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  1. Tyrion as the character we knew from seasons 1-4 is pretty much dead anyway. Best we're going to get is more 'varys doesn't have a cock' jokes. 'I used to think you were the cleverest man alive.' Well yeah, ran out of books...a mind needs books like a sword needs...
  2. One of my favorites was the 7 spirals representing the faith of the seven and the white walkers were created as an abomination of the faith of the Andals. But it's often represented with 8 spirals.
  3. The leaks weren't 100%. Mentioned nothing about Last Hearth IIRC. Those scenes were well done and creepy af.
  4. natty

    Andrew Yang

    Serious question - what's a better alternative? I saw in another thread you said Bernie is the only leftist of the group. What makes you think Yang is not? Is it because he doesn't go around calling himself a socialist? Look at his policies, tells you all you need to know. Surely it can't be all about rhetoric. What would you rather have - Bernie gets in office and is stonewalled by Republicans because he's the evil socialist boogeyman, all bad things are blamed on him(which you know middle america will eat up), we go back to a Republican after 4 or 8 years and nothing really changes. Or we get Yang in office, UBI is immediately implemented and it's the biggest redistribution of wealth in history with 2.5 trillion put in the hands of the people every year. Change has to come in increments. It's the only way to play the game. You aren't going to change the minds of people who want to 'get government out of my medicare', you have to shove it down their throats with effective policy. UBI certainly isn't cure for all the bad things about capitalism, but it's a giant step.
  5. I like the theory that it wasn't actually Littlefinger that died but I think there's zero chance is plays out like that in the show. One theory I really like that's 100% plausible is that LF played an important part in starting Robert's Rebellion too. After the tourney at Harrenhall Brandon Stark heads off to Riverrun to spend time with Cat before their wedding. This is when LF challenges him, gets his ass kicked and Cat has to beg Brandon not to kill him. During his recovery he gets Lysa pregnant, causing a bunch of drama and Hoster Tully kicks him out. This also enrages Brandon and he leaves Riverrun for a bit(it's never said why but probably to chase down LF and finish what he started). The tourney was held during a false spring so by this time the winter snows have returned closing off the path to the Vale and LF is most likely bunkering down at the inn at the crossroads. Meanwhile, Lyanna meets up with Rhaegar at some point, most likely just to run off and have a fling for a couple weeks. Lyanna was staying at Harrenhall and the closest place to meet up without being noticed is the inn at the crossroads(it's actually said they meet "ten leagues from Harrenhall"). So LF sees them meet up and take off(he would certainly recognize them while they probably wouldn't know who he is). A little while later Brandon comes storming in wanting to kill LF. So LF, in a panic, thinks of the only thing he can to divert his anger elsewhere - "Rhaegar just abducted your sister".
  6. natty


    300 hours of video every minute = 432,000 hours of video a day Let's say, just to keep it simple, they hire up people at $10/hr so it roughly costs $10 to review 1 hour of video uploaded(way over simplifying here). So that's $4,320,000 a day. $1,576,800,000 a year. Maybe I heard 2 billion instead of 200. Am I missing something?
  7. natty


    Didn't do it myself, I'm just remembering off the top of my head. Point being it'd be massively expensive and fairly ineffective. Content isn't their problem, it's the 'related videos' algorithm.
  8. natty


    It's much more complicated than that. The latest I've heard is something like 300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube every minute. Someone I work with once did the math and it would cost google just shy of $200 billion dollars a year to hire enough people to review every video(and that's a conservative estimate).
  9. natty


    Well that's pretty damn stupid. In what kind of fantasy land does the concept of white nationalism exist without white supremacy? Youtube has a giant problem on their hands. It's not just limited to these neonazis, there are plenty of other cases where youtube's suggestions are exploited to target children, enable pedofiles, all sorts of stuff. It's a gigantic technical problem.
  10. Music is better than it has ever been. But most people think otherwise for a number of reasons. 1. The survivorship bias already mentioned in this thread. You don't remember the old 'crap' music because it wasn't worthy of being remembered. 2. You're old. Spotify did some research and found that most people listen to music that was released when they were around 14 years old. Odds are you still favor the music you 'discovered' when you were at that age. It's an impressionable age because you're defining yourself, your parents are lame and don't know anything, you're figuring out what to do with that boner that's been popping up for years, you're testing the limits of who you are(it's not a phase mom!). Even if you're very musical and your tastes have changed widely over time, that music you listened to when you were 14 still has a special place in your heart. 3. The commercialization of music, which started as soon as the technology to record music was created, is so finely tuned that 'all pop music sounds the same'. The music industry exists to make money, not music. This was happening with Elvis and the Beatles too, it just wasn't as finely honed as it is today. Just because Katy Perry pays writers and producers 100s of thousands of dollars to create her music doesn't mean it sucks. It's good music, it's catchy, it built on a solid foundation of music theory, it's perfectly mixed, etc. You probably don't like it because of #2 - it wasn't created for you. Pop culture is for teenagers. Fantastic music is out there for people that really want to find it. Everyone likes music, but I'm willing to bet most don't like it as much as they think. If you truly love good music you'll find it, it won't be force fed to you like the 'awesome music' you loved growing up. There's zero doubt that decades from now someone will say 'music sucks nowadays, what ever happened to the great artists like Justin Bieber?'
  11. Manufacturing Consent should be considered required reading.
  12. I think Omar's death was perfect. Jarring, unpoetic, dripping with stone cold reality...completely consistent with the themes of the show. Littlefinger's was the complete opposite.
  13. There's no way you can lump GoT and BB with TwD and Lost. TWD and Lost are entertainment versions of a ponzi scheme. The Wire and Deadwood were certainly good shows with great writing but they suffered from having stretches of being flat out boring. BB is just brilliant from start to finish.
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