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  1. She’s a good looking person who knows where the lens is and isn’t football illiterate. Ed Murrow isn’t required here. For what it is, this is a good hire.
  2. For this niche, it’s a fine hire. Best of luck to her.
  3. Oh goody! More in-depth, personal information on random people who write stuff about the people I really care about.
  4. My best guess is the young man would like to talk about his ordeal publicly, but can’t. His silence may be tied to compensation or binding agreements related to his firing. Or maybe the owner is just a crazy guy who likes firing people at random. Or maybe Chris took a dump in the ladies room sink after a tough loss to Orlando. We may never know.
  5. While many Panther fans stay hard at work scrubbing Jerry’s DNA stain from their franchise’s black & blue dress, reaching back 15 years in aim of a Rosinzki revival should be met by the entire fanbase with open arms and euphoric ears.
  6. I’ll say it again, I give none shits whether or not the play-by-play guy is/isn’t a dickhead. His job is not to be team ambassador, or public relations monkey. His job is to call games with urgency and clarity, mindful that any given play could be immortalized. Radio calls serve as a vital audio element for NFL Films’ permanent library of football history. For 14 years now, Carolina has projected one of the least captivating, most flavorless broadcast teams in the league; there’s absolutely no excuse for it. It’s simply an unimpressive chronicle—so much so, that often times NFL Films (and the team itself) will opt to repurpose Fox/CBS/NBC/ESPN calls in place of Mixon for in-season production pieces. Roz is one of the best in his field, and I would love to hear those pipes verbalizing pivitoal moments yet to come.
  7. I don’t know him personally, but I’m certain Kroeger isn’t my cup of tea for this gig.
  8. It’s absolutely the proper move to make, assuming Bill has interest. Tossing the mic to Mick in 2005 was truly one of the most baffling moves Richardson ever made.
  9. Bill is actually on the air right now at PGA for the radio side.
  10. It’s the no-brainer of the century.
  11. Throwin’ it back to the day when 89 officially became Fred Smoot’s Father. 2005 Smitty was the best Smitty—productivity AND theatrics.
  12. He’s unnecessarily dick-ish. Doesn’t play very well when you’re winning three games a year. The league: “Dave lacks the personal touch.” Dave (below): ”I got ya paahsenal touch right here.”
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