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  1. As of now the Senior Bowl is still on, invites are being sent out and Jim Nagy is beginning his yearly hype of the event on Twitter. NFLPA Bowl is canceled, but the NFLPA planning something virtual to allow for selected players to interact with scouts. 2021 East-West Shrine Game is also canceled. No word on them doing anything similar to the NFLPA.
  2. Igo has got to stop endorsing Carolina players man. That poo is bad mojo
  3. Isn't Snow the one who mentioned this? Since he is the one that said it, not Hurney, I feel like Rhule was on-board since Snow is one of his guys and knows Rhule well.
  4. Gotta be Grier. 3rd round pick, one more shot to evaluate before giving up on him.
  5. If I'm Trey Lance, I would be raging right now. Lawrence and Fields are solidifying their rank and now guys like Trask and Wilson are making a case for 3rd ranked QB while Lance can only watch and train for the Combine with only tape from one mediocre game in 2020.
  6. Zach Wilson does seem like a QB Hurney would fall in love with lol
  7. Pretty much the same thing as last year with Kyle Allen. Pandemic so no one knew anything about our team and coaching staff. We start off decent as a result, then as teams starts getting film on us and figuring us out, we don't have anybody that can breakout against any gameplan.
  8. Every year, there is a QB that steadily jumps up in the projections through the season. With Lance not playing but one game, it looks like D'Eriq King and KJ Costello are those players that will potentially place themselves into QB3 should they continue to play well.
  9. You know what we should do? Put Curtis Samuel there and see how it works. Maybe not the full CMC playbook, but most of it. Might as well.
  10. If he continues this play, he'll either re-sign with NE or go where ever McDaniels go (if Belicheck retires, McDaniels will be the shoo-in anyway).
  11. Cam was no.2 last week after a respectable game, so he's definitely probably gonna be no.1 this week. But ignore that, Cam was too decisive, Panthers' fanbase is "growing" now.
  12. I don't post here as often as I used to. . . people here were saying this dumb poo???
  13. He's Alex Smith. And there's nothing wrong with that! If we had a good team, I would be fine with Bridgewater as QB bc I know he wouldn't fug anything up.
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