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  1. Can you really blame the guy for not staying late to watch film?
  2. The studies in the surgeon general’s book (I need to find it again), were not food industry funded. Many were done long before the madern food industry was a thing.
  3. We said that about Poe. Let’s wait and see on this one. Could just be a leadership signing.
  4. There have been thousands of studies done around the world over the past 100 years. Studies with hundreds of thousands of participants each. A former US surgeon general did a book about this a few years back. Plant based with minimal meat is the healthiest diet. The problem is the health and fitness/diet industry is filled with pseudoscience. It’s at the point that good people believe the wrong things because accurate info is rarely talked about and veggies + little meat doesn’t make money.
  5. Tbe

    Annual Prospect Meeting List

    They are going hard after defense this year huh?
  6. I hope it’s 40 mil a year at Seattle or NY. Either way, Wilson ends up killing the hawks.
  7. Yes, but a plant based diet is still the healthiest way to live. The science is irrefutable. Of course, vegan doesn’t mean plant based.
  8. True. Most vegans I know go heavy on the carbs. I doubt Cam is doing that though. I think it’s great that he has a guy giving him shoulder treatment 2-3x a day. Brady has a similar person that treats him everyday.
  9. Tbe


    I hope Gettleman picks him up.
  10. Tbe

    Captain Cut

    A “solid CB”? Lol
  11. Didn’t see this posted.
  12. Tbe

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    LOL....way to show your wife who’s boss.
  13. Same. So Sam mills is head coach, and Rivera is D coordinator, and the “D coordinator” is the D line coach......