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  1. It would be awful for so many reasons. It would drop our draft pick. It would confirm that this team has no heart. It would confirm that we wasted Cam and Luke’s career with a coach who couldn’t do anything more than yell and swear at halftime about a 17 point deficit only to lose by 31.
  2. We should. They are at .555 and we are at .536 and that includes the SOS our last three opponents. At this point every little bit you gain you likely lose (Atlanta beats Jax, etc.) so I don’t think either of us moves much. Denver is at .531, so that might be close to enough to help us if we tie.
  3. It is, but at this point there won’t be much movement and sites like Tankathon include the full 16 game SOS. A team under .500 SOS isn’t going to shoot up enough based on the games that haven’t been played so we have no chance to win a tie. The only team close enough in SOS to help us is Denver. It’s possible that somehow we jump them in a tie. The rest are too far away since all 16 opponents are already accounted for in SOS.
  4. We aren’t getting to 5 even if we lose out. As @stirs posted, SOS (weaker wins tiebreakers) is not in our favor. According to talkathon, our 16 games SOS (can change but not a lot) is higher than all but Arizona, Cincy and Atlanta. Cincy and the Giants have to pick in front of us, we cannot catch either. We would need Miami, and Washington to win all 3 of their games and that’s not happening. Jacksonville, Arizona and Detroit would all have to win 2 games. The Lions are 1-9 in their last 10 and are sitting Stafford. They aren’t winning 2. Arizona has lost their last 6 and have to play at Seattle and at the Rams. No bueno. Jacksonville has some winnable games if they weren’t tanking as hard as the can/playing badly and won’t win 2. The Jets play at Baltimore, Pittsburgh going for the playoffs and at Buffalo. Unless Buffalo is locked into a seed, the Jets won’t win a game. If we get lucky and Buffalo rests their starters, it’s possible. Atlanta and Denver have very winnable games where they’ll be solidly favored so they’ll win at least 1. LAC have a winnable game (Oakland at home) and could play KC with nothing to play for so I’d bet on them winning 1 game. Assuming we lose out (special kind of bad if we win one), there’s 7 teams we can’t pass with our SOS unless they pull off some miracles. I’d bet against the Jets winning and that with the other teams I think will win puts us at 9 with an OK shot at 8 and a not so likely shot at 10.
  5. I’m not trying to compare QBs because we know Cam is more talented, but this OL is the worst I’ve ever seen for us. We are on pace (including Cam’s two games where he was sacked 6 times and harassed all game) to give up the 5th most QB sacks in a year all time. We are pace for 62 sacks. Cam’s worst year was 43 and that’s the only year above the 30s. This OL is special bad. Williams has been trash all year and yet Little set a new low against Atlanta giving up 14 pressures and 2 sacks. I looked at the stats/wins for Allen. 5-1 with 2 INTs with 3 or fewer sacks. 0-4 with 10 INTs with 5 or more sacks. 5 or more sacks is terrible. We are near the top of the sack list and we get 4.4 sacks a game. The only other team close to us (1 sack more) is Miami and they gave away their pro-bowl center and young stud LT. We added $15M in FAs and used our 2nd, 3rd and 6th round picks on tackles and we are as bad as a tanking OL.
  6. Most of the fault is laughable. If you think this OL is even close to below average pass blocking then it’s all about blaming non-Cam. @LinvilleGorge already posted that Allen was average at holding onto the ball yet we are tops with Miami (who gutted their OL by giving away their only 2 good OL) at giving up sacks at a historic pace. I guess 14 pressures and 2 sacks is just normal OL play. DL going untouched is normal OL play. Amazing that after all the beatings Cam has taken that now the bad blocking is his backups fault. Even the games where Cam played at home and got rid of the ball fast he still got sacked 3 times in each, which would have been at a pace 5 more than his most sacked season and the only season more than 30 something sacks. SMH.
  7. And Cam still got sacked 6 times in those 2 games which would be on pace to be his most sacked season ever including more sacks against Tampa than Allen’s game. If Kyle is average and our OL is on a historically bad pace (top 5 most sacked) then there’s still a huge OL problem. It’s just annoying that people hate a backup so much because he started out well and really think Cam wouldn’t be getting sacked more than he’s ever been sacked. It’s as if they forget than Cam’s gotten beaten to hell and now want to defend the OL. Comical almost how predictable and close minded people can be.
  8. JFC, no they aren’t. Maybe some, but do you even realize how truly bad we’ve been. What did Allen do to make Beasley fly by Daley untouched? Please tell me. I don’t know why I bother laying out stats. Saying our OL is poo on a historical level of shitness isn’t demeaning Cam or putting Allen on a pedestal. This place used to have good discussion but you guys are so freaking butt hurt that you might lose Cam that Allen is somehow making DL faster and unblockable and he’s also caused our D to suck. Amazing the power in Allen’s hands.
