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  1. i say pay him more not less.. this sumbitch is krakken on and off the field!
  2. xclr82xtc

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    my mother sister and daughter know how to find a decent man that wont ever hit her in the first place.. and not a trifflin bitch purposely trying to drive someone over the edge.
  3. xclr82xtc

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    removes from her possession "non violently without striking or inflicting harm"
  4. xclr82xtc

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    communicating a threat: " get your poo and get out or imma throw everything you own in the front yard" assault on a female - thats my cell phone... removes it from her possession. and if its a DV.... say goodbye to your firearm rights... the only misdeameanor that can do that... ask me how i know (luckily i have a great lawyer )
  5. xclr82xtc

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    if he hit on a woman he should never play any sport again. you dont deserve to make millions of dollars . that said.. wait for the facts.. hes crazy but he dont seem wife beater crazy
  6. xclr82xtc

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    doesnt surprise me.
  7. this would only be a trap game if they didnt expect it to be a trap game.. every week for the last 7 weeks all we have heard from the FO is next week next week next week... they are going to handle business and then enjoy 3 days off before the bucs.
  8. Dear god our oline... Did you guys see the bengals hail Mary?
  9. id take john fox back at this point. and i actually wanted rivera to suceed. f that noise. get lost.
  10. Wtf? They can just stop the game and review any play they want now?
  11. This is ridiculous. Just because we wanted shot downfield doesn't mean we didn't want To win.. Power I... Fug... It's not that complicated
  12. I'm sick of watching these scrubs. Someone tell me if/when its worth changing the channel back