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  1. d-dave

    Yet another step,

    I do wonder sometimes, after reading these kinds of stories, what kind of world the conservatives want? They want a world where you have choices (except for Abortions, that's not a choice, right?). No one has to inform you on the consequences of those choices. Well, hopefully you learned how to research in school... Oh, but the C's believe in cutting education. More kids, fewer quality teachers make a less informed public. Then the wealthy bring you into a big time financial decision, which you are not prepared to make, where they do not have to tell you anything, then they use their scare tactics to get you to sign over your money to them "because it's in their best interest." I feel like the Conservative Dream Future is very stratified. Where the rich live in ivory towers while keeping the masses scared of the next boggy man while actively preventing any new residents moving into their towers.
  2. What would you expect out of a mid round QB? How many of those develop, long term, into starters? I saw 25% for 3rd round QBs and it goes down pretty fast. https://www.milehighreport.com/2017/6/28/15880748/success-rates-of-drafted-quarterbacks With the new draft contracts, if you believe a guy can be your QB1, you get him early. It doesn't matter his projection on a draft site, you draft him ASAP, which is why QBs run up boards. If Grier was good enough to be a franchise QB, someone will over draft him.
  3. It's only the most important podcast in the world! Norris has some great guests, I'm listening to the episode with Chris Simms which is pretty fun. I'm not huge into the Fantasy Football side of things, so I tend to skip those. Matt Waldman is good. I really enjoy the Draft Network guys, their locked on podcast is pretty entertaining as well.
  4. d-dave

    Anthem (the Game! Not the book!)

    So I haven't had a desire to play Anthem, because of the glass ceiling I see. I enjoy the game play, but there's just not enough to actually do in the game. One of these days, I'm going to finish the Heart of Rage story mission just to be done with it. Hopefully more content is coming that will keep people interested. Next week, patch 1.04 drops with some welcome changes: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/update-notes Anyone going to jump back in? I know any time I have now is going to the Division 2.
  5. d-dave

    The Division 2

    Yep. I picked it up last Friday and played just a little bit. I've been too busy with work to really get down with it. I had some time Tuesday, but as soon as I finished the mission, it was time for the patch, and I lost that mission progress. But I did keep the loot, so I guess it's not that bad. I think the gear set stuff is one of the biggest pro's the game has going for it right now. Combat and skills are fun, but getting those three piece sets you want is pretty huge. I just have one on my level 3 agent, and you can tell it makes me more effective.
  6. d-dave

    The Division 2

    That has changed. Regular enemies (reds) are not very spongy. They go down quickly. Purples and yellows are tougher, but not taking a dozen reloads to kill. They also have an armor mechanic. You shoot off their armor, they go down very quickly. Some NPCs have ammo packs you can shoot off, causing them to have to reload, which makes them a sitting duck. I mean, the bosses feel meaty without being unfair. There tend to be a lot of red bars around though, which makes the encounters more interesting.
  7. d-dave

    The Division 2

    So I played the first on until level 16. I was just too into Destiny at that point in time. I really liked the game, but I felt more accomplishment in Destiny at that time. Now here comes the Division 2. We are in Washington DC, trying to kill off the bad guys and rebuild society. If you played the first game after patch 1.8, then you are familiar with how the game works. Here's why this is important and worth bringing up - it's a fully functional game. There's a robust endgame. The campaign and world events are big and meaty. There's PVP and the Dark Zones. Unlike Destiny 2, which took a LONG time to get right, or Anthem, which is floundering and may not make it, the Division 2 (aside from a few bugs which have been patched) just works. My clan has a large group who play, and are having a blast. I'm doing my usual snail pace, and I'm having a lot of fun. The game systems are much more engaging. The environment is so deep and HUGE. There are so many things to find that tell the story. Loot has meaning, even at lower levels with gear sets. Mods have been streamlined. It's almost like they learned the lessons from their mistakes as well as other looter shooters, and tried to do better. Anyone else playing? I'm really enjoying and looking forward to playing. I feel much more engaged than I did with Anthem and with Destiny 2.
  8. d-dave

