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  1. apparently they did face scans at the pro bowl and Olsen missed it and they haven’t asked him since are you suggesting they should try and contact Olsen and get it right? or maybe do a tiny bit of work and create it from photos? I mean thats asking far too much for a company that has zero competition
  2. Everything you said I can positively get on board with except.... Cam is stronger than ever? I’m not sure how this is possible to know at this point or really until the end of the season to see him hold up long term. I am actually pretty concerned about TE play. A rookie coming off an injury, who I think is overrated here anyways. And Olsen has been worthless/retired/injured for the past few years and it’s obvious at this point he’s just collecting his Hurney-fan-favorite check at this point. Very little reason to think he’s going to produce at an above average level.
  3. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Head slightly south to Kiawah Island. Might even find a plantation.
  4. Doesn’t need to be a pro bowler just solid. Chris Gamble never made the pro bowl but held it down well enough without any help, I could see Bradberry in that role if he gets a little faster and little more discipline. Plus he has the help of Jackson.
  5. On topic, apparently Kalil has actually had a solid camp performance and only struggles vs. Watt, which anyone would. If that translates to game time however is yet to be seen. If he works and tries really really hard and musters up all his strength and will to care and is indeed healthy and dabs a tad into PED’s he might work up to being average.
  6. Answer is all of the above. Running Cam like he’s the Bus 2.0 instead of our franchise QB, poor oline protection every other year didn’t help, Cam holding on the the ball too long trying to make a play have all contributed. 2015 is still his best year. He did have arguable the best oline in the NFL that year however he also didn’t hold on to the ball and rarely stared anyone down. If the play wasn’t there he’d dump it off or throw it away. I never though he didn’t have weapons because he’s better than a Matt Ryan needing a Julio. A consistent oline and smarter decision making will give the Panthers a top 5 offense.
  7. Cam is the franchise, Grier is a third round pick battling for a back up spot. Isn’t it obvious that’s why people are less critical of Grier?
  8. I’d say the oline and WRs have been the most neglected positions of the franchise. Followed closely by QB.
  9. Uh we kept Kalil too long, he never should have been extended in 2016. Sure he has a great 2015 year thanks to help from the second best oline in the NFL that year, but he was under contract until 2017. He was worthless in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In fact, when Larsen replaces him there was no drop off stat and play wise. Had the Panther kept his current contract and made him prove it in 2017 to earn a new one he would’ve saved the Panthers a lot of money. He was already showing signs of shoulder/neck injury during the 2016 offseason. Not to mention the influence he probably had on JR to sign his brother. Was Gettleman’s biggest anomaly of a signing during his time here. Wonder why? You could say he was signed for his intangibles but that’s a lot of money to help Cam call plays and tell the oline where to sign up, things we shouldn’t be paying anyone for. All in all he pretty much fleeced the Panthers for 3 years of being one of the highest paid centers in the league and I think the Panthers could’ve played it smarter. But I agree with Davis. Great timing and was impressed we actually moved on.
  10. God no. He’s done, he’s just getting paid. He’s financially crippled the Panthers for the last 3 years why the hell would you want him back?
  11. He’s been washed for several years now. He got a few years of hurney-fan-favorite free money here might as well get it somewhere else.
  12. This pretty much describes my life as a whole...well done
  13. I love when people get mad at things like this. Do you guys have ANY clue what your taxes are currently going towards? A new stadium is very VERY far down on that list of things you pay for to get mad about. In fact, in comparison to the bullshit I’m already paying for with my taxes, a stadium for my favorite team is a good thing.
  14. The best? Wow? You’re not at all curious what results he’s going to bring regarding the Panthers team? Talk about optimism.
  15. Man you guys get carried away with players during training camp... I see Grier as a Journeyman QB but we will see. He may replace that one, literally, single fan in the stadium who wanted to bench cam for da when cam was healthy. Other than knee jerk sarcastic remarks in game day thread I don’t see it here either. I’m lost as to where these cam haters are per usual.
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