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  1. Didn't the guy get planted throwing shoulder first into the turf a couple weeks ago?
  2. A fuging RB has the advantage in these conditions, regardless of the scheme. I never said they'd score every time the touched the ball, they do however have the advantage. Imagine driving down the road in a driving rain and someone cuts you off, yeah that reaction time decreases dramatically, same circumstances.
  3. Jeez man, I said they have the advantage. Ever try catching a pig in a pig pen? Similar circumstance, they cut and you slip and fall and when you get a hand on them, it slides right off. It's not rocket science...
  4. I know the offense has the advantage in these types of games, surely you would know.
  5. (unless you got whatever Olsen has going on) Wow, your obsession with Cam has no barriers
  6. The article isn't long, its basically quotes from RR in regards to Cams injury and why he's been away from the team. Ron's answers never mentions the foot injury or how rehab is going, just defends Cams character.
  7. Obviously you dont understand the concept of a discussion board
  8. If you would remove your head from Cams lap and take a breath, then it's quite possible you could comprehend what I commented. And yeah I dont stalk people's profiles on a fuging message board, so I'm assuming your join date is when Cam was drafted. Because I bet if someone looked at your activity on here, it probably would even disturb QB1 himself.
  9. Cam was actually better under Shula and Dorsey.
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