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  1. https://twitter.com/PelicansNBA/status/1143578965098954752?s=20 I’m clearly bad at embedding tweets. Anyway, the Pelicans/Brees made our social media folks look like idiots.
  2. Am I wrong in remembering that he had a shoulder issue in the offseason? He worked out at the combine so maybe I’m mixing him up with someone else.
  3. Yep. No doubt about it. Our offense would have been far worse.
  4. poo yeah. I would have come up with something more interesting like that or a locker room tour for my boys and signed jerseys. Something once and a lifetime with less monetary value.
  5. Don’t forget Ganope and his such a bad game that Ron didn’t trust him with any kick. His misses turned into more missed opportunities and cost us a win.
  6. Since most people forget, Moton spent much of the preseason weeks at LT and started there week 1. He looked great at LT against a very good Dallas DL and he also looked great in the week 3 (the one where starters play almost the entire game) preseason game against New England, another solid DL. That said, he looked just as good at RT when Williams went down the second time. Moton’s got the ability to ply both tackle spots, which is good and bad. Good because it helps us have depth because he can switch if a backup is better at one or the other. Bad because I worry that they’ll continually move him instead of letting him become a possible Pro-Bowl tackle. I think he’s got that potential.
  7. I’m tempering my enthusiasm just because I think your last sentence is only true about Burns. One of Little’s biggest question marks is his drive and taking plays off. The difference between Little’s and Burns’ effort at the combine was night and day. Burns looked amazing including in pass defense. Little looked like he either wasn’t as athletic as people here think or that he wasn’t going all out. He’s here so I hope he gets whipped into shape but Burns and Little were ranked very similarly in the mid first pre-combine and Burns’ rankings stayed the same or improved (many places had him top 10) and Little dropped off of some top 50 rankings after the combine. Orlando Brown had a combine 10x worse than Little last year and played very well so maybe the starting all 4 years and it being a bit easy/being a shoe in first round pick made them take their foot off the gas when the bowl games were done. If so and Little realizes that Rivera isn’t giving him a starting spot (he already said that ability isn’t enough) then he could impress even me. I’m just waiting because a 1-7 finish drains the life out of you but still cautiously optimistic because it’s an odd year.
  8. Umm, Bradberry did very well against him this past year. 2 games and on 16 targets he only had 78 total yards. Dallas was the only other team that did as well against Thomas. Thomas is a great WR but I think we may have an answer and it sure helped that Ron took over play calling and we got a little pressure. We’ve added a lot more pressure guys so we may be one of the few teams that can contain him so let the Saints pay him $22m a year.
  9. It’s likely from the combine. I watched the OL drills and Little was honestly terrible. It’s the main reason I am really worried about him. If he was truly an athletic LT with a great pedigree he’s a top 10 pick. I think we could have waited until 47 and still gotten him. LTs as you’ve described don’t go in the 2nd without a lot of teams thinking he won’t be as good in the NFL. We could be right and they’re wrong but in the mirror drill and the change of direction/hip swivel drills, he looked like one of the worst guys out there. Maybe he didn’t take the combine seriously sort of like some of his cons where he’s not a high motor 110% effort guy. I hope that’s the case because what I saw was not a tackle with good movement ability. He’s on the team so hopefully it’s an Orlando Brown (his combine was far worse) situation where he steps up in the NFL.
  10. Oops, missed current now. I’ll stick with same guess minus those 5.
  11. Well, without looking I’ll start with STs and say Gano, Palardy and Jansen but ignore if they aren’t considered starters. I don’t think there’s a lot, especially on offense. McCaffery, Moton, R. Kalil (not sure about him) and Turner on O. Kuechly, Thompson, Peppers, Short, Poe, Bradberry and Jackson on D. I think Addison and Adams missed a game but I think the rest started all year.
  12. You can already tell that ESPN and others are salivating at the chance to breakdown all of the non-reviewable penalties that occur on the first game changing PI overturn/call. They’ve already had timelines in articles about how the rule has changed without it even been in place yet.
  13. Absolutely, 100% because the pussies from shanty town cried and ironic that it’s juat for PIs when the other angles of the same play show two obvious penalties on the OL.
  14. Yep. Lol at someone saying we are a 10 win team with Kyle Allen and I like Allen’s future. Predicting a 7-9 team goes 8-8 isn’t much of a stretch.
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