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  1. Yep. We can get to $40m in cap space easily and lose basically nothing based on those players last year. Also, one thing I now really hate from the new CBA is the cap rollover. I guess it can even the playing field but it’s an easy recipe to basically tank and build up draft picks (Browns and Colts trading our if higher picks/getting future picks while they know they’ll suck and get high picks again and then spend like a drunken sailor because you didn’t spend anything the prior few years. None of this huge space is because of the lack of salaries in that year, it’s a multiplier of staying under the cap for a few years purposely. Also, as much as I hate Matt Kalil’s contract, Hurney was just as bad this past year. If we keep Poe, he handed out the same amount in total that we will have paid Kalil in Poe, Searcy, Cockrell and Smith and we got almost nothing. If we keep any of the others with Poe, we’ll have spent more than Kalil. That’s why I laugh when people talk about how bad Kalil’s contract was and then don’t realize how much money we wasted on last year’s FAs. For just one year of Hurney’s guys and Kalil we wasted $60m. Throw in the lost seasons of the other Kalil and Olsen and we’re right next to $100m in cap for very little.
  2. Who is trading for Barr when he has no contract? He’s a FA.
  3. You don’t actually think we’ll plug all our holes this year, do you? S in draft is an option, but I’m betting a decent but cheap FA will also be an option. I can get a starting G in round 4 as well. Might not be Norwell but better than Van Roten is possible. In my scenario, I go Bradbury or best C at 47 or Lindstrom if somehow he’s there. Take a G or C with one of the next three picks as well as a CB or FS and DE. Let’s go OT in the 5th and 6th for depth. Depending on CB or S, I’ll use a little money to get the other in FA. I’m good with Allen at backup. This year’s QB class sucks. I’m not getting a Foles or anything else that expensive. We aren’t the Eagles of 2017 or the Hostetler Giants, I’m ride or die with Cam.
  4. And I still have $13m in cap space left, two solid DEs, a solid DT, two solid tackles and 4 more picks from 47 to 115ish to work on C, LG, S, CB, OT and of course more DE.
  5. We are at $16m in cap space. Poe opens up $6 this year and Matt opens up over $7. Throw in Smith and Searcy and we’re at $36m. We have plenty of room to dive into FA. Maybe not Lawrence or Clowney, but maybe Clark. I’m not saying to ignore DE, I’ve been a big proponent of it, but a lot of our best pressure from 2015-2017 when we were at the top of the sack list was interior pressure and that completely went away this year so it is a need. Not as high a need, but there are some decent FA DEs and the best DEs could be gone at 16.
  6. If we release Poe there’s a decent amount of cap savings. Use that for a FA DE and I’m fine with Lawrence. No link to the draft so it’s hard to say who I would take instead.
  7. 11 safeties in that list. Main reason I think we overpaid for Reid, who likely was off the table for most teams. I wanted Reid back but there is just a glut in the safety market just like last year.
  8. Donte wasn’t close to an 80 last year. He had some early picks but he got burned bad repeatedly in the losing streak. I hope that he improves because it’s not easy as a rookie starter, but let’s not act like he was an all-pro last year or anywhere near Luke type ratings. You don’t get beat on an 66 yarder to Breshad Perriman if you are the Kuechly of CBs. By the way, that catch was Perriman’s career best in his illustrious 4 year career. We gave up 81 yards in 1 game to him and he’s got 351 yards in his other 26 games the last two years. Our D was awesome last year.
  9. Yes, if traded, the new team always takes on the remaining contract. For us, a release or trade is identical. We owe him nothing more, but have bonus money still not on the cap yet. We’d make him a post June 1st cut and dead cap would be $4.9m this year and $9.8m in 2020. It’s basically $4.9m bonus per year but we’d end the contract 3 years early. No team is going to trade for him. He’s garbage and they know we’ll release him. We should release him because keeping him as a backup means we spend an additional $7m in cap space and cash in 2019. That $14.7m in dead cap will no matter what count against ours, so why make it $22m for a shitty player who is easily replaced way cheaper.
  10. Not the same situation. We are done with guaranteed money so we can just release him and owe the same money if we traded him. Osweiler still had guaranteed money so Denver (or Houston, I can’t remember who traded him) was actually able to get out from under new money. No reason to give someone a draft pick if we don’t save cap space.
  11. Well, in general I agree, but Captain was awful. Aside from him the lack of pass rush hurt. Captain however was routinely covering air and just giving up plays left and right.
  12. stbugs

    What a lousy strategy

    It also sounds eerily the same as the Broncos defenders who basically said we ran nothing that they weren’t prepared to see. It’s not about abandoning, it’s about not being so predictable we blow our chance when we were the best team that season. Unfortunately, we blew it.
  13. Yes, we lose $7m more in cap space by keeping him. Dead cap is gone no matter what. It’s the extra $7m and no he’s not worth keeping. Clark and Newhouse were about the same for a ton less. I want no part of keeping Kalil. We should have drafted Crosby (Oregon T, beat out the guy we traded for) instead of Haynes. Cheap and a no brainer. Instead, knowing that Kalil sucks, we were letting Norwell walk and Ryan retiring and Hurney does 0 for OL. Ugh, I hope we learned our lesson but damn it would be nice to have two young tackles who got a ton of experience last year instead of one.
  14. It seems like that but it hasn’t been that long. Last year really put a bad taste in our mouths because the entire team blew up in epic fashion. 2016 sucked but we lost almost the entire OL after we had a top 5 OL in 2015 and Gano blew 4 games by himself. Ignoring 2016 with those injuries and a bum kicker, we’ve been 32-8 in the regular season before the 1-7 collapse. We had a top 5 OL in 2015 and Oher literally died in 2016. Last year losing Williams sucked because we might have actually had our best tandem in years. In 2017, Addison and Peppers both had 11 sacks and in 2015-2017, we were second to only Pittsburgh (by 2) in total sacks. We actually had a pro-bowl safety in 2015. Anyway, it may seem like some of these problems have been “years” but pass rush was a problem last year. The 3 years before we were as good as anybody. OL has unfortunately been an injury thing outside of Matt Kalil. When healthy, we’ve typically had an above average OL. Turner, Norwell, Williams and Ryan have all been pro-bowl or all-pro and Moton was really good in his first year starting. If we let Norwell and Williams walk with Ryan retired, then we’re just plain dumb. Safety has been an issue since Coleman starting sucking.
  15. What you just said is why I want to re-sign Williams. I think there’s a very high chance that Moton is as good a LT as there is in this draft class. I feel way more secure picking a Lindstrom or Bradbury at 47 and having them be as good as prime Kalil (the good one) or Norwell than I do any of these tackles being Gross.