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  1. Which they are coached to do. If Brees was able to hit an outlet, it would have been a bigger play.
  2. There was no reason for him to continue to play his man with Burns crashing down on Brees. So he cut off his coverage in case Brees broke free or hit an outlet.
  3. I was mulling Tampa the other day when they acquired Brown. I came to the conclusion I don't care.
  4. That's team defense. Boston didn't cut off his coverage until Burns was onto of Brees.
  5. Everyone was covered downfield until Burns was taking Brees down.
  6. I never said anything negative about Snow. Just pointed out our defenses glaring weakness which IS costing us games. It's all good though, I know you and the rest of the majority, didn't even expect to be be competitive this season. LOL
  7. I'm not concerned about a ranking when we can't get an offense off the field. What's the fuging point of the ranking if opposing opposing offenses are scoring almost every time they have the ball. Some of you don't understand football.
  8. When our defense can't get opposing offenses off the field, and someone wants to say our problem isn't the defense, i can no longer take this person as a serious football fan.
  9. I suppose some are. I knew he was gone as soon as Rivera was fired.
  10. Stop being racist. Stop acting like everybody is racist. That is fuging stupid and ignorant.
  11. I said it exactly how I meant it. Stop being bitter, and assume I meant anything other than what I said. Everyone knows Cam has a strong work ethic. That didn't stop him from.being lazy about his short comings.
  12. And do you honestly think he'd be magically better had he stayed here this season?
  13. Everyone has their opinion. Don't bash each other for it being different than yours.
  14. Not criticizing his strong work ethic. There is a difference for those who are choosing to act ignorant.
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