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  1. What the fug does a bandwagon hopping Patriots fan know? Better question is why are you even here?
  2. The huddle is so unbearable. This thread is just beyond stupid.
  3. Lmao at the backup QB. It's always the same. Always. Has nothing to do with our coaching staff. Anyways, I'm certainly happier with Allen than anybody that isn't on the team. Seriously.
  4. Jokes are jokes. Stop finding reasons to be offended.
  5. It is incredibly easy, and naive...to look back and say the team has ignored a position. First, no team ignores any position. Just doesn't happen. From the fans perspective, they don't have the same perspective as the team does, and therefore lacks the understanding of the team. Second, most drafts do not go as planned. Outside of the top 5 picks, the direction of any and every draft go way off anybody's ability to predict. Third, the teams knowledge of players already on the team is much more intimate than a fan could possibly be. Fans perspective of any player they don't like or agree with, is incredibly negative. Teams are going to sign a free agent they feel won't beat out the players the team already has on roster. Free agency has made it more difficult to assemble and keep a talented line together. I know the is the opposite of many thoughts...as a life long football fan, it's painfully obvious.
  6. QThe oline hasn't had a chance to get. Cam is rusty. Cam and the receivers aren't on the same page. All these things are fixable, and the team has 10 days to make a marked improvement. Is it an uphill battle at this point? Yes, but those 2 losses won't mean much if the team starts winning, and run the table.
  7. Never did anything to slow down that pass rush of the bucs. No hard counts. No screens. No line shifts. fuging nothing.
  8. That's a bit of a reach. Even though this loss is inexcusable.
  9. On the goal line, for the win. With the BEST power running back in the game. Inexcusable.
  10. Unless I quote somebody, any sarcastic comment I make is made in a general response to what has been expressed for far to long on here. Don't take it personally.
  11. Should have been called, but so should have all the non calls earlier in that game. Many that help the Saints out by not getting called. I am tired of the crying over it. There is bad no calls in every game.
  12. Please don't take his name in vein. There is no reason for that. And I was just making a sarcastic statement. You don't have to like it. And ya certainly shouldn't have responded the way you did.
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