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  1. Asheville can be done in 24 hours. The Biltmore estate is worth checking out. Ashville’s weather is great and views are too and the beer selection is top notch as well. The orange peel may host a good band time to time. Other than that (and great outdoor camping sites) there is little to do. It’s a very small liberal/touristy City that appeals to younger crowds but overrated and extremely overpriced in my opinion, but to each their own.
  2. Not much has changed in 16 years in Charlotte besides more traffic, more construction and more condos and business buildings. As someone who used to work closely with health inspectors and had a behind the scenes look at many bojangles, I’d highly recommend NOT going there. It’s a miracle they’re still in operation. It’s a business city so it terms of entertainment and things to do it’s severely lacking compared to other cities but compared to Kentucky there may be a lot more to do (besides bourbon tours and horses), I lived in Lexington for a while myself. I’d suggest Romare Bearden Park which is near the knights stadium, which is nice as well to catch a game. There is a Mellow Mushroom right by that area that is cheap and very good. White water center is really fun as well and definitely worth checking out if you like outdoors stuff (hiking, rafting, kayak, canoe) or just walk around in an outdoor park and enjoy beer and free live shows at night and is very affordable. Cherokee Casino is pretty much on your way here and is worth stopping at if you leave early. Crowders mountain is a nice hike for incredible views. Lake Norman is good for boating and the lake. Epi center is good for movies, bowling and a little night life in one. If you like nightlife I’d suggest Thomas street, south end near all American and Slate, and all along 5th street downtown is where the nightlife is. Capital Grille is my favorite restaurant downtown but it’s very expensive. I do love the sushi in Charlotte. Pieces sushi is my favorite but Ru Sans and Seoul are good as well. Down in south Charlotte there is a Teds Montana grill, I think they’re only in NC and GA and they have an excellent menu. Their bison prime rib is hands down the best prime rib you’ll ever have. Not much else in that area though. If I were you and want to impress I’d go to Fahrenheit. It’s a restaurant on top of a hotel right downtown and has amazing views of Charlotte you won’t forget to enjoy while you eat. It’s also pretty expensive. It’s walking distance from Epi center. The best pool hall in my experience in the Charlotte area is Rack em in Matthews. Tons of full size tables and huge bar. Not much else to do in the area though. Not a fan of golf, but Top Golf down south Tryon southwest of the city is very fun. There is always Carowinds which I must say has gotten much better in the last 15 years, and the newer Fury rollercoaster is a must (coming from someone who’s been to all major theme parks in America). For shopping, I suggest South Park mall, which is a little higher end, but has good places to eat nearby like the Cowfish. Otherwise I’d go to concord mills mall, very large, great movie theatre and a very large Dave and busters that has food, games, bowling, pool, something for everyone. There may be a concert or show PNC pavilion usually has something going on, though it’s not near anything else. The Fillmore, comedy club and Charlotte metro credit union are downtown and might have a show going on. They’re near nightlife as well like Label. Also near VBGB, a nice garden bar with volleyball. All are walking distance to one another. That area is north downtown but very close to center city. I’d call in advance for reservations as a lot of these places are busy and some require reservations. Hope I have you some ideas.
  3. Define ‘solid’ oline? Ease up on the online talk...it’s not reality. 2010 and 2012 o lines had the same rankings as 2008; they were identical. 2015 had better rankings across the board by any metric than 2008, and was the best ranked oline in Panther’s history. Although an offensive lines duties in 2000 for example compared to now are different. Aside from 2 years from 2008 the Panthers have fielded at least an average, and more often above average oline. The o line wasn’t better but it was much more consistent. And if you want to talk specific positions on the oline, there’s merit to that. Also, I’d argue we had better blocking TEs and WRs back then
  4. Our QB is the top rusher, Panthers design plays for him 3rd and 1 or at the goal line. For 8 years the Panthers have relied on that and not put any resources in finding an alternative. He is the Panthers tough yardage battering ram, and you guys are worried about a couple blocks? The FO and coaches have taken advantage of his size and toughness but injuries catch up for all men, big and small. I would question the use of Cam by the FO before questioning Cam’s thinking on a couple blocks.
  5. It wouldn’t matter. They aren’t embarrassed or ashamed and can’t mentally comprehend why what they did is wrong. It’s the same thing as my grandfather in law who says along the lines of the same things. On the bright side, people like this are dying out.
