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  1. Not my first choice... with that being said. Something nobody has mentioned, is how much these coaches preach putting the players in position to win. Heavy on fundamentals, knowing that execution and minimal mistakes, is what truly makes a great team. Not the scheme. These are all high Integrity men that will hold themselves responsible, as well as the players. That is what we need.
  2. Many are calling for their heads as we speak.
  3. I don't feel we at lacking at talent on the oline. We had some unfortunate injuries that ANY oline would struggle to overcome. I can see us adding another guard to the mix, but really, our guys need to get healthy, and the line play will get better as they play along side each other without having to deal with the constant injury shuffle.
  4. Why do we as fans, like to imply that the team isn't going to do whatever they can, that is best for the team? And why does ANYONE assume that what the team seems best is going to align with any of think is best for the team. Dave, I'm not picking on you.
  5. Why must people make up such hypothetical bullshit? Luke is a pros pro. He called it a career because he can no longer play at the level that he expects from himself. Has nothing to do with Cam. Sheesh.
  6. I know this, Mr. Scot. Was just stating what a google search for the DC of the Panthers turns up.
  7. Rhule has said "in some capacity". I know impatient people want to make him the DC, but nothing has been decided on that front. According to Google and Wiki, it's still Eric Washington.
  8. Turnovers killed us. Those were Rivera's fault too.
  9. Luke hadn't made his decision until after the end of the season, when he had a chance to review and reflect upon his game play, like he does every offseason. Way to grasp at straws though. Yes, Shaq can play MLB.
  10. It's a damn shame, that one of the best head coaches to ever coach the game, and the only one to coach a perfect record, wasted Dan Marino's talent.
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