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  1. He was truly #1 pick material in '16, but never really the same after that season. No thanks.
  2. Even though I love the guy, we don't need CB that's gonna cost 8 mil/year.
  3. I'm totally cool with this one. This draft has loads of pass rushers & secondary players so we can address DE & S later in the draft.
  4. Eh. Even though I always enjoy prime time games, we usually stink up TNF & SNF games. We're not bad on MNF with Cam starting (4-2 since '11), but still. Less Carolina prime time games shows the NFL's respect for the Panthers. I mean come on, the Cleveland shitheads suddenly have 4?? All b/c OBJ-YN & Faker Mayfield??
  5. Ugh, fug the Patriots in the arse. So tired of Brady...
  6. Yes but Cam is going to have to have at least one Pro Bowl season, which i'm not that worried about. He was on fire until the Steeler's game. Oh, and we're going to need some damn protection!
  7. haha I meant Smith. I get my Torrey/Tori's get mixed up all the time
  8. Hogan's a very reliable guy. Reminds me a lot of Ricky Proehl '03 - '05. Thought it would make sense to do so, I don't think we're going to release Torrey Holt. We'll probably use him mostly as a burner (DJ & Samuel as #1 & 2#, Wright as #3 & Hogan in the slot).
  9. The life of a Panther will always be tough, player or fan. You know that.
  10. However, I could see us trading our 1st & 3rd round picks (16th & 77th) with Green Bay to get ahead of Atlanta & draft Montez Sweat. The more I watch him, the more I want him. Imagine using him along with Shaq T & Bruce Irvin as pass rushers & Luke watching the QB.
  11. And ask retiring players Ryan Kalil & Peppers to walk off the field for the last time as "losers"? No thanks.
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