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  1. NE could've kicked 2 Fg's and only need another to win.
  2. Both these teams look old and slow, it's like watching a church league softball game.
  3. Thank you for your service! Really great post to remind us all of the sacrifices our service members and their loved ones endure.
  4. If I won, I would propose to my GF. Otherwise she can wait.
  5. Most battered women refuse treatment and to press charges.
  6. Greyhound sucks! When I was in the army, I took the bus from Charlotte to Ft Riley, KS and it was hands down the worst travel experience of my life. It took over 2 and half days to get there and I was freaking exhausted upon arrival. I feel for ya dude!
  7. I guess the only option to protect unarmed recruiters is relocating their stations to a more secure location... Such as police stations, city/county government offices or courthouses.
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