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  1. Captroop

    Hot Yoga

    This literally never happens. Every yoga class is almost entirely twenty something girls. Outside of them is an occasional crunchy hippy guy, super-athletic guy in all under armor, and middle aged women and men who are starting to devote serious mental real estate to "mobility." There's no creeper guys ever. Frankly I don't know how they never caught on. Maybe the couldn't get through a class without farting, so after a while they realize they aren't getting and strange that way, or the instructor politely tells them to stop coming. Point being, if I ever find myself single again, first thing I'm doing is getting a classpass for all the yoga studios.
  2. A lot more money than a WR coach makes. Smitty's got a great gig right now. He's in a place where the job description calls for smack talk and he's celebrated for it. You ask me if I'd rather sit in a chair and spout my opinion for TV money, or be held professionally accountable for the development and achievement of other players, I'm taking the former all day.
  3. A lot less creepy than your reason for getting behind kids.
  4. Captroop

    Weight gain

    I can tell you what worked for me. It's pretty specific, but I just met my former boss last week for drinks, and he remarked on how ripped I'd gotten since he last saw me. He asked what I was doing because it was working, and I told him this: So, since about April, I've been on Weight Watchers. It was a huge success for me and I dropped over 30 pounds in 3 months. Over the summer, my mom came to visit, and it was the first time she'd seen me since Christmas. Now she hadn't seen me under 200 pounds since high school. And usually I was hovering closer to 215. And then she shows up and all of a sudden I'm 175. When she saw me she was in shock. Like genuine, concerned shock to the point that on the second day of the visit she showed up with a bunch of body mass index charts, and some bizarre test that you need to take wrist measurements for that she printed out at her hotel. She was freaking out. And it was really disheartening, because I'd worked so hard to lose the weight. Anyway, a couple days after she leaves I call her up and ask what was going on with her, and why she reacted so strangely. And she told me, "You just look so frail. I'm concerned you aren't a healthy weight. My god! Your arms and shoulders are so skinny. They used to be so big, and now they just looked bony." Yeah. Just get a "Do you even lift, bro?" from your mom and see if you don't pack on pounds of muscle after that.
  5. It makes sense, really. They're appealing to the original fans; the kids are surrogates for the original audience who watched the movies when they were kids and teens. Another series starring current comedians, it would just be another attempt to start rebooted Ghostbusters franchise, and it would be received as poorly as the all-female version. This, I think, is the right way to go about it. You can't replace the original 5 (including Ivan Reitman). You just can't. Their chemistry was lightning in a bottle. So the best thing you can do is make a love letter to the original.
  6. I would suspect this is largely what they do. TLJ had huge missteps, but I actually don't hate it. Storywise it really did leave kind of a mess, but it did really REALLY interesting things with "The Force." I mean, we got Force Skyping, we got Force Projection, both of those things were really cool. But more than anything, what I think it did is set the table to expand beyond the Skywalker timeline. I really loved the idea that The Force is just that; a force. It's not good or bad, and it doesn't belong to one side or the other. That basically the Jedi and the Sith are just religions trying to understand the force. Almost like Churches claiming to be the true church trying to understand the concept of God. Catholics and Protestants. Both side certain that they are right, when really the Force is beyond all of their comprehension. And the kid moving the broom at the end was great. It doesn't matter if "the Jedi" ends. The force will go on. See? That opens up UNIVERSES of new possibilities. If you're wedded to the Skywalker story, and the Empire and all that, yeah, TLJ was a killer. And I'm not sure RoS can course correct in the span of one movie. But beyond that, it opens the door to more stories that don't have anyone named Skywalker, Darth, Solo, or Kenobi in them.
  7. Don't you know? Women are too dumb to understand how their own reproductive system works. They need the government to step in and explain it too them. Thank you, party of small government and personal responsibility! Dems should put laws on the books that you have to watch footage of trauma surgery from gunshot wounds on small children when you buy a gun. "What? It's just so you can make an informed choice. It's not supposed to emotionally manipulate you! We're just giving you more information! You're welcome!"
  8. No. It's not. And you clearly didn't read the Mueller report. I'd say you were talking out of your ass, but your noxious flatulence might actually be more substantial than your opinions.
  9. Oh that makes sense. I couldn't couldn't shake the feeling that he looked familiar even though I couldn't recognize his face.
  10. Not expecting anything biblical, but I'll definitely see it. Star Wars is way too big a part of my life to pass up an opportunity to see a new Star Wars movie in theaters.
  11. It's so embarassing the entire Republican strategy for their defense is: "Since the day he's taken office, the democrats have been trying to hold the president accountable for all the illegal and unethical things he's done since the day he's taken office!"
  12. "Hey, Siri. How do you sell a football team?" "Here's what I found for, 'how to sell your Carolina Panthers PSLs.'"
  13. It doesn't matter who the QB is behind this line. That goes equally for people eager to start Grier, and anyone foolish enough to be rooting for a round 1 QB. Priority 1 this offseason has to be a stud O Line. If we trot out another patchwork line, it wouldn't matter if we were starting Drew Rodgers-Brady back there. A QB of any quality still need time.
  14. And we play Seattle next week. Honestly the only reason I think I'll watch is if we play Grier, out of morbid curiosity.
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