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  1. What's more exciting to the casual fan (majority of fans) than a touchdown? Nothing. Pat attention to how loud stadiums get when there's a touchdown vs. a pick 6 or safety. Even when the game is on the line. They're louder and more exicted, these are everyday casual fans who go to games out of boredom. Thus the NFL has adapted and changed the rules to support the offense doing as such.
  2. I feel like a lot of people on this forum talk about making the playoffs as if it's the Panther's Super Bowl. Perhaps as fans we try to just take it a game at a time and once the playoffs begin we believe anything can happen. But history, in general, has shown the best teams during the season, usually go the furthest in the playoffs, with few exceptions. Would just making the WC spot and being pretty much one and done satisfy you as a fan and enable you to consider 2018 a successful season? And if not, what would? And what do you think that means for the coaching staff? Trying to get a feel for everyone's expectations with Ron/Cam nearing a decade here in Charlotte.
  3. I foresee a similar season as last year. Destiny in our own hands, sweep the saints and knock them down to the wildcard while we get the bye...but we don't. We get the wildcard and will win, but will get beat by the Saints, in the dome, who got an extra week of rest and preparation. I hope I'm wrong of course, but that's just being realistic.
  4. Can we ban this dude already damn, ruining a great thread with facts. Outside of Cam (though in general including Cam) I will agree the refs are getting worse and worse and calling things. Something needs to be done.
  5. SILENCE! The refs are bias, rigged and racist I say! I'm curious as to why Watt's hit on cam, in the shoulder, is illegal and should have a flag or ejection? Like NFL rules about it. Big dfference in a dirty hit and illegal hit. Dirty ones happen ALL the time. I also wonder why some people on the forum don't lobby for TD to get ejected and he is full of dirty and illegal hits. oh wait yes I do. Subjective bias forum. Cam is no different.
  6. Even if his touches are limited, he is still doing things like blocking. Also, consider we rely on one guy TOO much, what happens if he is out? We aren't god of personnel and scheming like the Patriots, think it's suffice to say if CMC went down we'd be fuged.
  7. Lumps

    Greg Olsen is awesome

    damn that's a rough story, fuging piece of poo people great to hear things are looking up
  8. Lumps

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    Rarely speculation
  9. Lumps

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    At first it dawned on me maybe he wants to play for another team but he already plays for a contender. but maybe it’s on of those things where you’re just at the point you quit your job and make less but will be happier somewhere else. maybe he was worried about injury. i think in it’s hard to say this was a long term fug up just yet, maybe we’ll know in the future how durable Bell is that said we can all agree this was a short term fug up if you want to win and get paid
  10. 2 does not automatically turn to 9, bad logic to just give them 7. Not like it matters, they scored 52 points at the end of the day.
  11. What will Cam’s stats be? dgaf want to be 7-3 after this game
  12. Talking about high draft picks and ‘weapons’...not amount number wise. Past the 4th round I don’t consider an ‘investment’ for obvious reasons.
  13. Bradberry R. Kalil Funchess
  14. Been saying it forever. Rivera doesn’t know how to adjust to leaning on an offense to win games and that combined with the past drafts focusing on offense his defense is suffering and he doesn’t know what to do. Norv should help which is why we’re are 6-3 but while we have invested in weapons our money is invested in a line that doesn’t get pressures as well as players who are injury prone or just rode the bench (Kalil brothers). Ron has to adjust with Norv and the upstairs has to do a better job allocating the cap money in resigning and FA.