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  1. Ron coaching the Falcons would be fine, at least the Panthers would have 2 wins a year.
  2. I don't even care if you take the division winner, but seeding should be based on record alone and the division winners shouldn't be guaranteed a home playoff spot. I have no problem with Dallas or Philly making the playoffs, but they go in as the 6 seed and play away from home.
  3. A pillow because they are soft AND watching them puts you to sleep.
  4. Having SF win and GB win is huge. SF is essentially 2 games ahead of NO right now as they own the head to head tie breaker. Its going to come down to Green Bay and NO for the #2 seed, so we really need GB to keep winning to put pressure on NO to keep playing their starters.
  5. Have seen some optimism regarding draft position, which at this point is the only thing to look forward too. So with 3 games remaining here are the teams that are picking before Carolina and their final matchups (Cinn and NYG excluded as Carolina cannot pass them). Currently, the Panthers are picking 12th. Wash: 3-10 (vs Phi, @NYG, @ Dal) - maybe 1 win Miami: 3-10 ( @NYG, vs Cinn, @NE) - 1 or 2 wins possible Det: 3-9-1 (vs TB, @Den, vs GB) - probably all losses Ari: 3-9-1 (vs Cle, @Sea, @LAR) - maybe 1 win Jax: 4-9 (@Oak, @ATL, vs Ind) - 1 or 2 wins possible Atl: 4-9 (@SF, vs Jax, @TB) - 1 or 2 wins possible NYJ: 5-8 (@Balt, vs Pitt, @Buf) - probably all losses LAC: 5-8 (vs Minn, vs Oak, @KC) - maybe 1 win Den: 5-8 (@KC, vs Det, vs Oak) - 1 or 2 wins possible Car: 5-8 (vs Sea, @Ind, vs NO) - assuming losing out Starting with the other 5-8 teams, assuming the Panthers lose out, they should jump Denver at some point as Denver should beat Detroit which would in turn eliminate Carolina from passing Detroit. You hope that the Chargers can beat Oakland which would push Carolina ahead of them to get to the 10 spot. The Jets should lose out so it won't be possible to pass them. Atlanta and Jax play each other, the best case scenario would be for Atlanta to win as they have a better SOS but doing that would most likely make it hard to pass Jax unless they beat Oak and Ind. That would get Carolina to the 9th spot if Atlanta can manage the win against Jax. If they lose to Jax, then Carolina will likely stay in the 10th spot. Arizona and Detroit are not winning 2 of the last 3. Miami and Washington are almost impossible to jump unless either one of them win out. It's looking likely the Panthers will get the 10th pick with it being a long shot to get past the 9th pick. Now if Carolina ends up winning a game, that could really screw the draft pick and have them drafting in the mid teens depending on how the rest of the season plays out. Carolina cant even win for losing.
  6. When you think about, they might have won a couple without him at the goal line. But I see your point, all those games with 200+ yards a couple scores might not have been wins. The Jax game comes to mind. Still blows my mind how this team beat Houston and Tenn.
  7. Saints losing will help as they will most likely have to play week 17 to get a first round bye. The problem is that Carolina has the Seahawks and saints left which is going to work against them as they will have a stronger strength of schedule comparatively.
  8. That pick should show up in the box score on Thomas stat line
  9. I plan on putting the tree up and lights on with the game on In the background just so it can suck all the joy out of the occasion.
  10. Worst case trade him, could probably get a 1st out of him. Tunsil and Fitzpatrick got 1st's, Burns is still young and has shown promise.
  11. The players knew this was a possibility, they are not dumb. He was a players coach and it would be concerning if the players didn’t feel this way about him. This happens every year to multiple coaches.
  12. I was pumped when the Panthers signed Rivera. He has been great and terrible but will surely stick somewhere. His time had run up here, much like Andy Reid's time ran out in Philly. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that is needed.
  13. There is more than 1 round to a draft. I’m one of those people that think the entire draft is a crap shoot. I mean, for gods sake, Trubisky was taken ahead of Mahomes and Watson. If any team knew how good Mahomes was going to be they would have traded whatever the asking price was to move up and get him. How many teams passed on Brees, Jackson, insert name here. I’m sure everyone on here would gladly have selected Mahomes over CMC if given the chance.
  14. I thought it would be a little higher than that. The sharp money probably will be pounding the over on Freeman rushing yards.
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