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  1. Last thing we need especially at that price.
  2. They also have won all games by a two TD average. That’s why they lead in rushing attempts. We had 29 runs this week even though we couldn’t do squat yardage wise. Get the lead and our D will be fine. Fall behind and we’re in trouble. Whoever wins the turnover battle likely wins the game. Simple as that. This isn’t a game we can make mistakes and fall behind, but SF is also not a team who can fall behind against our D either.
  3. Yep, although 3 of their 5 games have been against really bad pass blocking units (TB, CLE and CIN). I think this will be among our hardest games (on the road too) but I think we’ve played the only “good” opponent Houston. Remember they played the Steelers with Rudolph.
  4. He also got worse and did fumble at least once. I think he had a good preseason game 1 and that’s why people were so high on him but he really tailed off and did look sketchy on punt returns. I’d rather go with a guy who’s done it well before than keep going or trying guys who have already shown ball control issues. Fumbles happen, but you can tell when a guy takes a great punch versus Ray Ray having adventures just catching it and then losing the ball on a normal tackle.
  5. Personally, I don’t give a crap about his receiving skills. I just want a punt returner who isn’t making you concerned every attempt to catch a ball.
  6. No choice. If anyone is on a PS, any team can sign him to their active 53 roster and the other team can’t do a thing.
  7. Pretty sure it will be. CMC is the main cog we have and maybe really quick passes hoping Samuel and Moore can get yards after the catch.
  8. Thank goodness they took a guard instead of Burns after signing two FA guards. Man, that draft was so hard to watch. Burns was my guy after watching him in the combine drills. I said don’t be surprised if he gets a TD but I will say I was thinking more of a pick 6.
  9. Right but I do agree with @CRA that some of that has to do with the pre-snap activity. You have to be a disingenuous fughead to say that we haven’t gotten to the line way earlier in the snap count and that helps to align the blocking and blocking help rather than allow the DL to time the snap. After watching the pre-snap/playclock/not wasting timeouts/no delay of games, I’m on the Cam’s fault side versus coaching. I certainly wasn’t on that side before Allen. If Cam can improve that then I think he’d get better OL play be default. I remember seeing Williams get beat off the ball when it seemed like he wasn’t ready yet. He still sucks balls at LT but it sure would help to see where the DL and bring Olsen in tight or move Manhertz/Armah/CMC around because we have time to do that.
  10. It’ll be a poo show after next Sunday regardless of the QB. SF’s pass D looks to be as good as Tampa’s run D. Neither QB has a great chance and if either one shines it's a damn good sign for the rest of the year. I expect a high turnover defensive game and CMC could be the difference.
  11. Some of that is really odd balls. Brock started one year and he was 34. I cant figure out how someone plays one year and is 34 that year. It was 1985 and it was an early Dickerson team but what a strange scenario. Lamonica was AFL not NFL and his first 4 wins came in his first 4 years so clearly spot starts until year 5 where he was a first time all pro and AFL champ with a 51.8 completion %. Livingston was AFL as well. I don’t see how Hostetler even makes the list. Technically, it was 5-0 in starts but he came in as a backup many times and had more passes in losses than he had in some of the “starts” and the 5-0 was over his first 5 years. Kruczek is also an awful example. He had 8 completions total and 104 yards in two wins where the Steelers D was the steel curtain. In 4 of his wins the Steelers D gave up 3 total points. In the other two games they gave up 6 and 16 points. He had 0 TDs and 3 INTs in 6 wins. The D gave up 105-225 yards and had 20 TOS in those 6 games. He averaged 110 yards per game passing and the rushing average was 210 yards per game. People keep trying to say Allen didn’t do much, well if you want to see a QB who was probably told hand it to Franco and Rocky and let the D win the game, it’s Kruczek. It’s almost funny looking at his stats. Tomczak is a decade later Kruczek. The Bears almost won in spite of him. Heck, he got credit for one game where he went 0-2. I wouldn’t lump Allen in with any of the above guys. He may not get anywhere but he’s more like the NFL guys who started games over a smaller span of time and actually contributed. We aren’t the Steel Curtain or mid 80s Bears defenses.
  12. It appears SF has a good D so we won’t learn any truths. Just like going against Tampa doesn’t mean CMC isn’t good, it just means that Tampa has the best run D in the league and it overrides even top running teams. I don’t expect either QB to be stellar against a solid pass D. In fact they are the #1 pass D. They are the #2 D overall. They don’t have our sacks (still top 10) but the coverage appears to be their specialty. I will say that a good game by either will IMHO say a lot about them. A bad game is probably to be expected regardless of who starts.
  13. I think he is on the PS which means we could sign him to the 53.
  14. You didn’t read it, did you? Are we magically saying that Daley is Jordan Gross in his first two starts? You really don’t think that the OL having time to find everyone and call out assignments and not having the DL know when the snap is coming is helpful to the OL playing well? I agree that Williams sucks this year but he’s still been playing in place of Turner so he’s not gone. I think Daley and Little are better but Turner is also better and I do think the pace of the pre-snap/huddle is helping the OL out way more than people are willing to admit. Hence you ignoring that part of my post.
  15. After the Arizona game people were anointing Allen as the savior. It’s only gotten worse. The graphics this week were pretty tasteless. I’m not a Cam or Allen hater but I didn’t like the video. There’s competitive and there’s playing so bad that you lose at home to the worst pass D and don’t even score a TD. That video rubbed me the wrong way. Just my opinion. I’d love nothing more than having a QB controversy due to two solid QBs.
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