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  1. Wow, just finished. Absolutely amazing. Episode 7 was especially brutal. Eric Washington did not have a good look there. He didn’t seem to have the respect of his players at all. TD was particularly annoyed with him. They seem willing to run through walls for Rivera though. Who knows what this season will be like but I have 100% faith in Rivera and Tepper to eventually build a winner.
  2. I’m pretty sure that’s what he was doing.
  3. Maybe, but the first game or two are always crap shoots. No teams have really gelled yet and luck can swing wildly in any direction. It will tell us a lot about the D and O lines though.
  4. Agree. Playoffs. At the very least, the defense HAS to be great. Top 10 minimum. Otherwise, what purpose is Ron serving?
  5. Interesting. I didn’t see anything about him pitching in money. I did see him say he really wanted NC to connect clt - Winston - Raleigh with high speed rail.
  6. Did some guy just call him TD Jr?
  7. Yep, that IG feed was better. Cam is looking good. Nice medium range passes. Grier looked rough, but that’s expected.
  8. That lease info was pretty interesting, but is that really much of a deterrent? Wouldn’t Tepper lose all the stadium’s “value” anyway? I can’t imagine there is much of a market for used nfl stadiums in Charlotte.
  9. They have to stay healthy. If KK or McCoy miss significant time, we just have a very expensive and average/bad D line. Hurney and Ron taking a chance.
  10. I don’t know why they would be happy about that or see other outlets as competition. From their perspective, they just want coverage. The more attention the better. They don’t make money from this stuff after all. Their goal is to make people excited about the team so they sell more tickets, jerseys, etc. Regardless, I liked Jourdan’s writing. However, I can’t remember a time where she (or any beat reporter) wrote something that I hadn’t already heard here.
  11. His one INT last year was against Cam. It was a decent read. He was playing the slot on that play.
  12. I’ll be happy if short and McCoy can play 13+ games. McCoy has an injury history. looking at last year’s performance, McCoy will initially get the double teams. It’s up to KK and Poe to step up and beat their guys consistently. If they do, watch out QBs. At the very least, our run D is going to be a lot better.
  13. Cam, Luke, TD, Greg, etc are big factors. Also, Ron gets a ton of credit as well. Only bringing in good locker room guys, etc contributes a lot.
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