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  1. Which right wing policies are being reinforced? So in your opinion, Trump is better long term because he helps everyone realize how bad the Right Wing movement is in our country? I would disagree with that sentiment because everyone who can change their mind already knows he's bad for America. Trump's most ardent supporters don't care about anything other than Trump. He'll, most would probably be thrilled to die stupidly for whatever Trump wants. Even after four more Trump years, there won't be some magical breaking point where everyone wakes up and says "this is wrong, we need to fix things NOW." People aren't any going to be any more likely to say "Yeah, those progressive ideas about healthcare, the environment, and criminal justice are good and need to happen now, let's do it!" The middle of America is lazy and dumb. If they don't realize that Trump and his followers are all crooks, what will four years do? Meanwhile, the poor and oppressed will suffer for another four years, needlessly. With no chance of improvement under a pro-business Trump regime. Here's something else to consider: the Senate and maintaining the house. If the Democrats are able to retake the senate and keep the house, then they can set the legislative agenda. Now it probably won't be a veto proof majority, but it could be enough to put some real legislative pieces in place. Would a Trump White House sign Medicare for All? Legalization and Decriminalization of Weed? Federal minimum wage increases? Probably not, because the Republicans would use all of that as resentment fuel for the easily swayed middle America to take things back in 2022/2024. Would Biden sign that legislation? Maybe not, but there's a MUCH better chance of him doing so than Trump.
  2. How can anyone say four more years of Trump is the best possible outcome? I just can't see it. I'd rather four years of Biden's conservative democratic (corporate) with at least a stable hand and pulling in knowledgeable and qualified leadership than another four years of Trump attempting to rip the country from the hands of the American people and turning it over to his buddies and suck ups. That's just a disagreement I guess some of us are bound to have.
  3. Well, that sucks that Bernie is out. I'm not here to debate the why, but it's happened. Now my question for the anti-Biden group is what do you do in November? No matter what everyone would have wanted we are faced with Trump or Biden at the ballot box. Maybe it's not a big deal because you think that Trump has NC in the bag so you'll write in whoever or vote Green party, etc. Is there such a thing as pragmatism anymore? Sometimes you have to pinch your nose like all the Pubs did in 2016 who voted for Trump despite hating him. I ask this because we're either going to have Trump or Biden as the president come January 2021. I have a half dozen other people who I'd rather be running than Biden, but it's either him or Trump. Haven't we seen enough on Trump? Would Biden do enough to satisfy progressives? No. Would he be able to fill all the executive departments with qualified people? The next time a pandemic, national disaster, whatever; would we have to listen to countless lies about how great Biden is, what a good job he's doing, and how unfair the media is while he would do shady stuff behind the backs of Americans? I don't think he'd do that. This current crisis of the coronavirus has shown many how important a lot of the progressive ideas are. Under Biden, there will be room for traction and possibly accomplishment. Under Trump, there will be no room for nothing. So what will it be? Hold your nose and vote for Biden? Or let Trump have it for another four years, packing the courts with unqualified and conservative judges and justices while continuing to weaken America for the sake of the wealthy? Or if you can't be pragmatic regarding Biden and the conservative party (the democrats), can you at least support progressives at your state and local levels? The Republican are corporate shills who hide behind three issues with no real policy except making the rich richer.
  4. I am getting really fed up with people who are consistently gathering in large groups. One of my neighbors gathered as many as they could from the block for a walk around the neighborhood as a big gaggle of people... Then another had a birthday party with 30 people in their backyard last night... I can't stand how people just say "I don't care about the science, I'm a 'Murican and I got liberty!" What can we do to fight this stupidity? I know someone whose grandfather has Covid-19 (it will probably kill him, he was really weak before) because she didn't care and has done NOTHING to prevent the spread. Now she's asking for thoughts and prayers when she could have done something before hand. I try to have hope for humanity, but I think we're all just fugged.
  5. If churches want federal money, then they need to open their books and pay taxes on their income each year with full transparency. Since we know they don't want anyone knowing what happens with the money (hey Elevation and Meck), they aren't going to touch it. Otherwise, then those poor little church should just pray on it, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, or rely on the charity of their members...right? For too long Churches have run the biggest scams on the planet (centuries) to accumulate incredible wealth with questionable destinations. There is a huge amount of wealth that can be taxed and put to actual good uses (why not use it to pay down debt - surely the religious right will like that instead of using the money to actually help the poor).
  6. I LOVE USAA. They have been fantastic ever since I started driving. We have lots of services with them, and it's been just an easy and wonderful experience each time. My father was in the Army. That's how I got my USAA. If anyone has the ability to, I'd highly recommend switching over. Sure, you can get a cheaper plan else where, but good luck with their service.
  7. Wow, throwing out Garett Gilbert, nice. I don't think that Herbert has the killer instinct to be an upgrade over Bridgewater. That's it. Herbert is a smart kid who has had some real challenges at Oregon. I just don't think he's a franchise QB that will lead us to the Super Bowl. I think he's much more a Blane Gabbert type. Got the tools, but lacks the fire. I think he's better than Gabbert, but I don't think he's going to upgrade our current QB room. I'm not a football expert by any means, and I'm probably wrong. But I know the team has more needs and there are better players. Teddy is going to make $40M+ the next two years to lead this team. To me, that tells me how much the team believes in the current crop of available QBs.
