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  1. I hate that Trump has led the way into ignoring facts. When they keep denying facts, and his followers agree with him, it's created a terrible problem that will never go away. Being uninformed is the right way to be, according to the Trumpers. Keep on believing him over even yourself! And they worry some lite-socialism is going to lead us to an authoritarian state....I guess it's because they are mentally there and members of the ruling party in their own minds.
  2. So how much food services experience do you have? May want to really look at what is going on the next time you stop for fast food. Sure, working in a machine shop can be uncomfortable. I have worked in schools that have brought us to several different advanced manufacturing jobs in the Charlotte Region. I wouldn't describe it as back breaking, terrible work. I saw install stations, fab benches, 3D printers/routers and cut out machines. I bet it could get warm in the summer being in a huge metal box, but all of the facilities we visited over the years (7 I think) had AC, nice breakrooms, toilets, and places where employees could eat and take breaks in peace and quiet. Compare that with your typical fast food place. I just don't see conditions that are better than those in the machine shops I visited. I have seen fast food employees treated like dregs of society by everyone that came in. Which is why I try to be nice and respectful to them. I've heard horror stories from my students who work in the fast food industry. Compared to the kids we put in the Industrial Plants, two completely different stories. Maybe be a little more thoughtful next time you pick up a quick meal. Setting that minimum wage will help push everyone's wages up. May as well because robots are coming after our menial jobs, as has been explained several times.
  3. You're not putting a $15/hour machinists on a job that important requiring that level of precision, right? If a machinist is doing that level of work for $15/hour, then that's on the machinist for not finding a better job because their skills way better than that $15/hour machinist. Isn't that the way the argument goes? I think that there needs to be that $15/hour floor, and everything else is up from there. Where the burger flipper can get the $15/hour, but someone doing highly technical and working on multi-million dollar projects is paid something substantially more. I think folks who are getting up in arms about minimum wage don't have a lot of experience in them. They also lose sight on how that could help them instead of hurt them.
  4. I have a great idea: keep Religion in churches and out of government. Religion is very personal and needs to be kept as such. Government as it is has enough red tape, esoteric laws, and barely understandable language. Religion will not help that. Here's another one: keep government out of our bodies. Using pregnancy as some kind of perverse punishment to women is messed up. Unless you're going to support all of those babies that are forcibly brought into the world, you have no business in what a family does or does not do. When conservatives who parrot the whole "don't tread on me" mantra (or insert your favorite meme about not having the government involved) want to directly insert the government into our bodies (and our bathrooms, or anywhere else that used to be private), you see people who are fundamentally confused.
  5. I find attitudes like @Marquis and @retired to be perfect examples of the problems with low information individuals. Maybe that's not a fair descriptor, maybe it's more like people with especially narrow world views. They seem to only see the problems with other people getting the benefits, yet ignore the others. Have any of y'all ever read books or studied the Gilded Age of American History? The 1880-1900ish. When the people were victimized by the owners to line their pockets? How the Progressive Era followed until Woodrow Wilson's final term ending in 1918 went to try to fix many of the problems caused by unfettered capitalism? I'd love for Modern Conservatives read up on that. How about the "America is in the business of doing business" of Calvin Coolidge? Barely restrained capitalistic greed with little oversight or thought about the future? Then we saw what happened with the New Deal and it's long term effects. As I read through any threads about economic parity in our nation, it seems like there are people who simply believe everyone can will themselves to wealth, and that there are ZERO obstacles in their way. If someone doesn't pull themselves up by their boot straps, then they are undeserving of any prosperity. Anyone who gets any kind of assistance is bound to fall back into poverty because they didn't "work for it." Lots of judgmental statements supported by "unreliable" sources. I mean, there are tons of issues to unpack from these kinds of threads, but paying people a living wage and cutting a CEOs bonus from $100,000,000 to $10,000,000 (because the raised wages would eat into those profits) should be something the vast majority of people would like to see. Wealth has become too concentrated in too few, and it's long over due to pay some back to those who break their backs for those annual record profits Wall Street seems love.
  6. You don't want to give Trump 2 years to lie. The more you hear a lie, the more likely it is to become true. The more time Trump and the Republicans have, the more they will dig in and find some other way to obstruct and defend Trump for the sake of their own power. I say let this die down a little bit, let Trump continue to do stupid things, make the US voter annoyed and angry, THEN open up the investigations in mid 2020 and let Trump drag that around on the campaign trail and debates. He won't have enough time to campaign and defend himself.
  7. I tell you what, it looks fascinating! I can't wait to see what is ends up being. The performances of the actors is stunningly good.
  8. Hit it on the head. Pelosi knows that the Democrats can't give Trump the ammunition. They will have the House for enough time to get their investigations in order at the start of 2020 so they can control the Impeachment Proceedings and the narrative. It's a play that will either destroy the party of Trump or give them a bullet proof majority for the next 2-4-6 years... I'm thinking 2020 really comes down to if the country can be saved from itself.
  9. You can't equate the two sides. One side punches Nazis/White Supremacists in the face, but has no real power or pull. The other side controls the White House, Senate, many state's governor's mansions and legislatures with a goal of suppressing democratic norms, backing up authoritarians, removing personal freedoms, making America more divided, and ignoring the basic principles of government in the pursuit of power. Yes, there are bad people everywhere, but you can't claim false equivalency here.
  10. As someone who attempted suicide in the past, and deal with kids who have as well, I DESPISE when anyone says that: in games, online, in the lunchroom, anywhere. There is no place for that in our society. I try not to get worked up here because the vast majority of posters, especially the alt-right types, are completely full of crap. If someone is advocating for something horrible, I know they are just trying to get a rise out of the other posters. That's how the stupid internet works. Now in the real world, if I can do something constructive and positive, I'll do it. If it means punching a Nazi, I will. I haven't been in that kind of situation since 1999 though when I ran with the ARA.
