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  1. Not at all. If our players would play better gap Discipline, it would be fine.
  2. I see my decision to avoid this place for a few days was a very wise decision.
  3. Cam wants a superbowl. He won't be retiring.
  4. "I can't get this cock out of my mouth, even with everybody watching!!"
  5. Now we're comparing children to pro football players? I get the point your making. I just don't agree with it. If the player is cleared to play, and he says he's good to go, especially your franchise QB, you tend to play the qb.
  6. Nope, he's not blind, and not powerless. An adult player intentionally misled him, and it's his fault? Put that poo down.
  7. Say want you want, Cam is an adult, and is responsible for his own actions. If Rivera decided to play a player when he told not to, then there would be another side to it.
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