  9. OMG, you guys are so freaking worried that Cam will be gone that you can’t read. Our OL is historically bad and you are trying to defend them and act like Allen is creating pressure. For fugs sake, I’m not saying Allen is good but you guys in here are trying to act like they are and everything is Allen’s fault. The run D is historically bad and our D is 28th in scoring defense. Our OL is as bad as a tanking Miami team and will be top 5 worst in NFL history at giving up sacks.
  10. Grier was never mentioned as a Cam replacement so those folks don’t have a bone to pick with him. Allen got some support so they all want to treat him like trash. Look at my post above. It’s literally the tale of two cities when you looks at games where the OL wasn’t putrid versus when they were putrid.
  11. Let’s not be disingenuous. Little gave up 14 pressure in one game. Beasley just ran into Allen with no resistance. If you are trying to insinuate that the OL is playing well and it’s Allen running around taking sacks then it’s not worth discussing or you are just trolling. Giving up a sack amount that would be top 5 in NFL history means the OL is terrible. Simple as that. Another way to think about it is that we are only 1 sack better than a team who released their C (Pouncey) and traded their LT to tank for picks and draft position. We on the other hand spent $15M in 2019 FA dollars and 3 draft picks and still have as bad an OL as Miami. It’s mind boggling that I have to defend Allen from someone trying to act like it’s not an OL issue. Allen is 5-1 with 2 INTs when he’s been sacked 3 or fewer times. He’s 0-4 with 10 INTs when he’s been sacked 5 or more times. I’m not even saying Allen is great or can be great in the future but is damn obvious he plays better when he’s not getting blasted. Your 2 line post has no facts and is just a lazy drive by post when you know the OL is garbage and yes this time I’m actually saying it’s garbage.
  12. Our pass blocking is one sack from worst in the NFL and has been among the historically worst. Allen has been sacked 44 times in 11 games. Cam was sacked 6 times in two games. That’s a pace of 62 sacks. That would be the 5th most sacks of a QB all time according to PFR. Here’s the link: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_sacked_single_season.htm I’d say we have a historically bad pass blocking unit. Top 8 worst, yeah, in NFL history. By the way Cam’s highest sack total was 43, in 2013 when Gross was still playing. Every other year has been in the 30s. We are on pace to give up 62 almost twice Cam’s average. Can we stop this meme that this OL as constructed is anything more than historically bad even though we injected an extra $15M and 3 draft picks into it?
  13. Due to Short’s restructure we’ll be spending twice as much (10% of our cap) on an old injured player instead of saving more than Kalil’s dead cap. People are so willing to back Hurney that they ignore math and try and complain about amounts much smaller that they can attribute to someone else. We took $15M off the books in 2017/2018 for Kalil to be able to push it down the road. Well, we are basically rolling over that savings and paying the dead cap with it. The Short restructure forces Marty to keep Short and pay him new money making his $20M cap hit happen in 2020 (with $11M dead cap in 2021). Short’s cap hit is twice as much as what you are “whining” about. Then again we’ve had really good luck with vets coming off season ending injuries that I’m sure Short will be a pro-bowler.
  14. We won’t pick top 5. You do realize that we have one of the higher SOS? That’s bad. If we tie, the lower the SOS the better. The draft is based on assuming that if two teams tie the “weaker” team had the lower SOS and win the tiebreaker for a lower pick. I’ve looked at everything and I think the Jets and us lose out as 5-11 teams and the rest of the 5 win teams win at least 1. I think Atlanta wins at least 1 to jump us and Jacksonville doesn’t win 2 so they stay ahead of us. No chance that any of the 3 win teams win 2 or 3 to get behind us. Our realistic ceiling is pick 8 of the Jets win one or 9 if they don’t.
  15. Well, I get what you are saying but first it was pick 8 we would have gotten to from 16 and it’s all about averages. Also, I think your darts are a little bit generous. Look at 2011, you are talking 1-11 as some HOF type talents with some misses in it. The difference between JJ Watt at 11 and Ryan Kerrigan at 16 is huge. Same with Tyron Smith at 9 and Mike Pouncey at 15. You have Cam Jordan at 24, but that’s some luck as there’s serious crap around him from 18-26. Saying 1-16 is darts in 2011 is like saying having Cam, Von Miller, Watt, Smith or Julio on your team is no different than Pouncey, Kerrigan or Robert Quinn. I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. Trying to argue about pick 16 being as good as pick 8 or even 10 is silly. It’s not as good, period. We went through the motions last year.
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