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  1. If we draft Herbert, I will just turn off the TV for a year. We have a chance to draft an elite player and if we choose the QB most likely to bust big (at #7, he’s a huge bust) then we’re wasting years. The only thing worse would be these idiotic trade ups for Burrow. I can just imagine Cincy getting Andre Thomas, Biadasz or Kindley with our picks this year and fixing their OL and in 2021 getting Lawrence with our pick and another top 5-10 pick, setting their team for multiple playoff runs while we wallow in poo with Burrow on his ass.
  2. Wait, now it’s his fault? Wasn’t the story that he did nothing and CMC and the defense carried him? I can’t keep up with the different narratives on Allen.
  3. Vet QB and make a run? Isn’t Andy Dalton the definition of a vet QB? They were 1-15. They aren’t close to competing. They have Roethlisberger coming back next year and now Lamar and the Ravens and possibly a competent Browns. They are in full rebuild. Make a run now is 100% not what Cincy will do. They’re in the mode we will be in if we get rid of Cam.
  4. Some of these posts are funny. Russell Wilson and Tom Brady and Joe Montana are lottery picks that were also 21 years and 12 years apart. Brees is mentioned but he was taken 32nd, that’s a first round pick now. Favre was taken 33rd, which would be the first pick of the 2nd round. Wow, really far from the first with those two. People always like to point to the latest trend. Well you’ve got 3 1st round QBs in the championship games and a 2nd rounder.
  5. Game manager is great when you have the Ravens and Bears Defenses when they won, not the 31st ranked D.
  6. Exposed? LOL. 20 year old kid had a bad game. He’s beaten and undefeated OSU and Fields and Alabama and Tua the past two years and he’s exposed? These hot tales are hysterical. 29-1, won one NC and lost another NC as a true freshman and sophomore and the kid’s exposed?
  7. Well, hopefully that would signal the end of Marty because you know the 2021 draft would be a dupe of 2011. Newton, I mean Lawrence and nothing.
  8. Easily could. There’s 7 elite guys it seems in this draft now that Tua declared and Herbert is a wild card, among others (Jones, Haskins, Ferrell and Lindstrom all went before Burns). With Burrow and Young as no brainers, there’s five more guys who could go anywhere in 3-7. Okudah, Thomas, Jeudy, Tua and Brown. None of those guys would be a surprise to go before or at 7. I’m really glad Tua declared because that locked us in at an elite guy no matter what. This is also why Marty does well in the first. When there are 7 elite guys and you pick 7th, it’s hard yo screw it up. God forbid he draft well after that.
  9. Looks like a Marty draft though. Great first round pick and then meh. That right there without Cam pretty much locks us into a top 3 pick in 2021.
  10. Team that traded him has a $5M cap hit in year 4 instead of $6M and new team has a cap hit if $1M. I’m assuming the new team has the player the whole 4th year and pays the full salary. Cap hits are straightforward. Whatever cash was actually paid has to hit the cap at some point. The signing bonus and other bonuses are done so that amount can be paid up front and spread over the life of the contract, including those voidable years where a player has no real salary. As soon as the player leaves you have to account for whatever monies you’ve paid and haven’t applied to the cap. Also, barring some deal where a team partially pays a salary in a trade or guaranteed money, any future monies after the player is gone go to the new team or are just gone (release).
  11. I hope so as well. I hope they realize that we have a ton of FAs who could sign elsewhere and that means high picks in 2021 for a possible QB and lots of comp picks. Boston, Bradberry, Butler, McCoy, Irvin, Van Roten, Addison, and anyone else I am forgetting. I see a 3rd and 4ths to 7ths. Keep Bradberry if he fits, otherwise we could get 4-6 comp picks. That’s the benefit of signing guys to one year deals, especially when you realize we suck and you need more picks.
  12. Worked great for SF. They’ve had 13, yes 13 extra draft picks that they’ve used in the past 5 drafts. That includes giving up a 2nd for Garoppolo. More shots in the dark. It looks like they got a bunch of comp picks. Personally, I don’t want to trade up this year for a QB. If we let enough of the FAs go, we can get a bunch of comp picks in 2021. We don’t need to throw away a ton of picks to get questionable QBs and we certainly don’t need to throw away a top 5, maybe even the top, pick next year. That’s my big concern. We trade up for Tua or Burrow and give up what could have been Brown, Lawrence and a top C/G or Thomas, Fields and a top C/G for Tua and Burrow. Our 2021 pick will be right near the top.
  13. That’s all we do lately. Moore, Burns, Grier and Little were about as non-surprising as it gets. All I know is that we are morons if we give up our 2021 1st.
  14. And the Dolphins with all the end of the year winning still got pick #5. We were 5-11 and got beat by 20+ points in 5 of those and gave up 29 unanswered in another. If we get rid of Cam we are the 2019 Dolphins and our schedule isn’t ridiculously easy. I don’t want to give up two elite picks and more when one of those could easily be a QB just as good.
  15. Again, we are stupid if we trade next year’s first. We aren’t a good team as much as the eternal optimists think. If we are trading up the Cam’s gone and unless the QB turns into a first year stud we are giving up way too much, especially since we can move on from Cam and have a better chance at two potentially better QBs.
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