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  1. d-dave

    RIP Officer Conner

    It's because people that enter into the law enforcement field freely do so knowing they are putting themselves in harm's way on a daily basis. Or you could just call it part of the job. The reason for the riots and protests have to do with the way the justice system is not working. Cop(s) is(are) filmed shooting unarmed people of color. In any other world, this SHOULD be some type of offense. Instead, the police officer(s) in question walk free after being taken off duty for a bit. There have been MANY well publicized events of police using excessive force on people of color, while white people who commit similar offenses (or worse) are not killed. How often does that happen? What is the proportion of police violence against black versus white people? Deaths? How about the number of black people who are and have been in jail compared to white people? The protests and marches aren't just against the police, it's the entire criminal justice system that stacks things against non-white people. When I make that statement, it's going to cause a response, but you should take a moment and think about how your perception stacks up against the reality of crime and punishment in the US.
  2. d-dave

    RIP Officer Conner

    Is it just a "right wing" thing to think that a liberal perceives all law enforcement officials as "bad?" There are a lot (no idea on the number) of wonderful individuals who serve in the law enforcement sectors. Sure, they tick us off when we speed, but that's on us. Despite that douche bag going 90 who JUST passed us. Overall, the vast majority are great people who do the right thing. When a good guy or lady dies in the line of duty, it's always tragic. It's also just as tragic when an innocent person is gunned down by the police. Can't there be nuance in these kinds of statements? @Trident Panther, does that flag meet the US Flag Code? Just asking...
  3. I would be more surprised if someone said to me "What? I always thought Trump was a man of his word!" If that happened, I might just fall over. Trump does whatever he wants because no one has figured out how to actually confront him without alienating his equally oblivious base.
  4. d-dave

    church has changed a lot since i went

    I agree 100%! What kills me is that our country has given into these religious types. Post 9/11, we saw a HUGE wave of "Christians" come to DC. Heck, you had to proclaim your faith every time you spoke. And it's still that way for many politicians. It's almost like the separation of church and state was intentional. Yet we have decided to ignore that.
  5. d-dave

    Destiny 2

    LOL, I make my kid do patrols and bounties when he plays my characters =) Oh, if y'all can go to reddit, there's a thread there with a Spoiler Tag, but it's about Eris Morn, a new collapse, and how Mara Sov and the Awoken play their part. It's a bit spinfoily, but man...I read it this morning and I had to just stop and think and let all those implications flow over me. Holy poo on a stick. If this is true, the long term writing for Destiny and it's universe is truly amazing! Talk about cinematic! It sucks the game sucked for so long at storytelling. I feel like it's really starting to get better. The indepth lore is SO AMAZING! Now I want to make a movie about it, and it wouldn't suck!
  6. d-dave

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/canadian-lawmakers-pass-bill-extending-transgender-protections-n773421 This pretty much lays out the law. It just classifies hate speech, and extends the protections to transgender people. How terrible when governments protect minority rights at the expense of an individual's right to be freely bigoted and discriminatory? Oh, wait, hold on...it doesn't even effect that on a personal level (http://sds.utoronto.ca/blog/bill-c-16-no-its-not-about-criminalizing-pronoun-misuse/). So some so called conservatives simply want to know there is some minority group of people they can freely make fun of and treat like crap to make themselves feel better. Sorry, just wanted to close that loop so we can get back on the story about how Trump doesn't want to endanger the arms sales and his personal business with the Saudis over some silly journalist who worked for a "liberal" newspaper.
  7. d-dave

    church has changed a lot since i went

    While not indicative of all churches, this kind of crap is why I don't go anymore. It's not even all from the ministers. The last church I went to had this old guy, who had been there for like 60 years. He was one of the worst people you could ever meet. Yet he was a deacon and played nice in public. He creeped me out. I'm sure there are many people who benefit from church. That's great for them and fine. But folks this this crazy are part of the problem with christian radicalization, which gets passed on the to the regular and benign church goers.
  8. d-dave

    Destiny 2

    I guess if it depends on your level and what you need. If you are under 400, then sure. If you need a midnight coup, go for it. Unless they do something to level them up, you probably won't see the older raids getting a lot of love. I hate how busy I've gotten with work and everything. I just don't have time for anything anymore =( But Festival of the Lost is back, and looks cool. Have fun in the Haunted Forest =)
  9. d-dave

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    Please, where does the "left" censor the right? When users violate the terms of service for a platform (like Alex Jones did), then that private company can do what they want. So let's not talk about the censoring by Twitter and Facebook as your examples. Where else? When you get into the riots around speakers in California, that's not censorship by "the left." It's outrage at the distasteful content and delivery of the speakers. While I don't agree with taking it to vandalizing, destruction of property, rioting and attacks; those kids are tired of being ignored and made foolish and bold decisions. Also, I believe murdering a journalist for being critical of the State is an early move in authoritarian states.
  10. What can you really say about these kinds of people? Their closeted racism has been exposed. Just goes to show how racism in America has never ended, and probably won't.
  11. d-dave

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    Journalist criticizes Saudi Arabia, ends up getting killed by Saudi agents with a bone saw... Trump must love this! How great would it be to take those "pesky" fake news journalists and have them "accidentally killed by interrogators" sent by a rogue general? Or is he and the others starting to see what happens when you start to open the Pandora's Box of Authoritarianism. But Trump wants that weapons sale to go through, and he loves the Saudi royal family who buys tons of his condos... Nope, no conflict of interest here.
  12. I think the Panthers have a lot of good football left, and when we get rolling, we're going to be tough to beat. I am really looking forward to seeing that happen. There is a LONG season ahead, and I think it's a little short sighted to want to end the world simply because we lost a football game. Should we have won it? Absolutely, but we didn't. It just means the team has to pull it together and take it to Atlanta and New Orleans.
  13. d-dave

    Eric Reid

    While there has been a lot of hoopla about his kneeling, I thought that the real issue was he just wasn't a great starting safety who wanted starting safety money. I'd let him stick around this year, but if Gaulden is ready, time to turn it over. I respect his social justice stance and work, but if he's not improving our defense and taking time away from a young, developing player with a better ceiling... You know how this should go. Reid has just got to play better. For us, I hope he is able to find that former Pro Bowl player inside there somewhere and help us win games.
  14. d-dave

    Pixel 3 (Not the XL)

    That's what I'm thinking about getting next for myself and the wife. We've been on Samsung S8s since we got a great BOGO deal. I was on a LG G6 before that. We're seeing some issues popping up with the USB connector going bad and some generally buggy behavior that's not helped by resets (terrible wifi, "jank" among many others). We've gotten to a point with the S8s where we just aren't happy. I still love pulling out my G6. Just feels so good in the hand even now, it was just the battery life was pretty poopy. We are really looking hard at the Pixel 3, not the XLs, no notch please.
  15. d-dave

    Seahawks Owner dead at 65....

    Wow, how sudden. And tragic. He was doing a LOT of good for a lot of people. Hopefully his estate will continue that.