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  1. Sure thing. I could say the same thing about Cotchery's overrule, our 4 turnovers and all the bad calls. It was a 6 point game until the last fumble with 4 minutes left and we had 2 possessions down 6 to take the lead before the fumble. It was a close game even though we played like crap and the refs fuged us. The numbers don't lie. We were the most dominant team all year and lost the SB just like the 2003 team did. Also, yes, some close games, but every team has them and more. It's almost like a 49-15 NFC Championship win over a very good team is a bad thing.
  2. It’s funny how people remember things. The 2013 team won 5 of 12 games by 4 or less. The 2015 team won 4 of 17 games by 4 or less. The 2013 team had a better D but the offense was far worse. The points differential was +125 for 2013 (+192 for 2015) even though the 2013 team gave up 67 less points. The 2015 offense scored 134 more points, 8+ more per game. We can stop dissing the 2015 team. It’s the best team we’ve had.
  3. The nostalgia runs deep but 2015 was a better team. Ranked higher in offense, defense in yards and scoring and was way better at not turning over the ball and way better at forcing turnovers. Sack wise 2003 gave up 7 less sacks but 2015 had 4 more sacks. Here’s a pretty simple view. The 2003 team had a points differential of +21 and the 2015 team had a points differential of +192. There’s a reason why one team was 17-1 pre SB loss and the other was 14-5.
  4. That means Marty will take a safety in this draft. He doesn’t like to draft the strength of a draft and he likes to reach for a position the year before or after there are historically deep classes at that position.
  5. Could have had McCoy and Evans and had a C/RG for years or McCoy and Crosby and had a C and a DE bookend with Burns for years. All 3 of those guys we had in for 3 of our almost 30 private visits but Marty fell in love. Actually, instead of Little and Grier we could have had 3 starters on the 2020 team. But it’s too early to call him a bust. No, it’s not. Grier is already destined to maybe be a backup and Little was pick 37. We traded up draft capital that should have gotten us into the first round. We graded him as a first rounder and with Okung here, Little won’t make an impact until year 3 at the earliest except to maybe replace a guy who the Jets are paying $3M a year. We passed over McCoy, Jenkins and Risner for him, all of whom started day 1 and look to be solid anchors for years. So frustrating how bad Marty has been the past two drafts. Wasting Cam and CMC and Moore and looking like we won’t be competitive or be so bad we get a true franchise potential QB is frustrating.
  6. Wow, lots of starters/on their ways to be stars in that second round. I was told that day 2 picks don’t make impacts right away. We had pick 47, 77 and 100 and got a tackle who’s already been replaced and will be tried as a guard and a QB who legitimately looked like the worst backup in the league. Go Marty!
  7. The problem with having a lame duck GM is the decisions form this year disregarding the ultimate goal. It’s like this site. All the whining about tanking. Boo hoo, fans will leave if we go 2-14. BS, fans leave and never come back after years of poo. Signing a clear not franchise QB when this team needs a replacement to Cam is dumb. Sure Teddy was fine when he had Peterson and Kamari at RB and solid Ds. We have CMC and horrible OLs and a horrible D. Game managers don’t work. Why waste $63M to baby sit? Lame duck GMs waste comp picks signing mediocre FAs and end up spending all of the cash they saved letting go of our FAs.
  8. I agree as of now but without Teddy and Anderson, we had a very good shot at him. I would have put our odds at the top. No guarantees but Herbert is not a franchise QB in my opinion. We lost Luke, Cam, Olsen, Bradberry, Addison, Turner, McCoy, Irvin, Reid, Cockrell and Van Roten from a 5-11 team. We’ve got one extra pick, a 5th rounder for Allen, in the next few drafts. We blew our chance to right this shop quickly. Having an extra 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in 2021 along with the top pick would have been a great bounty especially if we went full BPA this year. We are unfortunately going to limp along for three years with Teddy. We won’t get Lawrence, Fields or Howell. The top top QBs the next two years won’t be available for trade ups.
  9. We could have both if we wanted to, but we appear to be trying to be competitive and get a QB in the same year. I like the 2021 QB class way better and we easily could have loaded up on talent and picks for 2021 while also limiting FAs this year to ensure a low pick and maybe the top pick next year. We are both letting our only D talent walk away and signing FAs.
  10. Last line is absolutely true and unfortunately that’s why he’s been reaching and drafting needs since 2008. He’s been on the hot seat for a while and he can’t think long term, either because he just can’t evaluate well unless he’s deciding between 10 guys, i.e. a top 10 pick, or he feels so much pressure that all he can think about is one position like LT and Little. He’ll trade the farm (we gave up way more value) and not think to himself that interior OL is stronger so let’s fix that in 2019 and use the good tackle class of 2020 to fix LT. Oh well, I’ve said my peace about Marty enough. Dude sucks and has been terrible since 2008 or 2009. Getting 1 starter per draft gets you 7-9 and 5-11 after being 11-5. Drafting Herbert pretty much solidifies they worst D in the league and may not solve our long term QB issue anyway.
  11. Well, if we take Herbert, our D will absolutely be in position to be the worst D in the league, again. We were the worst D last year from weeks 2-17. Heck I think we gave up the most sacks from weeks 2-17. If it weren’t for Miami getting destroyed by Baltimore week 1, we would have been able to celebrate the worst OL and D in 2019. We’ve add Okung, Anderson and backups and lost Turner, Van Roten, Addison, Bradberry, Butler, McCoy, Poe, Olsen, Cam, Reid, Irvin, Cockrell and maybe someone else I forgot. How anyone in the FO thinks we’ll be competitive and is willing to risk the top pick, lose comp picks and waste $21M a year on a bridge QB, is beyond me.
  12. So, if we draft Herbert and suck so bad that we get pick 1 next year, what do we do?
  13. Awesome, but we need our Tom Brady. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Teddy. The sooner we realize that that’s the only way to get it, the sooner we can get over the 7-9 and no playoff wins average we’ve had for the past four years. Marty’s not the guy and he’s putting us further away from our franchise QB.
  14. Lol. Do you really think a team will trade out of that spot? What draft capital will we use? We have no comp picks. We have no extra picks at all. We are going to be 6-10 or 7-9 and we will have no way to pay the bounty it would require and he won’t be available.
  15. Lol. This is how delusional Marty is. The article mentions that the downside of Newton playing out his last year is that if he got hurt it would scuttle another season. Amazing that they honestly think we could be competitive this year and even more amazing is there doesn’t even appear to be a thought about just playing for the top pick next year, actually saving cap space and maxing out comp picks. It’s like that thought process isn’t even a possibility. That’s what happens when you have a lame duck running the team. Same with Ron last year, kept putting Cam out when everyone knew he was hurt. Don’t care if Cam his anything, it was ridiculously obvious. We did the same with Daryl Williams in 2018, might have even ruined his career. Lame ducks just try to be competitive and we are literally going to miss out on a chance to be the dominant team for years after Brees and Brady retire and Ryan is almost 40.
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