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  1. 5 is too shallow a list but here goes: Sean Payton Tom Brady Matt Ryan Aquib Talib Vontez Burfict In no particular order.
  2. WarHeel

    Funchess on playing time.....

    He’s definitely not awful. Just not #1 and sometimes not even #2 material.
  3. Long term, Pats. Living in GA for 4 years hasn’t softened my disdain for Matt Ryan and the dirties, however so they take 1st place. Saints a close 3rd.
  4. WarHeel

    Random Panther Ramblings

    @4Corners Exhibit A. Prime time subjectivity.
  5. WarHeel

    Random Panther Ramblings

    This x1000. Objectivity is an ever growing lost concept, especially around these parts.
  6. “.” Needs one of these.
  7. WarHeel

    Newton's longevity

    Simple fact of the matter is that no one can truly say what the status of his shoulder is unless you’re a healthcare professional working directly with him. As a healthcare professional who specializes in human anatomy and movement I can tell you that no two individual cases are identical, particularly when it comes to cases dealing with the shoulder. Shoulder injuries, particularly RCR’s take months (often longer) to get a full return in function, strength, mobility, etc. Could be lingering aggravation or potential exacerbation from the original injury and surgery or to a lesser extent it could be weekly fatigue and soreness by games end. He’s not just throwing 20-40 times in one week, people. Ultimately, until Cam himself comes out and says he is in talks with the surgeon, I would give it a rest on all the assumptions because we know what assuming does for folks.
  8. WarHeel

    Couple more observations

    Got away with a little hold on Shaq, not that he would have been able to make a play necessarily.
  9. WarHeel

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    Don’t take it personal. He poos anyone who doesn’t post specifically in admiration of left sided politics.
  10. WarHeel

    3-0 , going down with the ship.

    Not sure you understand the phrase “going down with the ship.”
  11. You’re not crazy. Only the Pitt loss was greater than a one score game.
  12. WarHeel

    The real reason why we are a bad team

    I would argue that TD is still producing above average and no one saw Greg’s collapse in health. The dude played 10 years without missing a game. And the great G-man gave us the likes of Vernon Butler so do we really want to praise his decisions?
  13. WarHeel

    The real reason why we are a bad team

    Guys like TD and Greg despite their age and injury history always show up and give it their all. Same can’t be said for other “vets” on this team.
  14. The Huddle can’t even tell the difference between Luck and Newton’s injuries let alone what surgical procedures are used to manage each of them. I really wish people would quit talking out of their ass.