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  1. d-dave

    How a Pile of Sh!t Can Ruin the Whole House

    Man, it really puts things in perspective when he mentioned how his story had helped a family who had experienced a death.
  2. d-dave

    Where do criminals get their guns

    It's just far too easy to go in and buy a gun. What is the difference between a future criminal with no record and a good citizen going in to buy a gun? Nothing, maybe intent? Do we want to start judging people on that? How do guns get on the "black market?" Good gun owners become negligent and or immoral. I would check out the "mockumentry" the Daily Show did with Switzerland's gun culture. While we will never have the 2 year service requirement, the rest of the gun regulations make a lot of sense. Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjlT4BME2aE&t=65s&xrs=synd_youtube_010919_tds_13 Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgYJ5V2HYy4 One of the great things about comedy is how they can get right to the point. In this case, gun owners have a LOT of responsibilities with their guns and some strict regulations. But if this meant you could keep your guns and were free to continue to purchase guns, would a conservative go for it? I love going to the range. Guns are amazing and dangerous. Holding gun owners accountable shouldn't be a big problem. We already are responsible for so many other things, why not be responsible for some of our most dangerous tools and toys? "But..but...but... It's hard!" Nothing worth having or doing is easy.
  3. I am curious to see the counter arguments against this. For example, if during the Obama years, the Republicans had suggested something similar? Would they have been for it in 2008 but against it in 2019 simply because of who is in power? Actions that take power away from corporations and wealthy super PACs and puts it back in the hands of main street Americans is better than what we have now.
  4. d-dave

    Kamala Harris

    So you're saying nothing should be done because it's hard? That's a very un-American attitude. We are at our best when we try to do things that are too hard. What will make it workable in the future? How would conservatives make it work? If so, what prevents them from taking baby steps now? Or at least outlining a system?
  5. https://247sports.com/Article/2019-NFL-Draft-underclassmen-College-players-leaving-early-for-NFL-125276826/ Here's one. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2019-nfl-draft-early-entrants-complete-list-of-star-underclassmen-who-have-declared/ Another. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000996224/article/tracking-underclassmen-intentions-for-2019-nfl-draft And a final one from NFL.com. Hope this helps!
  6. I loved the Gillette video. The old 1950s mindset needs to end. When this makes you angry, put yourself into the other party's shoes. How would you feel if you were cat called, followed, demeaned, mistreated and or abused just for having boobs? The Bible blames the woman because it fit with the time period and the author's intent. Who gave men the right to treat everyone like crap? Society is evolving, best not to be left behind. How would you feel if someone man-splained your hard working, intelligent daughter? Aggressively touched her? Denied her a promotion because "she goes nuts once a month?" There's nothing groundbreaking in the Gillette commercial or in the APA study. You can be masculine without being a toxic dickbag. If you can't, then you aren't a man.
  7. d-dave

    i'm going to throw up and puke

    So gross. I would have simply stayed at the hotel. I just don't get how a "billionaire" can do this. For many of those young men, this could have been a highlight of their lives. Now it's a joke. "Did you like your fries in the Lincoln bedroom?" (Not my best work) This is where Trump has no idea of who the poor and working class are as people. He could have dug a little deeper, and done a real catered meal with great food. He could have made this a big deal to the players and a "nothing" story for the rest of the news cycle (except that Fox would have praised him for a presidential meal). Then again, this is a totally Trump thing.
  8. d-dave

    David tepper speaks.

