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  1. Sht you not, Ginn is dabbin on page eight.
  2. Haha that's Naruto. Naruto and video games were pretty much my entire childhood so I thought the pic was fitting.
  3. Mostly at the bar, though I moved around quite a bit. Demolished a bacon cheddar burger after halftime. Red hair, wearing a borrowed Collins jersey. They just threw it at me and I was like "Ok then"
  4. I was with the Mile High Cats at Shelbys in Denver, they must have had to fix the tv's three times once they started that bullsht.
  5. If you think it'll be this easy in the second half, not so fast. Halftime adjustments are coming.
  6. Argus Plexus

    Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

  7. Just so tired of it always being "Next year" I'm ready for it to be this year already.
  8. A good year, this will not be.
  9. Argus Plexus

    cam vs jake

    Haha OP went down in flames
  10. Argus Plexus

    Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football

    I was expecting a gay buttsex/back injury joke on page ONE. Very surprised, Huddle.
  11. Argus Plexus

    Douchebag of the Day Award

    I must have missed something...I'm lost...
  12. Born in 91, my family were/are panthers fans from the first game. Literally never been a fan of any other team. If the panthers disappeared or moved I would lose interest in sports altogether.
  13. Not crazy about the idea of yet another first round RB. Dime a dozen, ya know.