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  1. Well the last one was interesting...we'll see how this one goes.
  2. Regardless which side of the track you fall on this forum does provide a good source of contrasting views and you might consider a perspective that otherwise you would miss. Free your mind and your ass will follow right?
  3. So can one of our MODs who are totally on it here in the Tinderbox check the IP here and tell us who's ALT this is?
  4. So here we are again. So what's it going to be? The 1 week ban for Kev bears no weight. Either permaban here and make it retroactive back when you first posted or just delete the Tinderbox. Or go for the alternative. Give Rodeo Mod powers and butt out. Let the Tinderbox sort itself out.
  5. KT actually spent a lot of his time in the NBA and MLB forums where he was a lot of fun. He used to make these awesome NBA Playoff threads every year. Best posts of that kind I've seen on the huddle. This wasn't the original Bonds thread that was on the old server but: People think race is a problem now on this board? Can't even make a damned thread back then: Got some time on your hands?
  6. More important, document when Trump is impeached cause we've all been waiting a long time now.
  7. A buddy had one years back. Only it didn't work. Had to have it done a second time. We call him Super Balls.
  8. Forgot about rebel Yell, things were different back then. Too bad the original server melted down. Would have been interesting.
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