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  1. ImaginaryKev

    Trump on Saudi/MBS

    And people like tondi who claim they didn't but hate when liberals agree on something true and have to interject with an irrelevant point are dumb too Your takes are so hot, bro
  2. ImaginaryKev

    Trump on Saudi/MBS

    People who voted for this dude look so dumb right now
  3. And since you mention it, Frank Clark would be money well spent
  4. I take it no one would mind Ed Oliver if he falls in the draft?
  5. ImaginaryKev

    The coming offseason

    Also free safety but we haven't had a good free safety since ever so I'm not even expecting it to be upgraded. Might always be weak there. It happens.
  6. ImaginaryKev

    The coming offseason

    Defensive line could be overhauled at both positions. Left guard needs an upgrade. Left tackle belongs to Moton. Williams should be retained, just pay him. Reid can stay, he takes bad angles but can be a thumper. Moore and Samuel are Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, both have Pro Bowl potential and would be a nightmare starting together. Adding ANOTHER wr who's just as good would be exciting and I wouldn't mind if it's a high draft pick and i don't mind being the only person who likes that idea.
  7. Samuel and Moore is gonna be like Torrey Holt and Isaac Bruce next year with the new coach Tepper gets us
  8. ImaginaryKev

    Just in time for November

    And he's pushing propaganda about latino invasions that are clearly racist and aimed at dumb people that only a kook would take seriously, too. Sad, dude
  9. ImaginaryKev

    Just in time for November

    You can tell Harambe is a real whole racist bc he seems to think undocumented people don't work and contribute to the economy, which literally is the truth and can be researched, and just thinks they're just gonna come here, not work, and commit crimes and steal your healthcare. It's insane how this little turd can possibly claim to not be racist.
  10. ImaginaryKev

    Navy Seals? Trump is not impressed

  11. ImaginaryKev

    Navy Seals? Trump is not impressed

    It's weird how Trumps gets away with disrespecting the troops among his supporters and Republicans. They don't raise their voice about patriotism in regards to him, unless he's talking about illegal immigration. It's more than strange.
  12. ImaginaryKev

    Navy Seals? Trump is not impressed

    Yeah, that's embarrassingly petty and dumb. If you don't realize that he's a child you're a bad judge of character
  13. ImaginaryKev

    Prison reform is on the way

    He should be more for drug decriminalization and legalization of pot, as well actual higher wages for people over simply cutting taxes for the already wealthy if he wants to do things that would actually help his base. At this point all he's tried to do was literally outlaw new Mexicans. If passing this and this alone is what Rs think passes for a good job, ya'll just have low standards. But we already knew that.
  14. ImaginaryKev

    25 Reasons I am not a Dem

    I'm not tall