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  1. The prison abolition argument says jail isn't the answer and I'm considering it. Punishment yes, prison no. Bc abolitionists like Angela Davis might have a point when saying they don't believe the way to eradicate racism is to introduce more people into the for profit prison system. Pretty high moral stance, honestly, but I also understand the lack of sympathy from anyone black bc she was weaponising current events like fug in that video
  2. Trump and bull both get their marching orders from this dude
  3. Watching this 2015 Titans game and it's hilarious. Ted Ginn is wearing camo socks for some reason. Cam showboating so hard it fugged up a screen play but I'm not even mad, we were gonna win lol. We should've thrown to Greg Olsen more period man damn
  4. He's literally being critized. Won't cry if he's cut for this either. People gotta learn.
  5. The only people I've seen actually angry about those white folks who were killed by the cops are BLM and the "libs" on this forum including me. OP is just a bitch making posts to catch us all in "you're virtue signaling" traps bc Trump is so clearly a failure at his job (yes, this is usually why they start threads, to distract from that). Imagine being so butthurt your views aren't popular nor do they stand up to scrutiny.
  6. Your president allowed 100k ppl to die and also hopes that ppl will sacrifice themselves for the economy meanwhile you're still complaining about black people and liberal cities. Go fug yourself you racist prick
  7. concern trolling about dead black folks yet don't believe in improving material conditionsfor black folks so they don't experience cited violence, just as a reason to paint the left as hypocritical. Even though the left simultaneously advocates for police not killing black people. You're a belligerent idiot Trump pole eater who's drawn to the racism and you haven't posted in a while because you know Fox News is struggling to make excuses for Corona and don't feel like getting dunked on. A virus that your president let kill over 100k ppl. Seriously, get fuged
  8. you don't care about any of those dead black people, you're just using them to make a racist point the same way you use Candace Owens to bash black people when you wanna make excuses for other racist fugshit. Go to hell
  9. we got black QBs and a white RB and the necks are still too dumb to take the hint that this isn't the team for them
  10. here's a little proud boy bitch right here
  11. Supposed to be a lot of solid interior OL next year and our FO probably saw this, seeing as how we signed cheap guys at IOL to hold it down for now. That one guy at Tennessee Trey Smith is supposed to be legit
  12. Again, we've kept the pattern of taking chances on flawed DE prospects outside the first round (Ealy, Hardy, Charles Johnson my personal fave, that kid out of TAMU who didn't pan out) and honestly it's a sound strategy bc it's bore some fruit for us, Gross Matos makes a ton of sense and its a typical Hurney DE. Everett Brown was pretty bad decision but he was a panic move for context, still a major L on MH resume.
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