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  1. How many times does CMC get lit up by defenders? A handful of times in his career? He's not piling on 2 yard runs where DTs are falling on his back each play 20 times a game. He's also in super shape.
  2. So do we not learn from tragedies? Did we not learn from other tragedies in our past? Titanic? Hindenburg? The War on Drugs? The Holocaust? Seems to me if you fail to learn from tragic events, you are apt to repeat them.
  3. Why not go the next step, isn't it Soro's fault? Or let's think about this another way: the "Antifa" group is kind of like Batman in that no one knows their true identities, and they only come out when needed. Then they fade back to the rest of the population. It's kind of like "Man, I see something wrong, I need to do something about it." Then once it's over, they go back to their lives, waiting for the next time they need to stop people promoting fascist ideals. On the flip side, these "Proud Boys" who get outed or out themselves are playing the victim card. Or they at least want kind of sympathy. If someone failed to study their history of the rise of fascism in Europe during the 1920s-40s, then they need to be reminded of what our grand parents fought against and died to protect.
  4. d-dave

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    Do we even want to go with the great minds.... =P
  5. I love that movie! I'm waiting for the hair growth pills to really hit myself. The movie has an important message that is usually lost - don't fall into easy answers. When someone says "you can trust me to fix things" but they offer no proof or pathways, then you move towards that future.
  6. d-dave

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    For the OP and his supporters, it's a strange thing to have reasonable dissent within the ranks. For many Trumpers, it's very much a my way or the highway kind of thinking. Since liberals are accused so often of being educated and intelligent, we have a different way of looking at things. Sure, I was pragmatically hopeful Avenatti would offer something that would stick. Then nothing, so he became a side show trying to figure out any way possible to stay relevant (sound familiar?). He's nothing more than a tool for a task; and when a tool doesn't do the task, you find a new tool, right? If he's guilty, you can chant lock him up at your next rally =) I support that. Men who abuse women deserve all the punishments they can get.
  7. If they can't rebound pretty well against the Lions, then someone needs to remind these guys that jobs aren't guaranteed with a new owner. Got to prove it or he will make a move.
  8. d-dave

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    I think people need to remember his age. He's basically the same age as Calvin Ridley (he's 6 months older). I don't think it helps to get rid of Funchess for nothing. The team has to make some offer towards him. He's not a game breaker, but he's better than a lot of other receivers out there, who end up FA. I'd like to see the team keep him, I don't want to see a Brinks truck backed up to his house. I think he does more positive things than negative things for the team. He also has a great relationship with Cam, which has some value to it. Or heck, a one year prove it deal for him. Prove at 25 you're ready for prime time. When did Smitty break out again? How old was he?
  9. d-dave

    25 Reasons I am not a Dem

    Why are y'all feeding the trolls? Good, he wants to post his 25 reasons. Good for him. It's nice to live in his little world he's created. It's obvious that he won't engage in any kind of debate or discussion. He's made up his mind, and he'll never have to think about it again.
  10. @Gazi, c'mon! It was a simple mistake! Now if he was white...well, the cops wouldn't have made that mistake. It's sickening that this issue gets buried by all the other crap going on and will probably never get addressed. Kneel on Reid, kneel on!
  11. d-dave

    Hillary 2020

    What if he just ran the same campaign again? Lock her up, drain the swamp, MAGA, etc, but in 2020 against a different opponent. Would his supporters care?
  12. That's what we're all hoping! This is a tough and tested team, time to fix things and kick some but to get back on track.
  13. There have been some issues with the defense for sure this year. I'm not sure what is going on, but this is something that needs to get fixed. As much respect as Washington has around the Panthers, I just don't think that they will can him mid year. We are 6-3 and laid an absolute egg. What I really care about more than talking who should be fired is can we complete with the Ram and Saints? What will it take for us to do that?
  14. d-dave

    My million dollar idea

    There are already a fair number of minorities who vote for the GOP. Currently, the GOP is not conductive to minority rights. What you are asking is a case of the chicken or the egg. Will the party change to draw in minority voters? Or will minorities flock to the GOP? In 2018/20, no. Why? The party actively goes after the "Trump" base. That base generally sat out elections for a long time because they felt like the world was moving past them (think the angry, limited education, blue collar white guys). These men feel like they are entitled to power, prestige, jobs and our admiration due to the color of their skin, and that the history of America was made and written by mostly white men. Trump's message of blame, discrimination, doing whatever he wants (grab'em by the....), and isolationist economic policies sounds great to them. It's easy to paint the "interlopers" as bad. Look at how people treat anthem protesters... The overtly racist language that runs through the right channels might be missed by white people, but not by minority people. They see what happens when one of them tried to make a stand. Many of Trump's base do not see that the current GOP is against their best interests. While there might be some good job numbers and the stock market doing well, how about their actual income? Their savings? Retirement? Those areas are lagging behind, despite the growth of wealth in our country. Take under consideration that many Trump supporters claim that government assistance is horrible and a drain on the working men of America. How many of them use Federal or local assistance to pay their rent, buy food, or otherwise live when they can't work? One thing I remember from a TEA party member from years ago: it's OK if we get help, but not THEM. Aside from the other issues minorities have with a lot of the rank and file Republicans, one of the biggest hurdles that the GOP will face is that they do no understand minority communities. I'm far from an expert, but I do understand how hard it is to break into a very tight knit community as a white person. It doesn't mean I was ever successful, but I did get past polite hostility. So there's that. Until the GOP actually tries to embrace minority groups with actual policies in good faith, then simple moral agreements on message boards will not move people to support them.
  15. d-dave

    Hillary 2020

    Hillary won't win anything in 2020. She lost to Trump... She can't embody the energy and beliefs of the new Democratic party. She lost the MIDWEST to Trump... yeah.... She done!