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  1. For all you hating this organization, the door is open with 31 other teams to choose from. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  2. Hope that doesn’t happen. I get that he came back from injury and played extremely well but I look across the league and particularly in Cam’s situation with a lack of offensive weapons and protection and ask who are some guys who could make that work. Seeing him overcome those types of situations would do it for me.
  3. Time will tell. Nothing against him, I hope he does well. Might even call him elite next year if he manages 3 great seasons.
  4. AFC is child’s play especially with Brady aging and potentially leaving town.
  5. Maybe so. He’s certainly the media darling at the moment so we will see if the success is sustainable.
  6. Completely leave out Kelce. You think he balls out like that without him? Not trying to take anything away from the season as he’s obviously top tier. I just feel like we throw around “elite” like we do “GOAT.” Needs to be used more conservatively.
  7. Might have to catch you guys in April. Can’t take this place seriously when the same thread is refurbished 18 times per day.
  8. Just Red and his tinder box cronies. Don’t expect anything different from them. They look to stir the pot and race bait any chance they get.
  9. I’m way down the list of people on the Huddle that need to hear this message. Lol
  10. Didn’t realize I was diminishing him by saying he was great and had a great season. You certainly have a way of twisting words to fit your narrative .
  11. Not as much as some of you I’m sure. But I would give it at least one more season with some potential adversity before I drop the “elite” adjective. “Great?” Sure. Elite, with time perhaps.
  12. One great season *Shrugs* A little bit of a tangent to the original point that it’s a stupid fuging idea to trade CMC.
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