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  1. I really appreciate that. We certainly enjoy doing it. By the way: Friday’s episode will be really cool. Stanley McClover is stopping by. Most of y’all know he’s Brian Burns’ brother, and he wants to share some stories on his development. He’s also pretty opinionated on Twitter about the current roster, positives and negatives. Pretty unfiltered guy. Should be a fun listen.
  2. Meant to share earlier this week. Here’s our recap of Sunday’s game, and some thoughts on 2020’s progress. Give it a listen if you’d like.
  3. We have a new episode up if you guys are interested. Pretty thorough breakdown of the game.
  4. The Panthers knew what they were getting when they drafted Derrick Brown. He’s not Aaron Donald, and he never will be. That’s not his DNA. Folks need to stop expecting double digit sacks—I doubt that’s ever going to be a regular thing for him. He can continue to refine his pass rush technique. He will improve with more reps. I’ve compared him to Kris Jenkins for months, in terms of measurables and technique. He made FOUR big-impact stops against the run Sunday. The variety of ways in which he got it done here is what always stood out on tape during the draft eval process.
  5. About what I expected. He can’t turn the ball over. That was one of the selling points when they brought him here.
  6. Hey guys. Hope all is well. I’m breaking down the tape quarter by quarter on this game, but I can tell you already from the first two weeks: Joe Brady is passing out of 12 personnel quite a bit. This is one reason you’re not seeing Samuel with a lot of targets. It’s been effective, I will say that. Interesting concepts, some of which is straight from Sean Payton’s schematics.
  7. If you guys are interested, our latest podcast is up.
  8. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-roar-a-carolina-panthers-podcast/id1523253913#episodeGuid=a660076a-ae15-43e4-a82a-ef502af52c93
  9. Hey guys. Every so often, we’ll be dropping some film nuggets on Twitter. Fascinated by Joe Brady‘s schematics, and it’s clear he’s learned some great lessons from the Bill Parcells/Sean Payton tree. Nothing complicated about this, but it gets you in a winning position early in the game.
  10. Bucs insider Jon Ledyard with some great insight on this weekend’s matchup. If you’re interested:
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