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  1. I assure you, 6 million Americans would trade the cookouts for a paycheck right now.
  2. The party of law and order right here, folks. God, some day I hope you realize how far you all plummeted just to support this con man, and hopefully by that time you'll have remembered what shame was so you can experience it.
  3. You're a random guy on the internet. Sit down.
  4. I'll take a Chad seriously the day I take a Karen to see the manager.
  5. You know what? You're right. It's all overblown. Go outside. Lick some handrails. Deeply kiss all your friends. Spend some money for our economy. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, for god sake! This will all blow over. You and Bull, hop to it You savvy heroes, you!
  6. This comment alone shows you are grossly unqualified to talk about anything going on regarding the pandemic.
  7. From what I can figure, using my masters in game theory: PUBG = PUBG PUBG + Overwatch = Apex PUBG + Minecraft = Fortnight PUBG + Battlefield = COD Warzone
  8. Just downloaded a few hours ago. This is the first Battle Royale game I've ever played. It was so disorienting at first, because there were so many game modes. "Okay, I'm already dropping in, cool. Oh poo. The game's over? I didn't even get shot! Wait, what? The game's starting over? Didn't we just do this? So what was I doing before? Okay, here's the game. Oh crap, I'm dead. Wait, I'm not dead, I'm just crawling around. Okay, now I'm dead. Wait, why am I in a prison cell now? I guess I can punch this guy til the game's over. Wait, why did I teleport into this broken down shower room? Holy poo, this guy's shooting at me! Now the game's over? What was it before?" The first match was like one of those obstacle courses you did in elementary school where you're blindfolded and your classmates are navigating you around to the finish line. But once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun. I'll be putting a lot of hours in on it for sure!
  9. You mean Warzone? I'm not yet, but I just found out you don't need Playstation Plus to play it! So I'm downloading it today.
  10. Also @Crixtala because I've seen you mention Lightbringer before. ^^^
  11. @Bronn Black Prism by Brent Weeks is on the Kindle daily deals today. Read that one? Any thoughts?
  12. Yeah, I have to say, my fanhood has never been so tested. I don't know if I'm not a fan, but I can say my enthusiasm level for the team has never been lower. If all the player I like are gone or retired. If all the coaches I liked are in Buffalo. If I don't see a shot at the playoffs. If I don't like the direction the team is heading in. If I don't even know what the team's identity is anymore. Then what am I even rooting for anymore? The color scheme?
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