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  1. I hate to defend Benjamin but it’s such BS that he’s blamed for Cam getting hurt chasing down the INT. That was all on the official. It was so damn clear that the DB touched Benjamin and was down and Benjamin obviously knew he touched him while down. With all the player safety tons of early whistles and yet a dangerous (crack back blocks like TD’s suspension) play like an INT return was continued and easily overturned. People like to pile on the fat dude but that was 100% on the official and Benjamin stopped because he clearly touched the DB when he was down. There was no question and the review took 2 seconds.
  2. Miami also had a crazy easy schedule. They beat a 1-14 Cincy. They beat the Jets early when they were 1-6. They beat Indy after Brissett got hurt. Indy finished 2-7 in that stretch beating us handily and Jacksonville. They also won their last 2 against an up and down Philly team and a NE team that was clearly struggling a bit before their 1st round playoff exit. Miami had 3 really easy wins against truly bad and struggling teams and then finished with a pair of 3 point wins after losing to the Jets and Giants the two weeks prior. We aren’t in the AFC East and we don’t play 2019 Cincy. With Grier, we easily could have gotten pick 1 or 2. Miami got really unlucky and they still got pick 5. I’m still optimistic we could suck, but if we went for all comp picks and saving cap (can’t believe we’ll spend $27M more on Short) we’d all but be guaranteed to choose from 2 or 3 of Fields, Lawrence and Lance. We don’t have the 2019 Miami schedule and luck.
  3. I here you and I’m afraid it is ego driving it. I’m just a bit disappointed that we had the perfect opportunity. How many times do you have a great chance at a top pick when you need a franchise QB and you are looking at one of the top rated (no guarantees but ratings wise) QB classes at the top? How many times when you are rebuilding do you have a chance to shed salary and build huge cap space and roll it over a couple years when the young guys are seasoned? How many times are you rebuilding and that shedding could lead to 4 solid comp picks when you need them to rebuild an OL? It is what it is but it’ll be really disappointing to need a QB in a few years and watch other teams turn it around with guys we could have had. Nothing we can change now, but damn if there’s nothing else to discuss.
  4. Yep. So glad we’ll spend $90M on Teddy, Short and Anderson this year and next and make sure we avoid the top pick. Grier could have been our Clausen and Weinke to get us Cam/Luke and Peppers/Gross in back to back drafts and $90M to sign two stud FAs when the young guys were ready to compete. Throw in a comp 3rd and 4th to add the best two interior OL in addition to our full set of top of the round picks. SMH. Who thought this was a competitive roster for 2020?
  5. 10-15 years is way off based on the current $$$s and vastly improved technologies behind them. Sure, when we didn’t have computers and a million other different technologies, it took a while. The Mumps vaccine in the MMR shots took 4 years and that was in the 60s. The Ebola virus took 5 and that was something that had no funding or big push behind it since it was an Africa thing. It’s like using the travel times from the Gold Rush to determine how fast we can get from the East Coast to the West Coast.
  6. Yep, think about the bottom level players. They could lose a year of employment and heck some of the late round picks and UDFAs aren’t going to stick at all when maybe they had a chance. There will be two draft classes fighting for the same spots.
  7. Heck yeah I am. I normally don’t watch it a ton until the playoffs but dear lord there’s nothing on and my youngest is still into baseball so we’ll watch.
  8. We shouldn’t and we won’t. It would be an awful move since S appears to have solid guys now and a bright future. We have 1 OL starter (an expensive Paradis at that) signed past 2020 and you want to spend $18M a year and a very high, hopefully 33, 2nd round pick? Yeah, no thanks. I’ll hope Chinn and Robinson are solid down the road and cheap as hell.
  9. Exactly. We resigned Boston, signed Burris, drafted Chinn and Robinson and now people want us to trade pick 33 for another safety when we need a QB and OL so much more?
  10. I don’t recall you being on my top pick bandwagon but welcome aboard. I hate that we are going to give Teddy, Robbie and Kawann $90M for two years and lost a 3rd and 4th/5th round comp picks as well. Not only will we have a tougher time getting Lawrence, Fields or Lance, we gave up what could be two draft picks at say interior OL and the top FAs in those QBs 2nd or 3rd years. If we embraced the suck and went for it, we’d have a franchise QB, two more young talents on OL and the top two FAs in 2023 when Brady and Brees retire and Ryan is 37. Nah, I’d rather feel great about getting to 7-9 and have none of that in 2023. SMH. So easy.
  11. It can improve and make them quicker, both in getting them started and reporting results. Also, not sure if you know but there’s this thing called an election happening this year. That may remove some red tape as well. Anyway, if there are viable vaccines don’t be surprised if they are ready way before you expect.
  12. The current Mumps vaccine was 4 years and it started in 1963 with the dad of a girl who had mumps. That’s what’s in the MMR vaccine and Merck started using it in 1967. I think we have the tech to absolutely speed that process up and have something in record time. We haven’t seen a need for a huge vaccine effort in a long time so it’s hard to compare. I read about the Ebola vaccine and you aren’t talking about anywhere near the same problem. The problem Ebola faced was money and the need. In just the US we’ve had 10x the number of deaths due to CV in 3 months than all of the Ebola deaths in 2014-2016. People weren’t rushing to produce a vaccine that had less than 30k cases. No idea when we’ll have one, but using Ebola as the standard isn’t a good example. There really isn’t a great one in today’s world. Heck even the tech advances in genetics and healthcare (and other assisting tech) in the past 6 years are huge.
  13. Don’t worry. I’ll enjoy it. Sometimes it’s better to not have high expectations and get them dashed. I know what we have and what we don’t. I’m not even going to worry about playoffs. I want to see coaching making good moves and young guys doing well. That said, I’m not going to pump up my expectations like some to think we'll have a great DL and secondary knowing that they are counting on two to four rookies, a 2nd year guy, a cast off and a vet who missed a year. I just want to see improvements and potential. Low expectations doesn’t have to be some unbearable weight. It just means no need to worry about the final results. Have you ever watched a movie that got meh reviews and you were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it? Same with hearing about the best movie ever and being disappointed because it wasn’t as good as expected. You are trying to equate not worrying about results (and hoping for a franchise QB) to high expectations where you are miserable the whole time while they disappoint. I watch preseason games every year and follow camp battles. I wouldn’t do that if I was miserable.
  14. Exactly, except you are just a hair off. We’ve had two dismal teams/seasons that led to us getting the #2 and #1 overall picks followed by the second year of rebuild with us getting top 10 picks. We got Peppers and Gross and Cam and Luke. I just can’t believe how many people don’t want to jump back in the water. Third times the charm, maybe we’ll win it this time. The top QBs in the 2021 class appear to be well above most years. I want to get one in a bad way. I’d hate to see us Rudy ourselves into a meh pick. Oh well, I’m a pessimist so here’s to 7-9 and years of mediocrity!
  15. I hope all the young guys get a ton of playing time so we both get them to improve and also get the top pick. It’s fine to be excited about the young guys in the secondary and DL. I am, but I’m tempering expectations for this year. I know that even Brown will have growing pains and guys like Pride, Chinn, YGM and Robinson are going to have a lot of growing pains and may not play that much.
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