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  1. I’m betting his browser automatically brings up Teddy Bridgewater when he types a T.
  2. It’s true Teddy has always struggled with the Bears, I stand corrected. I would much rather have Mr Biscuits as my rebuilding QB.... wait what? Curiously though, how has Teddy faired in his career against you guys?
  3. LOL!! They barely beat 3 bad teams with a combined record of 1-13, lost to the Colts at home and got a gift from the GOAT. The 3 decent QB’s they faced all threw for 250+, so yeah I’ll stick to my prediction.
  4. I’m 55, so I guess I’m approaching 60. I’d like to say I’ll be 56 next month.... lol!! But you’re right, let’s leave well enough alone.
  5. You know, like casting a lure in the water and waiting for a bite.
  6. My God man, seriously WTF is up with trolling Teddy? He’s 6th in total passing yds, tops in competition percentage and top 10 QBR. Yes, hitting your checkdown guy raises your completion percentage, but if you can get 5 yds why wouldn’t you take it?
  7. So we overlook Teddys situation? 1) First and foremost, the horrific injury he’s battled back from. 2) Coming to a new team with big turnover. 3) New coaching staff, new system. 4) Limited OTA and no preseason. Yes I agree there should be a higher TD conversion rate, especially the Chargers game, but it’s improved over the past 2 weeks of play. I think he’s doing exactly what Rhule wants from him, being smart and efficient, playing within himself and most importantly... Being a leader.
  8. I’m in agreement, that’s why I followed up with “regardless of where the points come from on offense”, that includes FG’s. I thought we had more rushing TD’s, my bad.
  9. So you respond with insults? REGARDLESS of where the points come from on offense, it takes away from his stat line. But ya know what, I don’t think he really gives a fug as long as we’re winning. Put it this way my friend, his numbers will get better with CMC back, not to mention guys on offense getting more comfortable in a new system. This team is better because of Teddy and some refuse to accept it....
  10. So, you’re saying completion percentage isn’t important? If you’re gonna compare two guys as A and B, don’t just cherry-pick to try and prove a point. Teddy doesn’t have as many TD passes because we’re scoring on the ground, did you even consider that?
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