    Christchurch Mosque Shooting

    Where's the background from the hundreds of mass shootings in America? Does that matter? Or when bunches of helpless Americans are needlessly shot do you need their "background" before you give them your "thoughts and prayers?" The shooters, yes, their background matters. The ugly reality that white supremacists miss is that the overwhelming majority of people are fine and decent when left alone. But when some kind of outside factor upsets their lives (say unwanted military invasions or the elevation of people who used to be slaves), then that's when groups like ISIS or the KKK can infiltrate those groups and instill fear into good people. That fear leads to good people doing bad things, and justifying it as "protection" of something that doesn't exist. So no, the background on the mosque doesn't matter. They were victims of a crime perpetrated by white supremacists. Justifying your own view points servers no value to the discussion.
  9. d-dave

    Christchurch Mosque Shooting

    The background doesn't matter. A party of white people, amped up on white nationalism/fear, entered a house of worship and murdered 50 people. There's no background needed there. It's like remembering all the horrors the Catholic Church has green lit over the past 2000ish years when talking about the sex crimes of priests. Does it justify anything? Does it add to the discussion? Or is it a deflection designed to make a suffering group look worse? Milo (and you?) would rather point the finger at the "extremist" victims instead of at the real problem of Militaristic White Supremacy.
  10. d-dave

    Christchurch Mosque Shooting

    So is Milo (and you?) saying that it was justified in shooting up a mosque and killing innocents if it meant killing just one terrorist? I mean, let's clarify this right now.
  11. d-dave

    Sleeper for Democrat Nominee - Pete Buttigieg

    I just don't think there's anyone who will do that. The insurance industry and businesses got to be protected for their billions in gifts annually. Is there any politician who has the stones to take that consortium on? Bernie is the only one who would love to take those guys on.
  12. d-dave

    Sleeper for Democrat Nominee - Pete Buttigieg

    Honestly, for Medicare for All to really work, the nuts and bolts are going to have to be explained. Like if your Medicare tax is going to go up, you won't pay anymore premiums into your employee sponsored healthcare. Under MFA - what will the annual maximums be? If I go to the hospital, how much will it cost? How much will it cost for me to see my doctor? How much will my prescription drugs cost? That's what the candidates are going to have to do to sell the MFA, at least show some "conservative" figures for how money will be saved across the board. Start on the individual level, then you can move into the billions of dollars figures. As far as Pete Buttigieg, let's see who sticks after a few months of campaigning. There are lots of interesting candidates out there right now, but the problem is we have no idea who will be able to effectively communicate with America, aside from Bernie's success last year. Will the Dems go Center Left? Or will the progressive wing take over the party the way the White Supremacist wing took over the Pubs.
  13. d-dave

    Destiny 2

    I'm in the same camp. I love reading the lore cards, but from a game play stand point, there's not much to do. There's not story mission content. It's just Gambit/Gambit prime. Which looks fun for a little bit, but I still have no desire to play gambit. I mean, it's fun, but it's super repetitive. I still haven't finished my Breakneck quest because I can't grind Gambit like that as a solo player (I know, that's a MAJOR problem). I want to fell like my time is respected. I like the catch up bounties because there was a major gap that they helped to close. But there's nothing new to draw me in. I might just wait until the next big release of Destiny before I really jump back in. I have other games that are really working hard for my attention!
  14. d-dave

    9th District re run: dance of the assholes

    That's what modern politics has distilled to now. Forget solutions, it's all about scaring people into voting for you. So for District 9 (lol), let's see who does the best of scaring people into voting. The lunacy should be fairly amusing. Sadly, rational thought is too "intellectual" and hard to understand now a days.
  15. d-dave

    Capitalism or Communism?

    Ok, then how about corporate welfare? Though this is much more a Stalinist/Dictatorial action as the US doesn't "own" the company.