    You have a feeling that Ron and Hurney got told their marching orders. Tepper is going to play nice in public with them because it puts the best appearance of the team forward come FA season. Which would you got to as a FA? A team in disarray where the coach and GM could be fired soon, or one that looks like everyone is on the same page? Sure, most people are smart enough to see it, but perception can be reality. I think Tepper knows exactly what he wants. He observed and played the Goofy Uncle role this past year. He absorbed the culture and the team. Now he's ready to start executing his vision for his team. It's up the Ron and Hurney to make it happen, or they will be fired. Simple as that. Will 2019 be a big change? Maybe. Odd year Panthers have done really well for us. So we'll just have to see what happens.
  9. I really agree with the sentiment. Screw Nazis (figuratively, not literally). BUT - are we going to tell people what they are allowed to believe and practice in their home? I don't think we should get into that business because when the pendulum swings the other way, we'll be in a lot of trouble. The problem is that people become brain washed. Thanks to the internet, people who are angry find other people who are angry, then they blame, then the nazi steps in and tells them there is a simple solution to their problems: the bad guy. Now the question is, how do we stop that? How do we prevent this sense of egotistical entitlement at the heart of racism? As much as I wish it was as easy as a well placed punch, it's not that simple. Honestly, this becomes our true mental health crisis. Sadly, it's taken over the conservative movement across the western world. Racists and fascists find ready and able allies in conservative parties where it's about blaming the non-whites for the problem of the whites. I'd like to believe that the US is better than that. Then you look at the modern republican party and Trump. It's up to the Democrats to beat the pants off the racist and fascist leaning aspects of the Republican party. They will have to prove that the US is not going to be pulled into that vortex. The Pubs need to circle the wagon and figure out how to purge themselves of the worst aspects of their party.
  10. So deflection much? What worse? A few marginal communists who are allowed to run (and then beat by mainstream parties), or a President who hides ALL of his direct communication, even from the top administration officials, with Putin? Oh yeah, and he's been accused and investigated for years about this same problem? You see those bad optics, right? If Trump has nothing to hide, then why is he hiding it? Or if he has something to hide, then he needs to hide it. Looking at his tan, hair cut and ties, Trump should not be trusted to make far reaching decisions on his own.
  11. OK, I may regret replaying, but I'm going to ignore the cynical angle here. Good, vote with your conscious. If that candidate represents your values, your hopes, and a plan that you think will improve the country, then that's who you should vote for in the election. Now, saying "I apologetically and enthusiastically support President Trump, no questions." Then you open the door to others questioning you. From internet morons like us to family, friends and co-worker. I mean, I can see a coal worker who now has a job saying they love Trump. On the flip side, there are a lot more people who do not love what he has done for the debt, for the balance of power, for US foreign policy, other economic sectors, etc. Trump is simply the outcome that we have all been dreading for a few decades now. The clueless idiot who only cares about winning, doesn't believe in compromise, and is there "to get his." I would ask you (and the other die hard Trump supporters), do you think the president actually gives two craps about you? Which of his policies have directly benefited you? Was that $20 a month tax break enough to help you move into a better home? Get a better car? Finally get your savings fixed up? Or which of his policies have in fact made the US better compared to the consequences of his other policies?
  12. d-dave

    Flashback: 5 years ago

    What a stretch. I thought they were coming here because it beat the hell holes they were from. Should we thank the Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary for that? What's a common cry among NC Republicans: "If you don't like the way we run things, get out of our state!" Good ole false equivalency @Jangler. Did Alex Jones tell this to you?
  13. d-dave

    Kamala Harris

    I've seen a few interviews, and she sounds like she can command the office and the bully pulpit quite well. She has her stuff together for sure. As far as her record, I haven't looked into it. Honestly, the Democrats are going to have to get their ducks in a row about 2020. They can't have a field of 20, otherwise they will end up with their own version of Trump. Someone who constantly pulls that 30%, enough to win while the remaining 70 get's spread out over 19 other candidates.
  14. d-dave

    Three supreme court picks in one term!

    I'm not sure why conservatives want corporate shill lawyers (Gorsch) or men who see a personal calendar as concrete proof of anything. It could just be they are bad judges of character? So what is the goal of a conservative court? To take away rights from minorities and women? To protect guns and save babies, but prevent any governmental help to babies after they are born or victims of violence? More cases like Citizen's United that have greatly hurt our democracy? Protecting what conservatives define as freedom instead of what we all think of it? Liberty for a few? I hope RBG can remain on the court. Giving Mitch McConnell and his cronies a 3rd justice is going to be bad long term for main street America.