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  1. Duarte was projected to be a mid round pick in 2016. Fell into the 7th. The issue is that he was a tweener WR/TE at UCLA and has to play TE in the NFL. So, I guess the transition (particularly blocking) has been an issue. Hopefully, the added game time in the AAF has helped him and maybe he can beat out Manhertz. The coaches really love Manhertz tho lol
  2. These are the only ones released so far, expect that number to at least quadruple according to the Martin County Sheriff.
  3. I also want to mention, this is one of the things that annoys me about the NFL. You have this promising league that wants to compliment the NFL. It gives players an out to join the NFL mid-contract. NFL league officials talk on and on every year about needing a developmental league to further assist players on adjusting from college spread to the pros (and they do need it, especially QBs and OL). They get one in the AAF. NFL coaches and GMs verbally express the usefulness. Hell, Sean McVay referred Luis Perez to the league. Now, there were a quarter of the league inquiring about plucking Perez from the Iron and there were NFL scouts on the sidelines of games. Garrett Gilbert will also likely be a one-and-done. Yet through all that, the NFL doesn't want to put anything into the league financially themselves. I hope that changes if this season remains a successful, but the NFL expects better players for free.
  4. This guys are starting a whole new league, backing from a few NFL players is just a drop in the bucket with what is necessary.
  5. Charles Johnson (the WR) has 193 on 7 receptions playing for the same team. Too bad he got hurt before he could prove whether he would have been a good Ginn replacement or not. I love the league so far. I hope it sticks. If they put a team in Raleigh, I would go. Out of the QBs, I think Luis Perez and Gilbert will be in the NFL next year.
  6. This league has the tools to last in terms of network deals and executive, but they'll need to find some QBs and o-lineman to keep viewers.
  7. He'll probably just promote Cotchery. He's still an assistant, right?
  8. Somebody with Twitter shout out Leicester City!
  9. There is no clear view of the ball hitting the ground, correct call.
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