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  1. I just don't get Trumpers, at all. It seems like his defenders defend him for the sake of it, or rather "because of Hilary." And it also seems like they live in their own worlds, where all facts are fake and conspiracies are much more believable.
  2. I would expand on the "most people" are moderate and say that most people just don't want to be bothered. I'd say the vast majority of people probably wouldn't care about things like gay marriage or abortion if it wasn't made into a giant issue by the media and politicians. Most people would not care if Steve and Evan got married, or of Edna got an abortion because she found out her fetus was non-viable. That's because most of us have our lives and things we like to and need to do. I'd say the great "middle" of America is just apathetic towards most politics until they get shoved in our faces. Clinton had lots of issues outside of those. I don't think they really swayed anyone too much. Most of it was messaging and the fact that people didn't like the narrative that Clinton was "owed" the presidency, and that Bernie was screwed over by the super delegates. You also had a lot of people who just didn't like the Clintons, real or fake news be darned. The Democrats are going to run into a major problem for 2020 because they are doing the same thing the Pubs did in 2016. They have TOO MANY people running. The party is trying to move in too many directions at once. They need to take everyone outside of the top 5, and get them to step down. The top 5 should then debate and each should have their own spin on what the Democratic Party will sell the American people. I also wouldn't place the blame simply on moderation. It's also the apathetic nature of the middle of the US political spectrum. Many are change averse. Instead of rallying around change, they are settling on more of the same (Biden). The middle must recognize that things are not as well as they believe. You can pile up the issues left and right, but the main thing is that people don't care so long as they have food, distractions, and a job. I go to a children's book: This is a book my son loves to read. Papa bear thinks all the noise about pollution is just silly because from his view: their home is great! His life is fine. It doesn't come into his consciousnesses about other animals who suffer because of the lack of trees in the forest, or the fish killed or birds injured from polluted waterways. It takes his children, and their friends, to change things. Eventually he sees and agrees with their point of view. The "Middle" is Papa Bear. Sadly, the book doesn't go into how to combat fake news, but I'm sure they'll have that one later...? The middle needs to realize that there are MAJOR problems in our country and world. It's up to them to get active and find leaders with actual solutions instead of empty promises. After decades of NO and outright power grabbing corruption from the Pubs, it's a GOLDEN opportunity for the Dems to educate and activate the people of America.
  3. Me, no. I hope the folks in their 70s do bow out. Well, except Warren. She's got TONS of plans that need to be more fully heard through the debate circuit. She's such a policy wonk. Though, if it's one of the senior citizens who gets the nod, they are going to have to pull one of the young kids up as VP. Each day, we see Trump push himself further into a corner through twitter. I'd just let it continue to happen, and concentrate on the issues that will get you elected. The Republicans will continue to lose power and presence with their current positions. This should be the end for them as a major political power in their current form (man, that's some wishful thinking right there....). In this case, the Democrats need to pile on healthcare again. Make a bigger push with senate candidates and keep defending the House so that something can happen. Talk about the image of America, but deliver plans that can directly help people. That infrastructure bill, women's rights, education, those are bread and butter issues which can bring back a lot of independents and the few decent republicans in hiding. I want someone with some energy, plans, policy, and an effective communicator. But that's just me.
  4. So has anyone dropped out yet? What's the betting line on the first one out? The field just has to thin. I'm not a huge Biden fan at this point in my life. He represents the easy choice - going backwards. It was the same sort of idealism of going back to better days that got people to vote for Trump in the first place. Biden represents a world 10 years ago. The world has changed. We need a new leader, someone who isn't a return to "happy days," but someone who is prepared to deal with the current problems we have.
  5. I remember reading and watching a documentary about the pro-west youth 10 years ago. We are approaching a tipping point in Iran where the people will out run and out live the old hardline conservatives. Imagine if we had used the nuke deal as a way to build a bridge with Iran. Imagine how we could have lead to better stabilization in the region, gained an ally and trade partner. Sure there are a lot of issues to deal with regarding terrorism and human rights, but dealing with the younger leaders, giving the youth hope of a more open future...a lot of good coulda/shoulda happened. A war with Iran will be a bloodbath for our troops and our people, and then think about how bad things will be for the Iranian people. The global retaliation will be huge for everyone.
  6. What proof do you have of the spying? Any surveillance was cleared through legal channels. Continuing to propagate the lie of "spying" in regards to some big time anti-Trump bias makes you part of the problem instead of any sort of solution. Here's history lesson about Nixon: https://www.history.com/topics/1970s/watergate# https://millercenter.org/the-presidency/educational-resources/watergate-break https://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/common/investigations/Watergate.htm Nixon resigned rather than be impeached because he broke then law and abused presidential powers. Trump has created a cult of personality around himself and his campaign. Because many of his most devoted followers feel so completely left out of the world, they believe he is their savior. He will lead them from their self imposed darkness, overcome what they feel is preventing them from success, and they will be rich together. The Trump coalition has lost any sense of empathy for the suffering of others. They quickly went from "suck it up/bootstraps" to rape victims are to blame for being raped. It's everyone else's fault for their problems except themselves. There no real personal accountability. Though when given the opportunity, the have showed themselves capricious and in-effective. Remember Bengazi? Which is why they can't stand for anyone to stand up to or against Trump, be is laws, women, democrats, minorities, or anyone else. Trump is their Moses, we need to get out of his way so he can lead us to the promise land! Though if Trump's promise land is anything else like the rest of his businesses, good luck.
  7. I think Tyrion made the best point about the story: no one is happy, it was a good compromise. I really can't wait to finally read Martin's story as well. Regardless of how angry people are about it, it's over. The TV story is complete. The fact that it became such a cultural phenomenon is pretty epic. I'd say it's certainly one of the most influential shows of all time, maybe not best, but surely influential. If you are one of the millions who has asked HBO to redo season 8, then I'd say your best bet is to cancel your subscription. Or stop pirating it. ;)
  8. d-dave

