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  1. I think GRRM told them certain things about the ended but not everything. Either he doesn't know how he's going to wrap up some plots or he just didn't want to tell them for some reason. Like the winterfell plot line from s7...I think they were told there will be tension between Sansa and Arya so Littlefinger will try to exploit that and he ends up dead, but he didn't give them any kind of details on it(so D&D just threw something together). Likewise I think they were told about the major plot points for this season. Dany burns kings landing and Jon kills her(this is the main red wedding type event to close out the story), Jaime eventually goes back to Cercei and dies because of it, Sansa become queen in the north, etc, etc. They just really botched it all, just like they did with Littlefinger. The bottom line is that they could have done this story justice but they were insistent on wrapping it all up as quickly as they could. They originally only wanted 7 seasons while GRRM wanted more like 12. Hell if you really tried you could tell the story in a 3 hour movie....it would suck beyond belief...but you could do it. That's why almost everyone is okay with how things ended up but hate the way they got there.
  2. Everything about it was bad. Even if I could look past all the ridiculousness of this season and was in the moment... One of the most important characters in the show just tragically died. Grey Worm, who almost never shows emotion, is furious. All the important people left in Westeros are deciding how to negotiate with the unsullied that occupy the city...trying to prevent yet another war ....and they all have a hearty chuckle at the thought of democracy. Great timing there. And then they decide that there will essentially be a war of succession every time a king dies. I guess we're just supposed to believe this new world they're in everyone will just agree on a new king....because people agreeing with each other and putting aside their differences is such a powerful theme in this story.
  3. D&D had exclusive rights. They could have sold those rights for as much as they wanted and moved on to SW like they wanted. Instead they just completely screwed what could have been the best tv show ever. They've spent so much time sniffing their own farts that they actually thought this would be a great ending.
  4. Nonsense. The 6 kingdoms will be in the great hands of someone who has demonstrated he doesn't understand loans and almost guaranteed can't even read.
  5. Sansa was totally right. The north would never accept being ruled by some s̶o̶u̶t̶h̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶k̶i̶n̶g̶....err the trueborn son of Ned Stark?
  6. Also, it would have been nice if mesunday told grey Worm about the butterflies in Naath. The unsullied(and dothraki I guess?) will all be dead within a year.
  7. Grey Worm: all the queen's enemies need to be executed Jon: <kills Dany> Grey Worm: I guess we're taking prisoners again Grey Worm: Jon needs to be punished Everyone: we'll send him to the wall Jon later on: so the unsullied are gone now, we're cool right Everyone: yeah stick around, we were just waiting for them to leave
  8. I'm glad they rushed these last 2 seasons so they could have time to show Tyrion adjusting chairs for 2 minutes. It was soooooo hilarious when everyone came in and messed them up.
  9. No doubt. I still give the show runners a lot of credit, they are really good producers and did a good job adopting the books.
  10. I miss the days when the story gave us feelings of anger, confusion, sadness and grief instead of the writers themselves.
  11. As of right now when I think about what show this compares to the only thing that comes to mind is LOST. Both were super popular, well written shows that just fell on their face at the end(though for very different reasons). If you enjoy the show for the spectacle of it all - the big battles, big dragons, etc - then great. But I fell in love with this show in season 1 which had absolutely none of that. No matter what happens in the finale they have ruined the show.
  12. The best changed I've heard is that Rhaegal isn't killed in ep3. Everything stays the same, but maybe he just gets injured. During the battle he stays high in the air just as a backup and lands with Dany/Drogon once the scorpions are taken out. Same scene happens, bell ring and such, but at that moment Euron pops out a hidden scorpion in the city and takes out Rhaegal(instead of having that silly fight with Jaime). The crowd starts cheering, maybe even starts desecrating Rhaegal's body in some way(or maybe he's injured enough just to fall into the city and people swarm and kill him). Dany enrages and the same thing plays out. Dany can now make the argument that she had to destroy everything to make sure there weren't anymore hidden scorpions but everyone really thinks she was just going on a revenge binge. It's nice and morally ambiguous. When Dany gets killed in the finale(which is pretty much inevitable at this point) the fan base gets split and makes for a great ending that people will talk about for a while. #DanyDidNothingWrong
  13. I heard about a deleted scene where her and Tyrion were fighting wights in the crypts. That could be what she was referring to.
  14. She's made a few comments about burning cities to the ground. But she also freed a bunch of slaves, took Yunkai specifically to free innocent slaves, she chained up her dragons because Drogon killed an innocent girl. Her entire character is about making a better world. "I'm not here to become queen of the ashes." She tells the captured Lannister soldiers after the loot train - I'm not here to burn down your cities. Hell Cersei even says she's bringing more people into the red keep to serve as a meat shield. Dany didn't even go right for the keep, she just started blazing the streets. I like the fact that she went all fire and blood. That's what I wanted from her all along. But they did a piss poor job of telling that story. This season hasn't even been a story, it's just a series of events. This show started as something that threw typical hollywood tropes out the window and now it has become chock full of them. It's beyond disappointing.
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