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  1. Jaycat

    Corona Virus

    The longer this continues, the crime rate might rise.
  2. Jaycat

    Corona Virus

    ABC store lining people up outside. Taking one customer at a time.
  3. Jaycat

    Corona Virus

    Watching Wisconsin/Michigan State Big Ten championship right now...from 2015.
  4. Doesn't get any sicker than that
  5. Well, you guessed wrong. I'm self insured, but all the money in the world can't make her walk again.
  6. My beloved wife was T- boned by a 28 year old red light running woman who has absolutely no assets 2 weeks ago Pelvis broken in 6 places. Might never walk again. Talking real time. Where are my reparations?
  7. Kinda like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, et al were traitors to England. Suits me that the Confederacy lost though.
  8. Eagle man, Eagle. Look at his head and tail feathers. The Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl.
  9. Really, flipped a picture sideways that I submitted upright? GRR. You'll have to tilt your head
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