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  1. They should’ve released about 500 dick-grabbin’ Gettlemans into the streets of Pamplona.
  2. Ah, yes. The law firm of Clausen, Pike and St. Pierre committing routine malpractice
  3. Absolutely. It was one of his best weapons—savage psychological warfare. An angry 5’9” man with tree stumps for calves. And he didn’t just rage and rant at the opposition—89 was a creative demoralizer of DB’s. He ran that mouth with a purpose.
  4. Grasping what happens on given a play on film isn’t terribly hard. The tricky part of that job is the volume of film review/proper retention from the study. The cerebral side of the hame is much like any other business: the more you do it, the more you pick up on nuances. Quite honestly, Luke just cares a hell of a lot more about football than most folks on Earth. He’s the Peyton Manning of linebackers. To know that presence is in the building each day is damn comforting. He’s a generational player at the position. We have a few of those, it seems.
  5. 59 days to kickoff. Here’s a look at Luke’s ridiculous resume. I ran out of damn space on the graphic. Here’s the rest of his football excellence: ACC Defensive Player of the Year (2011) Bronko Nagurski Trophy (2011) Butkus Award (college) (2011) Lombardi Award (2011) Lott Trophy (2011) 2× Consensus All-American (2010, 2011) 3× First-team All-ACC (2009–2011)
  6. Good read, but this is always a dangerous game to play in July. I mean, sure, I could see it being the case. Too many variables, however, between now and January to truly know. I don’t believe Tampa will be as improved as many think. It’s time to win in Atlanta again—they’re due. The Saints slipped by Carolina and their one-armed passer by a whisker last December. The gap isn’t too wide. A healthy Cam will be hard to stop.
  7. You had to be there to truly appreciate how epic this final drive was. Smitty actually bobbled it for a split second, before remembering he was the BeastGoat and owned every DB in his wake. Not his best catch, or play. But he was in full “Agent 89 Mode”—running his hilarious mouth to the world champs.
  8. This week’s Steve Smith marathon of content should be a staple of every early-July-lull. I swear, it never gets old talking about that beast.
  9. I’m always weary of ownership in any sport. It’s ok to be skeptical as a fan. But, goddamn—Tepper just makes me happy. Kudos for JR for getting the team here. Kudos to David Tepper for being the 21st-century version of Eddie DeBartolo (pre-legal issues, of course.) Every little detail, DeBartolo made sure the team had what they needed to be successful. 49ers ownership was second to none in the 80s, and my gut keeps telling DT has the same mindset. This is a big year. There are no guarantees this team makes the playoffs. I know Ron and Marty are in Dave’s good graces right now, but I really think it’s playoffs or bust for those two. Or at least Ron. And if I had to guess, I’d say they were brought back with the understanding that changes would be made to the football ops structure, coaching staff, and even defensive schematics. And, he’ll, I think it’s great. Clean slate, new year, seven game losing streak is behind us. Time to reload and kick ass. The Carolina Panthers have been one of the NFC’s most dynamic teams since 2013. The mantra this year: stop doing stupid stuff. Manage games properly. Better tempo out of the huddle. Stop sending linebackers into man coverage on Tyler Lockett. Clean up the secondary breakdowns. Get conditioned, stay as healthy as possible. Just execute. There’s so much damn talent. Tepper won’t allow a losing season to go unpunished. He’ll be on the phone to Jim Harbaugh so goddamn fast, it’ll make your head spin. Get it done Ronnie.
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