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  1. Uh huh we allowed the most sacks & 6th most QB hits. That's worse than "supposedly trash".
  2. Thank god. We're already loaded at OLBs. Good at RB & WRs. I say take a Jerry Jones approach: draft OL after OL after OL.
  3. Did you not watch the games? Yes, Paradis was butt. Same for Williams & Turner. We're still not sure whether Little can stay healthy or not (multiple concussions) & Daley was only ok, as a rookie. Really, the only good o-lineman was Moton & he's still developing.
  4. Never, bwahaha. We tried to make quick plays with a porous o-line last year. Didn't work. Didn't look so great with Matt Kalil & rookies/pickup vets @ LT in '17 & '18. More than half of Super Bowl teams have a strong o-line. Jeudy would be fantastic to the team, but how the hell are we going to give him the ball w/o any pass protection?
  5. Our o-line hasn't looked phenomenal since '15 & last year was no exception.
  6. This season is going to be a lot like Ron's 1st season in 2011 (i.e. possible new QB, new staff, lots of CAP space, top 10 draft pick). I'd give him 3-4 years.
  7. In '12, Alex Smith was traded to the Chiefs for a 2nd-rounder & a conditional pick after a pro bowl season. He was traded again in '18 to the Foreskins for a 3rd-rounder. Again, it was after a pro bowl season. In '19, Flacco was traded to the Broncos for a 4th-rounder. Flacco had been injury prone & not so hot for the previous 2 seasons. In '06, Dante Culpepper was traded to the Dolphins for a 2nd-rounder. Culpepper was recovering from ACL, MCL & PCL injuries. IMO, there is no way in hell a team is going to trade a 1st-rounder for Cam, despite being a former MVP QB. He's been injury prone for the past two seasons & is still recovering. The best we could possibly do is a 3rd-rounder & a 7th-rounder, just like we did with the Bills when we traded Benji. Unless we trade up for a quality QB who could play right away (Joe Burrow?), keeping Cam for a one year audition is our best option. If Cam stays, Olsen will stay. Same for lots of useful FAs such as McCoy, Boston & Super Mario. They LOVE Cam. But if Cam goes, they'll all go.
  8. He's a pro at drafting All-Pros in the 1st round. Free agency? He's so-so 2nd rounders? HELL no. Rebuilding the team back up? It's a toss up.
  9. He's not coming back. He's enjoying it too much in NOLA.
  10. At least Cam went 1-1 in his first 2 playoff games. Jackson's only 0-2. That ain't good.
  11. Thought so. I remember hearing rumors years ago about Arians talking trash to Cam right before 2016 NFC Championship halftime. Pissed him off enough to give a motivational speech to the team.
  12. Wah Wah Wah Whatever. If this "NFC Coach" isn't willing to identify himself after saying all this, then he's nothing but a whiney bitch. Sounds like Bruce Arians IMO
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