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  1. Aaron Rodgers spent 3 years on the bench. Aaron Rodgers spent 3 years on the bench. Aaron Rodgers spent 3 years on the bench. We aren't limited to "We have to start Kyle Allen from now on or trade him away forever." He can go back to the bench and continue to be a backup and learn. He's young and got a long career ahead of him, and if we aren't foolish and manage our personnel wisely, we can transition to Kyle Allen in the prime of his career during the twilight of Cam's.
  2. I've been retweeted by Graham Gano, and Joy Reid. The latter made me s*** bricks because I was terrified it would go viral and I'd lose my job. I work with the Federal Government, after all. Oh, I forgot, definitely the most famous person to respond to me was Edgar Wright. I think a was tweeting about the soundtrack to some movie that he liked.
  3. Considering how pedestrian they made the Chiefs look in Arrowhead, our victory over the Texans in Houston looks even more impressive. I don't know if we've beat up on inferior teams over this 4-game stretch, or we can just make great teams look average. We'll know a lot more if we can go in to San Fran and knock down an undefeated team.
  4. It's amazing how literally every single bull take is the worst possible take on top of being wrong.
  5. Our democracy wasn't prepared for the inevitability Trump. It was a campaign that combined the resources of the super wealthy who stood to benefit from it, and exploited the stupidity of the "Yeehaw" brand of uninformed patriots the right wing media has been grooming for years. There's just no stopping that, as it turns out. The latter are standing and cheering at this, while the former are counting the money that was supposed to pay for the latter's medical care and post-retirement income.
  6. Honestly, I'm hoping after this latest debacle the Kurds are done with the U.S. They deserve better. They're the largest nation-less ethnic group, and we've been using them for our interests and as political bargaining chips with despots for the last 40 years. This article provides a great summary of our shameful history exploiting the Kurds. https://newrepublic.com/article/155307/trump-withdraws-syria-america-screwing-kurds-yet Featured prominently is Robert Baer, whose outstanding biography/CIA expose "See No Evil" spends a large amount of time detailing our operations with the Kurds, and how we had the opportunity to work with them to undermine Saddam in the 90s. We promised them support, and they succeeded in decimating several Iraqi armored divisions with nothing more than pickup trucks, but we pulled the plug at the last second because Saddam's overthrow at the moment wasn't politically expedient, and left them to get slaughtered. I hope the Kurds find another ally.
  7. It seems like a bunch of folks are dismissing this as a non-story, but it speaks volumes. To me, this story means we aren't seeing Cam for a while. Because this is the perfect angle to use if you're trying to avoid a QB controversy. As Cam gets visibly healthier, people are going to start wondering why they aren't taking Allen out. If Allen keeps winning, it's going to put the team in a tough spot; do you take out the guy who's winning, or do you put the face of the franchise back in? Well, this way, they have a perfect excuse in place to explain why they're letting Allen continue to start, even though Cam is healthy, without it looking like they are benching Cam. "He looks healthy, but he's not 100% yet." "100%" means they can keep him on the bench until it's convenient and causes the least amount of turbulence. The way I'm intepreting this, "100%" means Cam probably won't get another start as long as Allen is winning.
  8. They scored 10 points to our 27 in the first 3 quarters. The final score doesn't represent how much of TB's scoring was in garbage time when we were coasting. We won. Against a division rival. On another continent. By 11 points. And that was the margin after giving up two TDs and 2-point conversions. Make no mistake. This was a dominant win.
  9. I thought I'd be watching in the comfort of my own home (thanks for NOTHING Sunday Ticket!) Instead I had to shower and put on clothes like a functional member of society. I'm presently watching at Across the Pond in DC. Seemed appropriate to have a traditional Irish breakfast at a British pub for the occasion! Not disappointed.
  10. Oh, this must be so embarrassing for you. You uploaded something from your spank bank by mistake. *edit* I'd also like to point out that your embarrassing, embarrassing Trump porn does nothing to refute my point that all you're doing is proving that Trump's actions are impeachable. And you're still an idiot. Now you're just an idiot who has a buff old man fetish. Here's a peace offering, dummy.
  11. Again, Cons own-goaling themselves. Why, if you're pro-Trump, are you trying to prove what Biden did is also impeachable. All you are doing is making the case that what Trump did is impeachable! It's a good thing conservative cartoonists aren't lawyers, jesus. They'd be telling on their clients all the time: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I ask you, was it a crime when my client drugged and raped several women? Only if you think it was a crime when Bill Cosby did it! Haha! The defense rests! ...What's that? You do? You think it was a crime both times? The fact that someone else did a crime doesn't mean my client is innocent of committing the same kind of crime? Even though someone else committed the same crime first? That other person's crime doesn't matter in this trial because you're only concerned with my client? Well, open mouth, insert food, amiright?" Jesus you people are dumb.
  12. I think it's gonna be a defensive match-up. Us trying to hard not to have a repeat of our week 2 loss, and them dialing up the pressure on Allen through our patchwork O-line so he doesn't have time to exploit their soft secondary. Panthers 16 - Yucks -13 McCaffrey 80 years rushing, 40 receiving, 1 TD. Allen does enough to win 180 yards, 70% completion, but Barrett causes 2 sack fumbles and recovers one at a crucial time that causes a nail-biter ending. But Action Jackson comes up with a game-saving INT.
  13. JJ should be on the hands team if he's not already. I love the bromance between JJ and Olsen. Obada's American accent was pretty good, but I notice he avoided our "R" sound, which unbeknownst to little old us, is like one of the most difficult phonemes in all of linguistics.
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