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  1. He can play, just not 100% healthy yet. Physically & mentally.
  2. He retires. He's got 4 kids now (5 if you count his girlfriend's), his own business running in Atlanta, YouTube show, clothing line & has achieved everything a QB would want minus a SB ring. It's time.
  3. Haha true. Everyone wants Roof's head all of a sudden after one game. Before you know it, everyone will start yelling "FIRE DRINK"!
  4. Agreed. However, our offense was clicking in 2013, Cam was healthy & o-line could block. This season, it's the opposite.
  5. You and me both bro. He impressed me in preseason so I gambled & drafted him in my FF league. Nothing but double digits so far In other news, our PR Ray-Ray McCloud is beginning to amaze me. 6 returns with a 11.5 yd average (39 yards longest) is pretty damn good. He's 1st in yards returned & 4th in avg yards in the league.
  6. Very true. My point is right now, we suck. However, there's still chance we can still make playoffs & even win. Teams often start off like pansies but later find their manhood & win. '15 Texans start off 2-5, finish with 9-7 & make playoffs '18 Texans start off 0-3, finish off 11-5 & make playoffs '18 Eagles start off 4-6, finish off 9-7 & make playoffs '11 Giants did start off 3-1, later result 6-6 by week 13 but finish winning the SB with a 9-7 record. So right now it's anyone's game.
  7. Bingo. '07 & '11 Giants looked like poo & still won SB. Last year we went 6-2 & went downhill from there, so ya never know. I try not to care too much about the first few games of the season. Sucks to lose but it happens. Today we mourn, tomorrow we move on.
  8. Appstate & ECU on Saturdays. I don't watch specific "other teams" on Sundays. Just players who are on my fantasy & DraftKing line-ups.
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