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  1. Jags W Texans W Saints L Bucs W Seahawks L Eagles L Colts L Packers L Titans W Redskins W Cowboys L Saints L Falcons L Giants W Falcons L Bucs W 7-9
  2. We swapped our 2nd, our 3rd, and our 6th for SL 2nd.
  3. That congressman who's face looks just like that monkey's butt right around the corner at the Baltimore Zoo ain't helping either.
  4. Stupid Mayor said "give them room to destroy". Well they got right to it !!!!
  5. Excited to know that my $225 (plus tax) PER SEAT experience will probably be rain soaked, without Cam, bunch of scrubs, dot dot dot. NOT !!!! At least I'm not in the Club 1's ... $430 per.
  6. Firefox

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    Keep Pounding! - Mark Fields
  7. But he's great at spinning the ball IF he catches it.
  8. Best football team in Charlotte West of Tryon St. is West Mecklenburg H. S.