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  1. CosmoGirl

    Big Cam Newton news

    Better than ABCDE...
  2. CosmoGirl

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Possibly. I'll most likely fly over on Sunday morning. 45 minute flight!
  3. CosmoGirl

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Trip insurance isn't going to cover voluntarily cancelling a flight because an event is no longer happening.
  4. CosmoGirl

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Like get murdered? I was advised to even avoid a layover in that airport.
  5. CosmoGirl

    Saints got Dez

    Me too. Usually I'm very good at grammar too.
  6. Watch Turner call for a deep throw against the Bucs. They won't expect it.
  7. Also I heard the announcers make a dig about Jay Gruden being aggressive and not settling for playing to run out the clock. A couple plays later they scored the FG.
  8. We were successful in containing JNo when running a fast offense. He practiced against him, knew his tells. We should have kept him off balance. We did not. That's on the coaching staff.
  9. CosmoGirl

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    It was about taxes. Not slavery.
  10. CosmoGirl

    "Two States, One Team"

    Two States, One Team One Carolina Keep Pounding Belong
  11. When I offer to sell my game tickets to fans, I get no takers or they want them for a "deal". So I sell to whoever is willing to pay. And don't slam me for selling. I live 600 miles away so I don't come to every home game. I sell at least half.
  12. CosmoGirl

    Upgrades by Tepper

    I would sue TF out of them! I own the PSL and it's my right to do what I want with my tickets. I live 10 hours away and there's no way I can make every game. I fly up actually but that's expensive.
  13. CosmoGirl

    Upgrades by Tepper

    What it does is forces you to get tickets on Ticket Exchange or StubHub (more money for the NFL). Really sucks for those who want to wait for kickoff to get a decent price. And for those without a smartphone, they get to wait in two lines.
  14. CosmoGirl

    Upgrades by Tepper

    I can't see how this will work well with older fans. Some don't even have smart phones. And it will make getting tickets outside the stadium very difficult.