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  1. Rivera coaches his team to play down to their opponents, he never coaches to play full throttle. There were several times early in the Bucs game that if our offense could've done something, we could've taken their hearts, but instead we just continued to revive them and they won. It's not just our coaching staff, it's our FO as well. We're not a solid built organization, yet. We need people in positions that knows their jobs, not people in positions that are friends with someone, or whatever the case may be. We obviously need someone who can find talent and coaches that can develop that talent. We have so many things that needs to be fixed on this team. I'd start with an offensive line coach.
  2. My optimism has severely decreased to lowest it has ever been. It wasn't even this low in 2015. I guess maybe because I had gotten myself so pumped up for this season. Even-though I was seriously disappointed during preseason. I know that teams don't run their regular plays but at least the 3rd preseason game in a dress rehearsal for the starters, so we should see some positives...I saw none, except Sly. Our coaching staff constantly fails to adapt to situations during the game. If it ain't working, fix it! Don't wait till after the game to say what we need to do, do it during the game. With the extra talent added this year yielding the current results, 1. I'd make a complete coaching after this season. 2. I'd limit Cam's games at some point in the season and decide if Allen or Greir is going to be my back up QB. 3. I'd start looking for a starting QB now!
  3. Defense is like a pop tart. Why so people keep making excuses for the defense? They can't do this or that because the offense can't score or whatever. The defense is paid to play defense regardless of what the offense does and vice versa. Or pass defense has been ok. Although still giving to much cushion to WR's, which opens up slants. Thus is RR though, because Bradberry likes to play press. We have little to no pass rush. Why change the defense only to play the same? Soft in the middle...
  4. Im so tired of these BS responses and lack of adaptiveness during games. Does it really make too much sense to change what's not working?
  5. I was obviously comparing our offensive success to their offensive success. But yes you're right...
  6. Because our coaches are not good. Bryon Leftwich outcoached the great offensive mind of Norv Turner. Bruce Aries easily outcoached Ron Rivera. Our defense is literally getting run over. Can consistently misses open receivers and so on and so on. The brightest constant spot on the team has been Sly.
  7. Energy team has been doing that against us since we lost there Superbowl. Our o-line still sucks and our WR's can't get open and when they are open Cam overthrows them...
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