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  1. College football games in the deep south where they exploit black children's unpaid labor are the only places Trump isn't booed, wow I'm shocked Imagine thinking that was a worthwhile contribution to this discussion
  2. Nothing to add here other than MLK owned guns bc the government and white folks hated him so much, we should absolutely arm leftists in America for self defense (especially since white supremacists currently occupy the WH). And I'm personally glad the black and brown people who attended this march had all those white folks surrounding them for protection and were unharmed as well, bc if they were marching themselves the police wouldn't have been so accommodating.
  3. Yeah bc Republicans have made their intentions clear they're going to violate their oath, they've been braggin about it on Fox state run media all week. You also didn't answer the question bc you support a traitor
  4. Yooo at this point the Isaiah Simmons hype might be legit and he might not make it out the top five. Ppl are making the big Derwin James comps now and it's pretty fair
  5. Burrow and the black players visible in this clip are thinking the same thing.
  6. But they don't? You're wrong as hell, stop embarrassing yourself
  7. You're reaching bc you don't have an argument. And you're literally making up poo yourself drawing parallels between two diametrically opposed ppl with completely different politics and political agendas to make them seem similar. You sound dumb as hell bc you are
  8. You guys are trying to make it seem like enthusiasm for a candidate is a bad thing that's how far you're reaching, just stop
  9. For someone who takes such an infantilizing tone with everyone when you post you sure are wrong about everything
  10. You literally have nothing to add to this discussion other than petty grievances with other posters
  11. Now you're trying to make this a rhetorical about being wrong and taking criticism in general when we're literally talking about a specific instance where you're wrong and everyone is explaining how you're wrong and you can't deal with that so you write walls of text about how mean Bernie supporters are when you mischaracterize an event featuring their fave candidate. This is weak, even for you
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