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  1. I don't have HBO but I really am excited about this show. Mainly because I love Ben Mendelsohn! So glad he gets a leading role on this show.
  2. I think you don't retire it. I think you leave it there and let someone dare to take it like the sword in the stone. Let it be a challenge to anyone on the Panthers who thinks they can do better. Frankly, it seems like the kinda thing Smitty represented; cajones, ego, and proving the doubters wrong by backing it up on the field.
  3. Captroop

    Weight gain

    6'3 or 6'4 depending on the particular convenience store.
  4. I have a religious objection to slideshows, so please don't insult my faith and give us the gist.
  5. You simultaneously 1) don't know what you are talking 2) ignore key fact concerning what you are talking about, and 3) are making up BS. HaCk AwAY1!!1!0!
  6. What do you think he was doing on those Microsoft Surface tablets? Looking at footage?
  7. Serious question: Can Eric Reid move to OLB?
  8. That's some monkey's paw poo right there.
  9. This would make the pill of his retirement much easier to swallow. I love it! Whatever it takes, make sure he's on the Panthers sideline this year. Because you know he'll still be watching film and dissecting opponents' plays, and can be shouting out adjustments into the defensive captain's headset.
  10. Physical talent aside, which was remarkable on its own, is there anyone in the league who could be Kuechly's equal as a field general? I don't think I've ever seen anyone who could read an opposing offense better than Luke, and frankly that will be the harder thing to replace.
  11. Bingo. A billionaire hedge fund manager still understands the value of selling beers at $11 a pop.
  12. The Shaq signing, and the mysterious tete-a-tete with Tepper in the locker room both make a lot more sense now.
  13. One of the best at the MLB position in the history of the league. I'm devastated as a Panthers fan. And as a fan of the sport because I feel like a storied career was cut short. But ultimately, I'm so happy for Luke that he's making the right decision for himself and his family. He's got a lot more days in front of him than he has behind them, and I'd sure as hell want to spend them as healthy as possible. Great career LUUUUUUUKE!!!
  14. He's just a natural result of the system. There's always gonna be rubes who throw their money away gambling. If you're going around placing bets you can't pay with mob-connected bookies, I'm not gonna say you deserve what you get, but you're certainly a participant in your own downfall. Frankly I got a lot more issue with some of the scumbags who make their money perfectly legally. Look up the revenue model for mobile game companies some time. It's something like 95% of their revenue comes from like 1% of the gamers. So their objective is to target "whales" who will spend literally tens of thousand of real dollars on friggin loot crates in a mobile game. They're just straight up preying on addicts, many of them minors, while ruining them financially, and it's perfectly legal.
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