  6. lol come on bro, two months ago it would have been m kalil and that contract was probably the worst in the NFL KK has not been worth his contract by any metric you could possible argue for
  7. I wonder how Luke would match up against cmc in gametime
  8. Tickets go on sale ($5), this Friday July 12th at 10am, limit 6 per purchase.The event is August 2nd at 7pm, doors open at 6pm. Who’s going? I’ve been before and it won’t blow your mind but for $5, if you’re bored, it’s cheap and something to do. https://www.panthers.com/schedule/fan-fest
  9. Don't bother. This place becomes closer to the Saints report bitching about this poo day by day... He means he thinks Watt lead with his helmet into cam's. This board was livid after it happened, I thought I was at saintsreport Clearly he went arms first and for the football. It was a great, clean hit and play and people here would agree with you had it been KK and not Watt
  10. Panthers Oline rank according to PFF since Cam's career; 2011 - 7th 2012 - 27th 2013 - 7th 2014 - 22nd 2015 - 2nd 2016 - 17th 2017 - 10th 2018 - 17th Average rated oline over Cam's career: 13th (16th is 'average'). I think it's suffice to say there are a lot of over reactors on this forum about the offensive line. No doubt there have been some real bad players and dumb moves (or lack thereof) by the FO, but all in all some teams (19 out of 32 to be exact) have averaged worse olines in the league than the Panthers since 2011. It's not too shabby, especially if you consider than these measurements are skewed by QBs like Brady and Brees who always have higher graded offensive lines due to the fact of how quickly they get rid of the ball. I will also say that going back 15 years worth of superbowls it was very very rare either team had an oline ranked below 10, showing just how important an offensive line is. A miserable fun fact: the 2015 Broncos were the most recent of one of those very rare examples and were ranked 20th.
  11. The oline will be fine. And really has been since the super bowl run (2015 -2nd, 2016- 17th, 2017-10th, 2018-17th) , though consistency is what they struggle with. Not every team is going to have an elite top 5 oline. So if the statistics say we're in the top half of the league (we average #11 best oline in the league since 2015), we are doing well. PFF even predicts we will have the 10TH best oline in the league at least and possibly much higher (https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-entering-2019). I want to see Cam's improved throwing motion and a strong shoulder. Better at reading the field and getting out quick. It would be nice to see Cam not be called to gain the tough yardage. Along with Cam, the Dline is the biggest question mark. On paper they're great but (mainly) KK and Poe needs to play better. KK needs to play MUCH better. I think relying on a rookie will set you up for big disappointment. The rookies will thrive if the vets do, and they're certainly paid to achieve. It's sad to think how much production we got from them last year considering the % of money from the cap they took. To me those are the big ones but others; The safety positions are not a question mark. They have been horrible and Reid has been average, when he is looking his best. I'd like to see how well he will play with an offseason being in the league. I'd bet het comes back better than average, he is the disciplined type. Another match up I'd look for is Moore. The number one WR picked in the 2018 has high expectations. I expect Jackson in his second year, and Bradberry to look average or slightly above, and even good if the dlone preforms. That is how our system was built to work.
  12. Guys, I had this great idea the other day. I think it would look amazing and can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet. Stay with me...just think... black. helmets.
  13. I used to say stuff like this, now I dislike advice like this. I realized the human connection and personal relationships are just too complex for it. You just never know who might be your best match, if you have one, and to that I say have an open mind or you might miss out. My one and only true advice for the dating world is to take it slow and figure yourself out. Interact with as many people similar or different than yourself. American, foreign. Even if you might not think you’ll like it, do it. The more you do that the quicker you’ll figure yourself out, or maybe not I have learned the hard way, and taken a lot of time figuring myself out. And some people never do and that’s ok. It’s ok to realize you are happier alone. We aren’t all in this box of happiness relying in a relationship. Fact of the matter is saying we’re trying to ‘find a person we truly want’ is not as simple as the sentiment itself. Tale your time, go through the motions. Listen to yourself. Do not ever been pressured to make a decision or choice and if you are move on. But above all learn yourself and what you want. That takes time for everyone and I can tell you right now in your 20s, you don’t know what that is yet I believe no one does until later in life. I believe it takes years and years to learn that. And there is proof. People choosing to get married or stay single around the mid/late thirties, rarely regret their decisions, financially more successful, better prepared for things like children OR no children, have strong commitments and are happiest. People rushing to decisions are unhappiest and regret their decisions. Shown by many factors (cheating, divorce, break ups) and the majority of this group are largely people making these decisions before maturing in life. The differences are so drastic but are ignored because we as humans are weak to emotions telling us otherwise, that we are different. But...we’re not. Focus and learn yourself and realize no matter what your mind says now it’s not ready. Allow yourself to mentality mature and realize that what will make you happy will always be there for you in the end when you figure it out.
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