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  1. So what rules are you talking about? Also, do you think that if it's not "perfect" it's better off not being done? I'm really interested to see what your specifics are regarding bad rules and their consequences. I do agree, that the government should be left out of many things, but others it is necessary to intercede like in the cases of discrimination, violence, keeping the powerful from subjugating those below them, ensuring a level playing field, etc. The United State of America always strives to be a "more perfect union" and that acknowledges that mistakes will be made, but it's up to the people and our government to learn from them. If we don't, then we are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past.
  2. Let me know when there is a perfect political party. They are all imperfect, and all will put forth bad policies with good ones. Also, let's not pretend that it's only liberals who point fingers. Conservatives point plenty of fingers. Everyone does it. Finally, humanity needs rules to survive. Without limits, creativity and culture will stifle. I don't see a problem with many of the liberal rules regarding the environment, labor practices, healthcare etc. Mistakes will be made, but doing something is better than nothing. When you are in a body of water, you have to keep moving to keep from drowning.
  3. Do you mean Democrats? The British equivalent to the conservative party? =P No one is perfect, but generally speaking, the are moving things forward in this country more so than the others who want to pull us back to 1958.
  4. That's about the only way for long term success of the current GOP platform. Deny facts, invent your own, suppress minority votes, work with foreign countries, etc. The worst damage has already been done by putting in so many conservative and/or under-qualified judges through out the country. A contemporary conservative court would seek to roll back individual rights and privacy for the benefit of corporations, legalize formally discrimination, and give christian churches the ability to openly act politically and remain tax shelters. Look, I know progress is scary. Change can be scary. But change is necessary for life. You can't continue to do the same thing over and over and expect things to get better. We've had many years of effectively conservative government, it's time for progress and movement forward.
  5. That's exactly what we have to lose. While @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER has many astute observations, many which I can't deny; this is the real end game for teachers and for the NC Legislature. One of the biggest and worst shifts in educational policy has been the expansion of charter schools. They drain public money, give certain families the ability to choose their school, and they have pretty crappy track records of accountability, success, and solvency. While people in our communities support teachers and schools in a general sense, they don't vote that way. While education is important when it's your kid, when it comes time to vote, it usually distills down to a single issue that causes people to vote for candidates who do not support education. I will need time to respectfully address your points. I can tell you are passionate and not talking BS, so I figure any meaningful dialogue should be handled better than most of the poo posting here =) In regards to this comment, my entire argument is that the action we see occurring is not an instant change that a strike would have. The Pubs in Raleigh have shown zero interest in bending or making any real concessions due to their electoral safety. North Carolina is so horrifically gerrymandered the only real hope that educators see is the next election when we can break up the RNC's power base and get it closer to an actual operating legislature where they have to work together. Maybe that's a hopeless dream in 2020, but that's how many teachers I speak to feel about it. A lesson I have learned from the NRA and the gun debate is the power of NO. More than ever, people do not want to be inconvenienced. Got wifi? Kids off to school so I can do what I need to do, get some coffee, go to yoga, etc. Have we seen the public response to snow days when it's 50 degrees and sunny? It's not just "chuds." The argument from the Pubs would go something like this "There is no reason, we have given historic raises and invested more into education than any democrat. This is all political. blah blah blah." Same thing over and over. By saying "no, we've done enough" they can push the issue back on teachers, continue to deny the long term ramifications of budget cuts, and continue to push the charter school agenda. So to me and many others, we see a full strike as a political hail mary. The pubs could flood schools with warm bodies to keep them open, which hurts public education long term. Long term closing affects graduations, vacation plans, work schedules, child care, etc. The public won't stand for long term inconvenience, and how often have they actually held local legislatures accountable? Defeatest? Yep. There's not a tremendous amount of hope right now. Teachers have been beaten down for 12 years, blamed for everything wrong with education. Teachers have left in record numbers, veteran teachers are counting down the years until retirement. Others are just hoping that things get better. Also, some teachers think it's all sunshine and rainbows. Or god forbid, some of them a Trumpers. But thank you for your detailed response, I will try to be proactive later today.
