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  1. To Rhule, season 1 must be the suck. Thus, no such thing as tanking.
  2. That's what I've been thinking. Either go to the Foreskins or the Patriots & win a SB.
  3. We are not going to trade CMC, period. But if we did, I wouldn't take anything less than two 1st round picks AT LEAST.
  4. We didn't win with Jake either. SF didn't win with Jimmy G or Kaepernick. Buffalo didn't ever win with Jim Kelly. Philly didn't win with McNabb. I'm not bashing these guys, just stating facts! Doi!
  5. Bridgewater was SO SO good last year b/c he had 4 things: 1) All-Pro Bowl o-linemen 2) All-Pro WR 3) All-Pro RB 4) Genius of a head coach Out of those 4, how many do we have? Uno and he can't run & catch every single play. Tried it once last year & almost passed out.
  6. Oh well. Doesn't surprise me. You da man, Reid.
  7. Thing is the two sources are saying Agent Bus Cook was the one asking for the 5-year extension, not Cam. So it's possible Cam WANTED to sign the 2-year deal but Bus wanted to be a bitch (like Josh Norman's former agent from '16) & persuade him not to sign it. Result? Cam goes bye bye. Gotta be careful with who you pick as a sports agent.
  8. Healthy Cam = Playoff material Injured Cam = material So trading for him is pretty much a toss-up, & the way he's been playing since '15 (when healthy & has protection) it's worth a shot. But that's my opinion. Best we can get is a 4th rounder. Maybe a 2nd rounder if he wasn't so injury prone. It'll be either da Bears, Patriots or Foreskins.
  9. Meh. I'd rather have no expectations & play like than get my hopes up like we did for '18 & '19 & still play like
  10. Same. And I've been an anti-Pats fan since '03-04. But if he goes to Belichick, i'll root for him.
  11. He also lost to Dwayne Haskins in Week 13 of the 2019 season. Ouch.
  12. Lol funny she used a 9th grade biology term to describe Cam's experience as a Panther.
  13. 2010 again...maybe I can get a front row ticket for $5?
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