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  1. 100%. Having someone in your life that has done what you want to do gives you such a huge advantage. It also pushes you to succeed because you want to meet expectations. You don’t want to be the guy in the family who couldn’t hack it. Years ago I worked at a big medical school. The admissions people told me that having docs in the family (particularly doc parents) was a big predictor of a students success. Take two students with the same grades and intelligence, and the kid with a doc in the family was more likely to graduate. It’s just something to do with mental preparation, mentorship, and expectations to succeed.
  2. In all seriousness (Matt K aside), this is a good strategy. Jeremy Chinn is the nephew of NFL Hall of Fame safety Steve Atwater.
  3. My hope is Tepper is waiting for a really good replacement to free up. No use replacing an average Hurney with another average GM.
  4. My money is on Snow just not being up to snuff. Outside of Rasul, none of our other guys on D have had great coaching while in the league. We also have 40% rookies starting so mistakes can compound which makes everyone look bad.
  5. True. The road to a franchise QB is 90% luck anyway. Except for Cam, all the top guys right now were lower picks. Ive been saying it this entire time. The plan is to draft someone this year and have them play behind Teddy for one year. After that, Teddy’s contract is basically over.
  6. Lol...I know. We have 2-3 wins max. Prob just 1. Who else would realistically take a QB if they jumped us? Jets?
  7. They are going to run him until the wheels fall off, but at least Cam goes out playing his game.
  8. Yeah, but Butker was such an obviously bad decision at the time. Plus, it’s just such a typical Hurney decision.
  9. Exactly, that’s all I’m seeing too. Maybe Washington and the bears but I doubt it. 2 wins is the most likely outcome.
  10. Was just about to post. Best kicker in the league right now. Fug you Hurney. Fug you Ron.
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