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  1. Yeah, this is kind of ridiculous. We have lost our last 4 road games in the regular season dating back to last year (5 if you count the Saints playoff game).
  2. Check out a Tennessee Titans or Oakland Raiders game sometime.
  3. X-Clown

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I wonder if he and Dat Alice hang out at real estate conventions
  4. Same people that blamed Cam for the season's first INT that clanged right off of CJ Anderson's hands
  5. X-Clown

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    no way he's as good as kurt cousins. scam could really learn a thing or two from andy Dalton. My favorite post of all time was the "All Grits" team which was his opinion of the best players at every position and had Peyton Hillis at RB and Jordy/Welker at WR.
  6. X-Clown

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I wouldn't be surprised if ole GRITSRGREAT is behind this somehow.
  7. X-Clown

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    I'm assuming that you don't read twitter, facebook, or the comments section of any article mentioning the Panthers. Or have any coworkers who are Cowboy, Steelers, or Redskins fans who come up with these too hot for radio takes.
  8. X-Clown

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    It started with some guy on twitter who tweeted T-Bone and Mac saying that Cam was Blake Bortles. (I missed them announce who the user was). Then a caller called "Carolina Brian" who has a history of calling after any loss and blaming it on Cam's performance (and mysteriously stopped calling during the 2015 season) sort of tried to back up the twitter guy saying that Cam's more "athletically gifted" than Blake but they are the same in terms of passing ability. The only thing that redeemed the segment is that they read SCP's tweet saying that Cam makes people stupid.
  9. X-Clown

    Cam Newton = Blake Bortles

    It was some random guy on Twitter. Don't give these douchebags a voice.
  10. X-Clown


    I understand that it wouldn't be typical to win a game like this - but it's just embarrassing that we lost to this iteration of the Redskins. They were playing on a short week, without their most explosive playmaker (Chris Thompson), their most consistent WR (Crowder) a questionable until game-time Paul Richardson who on his best day is a #3 receiver, a 46 year old (give or take a few years) running back who had shoulder and leg injuries, etc.
  11. @electro's horse needs to get his jaw warmed up and keep Torrey in the locker room on gameday. It’s the only way he will be off the field without injury.
  12. X-Clown

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Clearly you weren’t around for the thread a few weeks ago about the falcons o line man diving at a saints DBs knees
  13. X-Clown

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Can’t wait to hear our resident saints fan defend that dirty hit at APs knees
  14. Moore Funchess Samuel Wright Byrd Torrey