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  1. Wow. Now I have to comb this thread to read about a Panther opting out? Cheese and rice. .
  2. 6 pages of unsupported batching. Crickets when he passed his physical. fug people are dumb.
  3. I certainly see no reason to rush him.back, nor make judgment.
  4. Every thread this full of poo nowadays?
  5. Pretty entertaining, seeing people call an impact player, over rated and average.
  6. All player salaries are broken down to per game basis, not including the bonus.
  7. Just like you don't know Tepper. You obviously don't know me. You should stop trying.
  8. Tepper is a highly successful man. He is so because of his intelligence, patience, and willingness to learn what he doesn't know. I'll take his worst decisions, over your best. Coaches of all kinds of coaching history fail. More fail than make it as head coaches. This includes the ones with tons of NFL experience. I'm much happier with Rhule than any NFL proven coach we could have gotten. You say it's taking a risk. Rhule's track record speaks for itself. You're wearing blinders, to believe that he'll most likely fail.
  9. I'm not worried about about Rhule. I know the history of college coaches. I've known football all my life. It is not a new concept to me. Some make it, some don't. A decent amount of research of Rhule shouldn't make anyone skeptical. Quite the opposite in fact. As far as Hurney, he can't hurt the team in his current compacity. His value to Tepper is obvious. I know how the majority feels about Hurney. Just because Tepper values Hurney more than the majority of the huddle, doesn't qualify a red flag either.
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