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  1. Okay, let's not understate what's going on here; This is straight-up a thread about Eugenics.
  2. Captroop

    CNN sues

    Don't bother. With Trumps' mushroom so far down his throat, all he can see is 45's golden pubes.
  3. Yes. You picked an excellent time to come back! I know you'll find this shocking, but the Republican controlled congress really hasn't done much in the last 2 years to keep Trump in check, but as recently as last week, the power to subpoena the President is now in the hands of the Democrat controlled House of Representatives. So your timing is impeccable. Be sure to stay tuned! Speaking of which, when is American gonna be great again? He keeps promising and promising. And now his campaign slogan is "Keep America Great?" Did it get great again and I missed it? What changed? I'm buckled up and waiting for the cocaine and hookers to start raining from a sky full of bald eagles. You just let me know when that happens. douche
  4. Captroop

    Far Right is on the rise world wide

    "Stop calling us nazis. Only some of us are nazis."
  5. We honestly couldn't do worse. And I mean, like historically. We couldn't possibly do worse than this game. We found rock bottom.
  6. He said, bafflingly without an ounce of irony.
  7. Translation: "If the moron wants to be there he should focus on asking questions POTUS wants to answer."
  8. Another newb right-winger who incorrectly uses ellipses and can't spell. Who could this be?
  9. Captroop

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    Depends on the time of the month, I suppose.
  10. Captroop

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    Thoughts? https://www.npr.org/2018/11/08/665407589/kavanaugh-accuser-christine-blasey-ford-continues-receiving-threats-lawyers-say
  11. Captroop

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    You must be so mad right now: https://www.npr.org/2018/11/08/665407589/kavanaugh-accuser-christine-blasey-ford-continues-receiving-threats-lawyers-say She really can't go home because of a real right wing mob.
  12. If you think that footage looks anything other than extremely bad for the president, you're hopelessly gone. He resorted to personal insults to a journalist for asking questions and called the media the enemy of the people. And now he's pulling his credentials? The president comes of looking like is profoundly thin-skinned, fragile, paranoid, unbalanced, petty, and is inciting media hatred that's already prompting his psychopathic followers to mail bombs to Democrats and journalists. If you're watching this and think, "Good! It's about time!" Then you're a fascistic moron, and I weep for the country every day you have voting rights.
  13. Captroop

    Everything’s right on schedule.

    Anyone else get the feeling they're gonna pin the whole thing on Junior, and then pardon him?
  14. Captroop

    i bet these troops would love to be sent to the border

    I don't understand what your point is. Are you saying there are no White Supremacists anywhere in the military? Are you saying that there was just the one Nazi pictured with John Cena, but he's gone by now, so NOW there are no White Supremacists in the military? Are you saying Nazi iconography isn't White Supremacist? I'm willing to debate your dumb-ass opinion, but so far I have no idea what it is. You're just acting like an obstinate tool.