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  1. stbugs

    Newton's longevity

    I agree with you. Oh no Heinecke threw some Hail Marys. If Cam is still experiencing soreness and you don’t want him to take another hit, who cares. It’s not as if we had a chance. If we had squeaked our even two of those 4 horrible losses (one against Seattle) do you think people would be talking about the shoulder or the fact that we’re 8-5 and have a really good shot at the wildcard? I’m not saying it’s not sore but damn we have seen surgery and missing 2019 from the armchair doctors in here.
  2. Quite far apart was before the two knee injuries, correct? His value isn’t nearly as high as it was. The health is still a concern. Also, if we hopefully get smart about losing some dead weight (Kalil and Short as post June 1st get us $20+ million in 2019 cap space, add Smith and Searcy and almost $30 million above what we have now), we will have plenty of cap for Williams if healthy. Especially since Funchess is getting WR4 money or going elsewhere.
  3. stbugs

    Random Panther Ramblings

    So true. It’s almost as bad as the GM debate. It’s amazing how people can’t see the good and bad both did. The last two drafts have been solid. Getting 3 plus starters each draft is very good. If I told you 2 years ago we’d get an elite RB, an elite T, two very good, maybe great WRs, a solid CB and maybe a very good TE in the last two drafts from two different GMs, I think we’d be very happy. If Marty or the new guy don’t eff up this draft we should come away with sorely needed defensive talent. I would have liked to have been rolling into the playoffs at 10-3 or 9-4 right now but it is what it is and I see this offense being lights out for a few years. Need the D to pick it up and maybe we can be back again in the odd year of 2019.
  4. stbugs

    The Roaring Riot just blew my mind

    It also means Minnesota has to lose all three games. This is almost as bad as 2016 when in week 16, we still had a microscopic chance to make it. Chicago even after beating the Rams is still 2 games behind them and NO. There’s a good chance they are the 3 seed and sitting their starters week 17. Only Dallas can prevent them from resting. Our best hope is actually that Philly beats the Rams and NO sits in week 17. We might pull it out of our ass on Monday but I don’t see a realistic way that we get in without 2 wins.
  5. stbugs

    Looking towards the draft.

    It doesn’t matter. It’s great to say you could pick the guys in the 3rd that ended up being steals but it’s a guess. I know people may say they liked Kamara but you could say that about a ton of prospects many of whom have not performed. He was hit or miss in everything I saw. All I know is that with a top RB, a WR who I think can be amazing and a top 25 OL (at the tackle spot), a starting FB and a should have been way cheaper K, we had a heck of a 2017 draft. Probably our best in many years. 2018 if we get our WR1a to Samuel’s WR1b, a solid CB and a starting TE, then I’ll be happy as well. We need a third year with a good draft and we’ll be setup for a good 2019 if we hire a new coach that won’t smother the good young talent.
  6. stbugs

    Couple more observations

    And some folks in here see it as Shaq sucks. He was in the right spot to end the play and the refs suck. Simple as that.
  7. stbugs

    Couple more observations

    He was about to go right into the hole. The OL grabbed and spun him out of the hole. That was blatant and it happened right where the RB was. The refs are so bad the more you look at stuff they miss and call. I know you can’t call everything but the OL reached behind to grab and spin him out of the hole. That’s about as blatant and impactful a hold as you get.
  8. stbugs

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    We should have beaten Seattle easily and won at worst the Detroit game where Ron/Gano cost us 9 to 12 points. Even screwing up Cleveland and Tampa, no way we shouldn’t be 8-5 with a comfortable lead in the wild card. We are 100% blew on of the easiest 4 game stretches where even mediocre play has us easily in the playoffs. Remember at 6-2 where we we were saying that at 6-2 we should have no issue going 11-5 or 10-6, but getting to the playoffs might still be hard? Here we are week 13 and Green Bay is 5-7-1, Tampa is 5-8, Falcons are 4-9, Washington is 6-7, Minnesota will be 6-6-1 and Philly is 6-7. The one team of all the wild card hopefuls that is playing well is Seattle and we should have blown them out of the water. All the other wild card hopefuls can at best get to 9 wins yet we are on the outside looking in. Epic fuging failure.
  9. stbugs

