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  1. Our only chance of keeping him was to sign him to an extension previously. Now that's it's an open market bidding war, he is gone.
  2. I really wanted to keep him. But 15 mil a year is stupid. No way in hell are we paying that. Good luck James.
  3. I got a shout out for breaking the news though. "Random guy on twitter"
  4. Why after the draft? All the scouting has just started. Combine is still weeks away. Draft still 2+ months. I still really like the Rhule hire. I'm just concerned about the FO (mainly because Hurney is still the ONLY guy)
  5. My comment was based on Tepper's presser in December. That was how he described the new position. But we have always had a financial guy on staff, the previous one left to go with Rivera.
  6. I hope this is right correct. Maybe the position Padden was hired for is a "liason" between FO and football staff. That translates much better than anything requiring NFL scouting & cap management.
  7. This is one hire I don't like at all. I'm ok with the college coaches because coaching football & leadership translates. This VP position was supposed to be all about pro scouting/cap management and allow Marty to focus on college scouting. Padden has 0 experience in the NFL/scouting/salary cap management.
  8. I think it's not even a question. Reid struggles at time in pass coverage but is a good in the box player. He just needs to be paired with a FS that doesn't blow coverages all the time.
  9. Let's not turn this into a UNC thread because 4corners is an idiot. Tre Boston is an average player. 8M per year is way more than he is worth. Malcolm Jenkins makes 8.75 mil and is the #7 highest paid safety. Tre should be nowhere near that. And yes, Eric Reid is overpaid too. But he is better than Tre.
  10. We don't get any comp pick for him. And we will still owe 11.8million in dead cap.
  11. I'm so sad about this news.....
  12. Where is Vaccaro? I don't see him on injury report but you mentioned Sanford at SS.
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