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  1. Lumps

    How many Qb’s go before #16

    Every year people reach for Qbs. I'd say AT LEAST 2, would bet on 3. If it wasn't such a shitty QB class I'd say 4-5
  2. Wonder if the 3-4 was Rivera’s decision and preference. Seems like it is since he is completely taking over the defense this year. 4-3 in the past might have been just because the DC at the time wanted it. I don’t see Butler being a nose tackle. He has the size but doesn’t demand the respect of a double team. KK could, but he’s probably better rushing on his own and that’s if he gets his head out of his ass. Going full on 3-4, still need important pieces and if Rivera is on thin ice to preform I tend to believe he won’t be going full on 3-4 without the personnel.
  3. I guess I can’t prove how much of a joke you are better than you can. Well played, I give up.
  4. For someone defending judgment based on generalizations you sure are a hypocrite.
  5. Rivera is a players coach in the sense he played the game too and from that standpoint players are going to respect him. He understands the game not only from a coaches perspective but from a players. I've never blamed Rivera for holding players accountable. Those are his strengths. Since no one's perfect, his issue comes from not holding himself accountable. This is evident by his weaknesses staying the same, every year. He doesn't improve in these areas from a lack a personal accountability. When you start Amini over Norwell to protect Cam, or when you run out of time or timeouts then turn around and say it was an execution problem, you're basically just saying, it wasn't you which in turn guarantees it'll happen again. And it does.
  6. What? A 4m 3-4 pass rusher doesn’t fix our need for QB pressure. As far as I’m concerned KK has checked out and Poe isn’t worth mentioning. Our rush was horrendous last year. If you want to compete Dline isn’t an option. It’s still DE.
  7. Moore wasn't brought in because he was 'ready', (and neither was Norwell) he was brought in because Rivera had no choice due to injury PER USUAL. And yea, that's a shitty philosophy. And proven it was shitty time and time again. It's Rivera's weakness and shows time and time again with rookies vs. vets. I mean I'm really not sure what you're trying to argue the facts and history are there, at the end of the day it's obvious Moore (and past players) should have not been on the bench.
  8. Smith and Funchess were dropping balls as well...as vets, don't see much of an argument. As far as routes, plenty of teams in the NFL use rookie WRs, especially the first one taken off the board. Why are the Panthers different? You're right, we have no reason to be skeptical about the talent Rivera has around him he doesn't see. There isn't like a 9 year span of awful talent evaluation.
  9. He then followed that up with: Well, first of all, I have to wonder if Rivera isn’t a PFF Elite member, based on his reference to Moore’s yards-after-the-catch numbers (which subscribers can access for themselves here.) Rivera was right – among all 93 wide receivers to see at least 40 targets, Moore ranked second (behind only Dante Pettis) in yards after the catch per reception (7.91). Soooooooo why didn’t finding ways to get the ball in his hands include playing Funchess and Smith over him last year? Better question....why the fug was the first receiver taken overall in the 2018 draft even sitting on the bench?
  10. Meh I’m not going to knock Elways just because we signed Paradis. Injury in the legs is a legitimate concern for big men and I’m not going to be a douche and act like I’m not worried. Elway fielded a team to beat one of the best teams of all time, the 15-1 Panthers. Not saying he’s a great GM but sure let’s do the whole but this but that bit because you guys are salty. I hope he can bounce back and be a solid player because if he can’t the Panthers really need to evaluate their ability to find a quality oline without giving out worthless contracts. Yep another real talk post that’ll get shitted from niaeve fans.
  11. Means little, the same can be said for any good/great player. Fact is, his earliest years were his best, post Cam, aside from one good year. Since 2013, he’s had ONE good year. One. That was 6 years ago. After that the only film of him is on the sidelines. I get it, he’s a fan favorite but we can’t live in 2015 forever with this team. He should have been cut in 2017.
  12. Kalil had one great year and it was an anomaly. He was not consistent. I don’t understand his ratings for 3-4 games either, he was injured, I’d rather have a consistent player than a fan favorite eating cap space sitting on the bench. So yes, Paradis is a little better. Kalil is grossly overrated by Panther fans. His biggest plus wasn’t his play it was his intangibles, ability to get the oline to gel and reminding people where to be and what the play is. Same with Olsen. Hopefully after a decade we don’t need to keep players over their worth simply to remind other players what the play call is.
  13. Size has nothing and I mean nothing to do with a street fight. And just to add, in a street fight, 9/10 the aggressor gets their ass whooped.
  14. My mom is a nutrition ‘expert’ and certified and has been since the 80s. She’s guided me on all my habits and expletives. She’s told me things have changed so much and continue to do so. For this reason, she agrees there are no experts, only ‘timed advice’. Good advice you can get for the time it was given that’s it. And even then it can be wrong. Only 60 years ago cigarettes were claimed by all the ‘experts’ as healthy. They don’t know everything and I’d highly advise not always trusting an ‘expert’.
  15. DNA is not the full picture and even a .01 percent of something as complex as DNA is huge. DNA is not the whole picture though. Activity level for one, genetics, allergic reactions, cirsumstances, stage of life (childhood, adolescence) etc. All these things matter. Saying broccoli is better than steak and cheese and so forth is scratching the surface of nutrition. It’s basic knowledge. No one is saying eat steak and cheese everyday all day. Hopefully most are past that. A child starving for years will benefit from steak and cheese FAR more than broccoli and soy will destroy a lot of people with allergies. If you’re running marathons and eating the same exact thing as someone else that’s healthy that runs a mile a day, you will fatigue and your hormones will not be balanced. Telling someone who lifts weights the body only needs 80g pf protein a day, will get that person injured. Telling a pregnant woman that there is a one diet fits all for people will surely cause some sort of defiency. And that’s the point. Basic knowledge from a 5th grade health class tells you what’s healthy but that doesn’t mean there’s a ‘one diet fits all’ for everyone, in fact if you want to really get into someone’s exact, unique diet that’s healthy for their body and circumstances, everyone’s would be very different from one another.