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  1. Two guys i hope we'd look at in the second round are Jonah Jackson, an Ohio State guard who's supposed to be a great pass protector, and Geno Stone, who's supposed to be an instinctive safety who tackles great
  2. If we don't pay him, Elway will. Never made that natural connection. Welp, hope the main board enjoys him while he lasts
  3. Yeah, i can't wish ill against Cam, i think he was just a dork who was athletic and got a good chance to play, team struck out protecting him and surrounding him with talent on top of his shortcomings. Both are true, and a decade of era is long enough. They were just dipshits about it
  4. With two picks like 12 and 19 we can get Kinlaw and Fulton to start at corner
  5. I'm not gonna troll anyone but conservatives on here. As far as the team i think the best thing that can happen is we work out something with Oakland for the 12 and 19 picks. We'd be great with Okudah or Simmons at 7 but the defense needs a lot of talent if we actually want to compete sooner rather than later, and for that we need more draft picks to get lucky on. Trade down in the second too
  6. This insinuates Cuomo is somehow responsible for how many sick ppl are in NYC when it's already been reported Trump dragged his feet on the issue and lack of testing is the main thing here, why even reply this?
  7. DJ Moore might be awesome in the slot, he's the best athlete after the catch and breaks tackles Lol slut
  8. Robby Anderson is a decent deep threat, i don't mind it really, but still doesn't make up for them being poo towards Cam for no reason at all, it's like they bungled it on purpose. No respect for him at all
  9. Oh the evil social agenda of getting ppl registered to vote (that was your example) I rest my case, you're a tool
  10. You're wrong as usual, you dickhead. And why are you even pretending those things Pelosi added to the bill even matter in this situation? Why are you complaining about that, for any reason? Your first concern should be the safety of ppl during a fuging PANDEMIC, you're pretending there's gotta be strings attached because you're a fugging asshole
  11. "There's gotta be another waaaaay" just shut the fug up, disagreeing with liberals isn't an identity
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