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  1. yep I see it on that vid link I posted its been tried quiet a few times maybe on 2-3 in the "modern era"
  2. I thought we tried this a few years ago on like a 70 yarder..if it wasn't us it was someone pretty sure it was the raiders with Janikowski
  3. would have called for FG but if going for it CMC pass to Olsen over the top
  4. When I was 18 I had multiple copies of 3.0 to 7.0 like a stack 5" tall stack
  5. How about all the people who say Ron owes his coaching tenure and any success to Cam?.......right now I believe ole Ron is 5-2 without Cam. I want to assure you this isn't a knock on Cam ( I think he's great when healthy) but a promotion of Rivera as many here are not willing to give him any credit what so ever.
  6. Offensive line allowed two strip sacks- The Panthers were lucky to recover one of them- Negative Nancy
  7. I've been a Cam defender for years now....hes making it very difficult You add the veganism which = low testosterone levels (proven by science) + his "style" = obvious comic opportunity. I hope your kids have a good sense of humor.
  8. Maybe its because he's gone 100% vegan and they have lower testosterone levels then real men and incidentally he's started cross dressing....but whatever ...I'm just saying .....science and just to add to this....I'd be fine with a 6'6 Broomhilda being the panthers QB if she could play.......and eat red meat
  9. I've always pulled for the panthers but I really didnt start following them until 2002 that was a horrid year but I watched all the games and I was so rewarded by the 2003 season. I've only missed 2-3 games in the years that have followed, but if I wasn't watching them I was listening to them. Keep Pounding........ now to be completely honest though.....if it turns into a real SHAT show I've turned them off before or walked away to do other things, but if the games still in reach even if they are playing like garbage...I'm watching. Also fantasy football does make all the other games waaaaaay more interesting. I run 8 teams(max allowed on one account) on yahoo every year.
  10. The team looks so damn snake bit..... Crap happens moments a plenty. #1 You know DJ Moore knows he has to wrap the ball and sometimes crap happens #2 Kicker who hasn't missed misses. crap happens #3 That backwards pass that could have possibly not been backwards but you can't tell because the tip ....crap happens.
  11. Definitely the best. Book one was hard to get into because of the odd world, but once you settled in it was good
  12. Currently reading Stormlight book 3 and waiting for James Islingtons 3rd book of the Licanius Trilogy ( Imo LT is WoT light in 3 books instead of 14 but no where near the depth of WoT and speaking of WoT.... Wheel of Time is a must for me. I do get the hate for the slow books (7-9)but 1-5 and a major scene from 6 are great and the story really gets back on track in books 10-14. The world is built better than most by far. Also Amazon is developing a WoT TV series in the vein of GoT, but it will probably be no where near as dark as GoT Little warning about the KKC's...... its been like 7 years since book 2? is there an end in sight?
  13. Looks like my fortnite marker is placed in tilted.
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