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  1. Notice how the second Dex made a centrist-like comment the Trumper immediately saw a friend? Fish hook theory is something
  2. You only want us to "focus on the issues" to distract from your president's crimes, fug face. You support a racist traitor. We literally can focus on issues and impeachment. Fug your fox propaganda links
  3. Mods, this asshole admits he's a troll Please do your jobs and ban. He's also racist
  4. None of those anecdotes of his, tragic as they are, give him the right to make women's healthcare decisions for them, strip them of bodily autonomy in favor of clumps of cells, force children not old enough to vote to carry rape babies to term, or interfere with an adult's family planning. He's a prick who's trying to win centrists to his side by appealing to their emotion, like cra, and it's slimey. He doesn't care about life, look at his every other opinion on actual living people. This fetishization of the unborn is a tool to appear moral. fug g5
  5. This is all trash but that last paragraph is especially dishonest. Why do you lie so much to support your poo ideas that no one agrees with outside of evangelicals?
  6. He has to be dishonest to sound credible. Like all Republicans.
  7. "I er on the side of life" fug off you dishonest prick
  8. G5 doesn't get to dictate what other people do with their bodies and lives because he's had a few hardships. He's counting on you all to be decent people and empathize with him while he supports authoritarianism and takes away women's rights. Don't be fooled.
  9. Wooooowwwwwww So again....liberals have been right all along lol
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