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  1. Don't know on the first one, but my comment was more referencing the fit in Atlanta. I'm guessing that with all the cap money they have tied up in Ryan, Julio, etc, that they probably would be in "win now" mode rather than a full rebuild/move on from Ryan, etc.
  2. Re: the bolded part, I am glad, because that's what we all want. Re: the next QB, the coach is going to be hired long before the draft, so he will be able to consult with the GM in making that decision
  3. What is Greg Roman going to do with a immobile pocket passer?
  4. That’s interesting, because john fox himself said that he never scouted/watched clausen. But you’re saying that Fox based on a conversation with Charlie weis convinced hurney that we should try to trade up in the 2nd round for him? https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2695759-john-fox-says-he-never-scouted-jimmy-clausen-before-drafting-qb-with-panthers.amp.html
  5. If this already has been suggested in this thread, I apologize, but go ahead and pin a post up about how there is no way in hell we should want Hurney involved in the coaching search.
  6. This was my first thought....along with the fact that McDermott repeatedly turned to Nathan Peterman who makes Jimmy Clausen look like Tom Brady.
  7. It is when you overcome all the injuries to their key players....sure beats the hell out of losing to the Falcons by 20+ and being dominated by the Redskins
  8. So would any interim coach....if he has lost the team then we should lose our remaining games which is what is best for our draft position.
  9. If all of the other coaches are going to be let go too, what good does it do to have Norv or Washington or whoever coach for 4 games? It’s not like we have an in house candidate that we “need to see” if they are head coaching material or not.
  10. I don’t get the upside of firing them now and having a “lame duck” interim coach and interim GM.
  11. I'm sure it will somehow be blamed on the PSL holders if we do lose
  12. Man, do we really have an inferiority complex about everything or what?
  13. Jake was the only one who Fox won with - all of those other guys you mentioned didn't even get them close to the playoffs. Fox also couldn't win the big one with Peyton Manning when he set just about every offensive single season record in Denver, what makes you think he would have done any different with Cam?
  14. I don't agree with this. The 2008 team's defense was awful in the few games of the season, and even if Jake doesn't melt down, Fox's refusal to not have Gamble shadow Larry Fitzgerald would still have likely cost us the game.
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