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  1. nope. No common courtesy, no common sense. No thinking of others in any respectful way.
  2. poo just falls out.of your mouth. Every time it opens.
  3. So what you're telling me, is there is no way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is completely healthy? Where have I heard this before? Seems like very old news to me.
  4. I just fail to see the point even getting one's hopes up. This team will never cave. Now the team may trade up. After all, Marty always is looking for a trade. LMAO
  5. "That’s really the difference in offenses. I think everybody to an extent in the NFL has all the same plays. It comes down to play-calling and executing on game day with the guys you’ve got. " Yup. Not rocket science.
  6. Why haven't you called Rhule and Brady and convinced them of your drivel?
  7. Our offense will score.. that will win more than 4 games without much more.. I believe our defense, while young, will be an opportunistic defense, creating turnovers from constant pressure. This will be enough to put us over .500 this season. While normally I'd be right there with Scot and others about our NFL Green coaches, something has me believing they won't have the normal green struggles others have had. I'm excited for, and looking forward to this season.
  8. A fade.on the numbers? Why?
  9. I doubt he's here for the 2021 season.
  10. He was deemed a failure by the huddle, before he was even drafted. Truth.
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