    Luke Kuechly

    Bradberry was ranked as a top CB his rookie year and he had Worley as the other guy, i.e. he didn’t have someone else covering Julio and Evans. I just think it’s funny how much people want to throw away Bradberry and seem to ignore his good games yet also ignore Donte having some horrible games lately. I personally think if we didn’t have them playing 15 yards off and had maybe a pound or two of pressure that they could be a solid pair.
  10. stbugs

    Luke Kuechly

    What’s the love for Donte all about? I think he can get better but he has 100% been a huge problem in the losing streak. He’s given up so many long plays that have led to TDs. It’s amazing how much Bradberry gets bagged on when he hasn’t been getting burned nearly as bad lately. One thing to have to play off and give up short receptions but he’s played pretty well against a slew of elite WRs and Donte gets burned deep by a guy on his 4th or 5th team. Donte has potential but he was anointed way too early based on the losing streak.
  11. Cutting Short is fine the $12 million in dead cap hits regardless even with a trade. I just see no reason to waste $17 million in cap in 2019 and $18 million in cap in 2020 by having him on the team. He’s not going to get better. We’ve seen the best. Even 2017 as a much better year for him. The occasional play is nice but he’s nowhere near what he needs to be to garner a top deal like he has.
  12. And you’d be wrong again. Go to any salary cap site. In 2019 he has $12 million in dead cap. Make him a post June 1st cut and it’s $4 million dead in 2019 and $8 million in 2020. His cap number for 2019 is $17 million. 17-4 = 13. Nothing more complicated than that. Cutting him in 2019 as a post June 1st and you save $13 million in 2019 and $10 million in 2020 since his 2020 cap number is $18 million. We could probably make a contract and sign Clowney for $13 million in cap. I’d rather have Oliver at DT and Clowney than Short. Dont be scared of dead cap. It’s not that bad when Short has a cap hit of $35 million the next two years if he’s on the roster. I’d rather deal with $12 million in dead cap than $35 million of live cap.
  13. No it’s not. I replied to you in another thread. Short’s cap number is $17 for next year and $18 for 2020. His dead cap is $12, post June 1st designation and it’s $4 in 2019 and $8 in 2020. You want to pay him $17 in cap (and real cash) in 2019 so you only have $8 in dead cap in 2020? My plan is $12 total in cap, yours is $25 in cap over the same two seasons. I’d rather have $13 million in extra cap and a rookie DT. It also forces us to not get cute and draft the strength of the draft. Short isn’t getting better next year. Kalil is even more obvious. He’s not even playing at all. Dead cap doesn’t matter if the net cap savings outweighs the player not being there.
  14. stbugs

    Roster in 2019...

    From memory it was something like $13 in 2019 and $4 in 2020. Kalil is $8 in 2019 and $6 in 2020. People get hung up on dead cap, but those guys have giant cap numbers and we save cap space (and lots of cash) by releasing them. They are not negative cap wise, i.e. cost us more to cut than keep.
  15. stbugs

    Roster in 2019...

    Cutting Shaq and keeping Short would be dumb. Shaq at least plays with effort and isn’t a hole like Short who has been so inconsistent for $17m per year. We’d save $17m in cap and around twice that in cash (read signing bonus for a FA). I want to cut Short, Kalil, Smith and Searcy first and get our cap space in 2019 close to $60m and then work some magic. Draft a stud DT (there’s a bunch) in the first or second (DE with the other, unless signing Clowney) and go from there. Keep the LBers as Luke, Shaq, Carter, Mayo and Smith and maybe a rookie and work hard on DL. Haynes isn’t s 4-3 DE.