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  1. Just to add to the conversation here.....we did a little analysis on Simmons this week. Such a unique athlete.
  2. My wife is an RN at Spartanburg Regional. It’s a scary time.
  3. I wrote a few words about Cam, if you’re interested. If not, all good.
  4. Had a chance to chat with Max earlier today, briefly. He really was one of the best they’ve ever had in-house. Always gracious w his time. Hope he does great in his next phase.
  5. He said on the radio today: Trevor Lawrence is the most popular football player in the Carolinas, and it’s just the thing this new owner needs to get his new facility and new tenure off and running. Everything about that is just completely wrong, or unnecessary. None of that has anything to do with putting together a winning operation.
  6. His logic is flawed. He’s throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s trash. And that guy, to be honest, has a track record of being dead wrong about a lot of stuff. (Which is fine, we’re all human, but if you’re going to be wrong, at least be specifically wrong. Speaking in platitudes and still being dead wrong is a special kind of bad.)
  7. I don’t buy it, but it’s not my staff. I guess let me put it this way: this is exactly the opposite of how I would build an NFL staff, if I was a head coach. It may work wonders, but keep this in mind: the staff is vastly less experienced at the NFL level than Chip Kelly’s Eagles staff was.
  8. That’s great. I don’t have a problem with soccer, or a big complex in rock Hill. It’s fine. What’s not fine is tripping over your dick in front of the press after your franchise quarterback went out of his way to praise you, your new hires, and the direction of the process. And anybody with any intellectual honesty who has followed the NFL for decades understands what I’m talking about: if you value your franchise quarterback, you don’t say “I’m not a doctor, he’s not a doctor”. Also, this is his third year, not first. We just need to be real thorough with the facts here. Those first two years count, because it was his team and, quite honestly, another rich dude named Steve Bisciotti didn’t need 5 to 7 years to tear down a fairly competitive team in Baltimore just to build it back up. I’m glad you have faith in your team’s owner. Many share your optimism. If you told me two years ago that the big splash was going to consist of offering Baylor’s coach the 6th most lucrative deal in league history, while inviting nearly his entire staff to join, while also retaining Marty Hurney as GM, now number ONE in terms of personnel decisions, and that the owner would be instrumental in every eval decision on the football side? Oh, and also finding every avenue possible to move on from a 30-year-old franchise quarterback: I would’ve lol’d. David Tepper made his millions, sorry, BILLIONS by being a master of managing numbers. He was a spreadsheet champion. And that’s the same exact game he’s trying to win again, all this time, the NFL calls are tanking. By the way, those same analytics Dave claims to live by, you won’t find one data driven study or an article which supports sucking on purpose in hopes of increasing your odds of a franchise quarterback.
  9. This is completely reasonable, rational, data-driven process upon purchasing a franchise: rip the entire thing to shreds, set a 5-7 year timeline for the “sustained success” recovery, and profit. I’m not even worried about the Turner stuff, that’s just a leak. I’m just not sold on the plan. I have the luxury of being somewhat detached, as an analyst. I know this is a tough time for Panthers fans, and I feel really bad for a lot of people. Then again, maybe this is all a bunch of BS, and the team will be stocked for a run in a couple of months. Probably not. Probably more like a 2010/2001 tidal wave of horrible football. I hope everyone gets what they want, in time.
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