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  1. Well shuba is required every time I go so it hardly bears mentioning. My wife's mom makes the absolute best.
  2. ...I don't know what I expected to gain from this thread, but I honestly never would have expected I'd walk away having learned this bizarrely specific piece of trivia.
  3. Assuming you'll lose income from the shutdown...as soon as Biden is allowed to take office from annoying orange, their plan is to cover everyone's lost wages for the duration of a 4-6 week lockdown.
  4. Yeah, no one ever would accuse the environmental activists and leftists of performative histrionics.
  5. Sigh. Okay. I guess it's time to do this again... "Chemical Industry Insider" McCabe served as a consultant for DuPont for 3 years. "Well what did he do the other 40+ years of his career?" a thorough and logical person might have asked. More about McCabe's history here: http://chromecleanup.com/WMichaelMcCabe.html So yeah, it's totally fair to call a guy with 35 years experience in environmental issues a "Chemical Industry Insider." "Hold Biden Accountable" They already did. You're so bad at taking shots at Biden. Are you ever going to acknowledge your completely one-sided worldview and how it leaves you open to being misinformed and manipulated all the time? Also, this is hilariously ironic: Oh, no. Believe me, it shows you expend absolutely no effort fact checking the stream of Twitter garbage you spew out. Brutal self-own.
  6. THIS. Star Wars is a massive universe, so I never understood why it feels so small in the canonical stuff. And I think the answer is that everything on screen so far has just been supplemental to the Skywalker saga. You've got a universe that has space magic, scoundrels and knights, monsters and battleships. Go! Explore! Play! I don't need to know how every single thing is related to events that circle around one family. That's why I'm really nonplussed by the Clone Wars cameo. I want them to branch further away from the existing cannon, not try to loop it in. My advice for the next generation of Star Wars stories when it comes to the Skywalker saga:
  7. Hogan is a notorious RINO. He's the Republican governor of one of the bluest states in the nation, so don't conflate his sensible actions with the GOP at large.
  8. What's to be gained? Behind this line, I really don't think we'd learn much. I don't think either Grier or PJ would come out and light up the scoreboard. And once you're rotating in your second and third string QBs in a losing season, your players won't exactly be playing their hearts out. So we'll be left asking the same questions we did at the end of last season. Does the QB suck, or does the rest of the team suck around them? And once again, we'll be stuck without an answer.
  9. I'll be in the middle of moving to our new house. So probably painting. If we have time, I think we'll go to the wife's family for dinner for a Russian style thanksgiving. Not sure about turkey; it will probably be meat pie, olivier salad and fish.
  10. Climate appointment? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/11/17/joe-biden-names-cedric-richmond-omalley-dillon-white-house-posts/6324404002/ https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/16/politics/cedric-richmond-biden-white-house/index.html https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/16/politics/cedric-richmond-biden-white-house/index.html The truth is he will liaise between the Biden administration and all advocacy and interest groups. It's an enormous, and bad faith leap to say this is a "Climate appointment." You could just as easily call this a "Women's Rights appointment," or "DC Statehood appointment." Whatever agenda your rag is trying to push, just fill in the blank!
  11. We should IR him, and I'll low-key be glad. A) We need to save him for a season that matters, not use him up during a rebuilding year. B) We need to learn how to run our offense without him. What did he play, 99% of offensive snaps last year? I understand he's a generational talent, but did we never hear of a spell RB? Honestly it just seemed like Ron was just trying to max the utilization of his best offensive weapon to try to scratch together enough wins to save his career. Putting the burden of the offense entirely on one person; it has shades of the Cam Newton story, and we all know how that turned out. I want this offense to run the remainder of the year without him, so we understand how an offense can work without it solely focused on one megastar. That way when we get him back, he's the missing piece, not the linchpin.
  12. It can't be that we're just spoiled by years of Beason and Keuchly at the MLB position. I mean of course anyone is going to pale in comparison after over a decade of legitimately debating if we had the best MLB in the game. I don't think it's just that. I think Whitehead might actually be the worst starting linebacker in the league. Our starting MLB had 1 solo tackle today. One.
