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  1. It was more of a compliment. Rod Smart came from the XFL and made an impact
  2. He could have just stepped down as a decision-maker and never shown his face at BOA again. I know he fired his sons, but there must have been some other capable family members
  3. I guess you could say McCaffery, Moore, Short, and Burns. But to a much lesser extent
  4. George Lucas should have never sold Star Wars, and Jerry Richardson should have never sold the Panthers.
  5. Motherfuger. We can’t even tank correctly. Lawrence is now out of the realm of possibility
  6. We use our players up until they have little value left or just flat out retire.
  7. For his sake, I hope he lined something up before leaving. I doubt he'll get paid a lot of money anywhere else.
  8. We need get in trade talks with them about Deshaun Watson
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