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  1. Seriously, it's a dark horse hot take scenario about Darnold. He has talent but that situation set him up to fail if we're being objective. The Jets are the biggest train wreck in the league and there's a total proven track record of players getting better when escaping from Adam Gase--Ryan Tannehill, Devante Parker, Kenyon Drake. Darnold is a Tony Romo kinda talent and would probably be a good player here with our weapons. Still, I'd rather us draft our own guy. Lance would definitely have the benefit of the short contract for Teddy. I would absolutely get excited about him and talk myself into him if he's the pick, I'm still a Curtis Samuel truther lol. Teddy is the perfect Alex Smith bridge kinda guy and will prove useful, I don't care how much he's paid bc I'm not bitter about athlete contracts like some folks on the main board clearly are. Plus we need to field a roster and Tepper is rich as fug so money isn't an issue here. We got no choice but to play the long game here and lose for now, then get our pick of young QB to go forward (and in a covid draft with less film to scout players, I don't mind us trading up for Lawrence either). Still happy for Cam tho.
  2. You're a fascist baby and it sucks we have to share this country with you
  3. You are literally the Booger McFarland of this forum Trump wants to stack the court with conservatives so he can challenge mail in ballots immediately, they're even announcing it in interviews. Republicans like Romney go along with it bc at the end of the day Republicans lack integrity and see this as an opportunity to seize more power. You aren't insightful at all.
  4. This means nothing if you aren't pursing the things listed above, God you're a shitstain
  5. They will allow tax cuts for the rich as long as they save the babies or whatever wedge issue they've fallen for. The Southern Strategy has worked to perfection, this cat is telling you every post that for him white grievance drives the Republican base and that goes for all conservatives. There isn't more to it than that.
  6. Sorta like Bill Cosby with the pound cake thing, being so stern and critical of black people reciting personal responsibility narratives with not regard for racism and how politics affects people's lives. Turns out he's a criminal disgrace, which is fitting since usually black people who peddle what racist whites want to hear are grifters and conmen. Even zod was quoting Cosby to talk at King Taharqa in one thread about the absence of black fathers here years ago lol
  7. He's programmed by a propaganda network like this Really sucks how this network and other right wing media, Facebook included, have turned so many Americans into fascists
  8. Protesters. And when the violence starts bc the police are never held accountable, conservatives will use this as an example of leftists being violent "when they don't get their way" leaving out the fact that the violence was initiated by the police in both the shooting and the DA decision and the outrage is warranted.
  9. Penei Sewell is intriguing bc he's the best tackle since Joe Thomas
  10. So Brees looks washed out there or at least on the way. Brady is still good, let him and TB have a run this year. It's time we sucked it up and lost games so we can get a QB and restock the roster.
  11. I'm glad they aren't, that kids hype is gonna be so annoying when he's eligible (But I guess I get it bc his deep ball screams Russell Wilson)
  12. I'd be terrified of Lance bc he's got all the talent in the world but played no one and has no experience. Feels like a bigger roll of the dice than the other two but at the same time we might have right coaching staff for the job
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