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  1. It's not the playbook it's the implementation. The disguises. The nuances. Eric Washington sucks.
  2. I've said since the first game Eric Washington is not a good coordinator.
  3. Seriously Ron needs to hire a coach the only does clock management and timeouts just like McVay did
  4. CarolinaSamurai

    The Purge feat Cam and Luke

    His Oh look this is so easy simpleton routine gets me rolling every time
  5. CarolinaSamurai

    The Purge feat Cam and Luke

    If you look the van scene references bountygate. With Peyton and the licence plate says greg Williams
  6. Two count them TWO players in this one from the panthers. Pretty good one to
  7. Coaching is definitely the issue here. Wow it's so glaring I'm surprised Rivera hasn't taken over calls himself.
  8. If you watch him at RT you'd know how terrible playing him there would be. Matt? This isn't a what if man. Your argument is we should play Moton at LT no matter what and that's patently false. Matt coming back is an entirely different situation. So would if Daryl came back or we signed or traded for someone else.
  9. If you did any research on Clark you'd know he can't play RT. We lost both starting tackles stop acting like we have a choice. The best guy out there only was ok at LT. You go with what you can in those situations. We're fing lucky Clark isn't a dumpster fire bc Amini sure was.
  10. Yes it is. Look at the other Tackles on the roster. It's either Clark at LT and Moton at RT or Amini at RT and Moton at LT. Or throw Newhouse out there at RT instead of Amini. I can tell you right now you would not enjoy any of those setups except the one we have now. Unless you like Cam on his back.
  11. Clark suuuuuuuuuucks at RT. Like end of the world. He's serviceable at LT. That's why.
  12. CarolinaSamurai

    Not ideal for our defense

    Maybe if Rivera is paying attention to the D he won't be messing with the offense win win
  13. This is why I think Eric Washington is not a good defensive coordinator. You can point to Luke, TD, Pep, KK, Poe, Addison, Shaq, and so on. It's all of them and when everyone who normally are good suck together. Then it's the coordinator.