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  1. Lol this is so dumb put a chip in the ball and laser over the field, put a ref in a booth with tvs and replay to make calls lets pretend it’s nearing 2020 and we know better than relying on 80 year old refs jogging around past their bed time trying to remember where they parked
  2. yea pussy move faking a punt on the 40 13-0 then going on to win the game... good thing we don’t have such as pussy as our HC
  3. Hmmmmm, this isn’t right. What excuse will the tin foil hat crowd make for this one. I’m ready to be entertained.
  4. Actually, in reality, most fans were very optimistic about Cam and the Panthers after the Steelers and the Lions. Fans were a little weary after the Seahawks but still supportive and optimistic, and then the Bucs and Browns showed us we simply weren’t going anywhere with the state of Cam despite a defense exhausted from being on the field for 45 minutes a game, offense and defense to blame for that. Hell even the Saints home game at the end when we had a 3% chance Charlotte and the stadium were in full force. Of course I’m talking as a fan in Charlotte, going to every game but also even on this site. I’m not in some bubble swallowing the media BS, financially supporting them, and paying attention to random, Debbie downer minority poster troll fans claiming them to be the rule of this fan base. For those obviously not fans since pre-2008, this fan base has actually come a long long way and it’s plain stupid to complain about it.
  5. Lol if I was actually paid for all the bets I’ve won on here, I’d buy the site and ban him myself much easier to make a dumb prediction without having to back it up who wants to bet me $50 right now another stupid thread will be created in a month, hell I’ll include the OP
  6. What? How can Cam possibly continue with the same shoulder we saw in 2018, ie no surgery?
  7. This is a hit or miss season and as I have explained to the knee jerk posters, Cam is a HUGE supporting factor in why River and Hurney are being retained. Miss this season and get a good draft pick for a qb in a class that’s light years ahead of this one. Hit (deep playoffs with Cam) and let Rivera finish out his contract. It’s important to know what is happening with our qb position when it comes to coaching and drafting and ultimately starting over.
  8. looks like mommy’s iPad fell out of her purse again
  9. Lumps

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    people claiming to have sources should be banned
  10. Lumps

    Defense wins championships...

    The NFL has never been more pro offense that it has become now and we see it before us. A defense is a must but being able to score points in a short time frame is more important in this day and age. I feel the ability to get defensive turnovers are more important then everything though. Even a shitty defense only needs to get one turnover to win a game with an elite offense. That comes from the Dline. The Dline and pass rush always makes the difference. You must have one to compete period. There is no getting around it. Unfortunately, the Panthers don’t have one.
  11. At most Norv will last until Ron’s last season in 2020. He’s with Rivera who barring a great, miracle season in 2019 will be gone next year. I’d bet anyone $50.00 right now if Rivera has a losing season next year Tepper will replace the coaching and GM.
  12. You guys are comparing hypotheticals that are meaningless. I think we can all agree Cam and Luck have not been blessed with the best organizations (FOs) in football and that has contributed more than anything to them both not reaching or being used to their full potential.
  13. Could be true of Tepper but at this point we simply don’t know and people don’t like that...they want to know and want to know now, regardless of evidence. History and religion teaches us the unknown is man’s biggest fear, naturally terrifies people to the point of war and denile. Unfortunately, that isn’t how the process works, it takes time to know and understand where this franchise is going and we will all just have to wait and see.
  14. Lumps

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    Charlotte isn’t a sports city. It isn’t even an attraction to anyone not raising a family in the south who want a city but small town feel, and businessman/bankers. No one comes here for any reason...maybe NASCAR and to that I lol. This is the culture of Charlotte and more so the one JR embraced. PSL owners are old retired people and business owners...not so much die hard fans You’re not going to get the same kind of media/coverage like a big sports city. These people are family and don’t want to hurt feelings and if that ever changes it’ll be a while...a super bowl win would help speed things up.