    Pro Life

    I don't really agree with you on that statement. We have been divided by the media, the internet and our worst devils. The internet (and the huddle) represent a very tiny slice of the world at large. Most people (in real life, not internet champs) happily exist in a world of people with different opinions who you agree and disagree with, freely and good naturally. Only the most obnoxious ones are claiming that attitude you suggest. I'll also say that centrism is pretty much dead. My interpretation of a centrist is someone believes in small, careful changes over time. Course correction is very slow. That led us to the turn of the century. The ideological right has gone SO FAR RIGHT, leaving those centrists either falling left away from the Authoritarians/Racists that form the strongest base for Trump and Alex Jones types. While the left has gone LEFT in many areas, certain issues like healthcare, education, and individual rights are pretty important to everyone, regardless of political orientation. Honestly, you shouldn't try to make an argument that there are "good" white supremacists. There aren't any. That's not centrism at all, in my opinion. (I am not insinuating that YOU, made that argument - not going to search to find out) I do think that we are on the cusp of falling towards that future in Idiocracy. Anti-intellectualism, pro-authoritarianism, pro-corporatism, extreme nationalism, living in a bubble, denial of facts in favor of "beliefs." These are all real thematic elements of the film. Though I will say, President Comacho would really bring "something" to the Oval Office. Many of these attitudes have been adopted by the Right, and the view that anyone who doesn't agree with them is as bad as a terrorist. If those beliefs continue to grow and thrive, which is a legit fear, we'll end up with a world much worse than that of 2505 from Idiocracy. For example, on Abortions - People can believe whatever they want. They do not have to do it as an individual, or agree with what you think. That's liberty. If you don't like abortions - DON'T have them. Easy. Spread that attitude through your family and community. If someone disagrees, that's fine. You can explain your opinion, maybe get in an argument. That's fine. But you should not take away someone else's right to their opinion or body. You wouldn't want that happening to you, right? Want to fight for the babies, good, get started with the ones who are living in poverty, those who are in the ICU and their families cannot afford to pay the bills. Do something for them because you never know how a pregnancy will end. Fight for the living so to speak. There's not much to be in the center about anymore. You either oppose Nazis...or...? What exactly? Some positions are undefendable. Even with the freedom to express them.
  9. d-dave

    Pro Life

    First off, obligatory grammar hammer "you're" as you are saying "you are." But that's just nitpicking, right? Second, you're using hindsight (lived to be born) to prove something you can't (that all fetuses are viable). The reality is they are not all viable - hence the massive numbers of miscarriages and prenatal birth defects. I'm really happy for you that you've never experience a stillborn child because that's what your "argument" suggests. I don't know you, and you don't seem like someone I'd care to know. The ultimate reality of the abortion debate is that Men overwhelmingly want to control a Woman's body. Since you and I lack the parts to carry children in our own bodies, then we should really allow the women that control. Pregnancy is not a black and white situation. There's LOTS of other parts of women's health that factor into being pregnant and how it ends. This isn't the world of The Handmaid's Tale. Finally, why do so many of the conservatives who get their panties in a wad over this abortion want to phrase everything like children are a punishment? Children are a responsibility, a gift, a joy, and something meant to be loved and cherished. Should they be a consignment of punishment? Should those same children be doomed to a life of hardship, strife, and misery because the mother (who was not ready or able to take care of a child) doesn't have the ability, income, etc to support that child? I wouldn't expect a bunch of old white men to understand what happens during pregnancy and afterwords. The bonding, the love, the maternal instincts make is "hard" to just give the child up to the fairly sketchy adoption industry. I should know, having adopted my son. Would you cut off a part of your own body? Again, most of the arguments conservatives put forth are entirely unconvincing that removing a right (to choose) is an acceptable practice. Gun nuts go ballistic when there is even the slightest possibility of an infringement upon their right to gather as many death implements in their homes as possible. OK, a final point to this particular stream of consciousnesses rant: finances. Many people identify as fiscal conservatives around here, right? Raising children, especially on government assistance, is a "drain on the economy," right? Less poor babies = less in taxes. Why can't you stand behind that? "Oh, children are priceless" you may start, which I would then say "If children are so priceless, why don't you support programs to help ALL children?" At which point most conservatives call me (or insert random liberal) names and go back into their echo chamber.
  10. d-dave

