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  1. We've already played this game. Fine. Sanctuary cities take the illegal immigrants. Cities with lax gun law get all the firearms offenders released directly from Chicago.
  2. Jesus Christ. Why does every one of these groups have a name like they came up with it while jerking off with an AR-15? I'm so fugging sick of right wing gun nuts co-opting American principles like its unique to them. fug it. I'm taking it back from you racist hicks. I'm starting a group of democratic socialist, pro-choice, LGBTQ allies: The American Freedom Eagle Independence Truck Liberty Society. We embody those values. Not you. If you don't align yourselves with us ideologically, then I guess you're not American! Why don't you get out? We support the troops, AND their right to identify as a different gender than the one that's on their birth certificate. Fug you, America-hating conservatives! Why are you fighting to take away the rights of other Americans? The right to marry who you love regardless of sex. The right to make your own family planning decisions. The right to affordable healthcare. The right to vote. Why do you hate liberty? Why do you hate Constitutionally protected rights? Why do you hate America so much? The American Freedom Eagle Independence Truck Liberty Society. Who's in?
  3. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    Wow. That image is very telling. He, and presumably much of the right-wing meme-sharing community, literally cannot fathom finding fault with the white race unless you're trying to be a white savior. I learn more about the eccentricities of right-wing racism every day.
  4. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    If you don't understand the difference between someone wanting you to touch them, and letting you touch them, then you've probably raped women too. I'm not surprised.
  5. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    No, you pro-rape troglodyte! If you walk up to someone and grab their genitals it's sexual assault. There's no ambiguity there at all. If they don't stop you, it doesn't mean it's consensual. And if there's no consent, it's rape. And we don't have just his statement. We have the 20 women who claim he's sexually assaulted them. FUG you're stupid!
  6. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

  7. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    By this logic, when someone robs you and you don't fight back, it's not a crime because you let them.
  8. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    I be done seen 'bout everything, when I seen a white guy who can both complain about immigrants speaking English and also string together a complete English sentence with proper grammar, spelling and syntax.
  9. Captroop

    This sums up the Trump Admin

    Clever. That dialogue bubble covers up the "Pornhub" logo.
  10. Captroop

    Let's take a moment to celebrate excellence

    Pencil dick is just jealous because Tiger has actually had sex.
  11. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    Maybe we should release all the violent firearms offenders in states with lax gun laws? Since those states love guns so much, they should let be grateful to have so many people flexing their second amendment rights! Maybe states that don't like abortions should take all the unwanted children from around the country. Or maybe spiteful politics isn't such a great thing. Maybe it's just an extremely petty, vindictive way of mobilizing a low-information voter base. I think you're a useful idiot. And the Republican party thinks so too. They've got you so wound up over a complete non-issue that it'll motivate you march to the ballot box and keep them in power.
  12. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?

    Like...wherever they go today. However we've been doing things for like, ever. You make it sound like the first immigrant ever arrived in 2017. Jesus, conservatives are masterful at manufacturing problems.
  13. Captroop

    Cher going MAGA?