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  1. Sample size is too small but I would probably agree. He’s probably not a franchise QB though and that was my point.
  2. Eh... plenty of folks too quick to jump the gun and say we should start Will now. I’m just on the outside looking in realizing we are a legless/armless Cam Newton away from losing him altogether and repeating the nightmare that was 2010.
  3. I love Cam but some of y’all are more Cam fans than you are Carolina fans. He flat out sucked on Thursday. He wasn’t much better the Sunday before that. 3 carries for -1 yards week 1. If he can’t run then we are one dimensional. I won’t say it’s the norm yet but if it is then get ready for some major overhauling, throw immunity out the window.
  4. Bunch of yardstick dicks around here for sure
  5. Would look a lot better if the offense gave them something to work with
  6. 19/41 at the time of the post. My gahd...
  7. When’s the last time we actually kicked someone’s ass? Can’t remember either...
  8. Everyone misses kicks. That’s the point I’m making. Gano drills a 63 yarder and he’s the second coming but misses a couple during the course of a season and he’s overpaid and we need to cut bait.
  9. Gano misses that one and we roast him to oblivion. Give me a break. Hopeful for him but need a larger consensus than one regular season game.
  10. Said it in another thread. We need to be keeping a watch on the foot just as much as the shoulder. 3 rushing attempts for -2 yards isn’t Cam and if he can’t run then we are a 1-dimensional offense. The singular dimension being Christian.
  11. Loved making the case for “that white RB” a couple of years ago and happy to see him do it better than anyone in the game today.
  12. This is something that has potential to ripple deeper into the season if it lingers. We can’t continue to have CMC be our leading rusher and receiver game after game and expect to be anything but one dimensional. Teams will have us figured out by week 3 if they haven’t already.
  13. Wasn’t making it excuse. I’m calling it for what it is. He “played QB” well today but he wasn’t Cam Newton which is who we need him to be. Getting healthy comes first though and while the shoulder is still debatable I can reassure you that his foot isn’t ready.
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