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  1. I'm ok with two tackles tbh but realistically it's gotta be edge/tackle
  2. CarolinaSamurai

    Two mocks that I like

    I like this one a ton.
  3. CarolinaSamurai

    The evolution is in process

    I'm sorry but 31 other coaches are the same. Even the god son McVay just tried to do what they do in the SB. You make it sound easy but it's not or 32 teams would all have Bill Belichicks.
  4. CarolinaSamurai

    Carolina Panthers UDFA Roster Paths

    Would they chance him on the PS though? Could hold a spot like Foucault and Wegher did the past two season for fear of them getting grabbed
  5. Cam needs to settle down and stop over throwing. Our Oline needs to attack the rush and get this run game going. I hope we come out hungry because our offense looks pedestrian
  6. CarolinaSamurai

    One Carolina

    Most complete combo I've seen
  7. CarolinaSamurai

    One Carolina

    This one cracked me up
  8. CarolinaSamurai

    One Carolina

    Some have done this... But not with all of them yet. Just like 10 or so
  9. CarolinaSamurai

    One Carolina

    So lone holdout is Clemson
  10. CarolinaSamurai

    One Carolina

    Still need ECU, Wake Forest, Clemson, NC State
  11. CarolinaSamurai

    One Carolina

  12. I love the panthers and I can't afford to go. Charlotte native represent! Been a fan since beginning, I have the memorabilia to prove it.
  13. CarolinaSamurai

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Walsh should be drawn and quartered here
  14. CarolinaSamurai

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Get that first down kill clock. Kick fg
  15. CarolinaSamurai

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    fuging low passes pathetic