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  1. Yeah, for some reason I'm not surprised at this latest allegation. I'm sure there are many more in the wings. Although, I did use the story to troll some of my more fanatical friends on fakebook. In reality, this is just a born rich guy doing born rich guy things. They are taught that they are above the law in every way. I'm not hating in rich guys, more power to them. I find the self made ones are a bit more respectful as opposed to the born rich ones. But, I prefer to see the glass as half full. I have a strong hatred of ALL politicians and aside from that, I always accept the outcomes of the elections. I saw the current administration as a potential for all folks to realize the system is jacked up and needs an overhaul. I hoped that maybe folks will be more diligent in choosing whom to elect. Doing their research and possibly voting as their heart dictates as opposed to because they are in this party or that party. Apparently not. Given the latest crop of hopefuls, I see more division and potential to water down the left. Meanwhile, Trump just goes along, doing him and getting away with it. Probably will get re-elected in 2020.
  2. For some reason, I really like this band...
  3. Had mine about 8 years ago after my 8th kid. I was 47. Doctor gave me 3 Valiums and told me to take one 3 hours before. I took all 3 and washed them down with a 24 oz beer an hour before. Slept through the whole thing. I woke up when they removed the tape holding the head to my stomach, that stung.
  4. An old favorite. Been listening to a lot of pre-Disco music lately.
  5. The Carr fire is just north of me and the Mendocino Complex is to the west. Our air quality is terrible right now.
  6. Yeah, about as much a "victim" as Thurman was.....
  7. Great version and the tambourine player is epic!
  8. Japanese rock with some traditional instruments....
  9. I used to watch him race Speedway (motorcycle flat track) when i was a kid.
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