    Pro Life

    I think people should practice their beliefs in their own private lives and should absolutely NOT try to force their views and beliefs on people through laws. This is not a theocracy. Why is that so hard? For example: If you don't like gay marriage, then don't marry someone who is gay. Duh. Easy. If you don't like abortions, then don't have one. There is NOTHING in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights that says the government can unlawfully invade your privacy, remove bodily autonomy, or have any saying on what you do your to body. I completely disagree with opening the door to giving the government control over our bodies. If you'll fight to "death" for gun rights, what happens when the GOVERNMENT comes to tell you how you have to take care of YOUR body? It's none of their business? Nope, you gave that up for women so welcome the G-men into your bathroom! Also, let's get to the number of these lawmakers who preface their statements about abortions with "I'm not a scientist..." or who have NO IDEA how pregnancy works. People should not make laws without expert input when they aren't even familiar with the topic. Finally, if you are so Pro-Life, how many kids have you adopted? I mean, if you care what a woman in another state does, then you must care about ALL the children? Right? Children are a joy, best thing ever. Then why hasn't the pro-life community done adoptathons to take those unwanted children off the hands of those forced to carry them to term? Or, have they done anything to ensure that every single child born in America has access to the best healthcare, the best schools, best access to opportunity? Of course not. So let's put this into terms most conservatives really care about, dollars and cents. How much does it cost to raise a child? How much does it cost in taxes for school, roads, etc? Versus the cost of an abortion? So if you really care about the COSTS, then aborting an unwanted child is cheaper than raising them. Period. Most pro-lifers are extreme hypocrites who hide behind some false morality based on limited religious texts and (un)righteous anger.
  11. The only thing that really prevents me from 100% agreeing is the prophecy of the prince who was promised... I keep wondering if Jon will kill Dany, Grey Worm rushes to defend her, and Arya takes out Grey Worm wearing an unsullied face? No matter what, Dany dies on Sunday, for sure.
  12. She didn't turn, Dany has always solved her problems with fire. She turned "Mad Queen" because she could not get the favor of the people who she sough to free from tyranny. She was the crazy dragon lady from the East. Jon was the man of the people, the war hero, who always did the right thing, no matter how stupid it was. He was basically Ned Stark... She saw how the Northmen and Wildlings loved Jon, she loved Jon, but when she realized that the people would never love her, they would have to fear her. But that was OK so long as she had the love of Jon while on the Throne. When Jon broke things off because he discovered he was her nephew, that sucked. At least she still had Messandai, her best friend, and the rest of her court was loyal to her. She could recover. Then Varys turned, Tyrion, Jon told his family, Messandai was murdered...well her list of allies and confidants grew decidedly smaller. Now it's just Grey Worm...who may end up dying by Jon's sword (speculation). Oh and her DRAGON who loves burning stuff down. She gave up and gave into her inner dragon (Woke the Dragon so to speak), who's solution to all problems is to burn them down until there are no problems. To me, this hasn't been a surprise, but rather the finale of her story. Thematically, the idea that you can't go home, you can't change the past from the present are powerful and important for the modern consciousness. When you think about it, very few characters are really looking forward, most are stuck in the past. And I do agree, best thing on TV right now!
  13. We got my son one for Xmas (though he lost it until the end of school for behavior reasons). I really like the Zelda game. Mario is fine. He really liked Lego City and Let's go Pikachu. There are plenty of cool games for the switch, but it's geared towards the Nintendo fan much more than a core gamer.
  14. This is not something new. We've seen this going on for a LONG time. Though it's nice to see it called out in public like this.
  15. Man, I remember the 2003 and 2005 seasons... the absolute wizardry that Steve Smith concocted on the field was something I will never forget... While most NFL players are competitors, few have the drive and the rage that Smith had. He used to make sure he had more in the tank than you did. He did have his issues on the practice fields, and he paid the price for those. But he was an absolute terror on the field. His crazy:results ratio was unreal until the end. I have so much love for him as a player, but then again you look at his community service record and he was a wonderful citizen.
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