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  1. When the cock of the walk agrees with the team doctors....
  2. If ya can't cover a fuging no name man on man find another profession. Jesus, he knew he had no safety help and still got beat. What is a fuging POS
  3. Yeah, it's called accountability....its a trickle down effect when there's no one else to blame,
  4. 10% of Americans are left handed, maybe the reason soccer is on the rise.
  5. You were at one point, the voice of reason for the Huddle. Although you weren't an "official mod", you had a way of coming into a volatile thread and deflecting the insults with your wit... what the hell happened to that guy? Seriously there's over a thousand Hurney/Rivera threads, they're pretty much all the same... why create more?
  6. I'm sure Ron did it initially, right? Jeez give the guy some respect, at least the man is addressing his demise.
  7. But he carried us to the greatest season ever recorded by a QB, then what happened?
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