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  1. With Brady, Gronk, and Suh the Bucs were like #3 on my hate list. This may have just bumped them to #2.
  2. Would love to hear your anecdotes on your world travels. I would use the pot and kettle analogy but I’ve lived in more places in a year than you’ve probably even visited in your lifetime.
  3. Not arguing that at all. That wasn’t my point. The problem with this place and most online conversation is I can say something nonspecific like “we are blessed to live in the United States” and then someone feels the need to rebuttal and state that there are so many great places to live. Well, sure there are. But there are hundreds of nations across the world and it doesn’t make us any less fortunate.
  4. Have you ever made it out of that sheltered little suburb of greater Charlotte? Doubt you’ve made it out of mommy’s apartment yet.
  5. States yes. Territory no. But I also have close family and friends who have served in multiple countries as well as marriage relatives who are immigrants who can speak to their experiences. Chances are even if one hates the US that their personal experiences will be similar to mine in that regard. So what’s the point?
  6. In what context? As a whole, possibly. I only have my personal experience, research and observation, and discussion with immigrant cohorts to form my opinion.
  7. You’ll need to be more specific and present evidence if you’re going to make a claim like that. As far as I know people of all backgrounds and world views love games.
  8. I’m a civilian millennial. What point were you trying to make?
  9. Not a perfect place on earth. Maybe the US isn’t what it used to be in some regards and perception could spin that positively or negatively dependent on the situation. Judging by the whole there aren’t many countries that offer what we can. If it weren’t so we could end the illegal immigration debate.
  10. That’s another feather in the cap of my argument as to why we are all blessed to live here.
  11. Example of xenophobia as a marketing strategy would be nice.
  12. Takes a special person to make the sacrifices a military lifestyle brings. Most young adults aren’t lining up to serve willingly and most who enlist don’t have many real world options. It’s why millennials and Gen Z will never be considered the “greatest generation.” Marketing has to make it appear desirable.
  13. Anyone who has read your material knows you’re not the authority on grammar. Stay in your lane, little guy.
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