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  1. Coaching is definitely the issue here. Wow it's so glaring I'm surprised Rivera hasn't taken over calls himself.
  2. If you watch him at RT you'd know how terrible playing him there would be. Matt? This isn't a what if man. Your argument is we should play Moton at LT no matter what and that's patently false. Matt coming back is an entirely different situation. So would if Daryl came back or we signed or traded for someone else.
  3. If you did any research on Clark you'd know he can't play RT. We lost both starting tackles stop acting like we have a choice. The best guy out there only was ok at LT. You go with what you can in those situations. We're fing lucky Clark isn't a dumpster fire bc Amini sure was.
  4. Yes it is. Look at the other Tackles on the roster. It's either Clark at LT and Moton at RT or Amini at RT and Moton at LT. Or throw Newhouse out there at RT instead of Amini. I can tell you right now you would not enjoy any of those setups except the one we have now. Unless you like Cam on his back.
  5. Clark suuuuuuuuuucks at RT. Like end of the world. He's serviceable at LT. That's why.
  6. CarolinaSamurai

    Not ideal for our defense

    Maybe if Rivera is paying attention to the D he won't be messing with the offense win win
  7. This is why I think Eric Washington is not a good defensive coordinator. You can point to Luke, TD, Pep, KK, Poe, Addison, Shaq, and so on. It's all of them and when everyone who normally are good suck together. Then it's the coordinator.
  8. That's not how football works. Bad teams can be bad one week and good the next. Good teams can do exactly the same. If a team you beat, beats another team that doesn't mean you beat that other team. That's why football is great any given Sunday.
  9. Edge rusher. Of course like nearly every one has said. If we want to be in the SB we need to pressure the QB more. I'd gladly drop Wes Horton for one.
  10. Yes Ron likes to slow things down and go into “hammer time” and that stops our very potent offense from running up the score. His clock management and bad Time Outs hurt us. Not getting plays called in time hurts us. Cam seemed to regress in the second half to pushing to hard for the big plays,.There is a ton to complain about yes. HOWEVER, we were up 21-3 and 11pts in the game till the very end vs a Giants D that’s really legit. Our offense with all of these issues is still freaking cruising and putting up points. If We need to be worried about something it needs to be the defense.
  11. To all of you wanting the younger guys to get more time. Remember Donte, Ian, and Obada all made mistakes that cost us points in the game. Don't forget that younger guys make mistakes.
  12. CarolinaSamurai

    17-3........pass rush

    I don't even think Poe and Short are playing bad since they've done a good job against really good RBs. What we need is The Edge to get pressure and it just isn't
  13. CarolinaSamurai

    17-3........pass rush

    We had this game in the bag. What happened? A defense can't pressure the QB. It's that simple. We had mistakes, misques and problems however we had a huge lead and blew it bc Eli had all the time in the world in the pocket. We should officially be terriffied of our non existent pass rush.
  14. Yeah gotta stash one speedster in case you break the other. Bc our best reciever needs to be a fing PR guy.....ugh
  15. CarolinaSamurai

    Week 4 Monday Night : Broncos Vs Cheifs

    Hey guess what Watson, Garropolo......fing ANY ROOKIE QUATERBACK. Pump the breaks. No rookie is amazing or terrible bc no defense has film on them. Give it some time.