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  1. So a president can commit crimes, and then appoint the person who is responsible with determining who gets prosecuted for committing crimes, who then just chooses not to prosecute the president and his cohorts for committing crimes. That's what's happening here. It's really scary how unprepared our Democracy and our Constitution was to deal with a Trump.
  2. And then the article says that Planned parenthood is selling baby parts to McDonald's to make the McRib. And then it says that Solar Power is actually the leading cause of cancer in the U.S. And then the article goes on to say Trump has a dick larger than a bull elephant's. It's all in the article. It was a really, really good article.
  3. Uh, yeah. We all do. Because he said what he was trying to say. "These uppity women of color are communists who hate American and should go back to whatever country I assume they come from." There's literally 1 way to interpret that. No mental gymnastics required. You're talking about the kind of man who goes around saying "Grab 'em by the pussy." There's no searching for subtext in this case. He's just a racist. Period. "I'm sorry you got offended," is a poo apology. It's taking no accountability for one's-self, and passing the responsibility onto the injured party. "I'm sorry your foot was injured when it came under the wheel of my car," is a pansy-ass way to say, "I'm sorry I ran over your foot." #bebest "Fug your feelings." Isn't that what conservatives say in situations where people put their sentiments above material fact? Stop being a wimp and sticking up for racists.
  4. I think this just about sums it up. I've had to cope with this fact over the last 3 years. I've had several conversations with Trump supporters who have told me the exact same thing, "He's entertaining." They voted for him because he's an appealing showman. If all you're paying attention to is how he acts on stage, of course you're going to think he's winning. Of course they will think he's smart. But it's your duty as a citizen, as a contributing member of our democracy to put in more effort than just taking what he says in front of a camera at face value. But if these Republican voters never bother to fact check one thing that comes out of his mouth, it doesn't matter how much he lies. They're too ignorant to vote. And I mean that literally; they are uninformed on policy, history or even basic reality. But that sure doesn't stop them from voting.
  5. So you're willing to believe this, but refuse to believe a man who tells people to go back to their country, that countries that aren't Norway are shitholes, that these women of color hate America, that brown people at the southern border need to be kept in cages, that chain migration and anchor babies are bad except when his white wife does it, and who is banning asylum for brown people is a racist? I hope some day you realize how warped your worldview is. Before it's too late for millions and millions of people. Because it's really getting scary.
  6. Not even fuggin' around. He's starting to make his full-on Hitler-turn. Yesterday's tweets were openly white supremacist, today's bizarre tweets are practically an incitement of violence. Republicans: How do you not see it? Or maybe you do... And you love it.
  7. Of course defense spending is bloated. Doesn't mean that Congress should pass a broad, poorly defined, and needlessly restrictive bill. The president tweets longer than that amendment. I'm a fan of AOC, but losing my poo over this particular bill, which looks like it was written by an intern in about 15 minutes, isn't a hill I feel the need to die on.
  8. Immigration and Nationality Act "Title V: Alien Terrorist Removal Procedures" Yeah, why would 52 Democratic Reps think we need to devote DOD resources to terrorism? They must be establishment, corporate shill, DCC, cronies. That's the only explanation. It couldn't be that it was a slapdash, broad, and poorly reasoned amendment.
  9. No, the men who raped them did. Fug you. Fug your religion. Fug you medieval views of women. Fug your victim blaming. Fug your defense sex offenders. Fug you for enabling rape culture. Fug you in general. You're a cancer. This reply alone proves it.
  10. Okay, I got a little bit more information from this article on HuffPo that seems to be the most current, and has video: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/stephen-jennings-uranium-snake_n_5d27b276e4b0060b11e9bfb8 The stolen vehicle was a black, Ford SUV. I'll therefore put forward another theory. It's possible they unwittingly boosted a government car that was transporting the Uranium sample. It's happened before. Moral of the story? When you stop at the Holiday Inn on your way back from the Idaho National Laboratory, don't leave the Uranium in the car.
  11. I don't have much occasion to pie your dumb ass, so enjoy it. But yes, this would be my guess. This moron wouldn't have the sophistication to enrich the uranium and certainly wouldn't have enough in one container to make a fissionable device. But dispersing radioactive powder could be extremely dangerous and could leave something like a hospital, government building, or abortion clinic completely unusable.
  12. Oh, goody! I was waiting for someone to bring this up! Interestingly, this decision was made by a three-judge panel. And all three were appointed by Republican presidents. Niemeyer is a Reagan appointee. Shedd is a W. Bush appointee. Quattlebaum...is a TRUMP appointee! Which raises another interesting point about how badly Trump and the Republicans are fugging the country over in a way we're going to feel for a long-ass time. While Trump has been noticeably lax in filling his own cabinet's vacancies: Trump has absolutely been SLAMMING through judge nominations. And McTurtlefug and the Senate have just been rubber stamping them through as fast as humanly possible. Up against the obstructionist Congress, the total number of Obama Article III judgeship nominees confirmed by the United States Senate was 329. Or a judgeship appointment about every 9 days. Trump, midway through his first term, has already gotten confirmed 127 judges. Getting appointments at a rate of once a week. If he were to keep this rate up for a full 8 year term, he would appoint 416 judges. So right now, you've got partisan hacks stacking the courts with partisan hacks, who are going to throw out lawsuits concerning their partisan hackery. In other words, you've got politicians who are working overtime to make themselves immune to Federal laws. Doesn't that sound good? Politicians with executive authority and no accountability? Is that what you want? So don't look at this as justice prevailing, @retired Understand that this just just more Washington cronyism; exactly the sort of thing Trump promised to "drain the swamp" of. But you don't really care when it benefits Republicans, do you?
  13. twitchy.com? How, and this is a serious question, how do you boomers manage to find these conservative pseudo-news sites? Facebook? I bet it's Facebook.
  14. Trump was pretty chummy with Bill right up until 2016, when all of a sudden he started throwing around sex allegations: Wonder what changed.
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