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  1. I mean let’s be honest...he is paid as a franchise QB and it’s not exactly for his passing abilities. Still, it’s an issue when he’s the top rusher.
  2. Lumps


    Just wish we could do this all game long. Obviously capable. What’s the issue?
  3. Our defense has kept them to 17 points despite being on the field all day. I’m not saying the defense is playing well...in fact I’m pouting tpwarxs the opposite. I’m saying that’s good enough for a team who has invested in the offense who should have more than 14 points at this point in the game. The offense should have won this game.
  4. It’s becoming an ongoing thing for this team to not give a poo until 5 min in the 4th qtr. I just don’t fuging get it. It’s all about controlling the clock instead of going after the win I guess.
  5. Lumps

    Official fire ron rivera

    Always defended Rivera. Always thought he was a good coach. The issue is if this team is going to adapt and transfer to a high powered offensive team (which makes sense given our drafting and emphasis) we do not have the right coaches in place. It’s time to really evolve and really become something new.
  6. Lumps

    Norv Turner

    I’m ready to move on from ball control altogether and I think Ron and Norv know they don’t have have the knowledge or game plan to execute with a team full of offensive potential.
  7. Lumps


    No weapons no oline no coaching no defense
  8. And you’re a fuging idiot. ban me, it’s worth it
  9. Guys stop with the defensive poo. All we’ve done is invest in the offense. The defense is expected to give up 21+ points. He’ll they already missed a FG. It’s the offense that is failing this team. We should scoring 30+ points.
  10. Panthers will have to score 30+ to win this one.
  11. Only reason Seattle kept the team there. Was a successful owner and person in just about all aspects. The Seahawks will be playing hard this year. RIP
  12. Agreed 100%. But part of me thinks this may take more than just one season to really get Norv familiar with the players and rolling on all cylinders. And if that’s the case, I feel like that kind of suggests that Rom will be here for at least a couple, if not a few more years. I’d imagine Tepper isn’t going to give them that kind of time and it’s going to be this year or new staff next year. With JR it was pretty easy to tell the next move but this off-season, success or not will be interesting. In the meantime for the sake of this offense I hope Norv figures it out sooner rather than later because the offense is looking like it has more potential than any we’ve had in the past 5+ years.
  13. For those who are bored just waiting for game day.... https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2018/10/20/18003868/philadelphia-eagles-carolina-panthers-norv-turner-cam-netwon-air-coryell A few typos but pretty impressive and interesting article posted about an hour ago. Basically recaps Norvs’ use of weapons and implementation of these variables in an acclaimed more evolutioned version of the Air Coryell with more spread offense type of additions. I suspect (hopefully) that Norv is just getting started and further into the seasons we will see offensive calling embracing Cam’s abilities as well as our playmaker’s as the article insinuates.