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  1. Not really trying to be a dick to you, but yes I think it’s very unhealthy
  2. Because the general public are mostly idiots as proved by our current situation
  3. If you still eat McDonalds after 25 years old, you need to take a look in the mirror.
  4. Like Ray Lewis and Ray Rice? I remember how Lewis gushed over Rice in interviews together, and then Rice did what he did.
  5. So, were Fox and Rivera the reason we kinda sucked at drafting all those years?
  6. Would suck to draft all these guys and not get to see them in action for another year and a half
  7. I’m liking our draft, but an almost all-rookie defense will have some serious on the job training
  8. Dude looks like he can play, but damn, that music does not fit the clips lol.
  9. Smitty-Delhomme pic is sick. Good times
  10. I’ll be pissed if we win more than 3 games this year (if we play at all).
  11. I’m cool with not going classic Panther mode and drafting a LB or RB every other year
  12. As I have somewhat matured with age, sports are in THE very BOTTOM of priorities in this situation.
  13. We should use “Carolina on My Mind” by James Taylor. Way more relevant, but it’s possible Tepper has never heard it.
  14. 2015 will forever be tainted. 2003 season was way more fun to watch. Games like Jacksonville, both Tampa games, Dallas at home, and St. Louis will be forever be burned in my memory. Btw, I loved Cam but the “Dab” was childish and embarrassing too
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