  8. I'd rather not draft a QB this year. We just signed two new QBs. We need to feel them out. Adding a #7 over all rookie to that mix is a recipe for disaster. On the flip side, adding an elite DT, Defensive Athlete who can do it all, a top flight CB, etc only helps any QB we have for the next five years.
  9. I feel like the meme about death panels having doctors not stockholders was the most spot on in this entire issue. I can't find the image but the idea of profits over lives seems to be a major point for the Republican party. We can't go back to normal. Never. The normal brought us to this moment. There are some significant structural changes that need to occur in our country as we move forward. We need to be prepared for the next pandemic, natural disaster, or economic collapse. The main problem I see is the Republicans desire to protect business profits over lives and ignoring science. Then the Democrats are trying to overreach in some of their more progressive ideas. Sure, I'd love to see more investment in green energy too, but not at the expense of dealing with the current problem. People need to understand that the leadership of the Federal government needs to be immediate and backed by good science. It's not about the left or right, but the anti-science bias of the Republican party is central to the crisis we're in now. Take the Texas Lt. Governor who wants to endanger senior citizens so "we can all go back to work." That's not based on any current science. Most of the new patients who need ventilators are under 40... What does that tell you? It's not just the old folks who are in danger, it's everyone. His stance is that profit trumps human life. That's wrong. And it's messed up that so many people are willing to sacrifice others to make more money. This is where we are. Because this has turned into a political issue, the humanity has been lost by some of us. The fact is, to save the most lives, we all need to stay home. It's going to be up to the government to make up the difference. Once it does clear up, and we can return to normal, there will be an exceptional economic boom. But we will all have to agree to suck it up for a while. BTW - if your children are driving you crazy, this is what they do during regular school hours. You angels aren't so perfect are they?
  10. I hope this helps us rebuild our core group of guys over the next few years!
  11. Been there done that. Look at our record for the franchise. How many times did we complain about the ownership and coaches? That's all changed. We got what we asked for, which is why you should always be careful of that moving forward. Sometimes your favorite people/things/ideas can get ruined and swept out during big sweeping changes like the Panthers are experiencing right now. The toughest part is going to be gaining national relevancy again. That's going to come with wins, which might be in short supply in 2020 due to a departed defense. I hate that some of my favorite players of the past decade are gone, but the Panthers are my team. I was there in 1995 in Clemson. I there for 1-16. I was there for a Super Bowl. I have been with this franchise most of my life. I'll still be here and rooting for my team. But it does means I'm going to have to see who are my next favorite Panthers. There's CMC and DJ Moore....welp, that's a short list!
  12. Sorry rest of the thread, but I don't have time to read all 7 pages of emotional responses. So this is a positive for me (trying to find'em!). Brady is going to run a system similar to what NO has. That's what he's learned and created at LSU. My hope is that Teddy is able to come in and perform well. That gives me some hope. Again, don't hate me for trying to find some positives today. I'm having a rough go of things right now, and the Cam news is not helping. For now, let's have some hope.
  13. Wow....my son is heartbroken. Cam is his favorite athlete. I am going to miss Cam Newton. He's done so much for us in his career, I hate how it's just fallen apart. Again, it just breaks my heart. But this is the NFL, and if the Panthers don't feel like they can really rely on him for the future, then that's the way it goes. I do wish Cam well. I think he's a HoF kind of talent, but there's just so much uncertainty with his injuries moving forward. That stinks. I wonder how much Matt Rhule had to do with this decision, or was this all Tepper? Or Hurney? Or did all three realize that this team needed someone who wasn't one injury away from IR again. I get it, it happens in the NFL. But if our QB is Teddy Bridgewater, then go Teddy. He'll never be a Cam Newton, he's probably going to be a transition QB for a young QB we take in the next two years.
  14. OMG, this is a life changer, lol. We were like "Yeah, but how much do we have to pay?" Wal-Mart does it for free... OK... And overall, a reasonably positive experience (my wife has to be gluten free so there are always issues), we still do it. No more people of Wal-Mart, just pull up and GTFO! Then Lowe's Foods offered it for half price, and it has been another time saver. We end up spending less (no impulse buys), saving time, and now making it easier to distance ourselves from sick people. Sure, there's the issue if someone in the store has it and isn't showing, but they do the best they can to keep everything sanitary. I figure it's much safer and just easier.
  15. There are a lot of heroes out there doing incredible work, but a group of people often forgotten are those we take for granted: the shelf stockers, delivery drivers, and logistics that make sure our supermarkets are stocked. My family has done the drive up grocery drop off for a while, out of convenience. Now it's kind of a necessity. We try to be as nice and polite to the folks who bring the stuff out to us when we go. It's a crappy wage for an important job. As we move forward, I expect to see this be come the norm for a while. Be nice to the folks who bring you stuff. They get paid like crap, but they still do the job so you don't have to be surrounded by everyone else. Also, what is the damn deal with toilet paper? I went to get some propane on Friday, and at the front desk where you paid for the tank was a broken and damage package of TP. I laughed and asked the person helping me if that was a survivor from the latest toilet paper raid. She look at me with those dead eyes and said that was the last package of toilet paper in the entire store. My god, the humanity!
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