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  1. “Rapelisberger” and Brees out at the same time? A consolation prize if we have a shitty year
  2. Remember when he was out for that game in 2015 and pretended to break down the huddle from the sidelines? What a douche. https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_b9304211-9b7b-5e68-9856-4809a2cd8768.html
  3. Going with five other buddies to my first game in years. $55 tickets for upper level, I believe. Not bad considering recent prices
  4. We are the 2007 Giants. We are going to make the playoffs and take down the 16-0 Patriots
  5. Chase Blackburn has really done his job and coached up this unit. When was the last time we actually blocked a kick before yesterday? Outside of the missed field goal, these guys were a bright spot yesterday and deserve mention. They will help us win games in crucial moments moving forward this year.
  6. Yeah but it’s only like that for 2 games per season. We’re not in Miami
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