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  1. billionairemonk

    Let's make a loose comparison

    a fish rots from the head
  2. billionairemonk

    Opposing teams' fans visiting this forum

    welcome to the internet 10 years later.
  3. mistakes are fine, everyone makes them; but to continue to make them after 7+ years experience in a position without adjusting or learning from them is the height of stupidity. the worst part is, when his job was on the line ron actually played to win (instead of not to lose) and it worked out well for him and the team. he even received the moniker Riverboat Ron. the fact he has regressed to his previous ways shows he thinks his position is safe and that he has learned absolutely nothing; he was only reacting to the pressure.
  4. billionairemonk

    Opposing teams' fans visiting this forum

    there can never be true discussion when that discussion is moderated. people can filter out what they think is relevant or not on their own. the babysitting and telling others what they should or should not do is for people who cannot handle the truth or an opinion that differs from their own. with that said, carry on and i'll continue to mostly lurk due to threads like this and the ones who think they are necessary.
  5. #1 ranked run defense 23rd ranked pass defense time to run it up the middle to control the clock deal with it
  6. the deep threats are on the bench and in New Orleans. this stat is not surprising
  7. billionairemonk

    Friday news: Eric Reid will start.

    shutout incoming
  8. this site shows completed air yards, intended air yards, etc. for QBs. i'm on my phone so i don't know for sure if they have receiving stats and YAC, but if you look around you may find what you're looking for. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing#yards
  9. Tepper ftw, this guy gets it.
  10. billionairemonk

    Curtis Samuel