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  1. Yep. Cam has to be mad about what’s going on. After all his injuries, after knowing he was going to have to stay in the pocket this season and work through his new throwing motion, Ron and Hurn still didn’t get him protection this offseason. They just traded one Matt K for another. Now it may cost him his career. I’d be pissed too.
  2. They’re the only two good QBs we’ve had. Who else are we supposed to compare? Very different guys who got similar results. It’s an interesting topic. It’s not racist to discuss it.
  3. Since this video came out today, it means that segment was prob shot over the weekend. Maybe he lied in the video. Maybe Ron is lying. Who knows.
  4. https://youtu.be/sstg0s4j8BM Interesting quote “I’m proud I finished the game [tampa] without any added on injuries. My arm is sore but that’s about it...”
  5. This is absolutely true. We had the most expensive D line in foot ball, B Burns, everyone said Cam was 100%, our #1 and #2 WR were legit, etc. And then Buffalo came to town and reality started to sink in. Some saw it immediately, some are still in denial. Ultimately, there seems to be two kinds of fans here. Those that came here after 2015 and have been expecting to see that again and those that know it’s unlikely to see a SB run anytime soon and are ok with just winning the division and getting to the playoffs. The disappointment of the first camp is what you are seeing.
  6. Based on body language, they realized this when Buffalo came to Spartanburg.
  7. It was clear on all or nothing that Eric Washington has lost the locker room. TD was openly mocking him.
  8. The secondary is better but the D line is not worth the money paid.
  9. True, but he’s always had super Cam to bail him out. Without that, who knows what his floor is. In past years, I’ve seen him improve the defense mid season. Never the offense.
  10. Did you not watch all or nothing? They show the stylist putting post game outfits together.
  11. https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1172326913861275649?s=20
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