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  1. X-Clown

    Had a vasectomy

    I had mine last year. Was not bad at all, really only needed a day or so to recover.
  2. We need to have the OP updated with the new info. that Reid and attorneys are stating that the NFL's reports is incorrect rather than for people to just read the first post and conclude Reid isn't fighting this so he really did lie.
  3. Update: Reid and his attorneys reject the NFLs findings, stating that some of the dates used were incorrect and asked for a public correction. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/eric-reids-lawyers-respond-to-nflnflpa-report-reject-findings-that-he-wasnt-targeted-for-drug-testing/amp/
  4. X-Clown


  5. I thought it was actually David Carr that said that rather than Fox. Even though he was awful at qb at least he had a sense of humor
  6. David Carr was with the team in 2007, we got Cam in 2011
  7. Olindo Mare got booed off the field when he missed a chip shot that would have tied against the Vikings
  8. I read somewhere that the Eagles declined an offer on Foles this year for a 2nd round pick....why would they be willing to accept a mid-rounder now?
  9. Carl broke it down, but you were getting Allen confused with Heinicke I take it.
  10. Moore and Allen were both rookie UDFAs.
  11. Congrulations to him for “making” two top 5 picks into pro bowl players. Very stellar work that no other coordinator could ever do.
  12. You do realize that he was their DC in 2017 also?
  13. X-Clown

    Cryptic Eric Reid Post

    I would argue that many of Marvin's rosters (despite not having a QB as good as Cam) had superior talent to Rivera's all around. Their offensive line in the 5 straight playoff seasons were better protection than Cam has ever had, and their defense has been consistently good. At least Rivera hasn't lost playoff games to the likes of Sanchez, TJ Yates and Matt Schaub...
  14. Yeah, because if there's anything we know about JR, it's that he really wanted to sign Eric Reid!