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  1. I'm 43, and I don't mind high-scoring games. It's exciting, like college ball is. And it's always nice to have 1 or 2 defense-minded teams out there that can shut a team down (Seattle vs Broncos, etc) at the right time. So rules hampering a D doesn't bother me. The NBA? That is unwatchable. There is no point to even putting a D on the court. It's fancy street ball and a horrible product.
  2. This is the first season since he came here that I've grown to like Cam ... the person. Have always loved the player but couldn't stand how he presented himself. He has grown up a lot and presents himself as all business ... finally.
  3. Getting to a SB isn't easy. Winning is just as hard. There's a very good chance he won't get a ring. But he will be a HOF ... and forever known as a "running QB" like Vick, Cunningham, etc. He will never be on the same tier as the super elites.
  4. Still Brooklyn

    When to gamble

    Does research and stats really in truly say it's best to go for it when you're on the road? Or did some coach say it 60 years ago and everyone took it as gospel? I'd like to know. All I know is ... kick the XP, Detroit can beat you with a FG in the last minute. Make the conversion, Detroit can beat you with a FG in the last minute. Miss the conversion ... you lose.
  5. Once this board agrees that Cam is a great, arguably elite QB ... who can have bad games or make mistakes ... and it's OK to say he had a bad game or made a mistake ... and it's not just the coaches fault ... well this will be a better board.
  6. Still Brooklyn

    ron rivera is a terrible leader

    I blame you for the loss, OP ... I mean, your user name on here is their OC. ;)
  7. Still Brooklyn

    I'm going to need this

    Wrong color Falcons helmet, not enough bad done to the Saints, and what if you have ass cancer and want to check the tp for blood? Funny shirt though.
  8. Still Brooklyn

    Trump: Too Busy For Arlington

    He did tour wild fire torn CA today though.
  9. Still Brooklyn

    Black helmets seem to be coming...(maybe not?)

    At least use a valid argument, man. The fans rigged that "contest".
  10. Still Brooklyn

    Black. Black. Black.

    Does a 15 yo run the Panthers twitter?
  11. Still Brooklyn

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Leftovers S1 follows the book. S2 and S3 are by HBO writers. S2 is the best single season of TV I've ever seen. S3 was ok, a bit of a let down. Fargo is probably my favorite show, along with The Knick, Mr. Robot, GOT, Justified, and the Deutschland series (83, with 86 just released).
  12. Still Brooklyn

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    I wonder how many fans have paid for hotel and plane tickets to see that game and are now stuck in Mexico City. Sure, it's a big city and there is stuff to do but I'd rage.
  13. Still Brooklyn

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

  14. Still Brooklyn

    Amazon Headquarters

    And the winner(s) are: Northern Virginina AND New York City! Split headquarters in Crystal City, VA and Long Island City (Queens). All those small cities who spent money putting media packages together never had a chance.