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  1. 1 - Smitty 2 - Pep 3 - Kevin Greene 4 - Jordan Gross You put those four, in their primes, on this team right now, and we would win a few superbowls in a row.
  2. I generally remain firmly on the side of pessimism when it comes to my beloved Panthers. It seems the only time you can expect greatness out of them is when they have, by all logic, very little chance of being great. Going into this season they looked great on paper, so naturally, I was, and remain doubtful that we can keep pace... even with "healthy" Cam. I'm just trying to enjoy the wins while I can, and see some fresh faces (particularly on defense) put up some good performances. If this season winds up being magical, you can count me among those very surprised by it.
  3. I am not messaging you. I'm posting in this quasi-public forum. You don't have to read or reply to anything I say. I'm not just going to stop talking because you ask me to. Thanks.
  4. Let's do another poll. If Kyle Allen torches the 49ers, do you start "healthy Cam"? Then we'll do another one. If Kyle Allen torches every team we go against for the rest of the year, do we start "healthy Cam"?
  5. I'm pretty sure anyone with half a brain knows what the video is alluding to.
  6. I agree with all this. As Panthers fans we have all experienced it with how Cam was treated by the media early in his career... however, if you're trying to apply the logic to a severely underperforming, injury-prone 8 year vet, you're mistaken. The criticisms against Cam right now have absolutely nothing to do with his race and you know it.
  7. Because people know he will look bad and don't want to have to answer for it. Going up against a weak Titans team is their form of kicking the can. I would want Cam to come in and crush the 49ers (which I do, by the way), but I'm not delusional enough to believe that's even possible.
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