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  1. Still Brooklyn

    Cam Newton All Star Weekend Interview

    I did like that he was wearing the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter though.
  2. Still Brooklyn

    All Star Weekend in Charlotte

    The dunk contest gets worse and worse every year.
  3. Still Brooklyn

    If you wanna MAGA ya gotta break a few heads amirite?

    If things stand, it looks like he paid the Nigerian brothers to do it. Oh, Jussie, lol. You took it one step too far, dude. Attacked because you're gay? Ok. Because you're black? Sure. Bleach and a noose? Um ... maybe? Yelling Maga Country too? Hire a better writer.
  4. Still Brooklyn

    Fringe 2008 - 2013

    Fringe was great at first but then it went off the rails big time.
  5. Still Brooklyn

    The thing most likely to cause your financial ruin

    Medical stuff? I thought it was booze and scratchers.
  6. Still Brooklyn

    Switching to Spectrum

    Verizon FiOS FTW.
  7. Still Brooklyn

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    So is a high school gym, what's your point? It's outdated. That has nothing to do with the game.
  8. Still Brooklyn

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    It felt old when I had season tickets back through the mid 00s. You can only add so many escalators, TV screens, etc. The classic oval and bowl-shaped stadium era is over.
  9. Still Brooklyn

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    BOA is outdated. A roof won't change that fact. You guys need a new stadium.
  10. Oh, ok, cool. It was bugging my OCD for some reason lol.
  11. I'll def stream it off Amazon this week. Question: why did you choose to keep the uniforms so clean? In the shots I've seen there is no dirt, rips, blood, etc. Did you do research and it showed messed up uniforms are "Hollywood" and you wanted to keep true? It's always intrigued me.
  12. Still Brooklyn

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Can't stand Bran. That said, and I'm sure I'm wrong, but aren't the faces used by faceless men dead people? How can someone use Littlefinger's face if he's alive?
  13. Still Brooklyn

    One of the worst SB's in memory

    Thought it was a great game.
  14. Maybe my daughter will see it happen one day. She's ... 3.5 months old.
  15. Still Brooklyn

    VA Gov. Ralph Northam...

    In other news, Bill Maher joked to a former CIA agent and current republican congressman (who is black), asking him if he did late night recon work next to Popeyes Chicken.