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  1. We have 3 pro bowl NT. The issue is scheme.
  2. Dude was all over the field last night. He's gonna be a good one.
  3. I don't really mind Cam Newton's nicknames. The ones the fans make up are the stupid ones.
  4. Am I the only one who is sick of the dumbass nicknames we give every single player on the team?
  5. Not sure where the Little hate is coming from. He's played well his first two preseason games. Grier was never drafted to be a starter, so....
  6. I mean they both played horribly. It's not Rivera's fault they sucked.
  7. If Cam goes down the season is a bust regardless. I'd rather see what Grier has if we throw him into the fire. If we're gonna suck, let's get something out of it at least.
  8. There's something to this. I've argued for years that training camp at Wofford is stupid. They need an indoor, climate controlled facility. Practicing in stifling heat doesn't "toughen you up". It tires you out, dehydrates you, makes you unable to practice as hard, and makes you more prone to injury.
  9. I've said this quite a few times to everyone who keeps mentioning how supposedly "stacked" this roster is... The Panthers cannot, and will not win games without a healthy Cam Newton. I'm dead serious that if you put Tom Brady on this team he wouldn't be the same player. This team lives and dies by Cam. The future is terrifying if the shoulder isn't back to 100%
  10. LOTS of transplants. I'm taking a few of my customers to the game tomorrow.... All three of them live and work in Charlotte, and all three are Bills fans!
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