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  1. It was bad on both sides. Jerome Boger just sounds like a botched call.
  2. Nobody’s done. He’s working on a new shoulder. He has a foot injury. Both injuries happened inside the pocket. Neither was a byproduct of reckless football on his part. It’s not like he’s running around there like RG3 getting slaughtered. Cam is not done. Believe it or not, the season isn’t done.
  3. Cover 1 will continue until they can block. Once they block, maybe someone can get open. Until then, they’ll take 22 out of the game and make cam throw into tight coverages.
  4. the best in the game also does it 60101AC7-BE2F-48B4-83E5-99980F060ED2.MOV
  5. He’s did this in 2011. And 2015. And last year. I do admire looking for a tell. 6033AF9F-8639-484B-92EF-0C4AADA43CE4.MOV 66E780EE-45E9-4FDF-8400-5BDA8C22D093.MOV E1BC9281-28A8-47E5-9EDE-76C5521C8AD6.MOV
  6. He needs this back in his life. It’s when he’s at his best. He plays better when he can start games with a few designed runs. It just seems to settle him in and get him centered. Plus, the 30-50 yards he generally gives the team comes in handy when you find yourself losing games by 7 or less. It breathes life and energy into his game and those around him. Don’t need 20 carries a game. 5-7 is fine.
  7. Ok, typo. Lol. Defensive minds. Or....is that something you disagree with?
  8. Left tackle is the bigger problem. I’m not excusing any bad throws. But he’s getting hit too much, and too many times he’s missing the mark due to pressure. And I know most quarterbacks have to face that, and I get that. It’s literally worse than Byron Bell at this point. Or at least on that level. As Ross pointed out last night, he has some of the slowest footwork he’s ever seen from a LT.
  9. That’s stupid analysis by Cowherd. He doesn’t take into account the turnstile at left tackle. Or the receivers who can’t separate. Or the fact that Todd Bowles is one of the best defensive minds in football. No pro bowlers? Who gives a crap? The system works. It’s discipline, and it looked pretty damn good in their week one game at SFO. Such lazy analysis. And so many people listen to that idiot. And now he’s rich because of it. Stupid dogshit analysis.
  10. The idea that you have to be all-in with one player—even when he’s performing poorly—just so you can cash in that chip with the Fan Police once his performance improves is a childish way of looking at things. If a player is not playing well at the current moment, and your analysis is that he is largely responsible for his own bad play, you have every right to not appreciate his work in that moment. I try to take a different approach. Since it’s a team game, it takes a ton of moving parts on each play to make everybody look good. So to say that one guy sucks, while the other guys don’t, doesn’t tell the entire story. As for his diet? I can’t comment on that. He does what he does, and hopefully it’s helping him. I think this has more to do with the surgery, and the inability to get used to a new arm, so to speak. And I think his foot is a lot more weak than anybody wants to say. I can’t think of any other explanations for the lack of running, the lack of explosiveness, and the lack of velocity.
  11. It was a superb game plan with great execution. They did blitz. They also played single high safety most every snap, and absolutely clamped-down on everybody in man coverage. It was a superb game plan with great execution. That’s two weeks in a row I’ve seen teams play mostly cover one against Carolina. The whole season is going to be about taking McCaffrey out of the game—teams just don’t respect the Panthers’ passing game (cam’s arm, bad protection, wideouts not separating). With each passing week, the more that goes on tape, the more emphasis their next opponent will put on this.
  12. Tonight, and throughout the weekend, we will offer you our analysis on the Panthers: what ails them, what works for them, and how they can piece this season back together. I was at the game. I left discouraged. I watched the tape again. I feel less discouraged. More on why later.
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