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  1. Wholeheartedly disagree. Some divisions pull extremely tough schedules each year. Some divisions are also competitive and split games. The Patriots get 6 free games every single year because their division is a complete laughing stock. Too many factors involved to make blanket changes due to an anomalous season here and there. The division system breeds rivalry which makes sports far more entertaining.
  2. Because as bad as things got under Rivera, they were infinitely worse under Fox. He was horrible.
  3. I hope they beat us to a pulp. I'm starting every Saint from my fantasy team. The Falcons killed it for me yesterday.
  4. I think he wants to tank. And I like the idea of tanking the season, then trading Kuechly and our 1st to the Bengals to move up to #1 and grab Burrow. I'm fully aware this post will get poo'd all over and IDGAF. Rebuilds start with QBs. The Patriots have been a dynasty because they recognize how to get value out of players that are on the decline at just the right time.
  5. Dumb. Owning a burger restaurant doesn't make you a great NFL owner either. This is the most worthless thread ever.
  6. I cringe at the thought of it, but we absolutely have to draft a QB high, and the chances of that QB sucking are also high. Ugh...
  7. Probably trying to keep him busy, but not TOO busy, given the fact that the season is over.
  8. There's no way we could get a real look at Will Grier in this situation. I doubt we are putting much effort into gameplanning right now, and Grier would be walking into a buzzsaw anyway given the rest of our schedule.
  9. Donte has got some work to do. The talent is there, but he's very raw. I do agree with him though. The scheme and playcalling have not been good all years. It's a collaborative sh*tshow.
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