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  1. SMH. Probably the fact (god help us if we keep him again) that he won’t be with us next year made me think of him as a FA. My point was that it’s obvious that their priority money wise is keeping their developed stars whereas we pay through the nose for short timers trying to patch together a winner and have been bad at it since 2018.
  2. I mentioned this in another thread. The Saints do it because their big dollar deals are for keeping their best players they developed. Their top 5 cap hits this year are 4 guys they drafted and Brees. Our top 5 are 4 FAs that likely aren’t going to be on the team past 2021 and CMC. That’s why we continue to wonder how the Saints do it. Do you think there would be any way the Saints didn’t sign Moton if he was their player?
  3. Yep. Here’s how you make it hard to extend your young and talented guys: $20M to Weatherly, Roberts, Searcy, Wright and Apple $27M to Paradis $13M to Okung $63M to Teddy $13M to Short $18M to Poe $8M to McCoy $18M for Boston $170M in cap spent trying to stop gap win and we got 16 wins in 3 years and we can’t afford to pay one of the top young tackles in the league or our WR3, heck maybe even our WR1. Beyond frustrating as a fan. This was a 100% rebuilding year. People are pleasantly surprised with our play at 4-8, but we don’t have extra picks and we don’t have extra cap space and we might not have a top 10 pick.
  4. Yep. We lost. Hard to be a player of the week and lose. Harder still when the offensive player of the week went up against your D.
  5. No hindsight on this one. I laid out my plan but Marty didn’t follow it! I tend to dive into the cap stuff but this was obvious rebuilding and looking ahead. We had young guys coming up for extensions and we weren’t going to compete this year and yet we spent over $100M in cap space to try and compete and now we’ll likely have trouble maintaining our young guys. People want to know why the Saints afford to resign their guys year after year. Here it is. They extend their core good players and spend money on those guys. They don’t spend $13M on players coming off of big injuries. We did it with two guys this year. They don’t sign stop gap players like Teddy, they get 3rd round picks for them while cheap. How many core guys have they lost to FA? 4 of their top 5 cap hits this year were drafted and the other was Brees. 4 of our top 5 cap hits this year are FAs signed in the past two years and CMC. 1 of our top 4 cap hits is signed past 2021 and that’s Teddy who likely won’t be with us after 2021 unless we fail to get a good young QB.
  6. We’ve spent close to 100% the past three years. Could carry over @ $80M and still meet the 89% requirement. Also, with Moton and others to extend, front load the deals us also easy and don’t use post 6/1. Anyway, easy to roll over every penny we wasted.
  7. I can’t get into the list but glad to see McCoy from NO on that list. SMH, he was who I wanted and he went one spot after the pick we traded up from to catch the falling knife of Little. It’s not like we needed IOL with Norwell leaving, Kalil retiring and Turner going to be traded. Oh, we could have even taken a G like Bobby Evans or Maxx Crosby, both were private visits, at 77. Would have been nice to have 3 of the top 25 under 25.
  8. Do you guys looking for the overall rating know you can just Google the player’s name plus PFF? The link to the player’s page shows their overall rating for the current year without a subscription.
  9. I know, I was joking as well. Articles like this using Twitter posts are just awful.
  10. Did you read the article? The guys name is the same as Patricia’s middle name and he has 3 kids too? That kind of detective work by random people on Twitter = coach’s burner account because he said the GM was the issue? I mean the guy’s nor wrong to say they don’t have good talent. No one looks at Detroit and says man what a talented team that could contend if not for the coach. Yes, since no one knows who this account is there’s a chance that it’s Matt Patricia’s account. There’s also a chance that that it’s this guy: https://www.mlive.com/life/2020/08/30-famous-celebrities-you-may-not-know-are-from-michigan.html I googled “how many people named Edward live in Michigan” and this article written by Edward Pevos was link 2 and he writes for Michigan live. This type of wonderful journalism where people just quote Twitter posts is Edward R Murrow level. OMG, maybe it’s the ghost of Murrow. He went to Washington State which is in Pullman. Maybe he was going for Eddy from Pullman and shortened it.
  11. This isn’t true. The salary cap doesn’t work year to year anymore. If we didn’t sign him the extra $42M for this and next year (he’ll be back now) would rollover and we’d have an extra $42M to spend. It would be like rolling into 2021-2023 and paying $0 for Moton for those three years. Throw in Short, Apple, Roberts and Weatherly and we’d have Samuel for $0 for those three years as well. We could easily resign Moore and even extend Anderson and Kerr. Then we could use our regular cap space to make a few splashes. Every single dollar we’ve wasted this year and next could be rolled over and used. Instead we are talking about if we can keep Moton, Samuel and Moore.
  12. Better without Brees? Their D has stepped it up, even before Brees got hurt, so that side is just playing better period. That said, Hill is not a better QB. Their 24 points in the win at home against Atlanta was the least amount of points they’ve scored and that game was 10-9 until midway through the 3rd even with 8 sacks and 2 interceptions of Ryan. Then they played Denver, a garbage team that didn’t even have a real NFL QB playing. That game is about as bad an indicator of future play as you can get. I think there’s more of a chance that GB beats Tennessee or Seattle wins out than NO beating KC. I’d be surprised if NO didn’t have anything to play for in week 17.
  13. Seems to fit. You threw together your quick response of Lawrence has studs around him (even though he’s the highest rated HS prospect Clemson has and his best WR is a late round prospect) and he isn’t asked to make tough throws (clearly haven’t really watched him aside from crushing your team) to this recent event of Dane Brugler’s mock draft. All the discussion was about Fields to us and you had to throw in your comment about Lawrence to elicit a reaction. Seems to fit pretty darn well.
  14. Please tell me which WRs are going to be drafted and when. I see no NFL starters. Rodgers is a nice college WR. He’s been Lawrence’s most consistent target all year and has a 5th-7th round grade on most sites. That’s a potential backup/not make a team NFL level. Also, just noticed you are a Miami fan so the bias is coming out as you are saying nothing but the typical he’s got studs everywhere and hasn’t had to do much. I call it a hot take because it’s the typical provocative commentary on Lawrence to make it seem like you are a QB guru and see something others don’t. There’s no real substance. I’ve watched most of his games over the past couple years and the playoffs and others his rookie year. I’m biased because I’m a fan but ask any scout if he hasn’t made tons of difficult throws and can make every throw. I just get annoyed when people try to down play him as a prospect. Nothing in life is guaranteed but unless you are trying to make a name for yourself there’s no real scout/draft analyst not putting him at the top and it has nothing to do with his supporting cast.
  15. Yep. He had a bad game against LSU, not sure if he pressed because LSU was ripping their secondary apart so he felt like he had to be perfect. His other 3 CFP games are 1073 passing/rushing yards, 9 TDs and 0 interceptions. Two of those three were loaded with day 1 and day 2 defenders and unlike Burrow, Clemson’s OL has been pretty suspect. Clemson has had 1 OL drafted after Lawrence’s first two years and that was in the 4th round. Clemson has talent but it’s not like outside of Higgins that Lawrence has had LSU or Alabama type WRs and his OL hasn’t been anything to write home about. People really want to downplay him but I think Lawrence will be phenomenal. Of course there’s no guarantee but he’s the top QB prospect since Luck. Going to suck watching him play elsewhere.
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