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  1. Analytics are everything. Trends develop for a reason.
  2. I think we should take advantage of the mediocre to high level talent on the D Line to keep fresh legs in the rotation at all times, and switch up defensive fronts. You just can't have enough OL/DL. I think they all need to stay and we trim fat elsewhere.
  3. The league is just getting stupid with these QB contracts. Good grief. Carson Wentz has had one good year and he didn't even play the whole damned season.
  4. Even still, the days of a Trent Dilfer or Jake Delhomme being able to game manage a superior defense/running game to the promised land are LONG over. You have to have an elite (not prolific, necessarily) passing attack to win it all nowadays.
  5. This. The format of the NFL today is such that you can have 21 pro bowlers, but if your QB isn't healthy and up to par, you're going nowhere. The whole league has been intentionally designed to be about 95% reliant on QB play.
  6. Maybe? They haven't played a down as a unit in this defensive front. Impossible to tell. As I've stated in other posts, however, on PAPER this front 7, and more specifically, the defensive line, is among the best that have ever been assembled.
  7. Then we are arguing over absolutely nothing. If you go back to my original post I said production was the key to backing up the statement. I'm confused as to why you even began the debate if you seemingly agree with that statement when you say "the talent level is absolutely there"...
  8. Who said best of all time? I said top 10. What about Irvin makes you think he's at the end of his career? He's 31. He's not a running back. Out of that front seven there are 5 first round picks, and around 16 pro bowl appearances. On paper they vastly exceed the '03 squad, who, like I said, has regularly been mentioned among the best of all time. If you go back to my original statement, I already clarified that this is based "on paper".
  9. I don't think it is at all. I think this front 7 is substantially better than the 03 superbowl team, and that front 7 is regularly considered one of the best of all time.
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