  6. North Carolina is a right to work state. We all have jobs. Most of us don't have a ton of rainy day money sitting around because we're trying to make ends meet. For most of us, this is the primary income for our households, and if we lose it, we lose our homes. No one is just sitting around ready to hire teachers. Charter schools also complicate the issue because they can fire their teachers at will for no reason, which prevents many of those teachers from participating. Also, there's a fairly large contingent of the state population that views teachers as "the enemy." Look at the rally in Raleigh. Even though teachers took off their own time, personal days, with the support of schools and districts; many NC residents made it out like teachers were taking a holiday. "OMG, teachers are eating lunch out in Raleigh, and they are drinking!!!" Thousands and thousands of teachers were in that march, and we were stonewalled in Raleigh. NCAE is not controlled opposition. NCAE is looking out for the teachers and the students. Do we want a protracted strike for our kids? For our communities? We don't want it to come to that. We just want our years to be respected, we want better insurance coverage, and to see some major investments in the buildings and materials for our kids. What is your educator background @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER? Who in your household is in NCAE? Remember that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 teachers in the state of NC. When you are organizing 25,000 teacher, that's significantly easier than in NC. What's the outcome of a strike? Let's say we get all 100,000 teachers to talk out. How long can they go without pay? What will happen to working families? The NC Senate is determined to destroy Public Education, and a big strike of teachers would play into their hands? The strike is the last option. Think about those teachers who have already used that card, what future leverage do they have? Sure, they can strike again, but once you use that tool, the State will be able to really hammer on the "greedy teachers" narrative. Considering how media stupid most adults are, it will catch fire and those teachers won't have any leverage for a long while.
  7. I will say there is a certain point when you can't hold your nose anymore, you either have to come up for air or drown.
  8. I get the logic there, but CMC sells tickets and merch. Those are important things for all NFL teams. If you don't reward your best players, that sends a message. Also, despite going 5-11, it's not all on CMC. We have lots of holes on the roster. Despite our HoF MLB, we were still one of the worst run defenses in the history of the NFL. What that all on Luke? CMC is a special talent, but this is the NFL - a team sport. I do think that the lines are going to be the most important for us. We have to keep a QB up right and knock them down. We need to give CMC running lanes, and close them up for our opponents. That should be where we spend our FA dollars and draft capital.
  9. I know, it's remarkable how a party has turned their backs on everything to save Trump. History will not remember the current GOP kindly. The problem is the Republican Party has painted itself into a shrinking corner, and this is their last grasp for power. This is all for RGB's seat. If they can con/cheat/steal the 2020 election, they will know that they have altered the SCOTUS for a generation and will prevent meaningful progress in the best way they know how.
  10. How well would Simmons play behind our line? We need some serious help to make sure our LBs have the freedom to run without getting mauled by the opposing OLs. Seems like a really interesting player. At top 10, I want a HUGE impact player. Could he be that? Maybe.
  11. I will say, what a run of MLBs. We've had some really good ones throughout our team's history.
  12. I actually think that Luke will be a Hall of Famer. There has been debate about the length of careers, especially around Terrell Davis. But it was agreed that Davis was one of the best players at his position of all time despite a short career. So I do not believe longevity or lack thereof will keep him out of the hall. Luke was a true difference maker who played at an incredible level of brilliance that was widely recognized by his peers, coaches, and the media. That's just me, but I think Luke should definitely be a Hall of Famer. He left just as he finished peaking, and him not padding stats but playing at a less quality for longer shouldn't be held against him. Heck, it should be celebrated.
  13. Man, what a punch in the gut. I don't blame him one but. Go out on your own terms and live what life you have left. I hope he's able to have a long, happy life! I appreciate everything Luke has done for the team, and I will look forward to the day he is enshrined in the Hall of Fame.
  14. From my understanding, Megan is getting treated like absolute garbage by basically everyone. Harry is tired of it, and is willing to leave it all behind for the woman he loves. Sounds like a stand up dude. Also, like someone who would never fit into the Royal Court. I remember the years of "scandal" around his drunken antics. Seems like they don't really need the money, they have their own brand, and it's probably better for them to do their own thing. Let William become King and leave it be.
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