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  1. Hill does well as a utility guy, but idk about full time QB. Once they figure him out...
  2. What if Mahomes gets hurt and Moore has to lead the Chiefs to victory in the SB? I’d definitely be pulling for him
  3. I will be glad when we finally break the curse of no back-to-back winning seasons.
  4. Doesn’t mean that I would pull for them over the Panthers at any point. You’re opinion of my Panther fandom doesn’t matter anyway. I know who I am
  5. My second team is the Dolphins... Gonna be a lot of bad Sundays to come
  6. Does this have anything to do with him talking to Tepper after the last game?
  7. The Texans feel like a Rivera coached team. Laying off the gas too early and all
  8. Maybe it’s not rigged. But years of Panthers football and watching the Patriots win several Superbowls has made me a cynical spectator
  9. Watch the Chiefs catch all the breaks and win this game. The NFL doesn’t want Titans vs Texans in the AFC championship
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