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  1. weyco2000

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Giving Gano a shot WON the game, am I right?
  2. weyco2000

    Aw Hell Naw...

    Smitty has 2 Super Bowl rings and is a current member of the Panthers.
  3. Well at least we know this wasn’t a work related incident.
  4. I’ll guarantee when it’s revealed, 90 percent of the Huddle will complain about it.
  5. weyco2000

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I only get them when I use my IPhone(running either Safari or Chrome) and only on this site. I've tried going into airplane mode, then clearing history on Safari and using an ad blocker... No luck with either and I'm about annoyed to the point of going Huddle free.
  6. NE could've kicked 2 Fg's and only need another to win.
  7. Both these teams look old and slow, it's like watching a church league softball game.
  8. Thank you for your service! Really great post to remind us all of the sacrifices our service members and their loved ones endure.
  9. If I won, I would propose to my GF. Otherwise she can wait.
  10. weyco2000

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Most battered women refuse treatment and to press charges.
  11. weyco2000

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Couldn't the cops take better pictures?
  12. I swear I saw you after Olsen caught the game winner.