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  1. TbTeRRoR

    I hope we win by 40

    Everyone freaking about the draft picks...... I don't care if this causes us to pick 32nd overall. Fug the saints in their place trying to set their franchise record for wins..... Yes, fug them, their back-ups, their fans, and if you want us to lose this game then fug you to for a couple of more hours. We can be friends later.
  2. TbTeRRoR


    Been a Venom fan since my childhood of the late 80's and 90's. I thought the movie was good but I prefer the original origin story being a long time fan. One plot hole that irked me though was the Symbiotes are from a distant planet/ asteroid whatever, but they have Names in the English language from the get go.....strange Venom, Riot......yadda yadda
  3. "I feel like I'm getting better you know with all the reps with DJ and Samuel the starters you know... and funch" LoL they know
  4. TbTeRRoR

    You're the GM

    I'm the grammar police. You're not fooling me.
  5. TbTeRRoR

    Game last night

    Not saying I doubt what your saying I see it and believe it, but how many snaps does each player have? I mean that kind of matters. Is this a case of us having the who we have on the line already and/or is it that Ron plays vets over youth whenever possible? Or could just be the original fact that he's just not that good but sometimes you wonder. Lots of guys could flourish if they only had the snaps and I say that at any position.
  6. WTF is with all this until Reid BS. Since Reid came our defense has been shating the bed and I've just seen JAG performance from him just like most of the defense. I think he's better then what we had but still our problems are mostly with coverage because of our lack of pass rush.
  7. Our 3rd Quarters have all been historically Pathetic...so yeah lets defer.....
  8. Winston last week began running after a quick read not being open...... if we do not get interior push we a screwed on D this game
  9. TbTeRRoR

    Except us to come out strong

    I had high expectations... except for the title
  10. we've sucked in short yardage 9/10 plays if not 9.99/10 plays
  11. Am I the only one who thinks you stand a better change recovering a fumble after the initial guys hop on it and it squirts around..... I never got the he didn't jump crap. The ball popped out and he was waiting for it, unfortunately, it was to his left and then the illegal batting that wasn't called happened when he went for it. I as someone above stated it happens all time time especially around the line of scrimmage the initial scrum just kicks the ball back wards.