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  1. X-Clown

    CBD Oil

    A friend of mine opened the first CBD dispensary in Charlotte, it's on Central Avenue. I've never been, but it's gotten a lot of good reviews and press - he has Wingate university test all of the product lines before he will sell it in his store.
  2. Cool story bro time - I went to middle and high school with the lead singer of that band
  3. "Paxton Lynch is going to have great career for the Broncos for a long, long time." - John Elway
  4. That was in 2014. The Achilles tear was in the first game of 2017, and he sat out most of 2018 with a heel injury which was related to a bone spur on the Achilles.
  5. If you can't understand the difference between signing high profile free agents to long term contracts with big guarantees, and signing guys on one year prove it deals and think they are the same strategy then there's really no point in having this discussion. Also, I'm dying at the assertion that trading is the the exact same thing as free agency. I can't HERE this lame argument, so I'm dropping out on that topic. I gave you six or seven teams who spend heavily in free agency every year who are pitiful, you cherry pick two specific examples of teams in two specific years that I will break down in just a minute which probably will go right over your head. The Broncos went all in because they had Peyton Manning on his last legs and had lots of key contributors on rookie deals or below market contracts that allowed them to make the push to sign the Demarcus Wares of the world. None of that would have mattered of course, if they weren't gifted the Super Bowl as part of Peyton Manning's retirement package. The Eagles are spending heavily in free agency because they have a star QB on a rookie deal. Seattle did the same thing when Russell Wilson was a rookie, the Rams are doing that now with Jared Goff, and the Chiefs will do that while they can with Patrick Mahomes. They won't be able to do this once their QB gets his second contract. Why couldn't we have done this when Cam and Luke were both on their rookie deals? Well guess what, we did......except our GM spent the money like a drunk on Amazon at 3 a.m on the core of a 2-14 team. All of that might have been OK if the drafts from 2009-2011 weren't complete disasters except for Cam and Hardy.
  6. X-Clown

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    Nice thread Chuck
  7. Ok, so if I had used the example of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills (who do the same thing and also haven't won a Super Bowl), then I guess that validates my point to you? I guess I can't use the Jets as an example because they won a Super Bowl in 1968?
  8. If you're debunking myths, you should at least get the details correct and provide appropriate context. Bennett was obtained in a trade with the Bears with one year left on his contract. He was asking for more money than they thought he was worth so he left after a pretty good year. They gave Revis a one year prove it deal and then let him go to let the Jets overpay him. Brandon Browner was maybe the 10th highest paid CBs from that FA class (even though he was a big name), and they cut him the next offseason. These moves are quite a bit different from the contracts that Gilmore is the lone signing that had a significant signing bonus and length of a deal. They are able to swing trades because they keep flexibility with spending, accumulating draft picks, and take advantage of when an asset is available or another team is desperate. They are not afraid to let good players walk or to trade them before a big pay day. It is not because they print out a list from NFL.com of the top free agents and pay the player whatever it takes to "fill a hole".
  9. Dolphins and Redskins have not won a Super Bowl in the free agency area, and Tampa's was 17 years ago. The entire landscape of the league is different now. I would rather try to emulate teams that are actually winning in the modern area (i.e. Patriots), rather than trying to plagiarize C- students, but whatever floats your boat.
  10. It's funny, if you talk to fans of the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, Washington Redskins, etc. that are known for big spending each year, they would say the same thing.
  11. I mean, you can't get any more correct than this post. I suppose to appease the emotions of our message board fans, we could start spending more in FA for the same results (or worse) and in some way that's more satisfying?
  12. X-Clown

    OBJ to the Texans?

    They were on great contracts, well worth top 5 money at each of their positions
  13. X-Clown

    OBJ to the Texans?

    Deangelo Williams, Charles Godfrey, James Anderson, Jon Beason, Jonathan Stewart
  14. X-Clown

    OBJ to the Texans?

    I'm well aware of who was here and wasn't here last year but your question was who Dave left for Marty. Those guys were on the roster when he left. Just stop. You've already showed you have no clue when you listed one of Marty's crown jewels from the first Superbowl team as a special teams player.
  15. X-Clown

    OBJ to the Texans?

    lol, you really listed Dante Wesley?