do with the system and how he was used.
  3. PantherPhann89

    Where does our O-Line go from here?

    That makes a lot of sense and maybe true. We'll find out which way we went soon enough.
  4. PantherPhann89

    Where does our O-Line go from here?

    I see us drafting either the best LT in the draft or the best o-lineman in the draft with our 1st pick.
  5. PantherPhann89

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    I wasn't expecting this to happen this year because the financial side of it would be better next year. I do think that releasing him this year, resigning Williams and signing Paradis puts us in a much better o-line position going into the draft. A good friend of mine is a defensive guy. We've discussed how we'd build a team. He'd start with CB's. I'd start with the o-line!
  6. PantherPhann89

    Daryl Williams contract #'s

    This is very good resigning. I hope that he's healthy enough to make a strong showing on the o-line all season.
  7. Excellent resign, I'm glad that Williams resigned. This is huge for us...and Cam
  8. PantherPhann89

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    Congratulations to Thomas Davis and thanks for all the years Great play and Great Character. You will always be a Great example of Keep Pounding...
  9. They can't blame me for bad additions if I don't have the cap space to sign big name players... edited
  10. I was hoping that we would sign him but not at that price...
  11. PantherPhann89

    Funchess to Colts 1 Year 13 Million

    Congratulations Funchess, thanks for the years and being a part of Panther history...
  12. Wow, that's a crazy contract.
  13. PantherPhann89

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    A lot of hate for the best WR in Panthers history...
  14. PantherPhann89

    Ravens cut Eric Weddle

    Out of the current Free Agent FS's, I'm interested in Adrian Amos, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Tre Boston. These are Free Safeties with experience that can cover and will immediately improve our pass coverage defense.