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  1. Awesome dude. Never had a problem being a back-up. Totally impressed me in '03 when he stepped in for the Cardinals & knocked the oh-so-good Vikings out of playoff race: http://www.nfl.com/videos/arizona-cardinals/09000d5d82a24851/McCown-s-epic-TD-knocks-Vikes-out-of-playoffs-in-03
  2. I would change the first one to 1) Receivers must make plays. We don't necessarily need a breakout pass catcher, just need for our receiving corps to catch & score. Our "breakout pass catcher" in '15 was gone by training camp (Benji) & everyone thought we were done...NOPE. Our receivers simply stepped up, caught & scored. Ted Ginn Jr. (traitor) & Philly Brown had speed, Jerricho CLUTCHery had hands, Funchess began to shine at the end & of course there's always ol' reliable Greg Olsen. But the rest sound accurate. Gotta protect Cam, O-line & Cam must stay healthy, Defense must get better.
  3. I can almost guarantee you the 2019 Saints are going to be next year's All or Nothing team. We must make sure they suck Panther penis
  4. They will definitely be used as 4-3 DEs, MAYBE an OLB in 3-4. It will all come down to training camp & preseason. Who fits & performs the best? We shall see.
  5. Honestly, I try not to get my hopes up until at least midseason. I thought we were SB material in '06, '09, '12 & '16. And you saw how those seasons turned out.
  6. You chose a Jason Aldean concert over a Panthers game? WTF man?! J/k. I'm super hyped for this season. We gonna be good.
  7. I wouldn't declare him the BEST GM in Panthers history just yet, but he's getting there. This season will truly show just how good of a GM he really is. Then again, he's drafted a pro bowler almost every season (none from '04 & '09). You can't beat his '01 draft class; 3 pro bowlers back-to-back-to-back?! With one of him surely becoming an NFL HOFer. Smarty Marty After 2 years, it's beginning to look like he really did learn his lesson after all.
  8. I'm an anti-Kevin Durant fan only b/c he roots for the Washington Foreskins, but that's one hell of an injury. I feel bad for the guy. Feel better KD
  9. Thank God i'm not the only one. My attention span is much much shorter than it was 10 years ago (senior year in college). That's why I've joined a book club recently; get back into reading, calm down & stop scanning articles so much. I was afraid I was losing my mind...or am I?
  10. Mmmm. Just imagine: McCoy, Poe & KK in the front Burns/Irvin, Luke, Shaq & Mario @ LB Reid, Bradberry & Action Jackson in the back. This gonna be sweet
  11. I'm happy for the guy. Hope he recovers well & earns the money he's signed for. IMO, it's all about time together & injuries, injuries & injuries. During 3 of our most successful seasons ('03, '08, '15), we succeeded with an injury-free O-line. When you think about past SB contenders/champs, you realize: The FalCunts made it to the SB with an injury-free O-line in '16. Eagles won the SB with an injury-free O-line in '17 (except for Peters) Rams made it to the SB with an injury-free O-line last year.
  12. Very true. Careless mistake by #1. Besides, who needs Oiko's? Chobani is much better.
  13. I know right? Jourdan gains a job at ESPNW & Cam loses Oiko's sponsorship. Swell.
  14. Oh i'm sure. My wife & I are about to separate & possibly divorce, so I've been looking at jobs outside NC. Now I'm not so sure I want to.
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