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  1. Also, it should be noted who's criticizing him the most on this board. Just check the Tinderbox. It isn't about football.
  2. ImaginaryKev

    giving nazis a platform allows them to recruit

    He's also concerned about violence even though his president condones it if it's police brutality or when it's towards the press. Hashtag hypocrisy
  3. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

  4. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    Free speech applies to those who are critical of him as well. You see it as inappropriate, i see it as earned. Kanye is going out of his way to say offensive things about black people. Your posturing about his right to say those things while being critical of the criticism, as if racist bullshit and saying slavery is a choice won't elicit an emotional reaction from black people who expect more of him is just...exhausting. but expected.
  5. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    He should know better. fug him for the hurtful poo he says. But i get it, you're ignoring what he actually said bc acknowledging that would nuke your little argument anyway You're either dishonest or oblivious
  6. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    Well maybe the criticism for what Kanye is saying is so harsh because HE SHOULD fuging KNOW BETTER. That's why black people are so hurt and angry about it.
  7. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    Which is literally what you're criticizing. You're being obtuse again and projecting. I'm done, for real this time
  8. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    Do you really think people aren't trying to explain this poo to him?
  9. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    You should be able to say racist bullshit without being criticized for it. That's what you're saying. Protect hate speech and innacurate racist bullshit at all costs. Leave Kanye alone. whatever saha
  10. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    It's entirely the point and you want to ignore that because if you don't your argument defending these turds fall apart Seriously dude
  11. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    You literally want to do this without acknowledging what he actually said, the power of what he said, and how it's hurtful To me that's asinine because it removes context and is a pretty disingenuous way of arguing for hate speech to be protected.
  12. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    Do you not understand that when you make reprehensible statements like slavery was a choice you deserve the rebuttals that come you way? You don't seem to understand that the vile poo you say might come with social consequences. And honestly I'm done with this convo
  13. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    I'm saying he's an asshole who says poo that racist white people say and for that Trump supporters all of a sudden are big fans. And he might be saying it due to a mental health issue. How bout you acknowledge the other things i posted and try not to steer the discourse in a more comfortable direction for yourself. You think i don't know what you're doing but i do
  14. ImaginaryKev

    The token *****

    And the notion of a democratic plantation is simply racist and insulting to the agency of black people. We see the racists and nazis your conservative leaders pander to and we want no part of it.