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  1. Calling Teddy "the man" because of being top 5 in passing yards after 2 games is silly. Especially when passing yards don't tell much about the story of how someone actually performed. And also when you have in several other threads more or less argued that we should build around Teddy for the long term and not think about an upgrade, this is what you get.
  2. Hey check out the top 5 in passing yards after Week 2 of 2019. All of these guys were franchise QBs that no team in their right mind would get rid of, right? Patrick Mahomes 823 Andy Dalton 729 Dak Prescott 674 Kyler Murray 652 Matt Stafford 630
  3. I didn't say I think they'd get it, I said at best....for this hypothetical scenario the OP brought forth that doesn't make sense for either side
  4. Seahawks don't have a 1st round picks in the 2021 or 2022 draft or a 3rd rounder in 2021. So your best bet is they would maybe give up a 2nd rounder which would be very late in the round since they're likely a playoff team. With who we have drafting, do you trust that we would be able to patch up another hole this would leave with a late 2nd rounder?
  5. The fins are better than you think. They were a few plays away from beating the Bills and Pats. Much better than the Jets IMO
  6. I don't think we could win if Clausen started for them. All they have to do is hand the ball to Ekeler and Kelley, and/or occasionally throw to Allen, Mike Williams, and Hunter Henry none of which we can cover. They limited Mahomes somewhat, I don't think they'll have trouble with Bridgewater.
  7. I’ve seen this guy on Facebook before in comments and didn’t even put together that he was the same guy who broadcasts Panthers games. I just thought he was just another one of the random QAnon nuts.
  8. Belichick has specific game plans for each team, something we aren't used to seeing much variety under Rivera/Fox who want to win with the same formula every time no matter who the opponent is. Miami has really good starting corners and New England's outside receivers don't have much experience. Solution, beat at their weakness through the ground game, let their defense force Fitzpatrick into mistakes, take the easy win. He will not use the same game plan against Seattle, that's why he's the best.
  9. Yeah that crowd noise was deafening, I don't know how they made it close.
  10. If what you are saying is correct that means the Panthers are nine point favorites. I think you mean +9. Otherwise, I will be trying to get my hands on every available penny I own to make that bet.
  11. I would love to see you make this thread on a Browns or a Lions board.
  12. You have 3 posts and two of them claim we traded for Teddy Bridgewater. Can you tell me who or what exactly we traded for him? Since you know so much about our team and all?
  13. I know that I am happy my season long fantasy team has Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller for this week
  14. Let me know when Jordan Reed won an NFL MVP award.
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