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  1. Hell yeah man. I'm an optimist so I never give up, always stay positive. Keep Pounding I say. Overall, do we still have a chance? Statistically, yes. We win out, we go 11-5 & end up with a wild card spot. Maybe even NFC South champs, if someone else will beat the Saints along with us. Now realistically, will we make the playoffs? At this point, probably not. Cam is on IR (& probably gone), Kyle Allen town is currently lost, our o-line is still trash, our D has given up & I'm not sure if Ron even cares anymore. He was actually smiling after Kyle Allen threw his 4th INT...not a good sign for the Panthers. I say our top priority now is to ruin playoff spots for the Saints, SeaCocks & Colts.
  2. You can tell in his dialogue he wants to say very badly "My O-line is trash!"
  3. I'm a Ron Rivera supporter, but if we lose to the Falcons then he's deserves to be canned. Punched in the balls too.
  4. A lot of y'all are not going to like this but as long as we finish the season with a winning record, Ron will be back next year. He's shown he can reach the playoffs consecutively ('13 - '15), not afraid to be ballsy when needed (unlike Fox), fire his own men or call his own plays & can come up with winning records with a healthy QB under roster. Hell, he even reached the SB in '15! Did any of y'all expect us to be that good? Didn't think so. He learned his lesson last year, starting with 6-2 & 1-7 afterwards. He knew he should've put Cam on IR right away & stick with Heineken or Kyle Allentown. Lastly, improving from a 0-2 start to 5-4 with a backup QB is rather impressive. Whether he stays or goes depends on how he finishes. But if he finishes with 9-7 or better, Tepper will give him one last shot. If he wants a new contract, he's definitely going to have to reach at least the NFC championship. Tepper wants to win now.
  5. He's doing fine. He's officially shown he's back to analytical Hurney & not so much emotionally dedicated Hurney, releasing old vets. Though signing TD back would've been a-ok with me. The guy's in the top 7 in tackles so far. Releasing Cam or not will definitely show whether Hurney is analytical Marty or emotional Marty.
  6. I'm sure Tepper would've loved to do the deal, especially after we went 6-2 last season. But after watching Cam get injured three times in 1 year, I'm sure Tepper is very concerned on Cam's health & would prefer to sign/draft someone younger & non-injury prone. Dan Graziano from ESPN made a very good point. If Kyle Allen performs well for the rest of this season the Panthers can do the following:
  7. CMC, Bradberry, Luke (b/c he always makes it) & Super Mario. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Allen makes it. Only b/c the higher rated QBs decline
  8. Sounds like my ex. Short, perky knockers, nice ghetto booty & wore nothing but a football jersey on weekends. And like you said, "good at...certain things". But was as sensitive as my penis head.
  9. Agreed 100%. Kyle Allen is still not starting QB material IMO, but he's getting there. Played a hell lot better yesterday than vs. the Niners I am very disappointed in our OL. I thought it would turn out to be a strength. This is why Cam is so banged up. We've had a good OL only twice in Cam's years ('13 & '15). Maybe three times if you'll count '17. I'm beginning to feel Little should just go ahead & retire. Having concussion after concussion is not healthy. Definitely draft another OT in '20. GVR will be gone after this year. We'll probably sign a vet & draft an OG in the draft. I'd say give Paradis one more year. It takes a long time to recover from fractured fibula (his season ending injury in '18). D-Jax is good, but he is not #1 CB material. Bradberry is, but he's also injury prone. Luke is all-pro in 4-3, but mediocre in 3-4. Seems like Shaq is better than Luke is when we're playing 3-4. Poe is a natural 3-4 run stuffer but that's it. McCoy can play both. I'm afraid switch between 4-3 & 3-4 is beginning to confuse our guys and/or wear them down, BIG time. Yeah, what the hell? Did we go for it b/c of the weather?
  10. True. But you're only looking at history here at Carolina. Look at his past performance as defensive coordinator before joining Carolina: 2004: 13th 2005: 2nd 2006: 3rd 2008: 15th 2009: 11th 2010: 10th That's pretty damn good. Before yesterday's game we were #1 in sacks. We're still #3 in Ints & #11 in pass D. Right now, our main concern is run defense. Fix the run defense = top 5 defense. Problem solved. The question is how?
  11. Agreed. He's been given the final play of the game twice now & he's gone 0-2. This time only inches short. Plus, he's tired, worn out & just froze his ass off. That's gotta hurt. But it may also mean he'll run with fire next week vs. the Falcons. And you know he HATES the Saints.
  12. What i'm worried about is "Can he play like this season after season"? Think back 10 years ago, 2009. The Ragin' Cajun' goes down Week 12 at 4-7 & we start using Matt Moore. Moore goes 4-1, we finish 8-8 & we decide it's time to release Jake & gamble with Moore. Here we are in 2010. We start Matt Moore @ QB, draft Jimmy Clausen for insurance & start a fresh season. What happens? Moore sucks, Jimmy can't play & we finish 2-14! Turns out to be a terrible decision. Kyle Allen is doing great so far, but is he worth the gamble? How do we know he'll play this well in '20? Yes, we'll save $19+ Mil but is he good enough releasing a QB whose high ceiling = MVP?
  13. I'd say CB or G. Bradberry & Jackson are almost unstoppable working together, but once one (or both) go down like yesterday, we're toast. Trevor Diggs (CB, Alabama) or Tyler Biadasz (G, Wisconsin) should help.
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