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  1. Good work Jeremy, ya got idiots, I mean masses freaking out during the end of may!
  2. Speculation is purely speculative at this point. Good work getting the Hopes of the masses up!!
  3. Yet he has zero reasons to take a pay cut. Regardless of what the masses think.
  4. I guess I'm one of the few really I think he's a waste of time at this point.
  5. Expecting a season like he had before, every year is not realistic. Nor is it realistic to expect him to have another down year. Somewhere in the middle would be fine.
  6. Is this another thread where fans assign a monetary value to a player, two they can later be upset?? I'll pass on that bs. Get him locked up Hurney!
  7. As much as he was HATED when he left, 8 still can't believe any of you politicians would want him back.
  8. I have a hard time taking any poster seriously , that repeats huddle rumors as if they are fact.
  9. I'm impressed that he has so much hate for a team that he knows so little about.
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