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  1. He tried, but he hired this guy as his personal chef.
  2. I just don’t get this guy. What was he trying to trade? A 2nd and a 3rd or two? How does a modern GM believe that it’s possible to build a consistent winner by only drafting one or two starters a year? Most guys don’t have 10 year careers. You have to bring in more young talent than that.
  3. It seems like they’re hoping to find someone better than Manhertz
  4. Yeah, I’m wondering the same. EDIT: Just did some reading. Apparently they were filming in secret all last year. Interesting. Will be fun to watch....maybe.
  5. I take it to mean they will film this season. I think people would have seen the cameras around last season if filming was done then.
  6. Aw man. That sucks. Let’s try in b&w.
  7. Did some image enhancing. Does this help?
  8. It is a lot of dark blue tones. It’s like the artist thought: you know what will really show off this design? Showing what it will look like at night under a cloudy sky!
  9. Not what I meant. I’m sure the design was partly influenced by the potential site. It could look different if a different site was used.
  10. This just popped up on a Charlotte news station. Haven’t seen this before. Looks great (if it ends up in SC). Sorry for having to take a photo of the TV. Couldn’t find it anywhere online.
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