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  1. I remember when there was a rumor that we were going to sign Kerry Rhodes, but backed off bc some video popped up on the internet with him looking romantic with another dude. Steve Smith was asked about it on a radio show and gave some awkward ass answer.
  2. That Jim Harbaugh, during his short time with in team, had such a bad experience that he advised Andrew Luck to stay in school in school to avoid getting drafted. Oliver Luck has to come on to local radio and deny this one since it got so loud. All the 'Bill Cowher to Carolina?' from 2008 to like 2013
  3. It's to get 365 day use out of the stadium. Basketball tourney's, concert, etc. year round.
  4. Surprised we haven't brought in a 4th QB.
  5. LOL Sam Franklin is that dude that got scored on by Dazz Newsome during the Military Bowl and got hype with him.
  6. Charlotte we in here! Congrats Alex Highsmith. Let's get Cameron Clark and Benny McMay off the board tomorrow.
  7. Rhule is gonna want Mims or Matt Hennessy, I bet.
  8. The rest of the roster says otherwise. You don't say that most of the roster is available for trade discussion and expect to be competitive next season.
  9. I don't understand why people misconstrue what tanking is all the time. It's not the players intentionally half-assing it. It's the owner/front office dumping talent for future return (picks, cap) and intentionally trotting out inferior and/or young players on gameday for high picks in the next draft. The most prominent example are the 76ers. The players were playing hard, but they simply didn't have the talent to compete, and that was by design. Same thing the Dolphins did last year in their attempt (though they began to win some games halfway thru the season). That's tanking and that looks like what the Panthers are doing.
  10. I knew the moment that that fake report was posted here that some of y'all were going to try and bring it up as fact later and will continue to do so years down the road.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Samuel is traded, but it won't be because we signed this dude lol
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