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  1. Apparently Sewell is the Joe Thomas type of guy but this is also a strong year for the position, so the but question is who OT2 is. I've seen like four different guys mentioned already today on draft Twitter
  2. Only thing that makes the scenario seem unlikely to me is Washington likely looking to trade up in the event that Fields does not go 2. You'd have to think they'd be on the phone trying to trade to 3 at that point (Cincinnati could consider trading down esp since their roster is bare, OT is considered deep this year, and other teams trade up for QBs)
  3. I think CB is a priority but OLine needs a lot of resources thrown at it (like defense last year), so in the event we trade down these lineman look good and OT in general looks strong.
  4. Brandon Scherf is a free agent at the end of the year
  5. My favorite part about DJ's game is that he's been roasting the corners in this division since day one. The Bucs and Falcons in particular have no one who can cover him (Also the insane YAC ability and elite deep speed)
  6. I've been pleased with Brown despite the lack of flashy plays (and I wasn't even super excited when we drafted him). I expect a big jump in year two, not worried about him at all. He seems like he's got the makeup to be good.
  7. However I do not doubt that Tahir is probably playing a lot worse than coaches expected, even being a cheap veteran. Hopefully Carter keeps the job so we get a better idea of the type of player he is going forward so we can adjust our fun-time draft boards
  8. There was a clear difference with Carter in the game but I can still appreciate the leadership role he plays, especially since our team is so young. I personally think a lot of yall use him to vent about us losing this year in general and he's a good whipping boy, with his cheap one year contract and everything. Please remember he's replaceable:
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