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  1. I think this is the case. In the preseason you don’t have to report injuries. He’s missed almost 2 years in the past 4 and I think he was in line to miss a bunch this year. We still don’t really know anything about this year’s injury which has changed all offseason. The idiots comparing him to Cam have no clue. Cam’s missed 5 games in 8 years with 4 of those being shut downs with the season over and he will likely play the entire year again.
  2. I don’t think Cam is at all similar to Luck. Luck retiring is a unicorn at his age and star level. Also, Cam with his shoulder injuries, rolling his car, etc. has still missed only 5 games in 8 years. Luck has missed 26 in 7 years, all in the past 4 and looked likely to missed more time this year. Assuming he missed some games this year, that would be almost 2 complete seasons in 5 years. Remember the Luke is done threads. Cam isn’t going anywhere. Luck is Luck and it wouldn’t surprise me if his injury was worse than we know. Don’t forget the he’ll be ready for week 1 turned into Luck missing a season. A calf or ankle injury doesn’t keep you out of the entire offseason unless it’s far worse than we know, regardless of what their drunk owner says.
  3. Unless he can’t play due to the foot, you play him. If Donald rips him apart then we are gunning for the top pick. If we win maybe we just got the game we needed for the playoffs. Also, as @ncfan posted above, this could be the game where we realized that the 47, 77 and 100 picks could have been used more wisely to secure the entire OL not just the backup LT spot.
  4. When including the games, he’s likely been the bright spot. I think the secondary has been next. The offense has been non-existent but I don’t blame that on the skilled spots. That said they’ve done close to nothing because of the QB/OL play.
  5. Lol. Great post with some humor. We will be needing DTs/3-4 DEs
  6. If course they game plan. That’s why they are who they are. We go vanilla and hence the reason why we start slow and usually finish stronger. Outside of unicorn 2015, we always start slow. Even last year, that 6-2 start needed a 63 yard game ender and a Philly collapse to outscore them 21-0. BB is game planning and experimenting to get his team ready for week 1. That’s not Ron, the guys who’s stars carry him. I’m still hopeful we can have a good season but it’s still going to be the stars that win it. I’ve still never felt like our coaching carried us to victories. We either get lucky in close games (63 yarder or Cam’s dime to Olsen) or we don’t, hence the can’t win back to back seasons. If we had great coaching we’d have been a dominant force for years.
  7. Me too, but I was going under the assumption that Little would be OK enough to start and bump Williams in to LG. Van Roten was so bad last year that I can’t believe we are going to trot him out again and Paradis not looking good is bad. Hopefully, he just needs some more real reps because he has missed a ton of time like Williams. @ncfan May be right that we should have just gone Risner and solidified LG with a stud this year. Oh well, at least I’m not going to fret over a loss. I’m way less optimistic about the season but still think we can be really good. I think we could be a playoff team but all the people looking at the rosy 6-2 start last year need to realize that 1-7 team is still here too.
  8. Yeah, I didn’t watch the game since I had my son’s game to watch but I followed the game thread. I assume we lost 28-0 or so based on the D comments. The offense is straight up trash so even if the D is OK, we aren’t scoring enough points, especially if Cam’s not healthy. I’ve tempered my expectations a lot the past couple weeks because I just don’t see us coming out hot and we have to since our second half schedule is much harder. If we limp out of the gate we are in trouble.
  9. Two guys hit Sudfield but to say he didn’t give up a pressure isn’t true. Here’s the play: And just so you know. The guy who made Dillard look bad and fall down is an UDFA rookie DT. Reminds me more of the Senior Bowl where Dillard got beat badly quite a few times by other soon to be NFL rookies. That’s not a franchise LT yet.
  10. Yep. I wasn’t really a Dillard fan although I’m not happy to say that I liked him more than Little. Hopefully, we ended up with the right one, but 70 preseason snaps against non- starters is pretty meaningless.
  11. 1 half of preseason football is not a difference in cardio/football shape. If the 20-30 hours per week of practice and lifting since May don’t have them there, the 30 minutes of the first half won’t get them there. Working out the kinks of plays, sure, but it has no impact on them getting gassed in season.
  12. You are correct. Now that we’ve gotten through training camp, the draft does look weaker. Moore, Donte and Thomas all flashed last year and decent depth in Haynes, Carter and Gaulden. In 2017 we got studs in CMC, Samuel, Moton and Butker (smh) and some depth in Armah and Elder. It’s still early, but only Burns has flashed and hopefully Little continues, but the rest looks like depth. If Little doesn’t hit, it could be more like the 2008-2012 drafts which while they got us some studs, they also had so little depth and other starters that we still weren’t playoff contenders until we started to fill in with guys like Short, Star, Turner, Norwell, Williams, Bradberry and the solid 2017 and 2018 drafts. People want to put pick 37 expectations down, but @ncfan showed clearly how that late first early second area is littered with rookie starters and in some cases impact guys who helped some teams really improve (like the Colts last year). We’ve gotten 3 impact guys the prior two years and 2019 is certainly not looking as good so far. That said 2017 was written off as dead early and the top 3 picks that year all have pro-bowl level potential.
  13. Depends on the team. Most do, but no Rams stars played at all last preseason. I’d assume they’ll do the same this year and it’s a copy cat league so don’t be surprised if other teams follow suit. We will and while Ron’s old school we’ve already had the starters play way less than last year or any other year prior.
  14. Agreed. I like Allen more than most and don’t see what Grier brings over him. The history of QBs taken that late (he was almost an early 4th) is horrible. Unless you think we found Brady or Wilson, the best you get is Cousins or Foles and that’s over the last 20+ years. If you truly want a replacement for Cam, then you are looking at a 1st or maybe early 2nd. After that, you are hoping for a lottery pick but other positions have a 30ish% chance of finding a productive player in the 3rd. At QB it’s way less because QBs go way higher than all other positions. Pick 100 QB is more like a 5th or 6th round other position player. Those are crap shoots as well and even if they stick they aren’t usually studs.
  15. There were only 3 things I would have done differently. I would have waited Little at 47 and since the Bills needed a RT and Denver only needed a guard, they weren’t going after Little. I’m not a guy who really liked Little but if the team liked him that much, we needed a LT. Having pick 77, we could have taken Davis or Dieter at G and I would be sleeping a lot better than worrying about Van Roten who was legitimately awful. I didn’t like the Grier pick either and there were some safeties and RBs available. I say RBs because I would have jumped on Omenihu in the 5th. He’s a legitimate 3-4 DE/4-3 DE guy who I think will end up being a steal down the road. Considering the giant cap hit on Short and Poe next year and McCoy on a 1 year deal, we needed DL. Our first round pick next year is a virtual guarantee at DL
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