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  1. yep me and my bud rarely get a competent 3rd that was the point of this thread. I also think hot dropping is bad if your goal it winning. Its only good if your goal is to get a few kills a most likely die.
  2. Yeah I seen ya playing We played duo's last night won 2 finished second 3 times and played about 2-3 more games. In 2 of the 3 second place games my teammate went down leaving me 2 vs 1 both games I knocked 1 of the 2 and got good hits in the final 1 v1 but I was weak from fighting the other guy. We were so close to winning 4 or 5 outta 6. Each game was about 3 kill-ish 800-1200 dmg. All those Kraber shots Favorite game of the night was the last win we got. It was a master piece Caustic Ending. Skyhook the tall fence around the round middle building. We were on the lowside inside the fence. Last zone was there. I had 4 traps at the base of the fence and my gas bomb. The last team had to climb over the fence right above my traps and drop....was a very gas filled ending. Luckily the other team didnt have a caustic so I was the only person who could see anything. Fish in a barrel!
  3. My/ our play style is dependent on the situation/ mode. I personally prefer isolated landings. Avoiding combat unless there is an obvious advantage and lasting till there are only 2 squads left. That is our ranked strategy 90% of the time. Only 90 because sometimes peeps start slipping and tripping and snipe blasting in the middle of the map. As far as normal apex goes we play different ways. I'd say 70% of the time we land at moderate areas around 800/ 1000 m away from the drop ship but we do hot drops a good bit to. Really the hot drops happen if we get frustrated or are feeling really good. We like to land Tree, Overlook, Skyhook, Drillsite, Fissure, Refinery,and Geyser. We generally avoid Train yard, Sorting, capital on landing but they do happen. We go Dome every now and then but it seems like Dome and Skyhook can lead to some really crappy first zones. I have 2 discords and am admin on another which is my main/ part of a gaming group i'm a senior admin on. Also have 3-4 others who join us there from time to time and would prefer to stay there but I am not opposed to joining another. Origin name TbTeRRoR
  4. 200+ wins 1+ kdr over 1000 games season 3 4K+ since they started tracking. Play just about every night with a bud from Florida. We sometimes have a third but mostly just us 2. Mostly Wraith bud plays mostly lifeline. Would love a constant nightly 9pm-11pm ish 3rd who's not a prick and goes well with our play style and is not a total noob. Ranked season 2 we are gold 2 and 3 atm but we only play it when we have our third who is also a gold 2
  5. We shall use half trained / half wild velociraptors on offense tell me he doesn't remind you of this guy
  6. Oh you did? I want Newton back.....smh I think that was borderline racial
  7. I read the OP and a few first page posts............ but if you Think KA is the reason we lost to the skins......well your a either just plain ole dumb or a Newton Nut hugger. KA did not win us the game either, but the majority of the blame goes elsewhere. 2nd half dropped passes. Paper thin to non existant run defence......yeah I'm calling nut huggery on this one. I just got to do it. Can't wait for the offseason and a reset.
  8. yeah I got 30K worth of child support over 5 years and now 8k worth of lawyer fees for custody because she too damn crazy
  9. They could put Bill Callahan in at RB right now and be successful
  10. Can't say enough about the washington defense? Yep they gave our WR's stone hands and put skates on our OL
  11. We just had a positive play......so next play is a dropped pass, stuff run, sack, snap fumble, or play negated by penalty. Man I know Norv's playbook. (but I hope I'm wrong)
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