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  1. The “Kyle Allen Hype” was built by hot-take artists and really uninformed fans. There was never any chance he was the long-term answer for this team. But to say there was a CREDIBLE wave of Allen over Newton Hype? Just never sensed that.
  2. A thread I did a few days ago, to clear up any confusion as to where I stand.
  3. Dozens of reporters huddled around him and asked him about it. I can’t even blame Eric Reid at this point. I’m not a big fan of hearing about it after a 26 point loss, but whatever. Apparently, the credentialed media feels the fans want to hear about it.
  4. I believe in taking your time as well. I get that. But this team lost seven games in a row last season, and a lot of that was due to some of the bullshit Rivera is responsible for. It wasn’t just Cam’s shoulder.
  5. Your bigger issue at hand is the head coach and general manager who have constructed this nightmare of a mess. And the owner, who boasted about wanting to be a winner from day one, yet retained these two individuals to put together this sub-standard package of dogshit. A backup QB is pretty far down the list of things you should be mad about. But again, it’s the position that gets the spotlight. He was pretty terrible this week. So I get it.
  6. I don’t feel like I owe anybody any apologies, but if you’d like to take your frustrations out on me for pointing out in July with Kyle Allen was the clear number two quarterback for this team, please feel free. That’s where my analysis started and ended. I celebrated some of his finer moments, along with many of you. And I chastised him for all of the bad plays he’s made, without any excuses. He’s a paid professional, and today’s results are unacceptable. Plenty of other issues, but the quarterback always gets the spotlight, good or bad.
  7. This was the worst loss of the season. Without question.
  8. Over the last 6 qtrs, Atlanta has not allowed a touchdown to either Seattle or New Orleans. The defense is coming together a little bit
  9. Not only would he have not gotten the flag, sportscenter would have featured it on their top 10 that night, with Neil Everett laughing about it over a Benny Hill theme music bed.
  10. I have a pretty good idea what he brings to the at the moment. I watched him like a hawk every day at camp. He needs a lot of work.
  11. These side-by-side comparisons are really fruitless. Everybody’s different. And everybody’s in a different situation.
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