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  1. I think Teddy is Chill, but I don't think that means he lacks competitiveness. He can go and game, but he'll still have fun doing it. And that may be different for a lot of fans, who expect a player to get mad when they're behind. I know it's an adjustment to me. I don't mind the sideline gimmick, I though it was funny. And three and a half quarters out of four of a football game, I'd have no issue with it whatsoever. But I don't know. On a game-winning-or-losing drive, I think I'd rather see my QB get back to the huddle with his own players instead of joking around with Brees. But that's just his game. He's chill. He's gonna have fun regardless of the situation, and truth be told, he still got the next play off with 10 seconds left on the play clock. So I'm all on board with him playing the game his way. I do, however, wonder if it's going to lead to a clash of personalities in the locker room. Rhule seems very high-strung, businesslike, and seems to want to have an air of urgency on his team and on the sideline. At about the 1:15 mark of this video, you see how Rhule and Teddy react to Teddy's pick in week 4. https://www.nfl.com/videos/mic-d-up-matt-rhule Very different. One very stressed, one chill to the point of coming off as dismissive. And I do wonder if Rhule with want him to be a little more serious as the season progresses. Different personality types, but I don't doubt Teddy's competitiveness at all.
  2. Follow up on this Exec Order. Been keeping an eye on how Washington reacts, and it's getting quite a response: The head of the Federal Salary Council, who advises the president on issues concerning pay and compensation for Federal employees just resigned. Trump appointed him to that position in 2017. His resignation letter is very damning. https://www.govexec.com/management/2020/10/salary-council-chairman-resigns-protest-trump-order-politicizing-federal-workforce/169551/ These are his own appointees, @bull123. The people who work with him every day even grasp what seems so difficult for you to come to terms with. He's a vicious, narcissistic, autocrat wannabe. And if we're all lucky, literally all of us, including you, his term ends this year.
  3. Did the POTUS just "Yada yada yada" the Coronavirus that's killed almost a quarter million Americans? He truly doesn't understand why people are more concerned about human death and suffering than his easing regulations of dishwashers. If there was any remaining doubt that he doesn't even consider the average person human, much less care about them beyond how far they are useful to him, this really should erase any doubt. Should being the operative word, because that was clear to anyone with a remotely functional brain years ago. It doesn't apply to his key demographic.
  4. It looks to me like Little just needs more time in the weight room. I think his arm strength is his biggest issue. There's a reason he skipped Bench Press at the combine. He previously got 15 (Fif-fuging-teen for a Lineman) and didn't like his chances doing it again in front of the scouts. He's athletic enough to throw his body weight around, which makes him a force in run-blocking. But his arms are too weak to win a handfight or push back a charging defensive lineman. (Incidentally, that's why I don't like him any better at guard. He can't out-muscle a DE, how is he going to do against a nose tackle?) Get him to bulk up the arms and chest, and I think he could markedly improve his pass blocking. And the good news is that's a very correctable issue.
  5. That had me rolling as well. The one player on our entire roster those two idiots praised the entire game was arguably our worst starter. They were talking about how great he's been on several teams, and I'm just sitting there reflecting on the fact that great linebackers haven't been on "several teams" before the age of 30.
  6. "Her?" the president replied, pointing at Melania with a look of consternation.
  7. Nice to know he's focused on the important issues right now. I'm actually somewhat serious. Let the adults handle COVID, and let Trump busy himself fighting for the cause of less energy efficient dishwashers.
  8. I forgot Taylor was on the team, but he made his presence felt today. He was all over the field laying the wood on people. I not only vote, I DEMAND to see him start next week.
  9. I hated Dave from Kugbilla onward. And hated every move he made. I don't understand why he still has a job in the league. I lay the majority of the blame form Cam's wasted career at Gettleman's feet, right next to his saggy man tits. Ron and Co. never allowed him to reach his potential, but Dave actively set him back. The stubborn refusal to give him any talent around him or protection was what greatly abbreviated the career of what should have been one of the most storied players in league history. Sorry, Giants, you're next.
  10. Yes. It's a must win for the sake of my sanity. If we lose to this Falcons team... I can't be held responsible for my actions.
  11. Been saying it for a while. He's gonna be a really solid kicker for us. He had the yips bad last year, which I think was a confidence issue. One miss multiplied into more because he couldn't shake it off. But he's got got swagger this year. He booted that like he knew he could make it. And you can't teach leg strength like that.
  12. Call Carolina Proactive, because we should get rid of Whiteheads.
  13. I thought it was funny. I liked it. But he will definitely hear about it during the film session. So I hope it was worth it.
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