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  1. But they are both rated high in Madden 2016!!!1
  2. Wow, upon re-reading the whole thread, that was a classic. TheRealDeal (aka Matt Moore's biggest fan) entering the thread to claim that he was beaten every day by minorities just because he was white, and saying that Ryan Mallett deserved more praise pre-draft than he was getting while saying that Cam deserved all the hit pieces. Page 15 had a whole bunch of people saying that all of the QBs in the draft sucked and none of them should be picked #1.
  3. I'd take it a step further - it's not even speculation that Barnwell has on what he thinks we will do. He did a what if mock draft if every team were to make a trade in the first round (even calls it wild deals). It's kind of an "if they did trade in the first round", here's what they could consider. Not with any claims to knowledge of the team's plans, etc...but of course, the initial post just took the snippet about the Panthers and everyone ran wild with it without the proper context - it probably belongs in the mock draft thread.
  4. 2-3 Last time we lost to them Cam was a rookie, and our defense was garbage. The only players that remain from that team are Cam and Olsen, and Jurrell Casey is the only one from Tennessee. The time before that David Carr was our starting quarterback. Why does that matter in 2019?
  5. I think the point is that we already have enough mini-mes.
  6. lol, David Newton at it again. The former Chiefs DE is Allen Bailey not Adam.
  7. Only other guy who is in the ball park with Norwell is Brad Hoover
  8. Is there anyone else who still watches Walking Dead? I would have bumped the old thread to ask this, but it's closed. I have found this season is better than it has been in a while, with this week's episode being the peak.
  9. Facebook and Instagram are banning them now too... https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019/03/standing-against-hate/
  10. Dwayne Jarrett is a first ballot. I would leave Remmers out. He was a tackle signed off the scrap heap that never had high expectation and was technically decent at his job. He never should have been asked to block Von Miller one on one. Sadly, we have had far worse tackles (Bell, Chandler, Foucault (sp?).
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