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  1. O_o @DavidGlennShow 2m2 minutes ago More Szoke: A lot is made of the impressive careers Ryan Kalil, Thomas Davis and Julius Peppers as they wind down, but I think the past two classes have developed well in practice. @DavidGlennShow 1m1 minute ago More Szoke: I talked to Marty Hurney yesterday about the last two draft classes, and the Panthers feel really good about the young talent on the roster.
  2. that is ridiculous He took over a team in cap hell, since arriving we have made POs 4 of 5 seasons, went 15-1 and SB in year 3, cap is manageable after year 5 and we still have our big franchise pieces. What more do you want from a GM?
  3. I'd try to look at it more as low contribution from 2015-17 drafts should not play any role in 2018 draft expectations as those were the relative NFL norm for playoff level type rosters. If 4-5 rookies beat out vets and contribute on a good team it should go a long way to long term roster strength. That is why people are excited, not because 15-17 dissapointed. And undrafted/free agent contributions should not be ignored. After all, this is a franchise whose pivotal moment came via an undrafted journeyman nobody QB handing off to a free agent RB. Just last season a 2014 UDFA became the highest paid guard in the league, if people want to be excited for an undrafted rookie OG, we shouldn't necessarily temper the enthusiasm.
  4. High number of rookie starters in a given year often correlates with trash rosters from the previous season Look at the best rankings from 2017... SFO CLE BUF NOR HOU What can we take from that in terms of identifying good futures are coming? absolutely nothing A better analysis is to look at long term starters on good, consistent, playoff level type teams. The best of the current era has to be the Seahawks in that 09-12 era. IIRC they only hit on like 2.5 starters per draft in a 3 year stretch which resulted in a roster strength driven mini dynasty (as opposed to QB driven dynasty).
  5. dksmith17

    Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    After watching Garrett's video on panthers.com... he is going to find his way on to the roster one way or the other IMO
  6. Is that Jeremy with the big grin right after the Olsen catch? http://a.video.nfl.com/films/2015/GAME_HIGHLIGHT/in-game-highlight/NFLCOM/REG/6/151018_cmp_ghl_olsen_26_yd_gw_td_320692_3200k.mp4
  7. In 2 drafts Gman has hit on virtually every position he has attacked except RB. He has had multiple rookie UDFAs turned into productive starters. Now we see a whole new rookie crop of RB/FB flash... with only Hurney regime, old RB/FBs in front of them. It would kind of be silly to have low expectations about CAP/Wegher/Ward at this point (not attempting to take anything away from Stewart + Tolbert)
  8. Anyone know? I'm not sure that I buy Todman being a lock mainly because he is our secondary KR.
  9. Has Wegher received any reps at KR in practice? He was a KR at Iowa IIRC
  10. Maybe I'm delusional but I'm holding out hope that Lee Ward makes the 53. I keep thinking about Gman's quote from camp confidential "don't worry about positions just take the best football players" Lee Ward screams football player to me. Tolbert is a UFA in 2016 and turns 30 in November. Maybe we try to give Ward a shot in game action to see if he is the future at FB.
  11. dksmith17

    Panthers Roster Projection Update

    I thought practice squad was 10 this year? it says 9 but I count 10 names
  12. I was trying to think of big WRs that were good after the catch and good in the short receiving game. Brandon Marshall was the first to come to mind. The Funchess vs Brandon Marshall comparison is interesting... Marshall H 6-4 W 229 40 4.56 vertical 37in broad jump 10ft 20 yd shuttle 4.31 3 cone 6.96 bench reps 17 Funchess H 6-4 W 232 40 pro day 4.47 and 4.53 vertical 38.5in broad jump 10ft1in 20 yd shuttle 4.48 3 cone 6.98 College production is almost the exact same with Funchess having one less year
  13. might want to skip this post if you don't want to read a serious rant and this might upset some but I think it is the elephant in the room so oh well... Beat reporters, and people in Zod's position, have a surprising amount of influence on organizations in this day in age. Similar to Gantt, when you have people in those positions focus on trolling and snark, and bypass honest, fair and knowledgeable football discussion... it can derail the direction of an organization more than many would like to admit. The fact that words like poo and fug are the 2 most uttered words here says quite a bit about what the focus here is. The fact that Zod's only approach to this thread is trolling, SCOREBOARD!, snark, is not a great sign that we are headed in the right direction either. JMHO
  14. sure Then again it was somewhat in reply to defensive expectations vs Miami. I do agree with the idea that type of transitive logic is dumb in today's NFL. Look at the other supposed elite D in the league - the chiefs, who looked like junk vs the Broncos last week. Elite defenses rarely if ever shutdown the elite offenses with the way the rules are anymore.