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  1. Right wingers commit more terrorism in response to immigrants, too Political rhetoric also stokes more violence against immigrants. Republicans bash immigrants, which encourages white supremacists to perform domestic terrorism--reason you can't distinguish Republican viewpoints from white supremacist viewpoints (twitter admitted this is why they can't ban white supremacists, they'd end up banning too many Republicans). "Many people think that increased immigration drives competition for jobs. This might explain terrorism, if right-wing terrorists are driven to commit violent acts by economic anxieties caused by increasing immigration. However, there is little evidence that this is the case. Immigration levels are more closely associated with right-wing terrorism than measures related to the economy, such as GDP and the unemployment rate. Refugees, who are less likely to drive up the competition for jobs, are also associated with right-wing terrorism. This suggests that those on the far right commit terrorist attacks when there are more immigrants because they resent the increases in immigration. Moreover, many right-wing terrorist attacks are against immigrants themselves. More immigrants offer more targets for right-wing terrorism. Right-wing terrorism is quite frequent, both in the United States and Europe. While Walter Lübcke’s killing made headlines, many attacks against immigrants by right-wing terrorists occur with little coverage in international newspapers. Notably, this relationship is stronger when the immigrants come from Muslim-majority countries. Right-wing terrorism does not seem to rise when there is higher immigration from other European countries. Other research shows individual support for far-right parties and policies increases when someone has more resentment against immigrants. All of this suggests right-wing terrorism is a reaction to an out-group."
  2. You're pretending to care about violence while you clearly don't care about right wing violence You're clearly here with an agenda to paint antifa as an existential threat to everyone (when they're a threat to nazis first and foremost) and that's pretty telling Selective outrage that doesn't select the nazis? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Here is a historian who can accept the reality of the nazi president, put it in context, and call a racist a racist. Unlike Republicans
  4. Maul Claw did nothing but lie and explain away irrational hate of Omar the other day He's a covert racist making excuses for racism and that veneer of honest debate is gone so he's reduced to trolling now
  5. You're so civil when you defend nazis, is that what you value more than justice? Order. MLK was right about you See, the middle is so pure and wholesome and not at all deliberately obtuse and indifferent to right wing terrorism Definitely a political ideology to aspire to You're spending more time bashing people who fight racism than you do bashing a literal Nazi rally lead by the president. You're literally worse than retired and the obvious white supremacists here because you think you're helping when in fact you're uselss
  6. This "antifa are the real terrorists" poo is really just a red herring so Republicans (who have decriminalized running over protesters with your car in some states) can effectively arrest anyone who dislikes Nazis lol They're literally targeting anti fascists and people who beat up nazis while the FBI loses files on white supremacists and those same WS infiltrate police departments You're a fool, Manther
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