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  1. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

  2. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

  3. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

    Yeah I was playing my second thru on Witcher 3 and fortnite and some csgo:cmm but since I DL'd Apex on the day it dropped I've not played anything else cept some ticket to ride solo while waiting on friends after getting frustrated with randoms ditching early game cuz I guess they didnt get the legend they wanted or didn't like the landing or starting gun.....seriously what gives with that crap they should start a penalty cool down for people dropping.
  4. TbTeRRoR

    Last Years #notmyfantasyleague (Baseball)

    Yeah this is my third or fourth year in the huddle league. I'm not sure how many are here now that were here then since names have been changing but historically I do bad in the league. I did led the league for half the year but my team just kinda fell off. It was by far the best I've done in this league though. Yeah I just did some research 2018 4/7 2017 10/10 2016 8/10 2015 8/9
  5. TbTeRRoR

    Car Shopping Advice

    I had an old car that was KBR around 600-800 dollars I got 1500 off for it, but that was on my ex-wifes car and she went in wanting it way to bad and we got a bad deal that day. Whey I bought my truck I acted indifferent to buying. Worked on them. Told them I had to talk to my wife about it and maybe bring her back ( I went alone at first obviously) I got him to talking prices. I got him down some and still said I'd come back later to let her look. We did then I dropped the iffy on my trade and still I held out afterwards saying I wanted to wait on my tax return so I could make a better down payment for lower monthly payments. I ended up getting a truck they had marked for 16K for 11k total after I paid it all off. My trade in value was around 3.5k so I felt pretty darn good about that deal. The KBV on the truck I bought was 15k-17k. You never really win in these situations but you do the best you can. It also helps that gas prices were sky high at the time and I was purchasing a V8 and it was the last week of the month( I've heard that helps)
  6. TbTeRRoR

    Car Shopping Advice

    I made a real nice post about my buying strategy that worked well back in 2012. I'd rather find it and copy than type it all out again, but one quick point. Save the trade in drop for as long as possible. Work them down and down and down and then say well yeah we're getting closer I could do a trade in maybe but I don't want to I think I'd get better private value....the salesman may let you name your price on the trade..and trust me that's the only way you will get trade in value that is any good at all usually.
  7. TbTeRRoR

    Fantasy Series Fans

    Definitely the best. Book one was hard to get into because of the odd world, but once you settled in it was good
  8. TbTeRRoR

    PC Builders..

    BTW if you buy from Ibuypower you can use Affirm internet financing( with approval) I bought a $2200 desktop ( paid about 250-300 more than I could doing it myself) but I got a nice warranty and I couldnt' afford 2200 out of pocket at the time so the Affirm deal worked great for me. I think I made $180 payments for 12 months. Turned out great so far. PC is a year and a half old now and not even the slightest hitch.
  9. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

    I can't stopp friggin laughing
  10. TbTeRRoR

    Fantasy Series Fans

    Currently reading Stormlight book 3 and waiting for James Islingtons 3rd book of the Licanius Trilogy ( Imo LT is WoT light in 3 books instead of 14 but no where near the depth of WoT and speaking of WoT.... Wheel of Time is a must for me. I do get the hate for the slow books (7-9)but 1-5 and a major scene from 6 are great and the story really gets back on track in books 10-14. The world is built better than most by far. Also Amazon is developing a WoT TV series in the vein of GoT, but it will probably be no where near as dark as GoT Little warning about the KKC's...... its been like 7 years since book 2? is there an end in sight?
  11. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

    Flanking in this game is like a DB lateraling after a interception. Yeah it could go for a easy score but if it doesn't go right its game over. The best way to flank in this game is to set it up. Flanking after the battle has started is very risky.
  12. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

    Yes aggression is the best tactic. Mid to long range shoot outs generally are not going to get you anywhere if the other team is smart enough to drop back and heal. One problem I have with rando's and even my friends some times is we're split on our pushes. I'll be way up in the enemies grills. I'll knock one and shoot the crap out of the other and get knocked by the third and I'm like shoot'em they are healing and reviving only to realize my teammates are sitting back 150 meters pot shoting.......man that burns me up. When a teammate goes in you gotta be all in with them. 1. for cover and support 2. so they cannot heal/ revive. But also if you know you are way out in front dont engage till your buddies catch up.
  13. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

    PS also prefer to use Discord for live chat- the in game quality is terrible
  14. TbTeRRoR

    Apex Legends

    20 or so wins 160+ kills level 40 something K's would be much higher but some of my buddies are terrible and no help at all leading to a lot of 3 v 1's ugh. tbTeRRoR on origin (PC) I play any class but I guess my mains would be Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound in that order but I'm going to invest more time into pathfinder in the future. I never play lifeline cuz my main playing partner plays lifeline exclusively.
  15. Man every time CMC breaks one the 10 yrd line trips him. Seriously watch the reel.