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  1. Captroop


    Must you insist on being redundant?
  2. Captroop

    Trump Goes at it With Pelosi and Schumer... and Loses

    By "shut down" here's what it really boils down to. About 380,000 Federal employees will be furloughed, i.e. no work, no pay. However, over 430,000 Federal employees who are "essential" including Border Patrol officers, will be forced to work without pay. Hero of the working man. Champion of the Middle Class. The Law and Order president. Once again showing you who he really is, because he refuses to take a political "L."
  3. Captroop

    Dammit Steph...

    Now we're starting to see why education is so important. The American Education system has been a running joke for years. Yeah. Haha. Our education system is kinda lame. But it's been a joke for so long that now we're starting to see the effects of it. We don't pay our teachers enough. We ignore struggling students. And at the same time we sell idea that everyone's special. Everyone's unique and their opinions matter. Combine that with anti-intellectualism, and you get a society where your ignorance is greater than or equal to my knowledge. Now we're seeing the results. Trump, Flat-Earthers, Nazis, and Ancient Aliens.
  4. Politics aside, I really like this cartoon. Those are excellent caricatures.
  5. This. Classic Sea-lioning
  6. I don't know if you have spent a lot of time around people in broadcasting, but if you have a higher expectation of them than being a dick, I hate to burst your bubble...
  7. I think he just covered the entire Narcissist's prayer in 2 tweets:
  8. I mean, look at the size of this Church being built near my office in NoVa: It's the size of a f****n' medical office building! I, no poo, saw that thing under construction and honestly thought to myself, in these exact words, "I should quit my job and start a church business." And I wasn't being facetious. I genuinely was thinking to myself that you could run a church like a business. I build a baller church that everyone wants to come to because it's huge and fancy looking, I probably drop in a huge aquarium or something that adds to the panache, and then I hire a priest. He hires whoever he needs, and they manage the thing. And then, to top it all off, I would pay no taxes! Because what else can you think when you see something like that being built? Besides, "Wow, imagine how many homeless people you could house in there if that's what they actually cared about."
  9. When you realize most of the Christian establishment it just a pyramid scheme that profits by bilking money out of old mentally enfeebled racists and homophobes, a lot of this poo starts making a lot more sense. The Falwells aren't evangelicals; they are con-men wearing crosses.
  10. I'm low-key enthusiastic. I'm sick of the talent on this team being squandered by a coaching staff that's consistently done just enough to not get fired. I'm ready for a new regime. I'm ready for a winning mentality.
  11. At least on a massage board there's hope for a happy ending.
  12. Captroop

    El. Ohh. El.

    Judging by how I'm completely unemotional right now about what should be an infuriating loss, I was either hoping for, or subconsciously expecting the Panthers to lose.
  13. Captroop

    Poor Kevin Hart

    WaPo: g5: You are very stupid. How's that for an ad hominem attack you pathetic racist mouth-breather.
  14. Captroop

    Poor Kevin Hart

    Said, apparently unironically, the guy who posts an unflattering picture to make a point that he perceives a Latina as unintelligent. "I can sling crap all I want. But if someone slings crap back I'll just snarkily say, 'so much for the tolerant left!'" You're a model Republican, I give you that.