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  1. pantherclaw

    Two Backs vs One

    CMC doesn't come out of the game. Pray he stays healthy.
  2. pantherclaw

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Holy poo, this place is bitter.
  3. Washington is a excellent coach. His coaching resume backs it up 100%.
  4. pantherclaw

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    Not when they fail to execute.
  5. pantherclaw

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    While.i was expecting the Panthers to win, and win in convincing fashion - short week, on the road, against a very good team. The reality is we fans were high on the hog, and not being realistic about the challenge our team had. Including me.
  6. pantherclaw

    Luke mic'd up yesterday...must listen

    Feed the stud!!
  7. Amazing how much shade Bradberry gets for being our best corner. To answer the OP, Jackson should be covering AB.
  8. The rams aren't division opponents. So I'm alright with he Saints beating them. It doesn't change the fact that we still need to win our division.
  9. pantherclaw

    tomorrow Panthers honor fallen soldiers

    So glad you guys felt the need to argue about this.
  10. pantherclaw

    Norv ~ Shula?

    Norv I'd a much better play caller, and it helps the offense is executing.
  11. The Bucs offense will start the game with a quick score! A pick 6!!! The Bucs will never catch up. Good guys by 2 scores.
  12. I never thought this thread would be as disappointing as it is. I popped popcorn for no reason.
  13. pantherclaw

    Wed, Bucs week notes

    So judgemental
  14. It's a division game. By that very definition, it can't be a trap game. Still expect it to be a hard fought game though.