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  1. Luke might get a 1st, but it would be a long shot with they way he’s been playing. CMC would guarantee a high 1st pick. Not ideal at all, but might be an ok move if there was a QB worth taking.
  2. We’re not going anywhere with Cam either. I don’t see a world where a QB like Cam wants to play the last year on his contract under A new coach and system. If Rivera is fired, his best move would be to ask for a release.
  3. Garrett started it with the late hit / Obvious roughing the passer.
  4. He seems like a guy who just needs A little time to put things together.
  5. It sounds like Tepper wants to move on and draft a new QB sometime in the next few years. Not surprising.
  6. Can you fix a sprain with surgery? Sounds like it is more than a sprain.
  7. OMG...The 8 number isn’t magical. Its just used as a statistical dividing line. The point is, when Cam can’t run a lot he doesn’t win a lot. I didn’t mention Kyles name once.
  8. Anyone can cherry pick to prove a point son. It’s about what happens over 9 years. Besides, didn’t he have 7-8 runs that game?
  9. How is this lying about numbers? My source is espn and the Charlotte observer. The point I’m making is Cam’s ability to move the ball downfield goes down considerably when he can’t run 8+ times a game. He’s never won consistently without that threat. He won’t have that threat going forward.
  10. What exactly is absurd? Newton wins 70.3 percent of the time with eight or more carries and 49.2 percent when he doesn’t. Facts.
  11. One more hypothetical. Doug Peterson (future SB winning coach and former Panther) was available at the start the 2016 offseason.
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