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  1. Whoever Cleveland hires is the wrong choice so we'd have that going for us which is nice.
  2. If we cut him we get nothing. We'd have to allow his contract to expire then not bring him back.
  3. You're not wrong. At BEST the value he holds is a 2nd rounder. At BEST. Those who think he is worth a 1st at this point in time are delusional.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately that's the name of the game on YT. Phil Defranco does the same thing and is completely transparent about how if he doesn't then he doesn't get nearly as many views, and therefor, less money for his content.
  5. IF we do it 1st this year Cam 2nd this year 2nd next year. Not like Hurney's going to do anything good with those 2's anyway.
  6. Flemlo makes great videos, and he throws a lot of love Luke's way.
  7. Keep McCoy as far away from this team as possible. McAdoo... Meh. McAdoo the kind of guy to hug his niece a little too long and say "My you're filling out nicely" when he leaves the embrace.
  8. Thanks for supporting me in my quest to be the third member of the 1k-1k club. Couldn't have done it without your support. Keep Pounding.
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