  11. You know what used to be Great about America? When Church was a personal choice you did, and you didn't rub it in people's faces. Since 9/11, I've only see religion take on this unhealthy role in people's lives and their politics. Because the Right has gone to bed with Evangelical Christianity, I feel like it's sped up the decay of American society. I'm not a church person anymore. I'm more agnostic than atheist. I've tried some "modern" churches, and they do not fulfill my spiritual needs. Instead, the hypocrisy is on full display. The amount of money that goes into these churches is staggering for how little they actually do to improve the community. In this world of intertwined politics, religion is lost. While they tried to fight for the "souls" of nations, they have instead polluted and poisoned the people of a nation against each other. My favorite minister was a guy who studied the world and it's people. He never tried to change people's faith, he interacted with all kinds of different religions, he wasn't judgmental to anyone, he was kind because it was the right thing to do, and he never quoted scripture to prove a point. He told my youth group that the laws of man are just that, the laws of man to keep civil society functioning. If we wanted to know God's laws, look in our hearts. When you help someone, and feel good, that's God saying good job. When you feel guilty cheating on your taxes, your wife, your game of scrabble, that's God telling you he's not happy with you. He was a really cool dude. He didn't last in the ministry though. He realized that modern Christianity was moving away from what felt right to him. I haven't found anything remotely similar to that. I've lost faith in a God that allows this kind of nonsense to run rampant across our planet. I still can't let go of the feeling of something else out there, greater than us. But I do not believe that God has some kind of personality. If something is infinite and timeless, how can it have a personality without going crazy. I'm more of a God is more like the Force from star wars rather than a sentient being. If people need that belief in the big judge upstairs to keep them from doing bad things, then that's them. People should believe whatever they need to get by. Just don't force their dogma on others, especially through legislation. The anti-science sentiment (creationism and their ilk) is so dangerous to the planet, to women, and to non-believers, to name just a few. Live and let live, not live and curse everyone else. All religions with this mindset are messed up.
  12. I just don't get Trumpers, at all. It seems like his defenders defend him for the sake of it, or rather "because of Hilary." And it also seems like they live in their own worlds, where all facts are fake and conspiracies are much more believable.
  13. I would expand on the "most people" are moderate and say that most people just don't want to be bothered. I'd say the vast majority of people probably wouldn't care about things like gay marriage or abortion if it wasn't made into a giant issue by the media and politicians. Most people would not care if Steve and Evan got married, or of Edna got an abortion because she found out her fetus was non-viable. That's because most of us have our lives and things we like to and need to do. I'd say the great "middle" of America is just apathetic towards most politics until they get shoved in our faces. Clinton had lots of issues outside of those. I don't think they really swayed anyone too much. Most of it was messaging and the fact that people didn't like the narrative that Clinton was "owed" the presidency, and that Bernie was screwed over by the super delegates. You also had a lot of people who just didn't like the Clintons, real or fake news be darned. The Democrats are going to run into a major problem for 2020 because they are doing the same thing the Pubs did in 2016. They have TOO MANY people running. The party is trying to move in too many directions at once. They need to take everyone outside of the top 5, and get them to step down. The top 5 should then debate and each should have their own spin on what the Democratic Party will sell the American people. I also wouldn't place the blame simply on moderation. It's also the apathetic nature of the middle of the US political spectrum. Many are change averse. Instead of rallying around change, they are settling on more of the same (Biden). The middle must recognize that things are not as well as they believe. You can pile up the issues left and right, but the main thing is that people don't care so long as they have food, distractions, and a job. I go to a children's book: This is a book my son loves to read. Papa bear thinks all the noise about pollution is just silly because from his view: their home is great! His life is fine. It doesn't come into his consciousnesses about other animals who suffer because of the lack of trees in the forest, or the fish killed or birds injured from polluted waterways. It takes his children, and their friends, to change things. Eventually he sees and agrees with their point of view. The "Middle" is Papa Bear. Sadly, the book doesn't go into how to combat fake news, but I'm sure they'll have that one later...? The middle needs to realize that there are MAJOR problems in our country and world. It's up to them to get active and find leaders with actual solutions instead of empty promises. After decades of NO and outright power grabbing corruption from the Pubs, it's a GOLDEN opportunity for the Dems to educate and activate the people of America.
  14. Me, no. I hope the folks in their 70s do bow out. Well, except Warren. She's got TONS of plans that need to be more fully heard through the debate circuit. She's such a policy wonk. Though, if it's one of the senior citizens who gets the nod, they are going to have to pull one of the young kids up as VP. Each day, we see Trump push himself further into a corner through twitter. I'd just let it continue to happen, and concentrate on the issues that will get you elected. The Republicans will continue to lose power and presence with their current positions. This should be the end for them as a major political power in their current form (man, that's some wishful thinking right there....). In this case, the Democrats need to pile on healthcare again. Make a bigger push with senate candidates and keep defending the House so that something can happen. Talk about the image of America, but deliver plans that can directly help people. That infrastructure bill, women's rights, education, those are bread and butter issues which can bring back a lot of independents and the few decent republicans in hiding. I want someone with some energy, plans, policy, and an effective communicator. But that's just me.
  15. So has anyone dropped out yet? What's the betting line on the first one out? The field just has to thin. I'm not a huge Biden fan at this point in my life. He represents the easy choice - going backwards. It was the same sort of idealism of going back to better days that got people to vote for Trump in the first place. Biden represents a world 10 years ago. The world has changed. We need a new leader, someone who isn't a return to "happy days," but someone who is prepared to deal with the current problems we have.
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