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  1. stbugs

    Chad Reuter's 7 Rd. Mock

    I would literally vomit if this was our draft. I would honestly say there would be 1 pick that would have a positive impact on this year (Thornhill). The rest would be depth or disappointment. 5 picks in the top 115 has to yield more than that. Just ugly.
  2. stbugs

    Annual Prospect Meeting List

    I don’t think people realize that and Moton’s second year is also not typical. When PFF has him ranked in the top 25, I don’t recall any othe tackles taken in the past few years. People in here seem to think Dillard, Jonah and Taylor will all come in as solid starters and it’s maybe even likely that 1 never becomes a regular starter, 1 becomes decent and the other is like Eric Fisher, a starter but a disappointment. That’s realistic based on the last 5-10 years of 1st round tackles.
  3. Bush isn’t one of the consensus top 16, no chance. We shouldn’t have to take a TE at 16. I can’t imagine a scenario where it’s Ford or Hockenson. In the 20s, sure but not at 16.
  4. Exactly, seems all the love is from the talking heads or watching him in ideal conditions (combine tests and PAC 12 awful Ds) and not watching him against day 1 and day 2 prospects.
  5. Yeah, I agree that trying to make it seem like they weren’t wrong to do what they did is sad. I just think there’s a big difference between someone like Hill who clearly is an abuser versus someone who’s an idiot and couldn’t handle a situation and did something bad even if they realize they made a mistake later. If Hill did something bad enough to have his 3 year old son removed then he is a scumbag and has no business even getting a second chance. He punched this same kid when he wasn’t even born. He’s had his chance to not be a scumbag so no more. If Goodell has balls, he’d find out what happened and permanently ban him. Come out with a we have 0 tolerance and Hill will never step on an NFL field again.
  6. I’ll be honest, I view what Hill did as much, much worse and he hasn’t missed a game yet. There’s that premeditation that makes situations different. Did Hunt, Mixon and Simmons do things that we consider over the line and not what they should have done but they did it because poo happened. Hill beat and choked his girlfriend before and now he’s don’t it again (that we actually know about) to a 3 year old kid. He’s a monster and to some AP is as well. That’s fine to feel the same at both. I’d put Hill on another tier. I don’t think AP comes home drunk and just beats his kids. I do think Hill does something like that.
  7. I think the opposite. With QBs and maybe a reach or two, we should get one of those top 16 consensus guys. What it also means to me is that we should get two good guys at 47 and 78 and that we shouldn’t be shy to maybe use a 2020 pick to push our 101 pick into that low 70s area and come away with 4 top 75 players. It would probably need to be a 2020 3rd but that would mean getting an edge, tackle, FS and either another OL, edge or DT all in the top 75 prospects. I think that would be worth it and you still have an early 4th and 5th/6th.
  8. I don’t agree with his discipline but again I think there’s a huge difference between that and abusing a child who isn’t receiving harsh discipline but getting hurt because the father (or mother) is trash. Choking a girlfriend and punching your unborn child isn’t any form of discipline.
  9. I’ll be honest, I think there’s a big difference between AP and this. Whether or not you agree with spanking or paddling or whatever as a discipline, this appears to be just plain child abuse and he’s literally punched this same kid before he was even born. This dud needs to be in jail. We shouldn’t even be discussing whether he plays football or not.
  10. I agree. If the NFL lets a child abuser play another down that should sicken fans. I’m not talking about Adrian Peterson disciplining his kid. There’s a big difference between that, which I don’t agree with, an abusing your kid just because. Based on the age, this is the kid he punched while still in the womb.
  11. Maybe this. https://www.si.com/college-football/2015/08/21/tyreek-hill-oklahoma-state-football-domestic-violence-battery-plea-agreement
  12. Lindstrom and McCoy are 2nd rounders IMO. Same with Risner. I think he also said that there were good day 2 OL to paraphrase. I’m really scared about this draft. Who’s available at 16 is up in the air and I think we’ve done a good job with our visits and scouting to have our bases covered and at least narrowed it down to edge or DL and OT. I’m just worried about the tackles.
  13. Because they’re friends? That might be helpful for the character question but I don’t think it’s close to relevant for whether or not he’s a good NFL player.
  14. I read your post, your evidence is the typical posts I replied to many times. Do you legitimately think that Moton isn’t as good as Kalil? Just let that ruminate in your brain and tell me if you really think Moton was behind Kalil for anything more than Ron being Ron and not playing young guys to the detriment of the team. We released Kalil so again is it really the case that Kalil was better than Moton? Moton is flexible. He can play all over the OL. He played great at LT and we signed a guy who was better at LT and they moved Moton to RT. We opened the season with Moton as LT. If Williams doesn’t get hurt again, Moton is our LT all year. Just because Moton has flexibility doesn’t mean we don’t think he can play LT. He played better against the Pats starting DL and the Cowboys DL than any LT we’ve had in years, but the team thinks he’s only a RT or SMH a guard.
  15. Me too. People who didn't watch Daryl Williams look terrible at LT or don't remember the huge drop off when Remmers went from RT to LT, probably didn't even watch Moton at LT. Imagine a whole off-season being LT instead of competing at G, then being LT and then moving to RT in week 2. Dude played phenomenally in his first year starting and was working on 3 spots in the off-season. Amazing how people think that Jonah and Dillard are guaranteed LTs. Again, feels like people don't realize how many tackles have busted or just become ordinary players.