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  1. The wheel of time (Amazon) is in casting now. Supposedly to start shooting in Prague in August or some such. I hope its at least as well done as GoT and the ending(s)......which has a high number of climaxes for multiple characters ( albiet the ultimate was the least climatic) should not be such a let down. Not to Hijack the GoT thread but anyone have thoughts on this?
  2. They don't have the balls to kill someone with steel...... btw speaking of where does this eunuchs and poison stuff come from? In the Belgariad the eunuch they pick up in Nissara? (too lazy to get the correct info) but yeah that swampy place. That guy has a thing for poisons as well. Has this some relation in real life, fantasy in general or is this slightly ripped from David Eddings?
  3. To reiterate. Lets analyze both times the scorpions were used before. The first time the scorpion was a surprise tactic that almost took out Drogon at the Lannister army caravan. That really doesn't need anymore explaining. The second time the ships were waiting in a bay behind cover where they were not seen at had time to make their shots as an ambush tatic. The third time, the everyone is complaining about, Dany rode Drogon ABOVE the clouds and dropped straight down giving very little chance for all of the scorpions to fire. Drogon only had to dodge 2 bolts before he was on the ships and too close for them to swivel/ aim. I dragon flying roughing however many fuggin miles per hour left to right and this way and that...yeah heavy scorpions will not have a chance to turn and fire and honestly when she charged the ambush in scenario 2 she only had to make it past the first wave to get the same results but she chickened out. As for the walls she went around the main assortment of defenses and flew into the city and hit the gates from behind.... I really dont know how to explain it much better. Without rewatching I don't believe they covered 100% of the cities walls the way its laid out there is only one area to attack from land. ALL of the defenses were aimed there. Tactical error on Cersi and the Golden Companys part because they relied on the Iron fleet to keep the harbor safe....I mean the show is not going to explain all of this to you. You have to make some observations yourself. It would have been suicide for Drogon to take the main gate head on with all those scorpions up there. The book would probably explain this scenario to the reader but a movie/show would not. ps sorry for typos and whatnot @work can't be round here too long.
  4. idk I think Vary's has seen the writing on the wall and when he saw a better option he swapped. I don't know if they had the room to make that much more convincing without beating you over the head with it.
  5. Tactically speaking I think the Dragon stuff was ok and I believe you all missed the strategic moves made. The Dragon came straight down from the clouds this time( haveing to only avoided one or two shots) and got low inside the ships formations which killed the scorpions ability to turn. If she skirted around the ships then she would have been pincushioned. Once she got inside that perimeter they were done. Now at Kings landing all the scorpions were expecting her to frontal attack the wall and golden company with the dragon....she circled from the backside of the city and went in and attacked the main gates from behind. So I mean its not perfect and they dont explain all this to you but that part at least wasn't too poorly done.
  6. Sansa on the Iron throne. That's my new take. She was humbled and humilated in Kings landing. She's been taught by Little Peter and she's learned how to be ruthless and yet fair. It's her time. Her character arc makes this totally possible and completes the witches prophecy.
  7. The more I think about it.....not letting J.Snow take out the night king makes me think what is in store for him? Arya gets the night king one of the Lannister bros gets Cersi Clegane bowl..... Does Yara get Euron? J.Snow Aegon or whatever you want to call him must continue his doomed cycle of tragic love by killing Daenerys after she freaks out on him possibly with a failed fire roast or Drogon refusing to BBQ John/Aegon. What else could there be for King Snow?
  8. 1997 Raiders we destroyed them. Fred Lane went absolutely nuts and Kasay kicked his career long field goal. The whole stadium was rocking when my dad and I walked out to the chant of FREDDY! FREDDY! FREDDY! ps I think Fred carried about 25 players 3 coaches and a trainer about 50 feet out of bounds and still didnt go down. He had an amazing day. Also I love how this exact same thread pops up every few years its nice to reflect.
  9. online multiplayer gaming only.... Rainbowsix: Rogue Spear 1999 The Wheel of Time 1999-2001ish Counterstrike 1.5 (began with 1.5's release) Age of Empires 2 1999-2002 ish still get together with friends to play today on steam UnrealTournament Unreal 2000 something Counterstrike Source (owned server) Rainbowsix: Raven Sheild Diablo 2 2000- still play today from time to time no internet 2005-2011 Chivalry Medieval Warefare 2012 CS:GO ( made 20 some maps for this game)(owned server(s)- still operating one) 4000+ hours between gaming and mapping Rust( owned 2 different servers at different times) 1000+ hours Citadel forged by fire H1Z1- survival and King of the Hill Dirty Bomb ( highly underrated game no longer being supported/ developed) Table Top Simulator ( multiple games fun) Elder Scrolls Online Insurgency (owned 2 servers co-op and PVP) GTA V online Fortnite: BR Apex Legends I'm sure I missed some but these are the gist
  10. I too quit Fortnite......and now I play Apex Legends entirely not ENOUGH!!!!!! muahahaha
  11. Definitely the best. Book one was hard to get into because of the odd world, but once you settled in it was good
  12. BTW if you buy from Ibuypower you can use Affirm internet financing( with approval) I bought a $2200 desktop ( paid about 250-300 more than I could doing it myself) but I got a nice warranty and I couldnt' afford 2200 out of pocket at the time so the Affirm deal worked great for me. I think I made $180 payments for 12 months. Turned out great so far. PC is a year and a half old now and not even the slightest hitch.
  13. Currently reading Stormlight book 3 and waiting for James Islingtons 3rd book of the Licanius Trilogy ( Imo LT is WoT light in 3 books instead of 14 but no where near the depth of WoT and speaking of WoT.... Wheel of Time is a must for me. I do get the hate for the slow books (7-9)but 1-5 and a major scene from 6 are great and the story really gets back on track in books 10-14. The world is built better than most by far. Also Amazon is developing a WoT TV series in the vein of GoT, but it will probably be no where near as dark as GoT Little warning about the KKC's...... its been like 7 years since book 2? is there an end in sight?
  14. Looks like my fortnite marker is placed in tilted.
  15. this is bad...but I had to....... he used sewdoo?
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