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  1. Just looking at the guys surrounding KKs contract (over him and under him) in year 2018 alone we have (not including Donald but we should since he’s there are well); Fletcher Cox Geno Atkins Marcell Dareus Gerald McCoy J. Casey M Jackson Suh Most these guys made less than KK. Only Dareus preformed worse than KK and that’s with KK being 4th highest paid. I’m not going back a year when he was the highest paid DT and compare those stats but I’d be willing to bet DTs who performed the same costs 5 million less. It’s all relative to the money paid. If every year since 2015 we can find DTs preforming the same for 5 million or more less would you say that’s underperforming? Again contracts are timing as well and that is what KK was. Star was gone and no one was left. That’s where the premium is coming from but that doesn’t mean performance wise he’s playing his worth. Also as I’ve said Star ate up blockers. Not only did KK fall off, Luke slipped a little with Star out as well. I’d argue Star had more non stat friendly qualities than KK, not saying he should’ve been kept instead just making a point.
  2. Not taking into account entire contracts and structures I believe KK had the 10th highest cap hit in 2017 and highest cap hit of all DTs in 2018 and second only to Donald year 2019 cap hit, on track for 4th biggest cap hit in 2020, 3rd in 2021. I’m not looking at the structure of the entire contract but he is clearly overpaid/underperforming. Bottom line, KK isn’t being paid to be a ‘solid’ player or even good. He should be great.
  3. Soon as he was paid he dropped off immensely. His play isn’t anywhere close to his new salary. He’s what...the 10th highest paid DT in the league? Of course I’d argue he’s only had one great year on 2015 (on one of the best defensive teams, or team in general ever). With that said perhaps it isn’t that his performance has suffered but he was overpaid to begin with. One good year. But contracts are about timing and need and I think that was a factor as well.
  4. I think by speed, KKs is referring to hunger. it’s amazingly coincidental how much slower you get after getting paid eh kk?
  5. Would I trade 17 years of a couple meaningless playoff loses and two super loses for a Lombardi and a Panthers Super Bowl Champion shirt I could proudly wear until I croak? Yes. Yes I would.
  6. Pressure to me means resource allocation. It also means having realistic, non-Madden, expectations of the rookies. Thus: Cam - going to make or break the season. KK - 3 sacks but being paid for 10+. Guy completely disappeared. Maybe due to Star and his ability to demand a double team. Still if he plays his contract out like he played last year we got hosed. DJ - The #1 WR picked in the 2018 draft has to put in the work and come out with a bang. He is the future of the WRs and has to get some rapport going with Cam and step up to be more dominant, that hopefully comes with the confidence of not being a rookie anymore. Paradis - The Panthers paid him a nice chunk of change and he will be the mold of a new Oline with a rookie in the most important spot. Gano - One of the highest paid kickers and year after year he finds a way to let the fans down when it matters. We kept him instead of Butker. I’m pretty sure has some dirt on someone because I’m not sure why he’s still here.
  7. Our second best running option is our million dollar franchise qb and it’s stupid and has been stupid. Rivera says he wants to change that...he also said he wanted to change playing CMC into the ground...but hasn’t done so. That is what is scary, the fact this team can’t find a good part time rusher that can take the hits and get the hard, short yardage. I don’t understand why it is so hard. CJ gave me hope just to have him sit on the bench and Cam and CMC driven into the ground. I get it they’re playmakers and I’m not saying completely strip them of the opportunities every single time but they’re fooling themselves if they think there isn’t a price for it...or just don’t care. we need a Tolbert (in his prime) type player and have for a long time.
  8. good thing he was on the bench first half of the season. clearly he wasn't ready. I feel the bench helped him progress.
  9. What’s even the point of ranking an injured QB?
  10. I’ll be thoroughly impressed if he can come back to throwing 50 yards from 7.6.
  11. JR didn’t know how to text, use the internet, understand social media, and probably didn’t have a cell phone. I’m surprised his poo show was able to last as long as it did.
  12. Yea Cam did great that game. The rest of the team crapped that game for sure. However, we wouldn’t have had to play in the dome if cam didn’t completely poo the bed in Atlanta the game prior when the rest of the team was playing lights out. Would’ve had bye and played here. team just has to be consistent all around.
  13. Cam is competitive as hell. He’ll do all he has to to get back to form no doubt. And so for that reason, if he isn’t, we will know he’s done. If he is back, no one will be unhappy about that.
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