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  1. There are a number of possibilities right now, including Newton pumping the brakes on this entire process, given the nature of the entire league structure right now. It’s also possible his foot isn’t quite ready to pass that physical yet. That certainly doesn’t mean it won’t be in a month, or maybe two. And yes, perhaps that shoulder won’t last another three years. But, there’s also a possibility it will hold up just fine.
  2. I mean, unless they’re just hearing nightmare stories from his former employer, in which case they would still be doing themselves a disservice by not bringing Newton in for a physical and a chat.
  3. So, if I’m clear here: teams are offering physicals right now, yet, none have reached out to Newton for a medical eval, and yet, these teams have all the information they need to make a thorough decision on Cam’s health status? Not sure how the rest the NFL could fully see what the Panthers saw, when they—quite literally—have yet to actually see Newton.
  4. I think there are other issues to consider, including tailgating, concessions, restrooms, entry to the stadium, transportation to the stadium. There are so many layers to it, it’s difficult to imagine it will be possible. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but that’s how I view it.
  5. I had them staying at seven in my final mock draft. I also think there’s some validity to NYG looking at an OT. I had Simmons going to Detroit. Here’s my seven round Panthers mock, if y’all are interested. Happy draft day! We need it!
  6. Just to add to the conversation here.....we did a little analysis on Simmons this week. Such a unique athlete.
  7. My wife is an RN at Spartanburg Regional. It’s a scary time.
  8. I wrote a few words about Cam, if you’re interested. If not, all good.
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