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  1. It was never fair to Williams to switch him to LT coming off that knee injury to begin with. Never understood that, he's a right tackle.
  2. Whatever happened to that anonymous source in the WH who was a conservative, patting themselves on the back for not letting this guy be worse than he already is?
  3. Also funny, bull thinks people being against harassment and violation of civil rights is being pro lawlessness. Shows what you think the purpose of police is--to harass black people Both of you can eat poo
  4. They've killed more brown kids in cages and with white supremacist violence than vaping, yet have only taken action against one Kind of makes you think, maybe they want brown people dead
  5. Of course racist cops think broken windows policing and targeting black people for no reason is perfectly fine Yike, could you right wingers be any more anti-freedom and pro-fascism
  6. Bull's ideology revolves around disagreeing with whatever he thinks liberals agree on Reason he sides with Jayz, Kanye, Saudi crown prince, authoritarianism, and family separation. He's a loser who can't think for himself so he watches Fox News bc they tell him who to scapegoat.
  7. Clearly conservatives have no problem with and naturally gravitate towards authoritarianism.
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