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  1. Umm...the correct term is Learning Cottage! The holes in the floor are extra ventilation. The collapsing ceilings are extra agility drills for education. Museums are the past. It's important to learn those lessons. I would have loved to have been able to plan some field trips when I was teaching history because there are some great lessons to learn at some of those museums. It's one thing to teach the kids a piece of content in class with only 12 students and the best tools. That makes it a lot easier and better, and would draw better young people to the classroom. It's another to show them the application of the knowledge and skills. Again, with the kids, inspiration is incredibly important. The wonder and excitement of kids going to places like Discovery Place is something good educators build upon when they get back to school. North Carolina at large has a LOT of work to do to repair it's educational system. The iStation debate was only the tip of the iceberg in how messed up money and politics have harmed education in our state.
  2. Man, I really disagree with you on that. Learning in person is simply just better for a multitude of reasons. If that's how your family is happy doing things, then that's fine. For mine, we love taking our family out to places. Sure, it's a pain in the butt to drive, park, and pay for all the downtown stuff. But going to the Discovery Place, Imaginon, the Light Rail, the Blumenthal, the Stadium, those have been so much better for my kid. He loves the adventure, meeting new kids, playing with the silly chimes on 7th street station. Each time he can do a little more. I disagree with your viewpoint, minus any politics. I think the public should have a vested interest in facilitating the culture of it's community in as many was as possible. I see the good in that for everyone.
  3. I would disagree, I think museums, children's museums, and other non classroom educational experiences are incredibly important supplements to a regular education. The main issue that places like Discovery Place have is the operation costs. Getting those exhibits in is expensive, but it sure does drive people through the door. My family has a membership which has paid for itself several times over, but not everyone will do that. Door prices aren't cheap. Downtown parking is a nightmare (the DP deck does fill up). The regular museum can't be updated as much as needed to keep giving people a reason to go. To me, places like Discovery Place, or the Mint Museum or other cultural experiences, are vital to Charlotte in general. How often has the refrain "there's nothing to do in this town" been said about Charlotte? The community has to invest in order to keep things moving in a community. Culture shouldn't be profit driven. I do agree that CMS needs MORE. Sure, the new schools out in the suburbs looks and seem great. The older school don't. Sometimes, communities step in and help to fill in the gaps, but that doesn't happen for all schools. There are TONS of elementary and middle schools that need significant work to be more conductive to helping those young minds learn and develop. Instead, they are dull, dirty schools with more duct tape holding them together each year. Then again, the republicans in NC have been more concerned with destroying what exists than doing anything to fix them.
  4. I'l say their pass rush is no joke. They are deep at RB and George Kittle is one of the best athletes at the TE position and a BIG play machine. We're going to have to score some points against them, like 30+ because they can score on us in an instant. Our D is going to have just as tough of a job as our OL. They are beatable, but who really knows how "good" they really are. I HOPE that Ron and Co actually come out of a bye ready to go. Would be a pleasant change!
  5. 100%. This is why I want to see how well Allen plays with some adversity and real pressure on him. Things look good, and I hope they stay that way, but NFL teams change throughout the season. I just want us to get to week 10 with a decent record so we can push to the end for the playoffs. I feel like Ron and the Panthers have usually played their best at the end of the season. Last year was such an aberration, that it sucked the life and hope out of most of us. We just aren't used to see us play so poorly in November and December. I go into each game hoping we do well, but expecting the other shoe to fall and us to implode. Yeah, I'm still scarred after last year!
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/broncos/news/denver-broncos-urged-to-trade-for-panthers-qb-cam-newton/ More of an opinion piece I think. The source asking is a media company... I'm not taking Joe Flacco, they have to eat that contract. It would have to be a real ransom for me to part with Cam.
  7. Cam needs to be 100% running and throwing. If he is, let him play. If not, let Allen play. I would not want to rush Cam back to get broken in half by the 49ers pass rush. If he's able to avoid the pass rush and make plays, then great. But if not, then he's not 100%.
  8. That would be fantastic, but you know Allen will bet on himself again. He's going to look for money this off season (if he's a FA). Ideally, Allen could hang back while Cam finishes his career in a couple more years, then step in as the 25 year old starter. I'm not one of those fans who wants to see either fail. I would be happy if Allen is able to show he can deal with adversity. I also don't think we should just give up on Cam right now.
  9. Nice work @Saca312! I'm not yet convinced that Allen is the future, but I am thrilled that he's holding down the fort to allow Cam to come back at 100%, not just good enough.
  10. I read this article this morning. It makes some good points, but the biggest one to me is you have to give Cam a chance to show that he's healthy and what he can do for us. Everyone ready to ship Cam off hasn't learned the lessons of FitzMagic or Matt Moore. Bucky Brooks was on another show (just popped up in my YT feed) where he made that exact point (and why I am using it as well). There have been TONS of QBs who have been flashes in the pan, who have have short bursts of brilliance, but they then slide into mediocrity. We don't know who Kyle Allen will become, but let's not let Cam go right now. You have to give your Franchise QB a chance earn his job back. On Cam, he's going to have to prove that he's back to being Super Cam, or at least 6-2 Cam 2018. If not, you short change yourself, him, and your playoff chances. Cam has to be 100% before he trots out there. I think that Cam will practice for a few more weeks with the team before the put him on the field. Sure, the team has rallied around Allen, and it could be a legitimate controversy when Cam does play again. But you have to see what he has left to give before you give up on him. Would you want to see Cam in a Tampa uniform coming for blood twice a year, leading the Bucs to success?
  11. I think Kyle needs to start until Cam is 100%. I'm still waiting to see Allen have to deal with some adversity, but he's playing well, playing within himself, and doing a great job. Kyle has had a few big boy throws (like the one to Wright on the side line yesterday, beautiful pass), but he's not having to put the game on his shoulders the way a franchise QB is supposed to do. I'm still waiting for that. If Allen can will the Panthers to a win, I'll be much more willing to let Newton walk. I think Kyle has shown us how important it is for Cam to have a back up. What if Cam ends up missing 2-3 games a year for the next few years, but still play at a high level when he's in? Cam is like your exotic sports car. Runs beautifully, but needs more maintenance. Allen is your daily driver. Not exactly sexy, but he gets the job done very well. Let's keep our daily driver until our sports car is out of the shop.
  12. C'mon, how can you not support a president who imitates FBI agents having sex at a rally... That shows how stable a genius he is!
  13. Hey, if the chips are never down and we go on the win a Super Bowl, we will all be dancing in the streets. Allen is a 23 year old 2nd year player. Cam has a LOT of big game experience and a TON of comeback wins. When the chips have come down, Cam has produced. Allen has not. I'm thrilled if Allen leads us to a 14-2 record, we trounce every team on the way to hoisting the Lombari Trophy. But as a fan of the NFL, we know that never happens. So yes, I do want to see what Allen does when the chips are down. Winning in the NFL is hard. It just so happens we do have a QB on the roster who has played and won with adversity. I hope Allen continues to play wonderfully, but the reality of the NFL is that it doesn't always happen that way.
  14. If Allen struggles and Cam is really 100%, then we see Cam again. Cam has to be ready to be Cam before he gets back out there. Allen is a great story, and he's really done an amazing job. I'm just not ready to put him in Canton yet. I want to see how he does when the chips are down and he has to put the team on his back.
  15. I'm curious to see how well Allen does with some adversity. Like making the big boy throws as he comes from behind. I'm thrilled that he's playing well, and we're winning. I still think we haven't seen the last of Cam Newton. We have a heck of a cushion, and it's a good problem right now.
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