  13. "Carolina has been putrid from a defensive perspective."
  14. If you're coming out of a game with the same toe injury ever week, at that point, why aren't you just on the IR?
  15. Man, how you gonna get picked by a defensive lineman who has one hand?
  16. I don't know how, but I literally called that in my head.
  17. Okay, I've not seen any Rebels or Clone wars. So I had to do a lot of Wookiepedia digging to make sense of any of that. I kinda liked Mandalorian being it's own thing, so not sure how hyped I am to be getting drawn back into the extended Skywalker-verse. But can y'all explain one thing to me, Obiwan is young in the clone wars, and old as fug at the start of New Hope. Wouldn't Bo Katana be similarly aged if the same amount of time passed? Do Mandalorians not age like friggin vampires? If so, why is he so shocked at the beginning of Episode 1 that Baby Yoda is 50 years old? Already I'm being asked to ignore a bunch of new plot holes just so we can connect this show to animated extended universe stuff. Ehhhhhhhhh...
  18. This half-measure, "healthy people should go out and wear a mask" approach has led to the virus staying in our society for 9 months. And in fact we're seeing record numbers of cases every day. So what you're really saying is, "Old and immunocompromised people should stay at home for a year or more because I'm healthy and want to have a beer and get a haircut." So old and sick people should just stay imprisoned in their house because young healthy people won't make a small sacrifice to eliminate the virus? They're literally second class citizens in your mind? Dude. fug yourself with a garden weasel.
  19. Very sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's passing. Please focus on your own health for the time being, and get back to your full strength soon!
  20. The ice Caves in Chapter 10 were inspired by unused Ralph McQuarrie art: https://www.iamag.co/star-wars-the-art-of-ralph-angus-mcquarrie-100-concept-art/#jp-carousel-101799 Yeah. Big time sweaty palms for me during that sequence.
  21. So who is watching? I'm so excited by the first two episodes. I was worried that season 2 was just going to be so dense with plot and advancing "The Child" plot. The episodes I enjoyed the most in S1 were the one-offs where he goes to a place and goes on an adventure that's not directly tied to the plot. No spoilers, but I'm glad that the first two episodes have been working towards that advancing the overarching plot while still being fun, one-off adventure stories. And the X-wing chase was better looking and more exciting than the entirety of Rise of Skywalker. (p.s. the original Mandalorian thread is archived, so an Admin can merge if they want to)
  22. It's the day after Veteran's day, and it makes me reflect on the sacrifices made on the home front by average American citizens, and hard working families to support the war effort. I can imagine Bull in 1944, going "The government can't make me ration my food! You all can surrender your metal pots and pans if you want, but the rest of us patriots like our FREEDOM! I am gonna storm Congress with my grandpappy's civil war musket to fight back against the TYRANNY of this rubber stockpiling. War bonds!? Those freeloading troops need MORE money? How about they come here and cut my hair like a real job!" That's why they're called the greatest generation, and the word "Boomer" is a punchline.
  23. Also, we're just beginning to see a HUGE spike in deaths in the US: We cracked 2,000 deaths in a single day for the first time since May. Deaths are a trailing indicator. As you can see the cases really started spiking about 2 weeks ago. So we don't know how high that will go over the next few days. And with daily cases setting records every day, that will just be the first taste. Winter is shaping up to be a bitch.
  24. What is it with you Republicans and haircuts? Shutting down the country puts people out of work for like 3 weeks. Having an ongoing pandemic puts people out of business. To demonstrate, here's a little math question for you: Which would hurt a barber more? Having no business for 2 weeks, or having 40% of his usual business for 9 months? While the country is "open," he can still only book by appointment due to social distancing regulations, so he has no walk-in business. And 33% of his clientele is too nervous to patronize his business so they have their wives learn to cut their hair. His clients mostly ask for the Number 3 clippers, after all, so it's not too hard for her to learn, and their wives are elated that they can take the cost of haircuts out of the family budget from now on. So probably 25% of his clients never come back. So which hurts more? The shutdown or the ongoing pandemic?
  25. The official slogan of #Trump2024
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