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  1. My answer hasn't changed since the last.misguided thread about him. No.
  2. I feel less intelligent after opening this thread.
  3. Everyone does it for the money. Some just aren't douche enough to say it.
  4. 19 Nought!! It's the only record that should be predicted this time of year.
  5. The Rams game, no matter how ya want to dress it up, is not life or death for our team. No first game of the season is. No doubt, they can set the tone for the season with the game.
  6. I remember watching him in training camp. Very likable kid. He even signed my son's football. Tragic. Praying for him and his family.
  7. Don't you dare ruin a good coke by putting whiskey in it. Freaking newbs. I've seriously cut back on soda. Thank God. It has also makes me appreciate how good coke is the few times I allow myself to drink it. Edit: Thanks to an Autocorrect failure, I now have to come clean about I don't care have bad women juices are, that I'll never care how bad that is for me. Thank you fellow huddle perverts.
  8. Coke is by far the superior Cola. Friends don't let friends drink Pepsi.
  9. He is a natural leader, and a smart, talented player. He is a fantastic addition to our team no.matter how his stats end up being for us.
  10. No more pressure than usual. Always gotta win.
  11. He's surrounded by immense talent and leadership. He's talented and a natural leader. When have I ever stated that? I haven't. And you won't, because I know competition is great. It makes everyone better. This isn't about my opinion. This about the opinion that our staff like what we have on roster better than anybody else that if available. I understand that a lot of the fans don't agree with that, but this isn't madden. I do like Gaulden. Yes, he isn't proven. There is a lot to like about him. I am excited to see him in this defense. we won't be making any trades when the staff likes the talent we have, and they know we can win with it.
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