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  1. It’s almost like I’ve seen this post before.
  2. One of us actually has experience rehabbing athletes post concussion. I can reassure you concussions matter when it comes to return to sport, especially at the NFL level.
  3. Concussions aren’t predictable like most injuries. I think it’s a little premature to deem this particular move a mistake as he showed flashes when healthy.
  4. There aren’t many “#1 WR” in the NFL as it stands so I’m OK with that.
  5. Collectively it has been garbage the last 4 years or so. At least it certainly feels that way.
  6. Our red zone offense is hot garbage but I doubt most of us would have bet on Samuel to outshine some big name WR and TE in this department.
  7. I think both sets of teams will perform similarly in win/loss ratio. And likely at opposite ends of the spectrum (ie. Pats and Bucs with winning records, Panthers and Redskins with losing records).
  8. It’s an opinion post released less than 48 hours before the report from Carolina. Why would I pay attention to every article with an opinion about what we should do as a franchise?
  9. This is the first I’m hearing of it. And regardless of similar skill set It’s not like we are bursting at the seems with high tier receivers. Not even mentioning he’s still cheap.
  10. Very odd report. No one: Carolina Panthers: “Hey...uh...just so you guys know we are NOT shopping Curtco. God bless.”
  11. I think someone posted a conspiracy theory on a DJ trade. It’s a ridiculous notion but it is the offseason and most people are trapped in their homes so I’m not surprised.
  12. I’m confused. Apparently the roster says “tanking” but we simultaneously “never had this talent surrounding Cam when he was here.” Which narrative are we following?
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