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  1. JFC. Right after the realization that there’s no other option on short yardage.
  2. Tampa is not that good, especially without Godwin. Gronk is a shell of himself so without Godwin they are Evans and Howard.
  3. That replay showed how bad Paradis is. He whiffs so bad that a NT almost got to CMC in the backfield.
  4. Brady hasn’t really been good TBH. Doesn’t mean they won’t beat us but he’s certainly going to keep having issues against good Ds.
  5. It’s actually a good example to show how much more talent NO has than us.
  6. See my post above. So much cap wasted that could have been rolled over. It was obvious we were are rebuilding team and we didn’t act like it.
  7. I replied in the game thread. Could we stop saying we blew the team up? We half assed the tank. Between Teddy, Davis, Short, Anderson, Okung, Weatherly and Burris we committed to, get this, $148M in the next 2-3 years and we lost 2 compensatory picks. Just to give you some reference to get to $148M cap used in the next two years (only Teddy is signed for 3, Okung and Davis are 1), I had to add Aaron Donald, Frank Clark and Khalil Mack’s cap hits for 2020-2021. That’s the level of players we could have added in 2022/2023 when we got competitive. @Jeremy Igo has said multiple times that the team is not, I repeat not tanking. Don’t blame people like me for whining. I’m not whining about losing. I’m whining that we are losing as bad as if we tanked but without the huge cap savings and draft picks.
  8. No, but I’d rather have just cut him or trade him for a pick to save cap. Turner is also still young so maybe he could have been motivated. Okung looks bad and he’s expensive and guess what, we still need a LT. SMH.
  9. Actually $33M since that’s his guarantee, so he gets that even if we cut him after this year. We also got NO a 3rd or 4th round comp pick by signing him.
  10. Lol. JPP just blew by our $13.5M LT. So glad we traded Turner for him.
  11. Yeah that was my force a fumble comment. 2 big plays, both negative. Why did Hurney even trade for him? Who trades for a backup old RB who has a 2 year $6M deal?
  12. Wait, you think they did blow it up? I see $128M in cap space accounted for in Teddy, Short, Davis, Anderson and Okung over the next 2-3 years and losing 2 of our 4 comp picks. That’s not a blow it up and doesn’t even count money given to Weatherly and Juston “Ronald Jones’ bitch” Burris. That’s a hey let’s try and be good and build from here. Don’t put this on me Ricky Bobby, I was more that willing to deal with a 1-15 Grier led team to get Lawrence. @Jeremy Igo had said multiple times they are not tanking so we have every right to complain while watching Mike Davis be a negative for $3M or see our $13M DT hurt his ankle and miss a week after getting pancaked.
  13. People were all mad at me for the tank but wouldn’t 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th round comp picks be nice to pile up IOL to go with Moton and heck maybe even Okung. Then you still have 7 picks at the top of each round to go with a free 4 guards and centers.
  14. It’s almost like we should have blown it up, saved $37M in cap (just this year) on Teddy, Short and Davis, gotten all 4 comp picks and let Grier take us to #1. Glad we tossed 2 comp picks and all that cap so we can win a few games and not get someone who could (yes, could) be the next Manning.
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