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  1. This one is called Resorts World Casino. Just imagine your average Wal Mart shopper ... but since it's Queens you get diversity. So, a Wal Mart shopper but every nationality under the sun. If you've ever asked the question: What does a redneck look like in (insert country), just stop on over.
  2. No matter what, just make sure it's not ghetto as hell. We have one here in Queens that brings in the dregs of society. Horrible, horrible place.
  3. The only reason people want it on Saturday is so they don't have to go into work with a hangover. That's why it's on Sunday. The NFL doesn't need to cater to twenty-somethings.
  4. Some of you are going to be SO disappointed Sunday night.
  5. Stay in Uptown. Sit in the Lower Bowl.
  6. Yeah, those spoilers pretty much takes GoT out of my personal Top 10 shows of all time. Just terrible. They could do all that in 15 min too. It's going to be one long, painful finale. Sort of like the tail end of Return of the King.
  7. 3 pages and no one quoted Zod to comment on his post? Wow.
  8. As a pure single episode ... best of the series. Action, adventure, romance, emotion, plot, blood, guts, war, destruction, tension, arcs continued/ended. But I get how book fans hate where we ended up, and how people who have wanted a certain thing since S1 are enraged they won't get it.
  9. She could have read the "leaks" but someone on Twitter claims to have seen parts of e5 via Periscope. She said something will happen that will trigger people big time and says it has to do with an assault. If you know the leaks, rethink the definition of "assault" and remember what is said about the Dothraki. Bold choice by the producers if true.
  10. My wife is from Belarus. She was born in 1989 so doesn't remember much about the aftermath. But her dad passed away from cancer so it may be from Chernobyl. Other than the British accents, it's a decent show.
  11. Other dragons? Get the hell out. Meanier wolves? Quiet, book nerd.
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