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  1. It's so funny how quote un quote fans are on this board. Most are so quick to discuss negativities, particularly Mary Hurney as of late. How many GM's have never made mistakes? How many of you have never made mistakes on your job? I know I have. So what, Hurney made some bad decisions In The Past! Let's at least credit him for the decisions he's made this far. I'm happy with where we are as a team and look forward to seeing us make a strong push this year. You guys/gals make it sound like we have the worst front office and coaching staff in the NFL. Can't we all just KEEP POUNDING!!!
  2. I like the showing of loyalty by keeping a player like Peppers around. This will be a very good move for all sides...
  3. I agree completely and i'm all for protecting Cam...
  4. They have to come up with an initial plan but until we go through the process, it's all a guess...
  5. This was indeed a very productive draft, addressing needs with quality draft picks. In additional to resignings and Free Agents pick ups. We/Hurney/Tepper has done an excellent job this far. Weather we get a Safety or not, I think we'll be good, but it would be nice...
  6. I honestly don't think that there's any pleasing approximately 89% of the people on the Huddle...
  7. A very efficient draft this fast far, drafting for the needs of team now and future. The other 2 QB's didn't last behind the pesky previous o-line, now they'd have a better chance, well Grier will...
  8. I'm glad that we're finally taking Cam's protection seriously. Cam will be much more effecient passer with better protection. I agree with drafting the best player available but at some point you have to draft for a need...
  9. Jackson is good and for his rookie season, he played very well. This season is the next real test for him. Will he develop faster than our precious rookie turned star? I think so, hope so!
  10. Looks like Hurney took a page out of Gettleman's book. So far, so good...
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