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  1. C.M.C. would have a chance at league M.V.P. if he was on a big market team, Really hopeful of Chinn & Brown ,but they have only played one game. D.J.Moore doesn't look like the second Steve Smith to me , yet. Bridgewater has more chance than anyone else.
  2. During the off season you try to get players that fit your system. During the season you have to make the best of what you have. Can Burns be more than a pass rusher in a 4 - 3 ? Not impressed at all with Gross-Matos ,looked totally lost out there, which is why you can't rely on rookies.
  3. If they have confidence in other players , They can put McCaffery in the slot or out wide to get a favourable match up ,or a as a decoy
  4. Our weakest position on Offense just got FAR worse. If we lose a middle Linebacker , we will be struggling to win ONE game.
  5. This is exactly what i see as our base defense. I think there is a lot of talent and very little experience , and no experience of playing together . Mistakes are what will cost us a lot of games this season , i just hope we can stay in games long enough to be interesting.
  6. If our base defense is 4-2-5 then you need 2 MLB's ,which is how we played with Luke & TD, now we have Whitehead & Shaq, with not much back up The weakest part of our roster
  7. They probably have so many of them , save money by using them.
  8. He added 15 lbs this offseason Fine , i think we could have a very good defensive line With some rookie mistakes
  9. Is he big enough to play End in a four man front with only two linebackers ? that is our base defense . I don't doubt he can provide a pass rush but will he be a liability against the run .
  10. 1 I think we have too much at W/R for him to break his record 2 One all pro would not be enough to make a good O/L: (but for someone who is supposedly a good evaluator of college talent, Hurney loves giving away draft picks) 3 I doubt he will get enough national recognition for R O Y. although i think he may prove to be the best player in that draft class and i was delighted with the pick.
  11. Be competitive in most of the games . We have lost some of the best players we have ever had, and replaced them with draft picks and free agents. Inexperienced coaches, new systems, and reduced practices. I just want to be able to want to watch all of the games , and not turn off at half time and think -- bring back Jimmy Clausen
  12. This is probably the reason for the cuts. If they get injuries some of them may come back.
  13. Is that our ambition ? To be better than the Jets !
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