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  1. Eric went out of his way to make it seem like he wasn't throwing Kyle under the bus to help his friend but i still think this was a bad look. Like, it literally can't be taken any other way
  2. Right wingers are trying to find ways to meme this into the new Venezuela as we speak. Marquis will share those memes, too
  3. Little could probably be okay with a solid oline coach but he clearly needs time in the weight room and experience and A BETTER OLINE COACH if he's gonna be a player. The Williams thing shows poor judgment and honestly you can't trust those dudes to fix the QB position or secondary acting like that.
  4. He's also a racist war criminal. This is the poo I'm talking about with you.
  5. The guys is committing high crimes and violating the constitution. Stop being dense
  6. Also socially liberal and fiscally conservative makes no sense at all, yikes
  7. Fishook theory. Centrism always bends towards the right, you're proof of that but possibly unaware
  8. Doesn't their land sit atop natural resources the west can exploit too? Like some minerals for cell phones or something
  9. We should've known the OLine situation was gonna be fugged in the offseason when they announced they'd start Williams at LT coming off a devastating knee injury that scared other teams away AND he was a RT up til that point. That was a poor, reckless decision from jump street and it's comical how little sense it made when you think about it
  10. Trump literally commits crimes daily and folks like Marquis are like "well you can't prove it" and they think they're helping or intelligent for saying that or something
  11. You're not subtle about ignoring evidence
  12. Cold takes from cowards turning out wrong as hell like we predicted
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