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  1. Cracka McNasty

    Injecting Josh Norman back into the secondary

    Hurney is in love with his CB to FS converts, and I think that Norman has the ball hawking ability to play Centerfield for our defense much the way that Coleman did back in 15. I really wouldn't mind him playing Safety for us.
  2. Disagree. Chiefs - Rams Rematch from the MNF slugfest. One of the craziest games I've ever seen and they can do a round two, with the (most likely) MVP and an the LA team with their huge market? $$$ No one outside of NO cares about Brees. Everyone hates the Pats. NFL would get much more exposure/ratings with the LA team getting in and a toss up with the Pats/chiefs.
  3. Cracka McNasty

    Atlanta player in trouble

    Hate to see that happen to anyone. Hope he gets help and comes out ok. And once he's OK, I hope he plays terribly every time we play him
  4. Good stuff to see. Moore got better as the year went on. Jackson seemed to struggle further into the season, but all in all a solid rookie campaign. Hopefully we won't look back and laugh at this like we did with the 2014 rookies.
  5. I'm choosing to take this tweet as Ramsey believes Fewell will ride those two young DB's hard, not that Fewell is an inferior coach.
  6. Cracka McNasty

    Scott Fowler vs Marcel Louis-Jacques

    The biggest thing I'm gathering is that Funchess was a Diva behind the scenes, which is surprising considering how lackluster he was on the field and how unassuming and "say the right thing" he seemed to be off it.
  7. Cracka McNasty

    Losing an assistant to the Bills

    Aside from Gano's struggles last season, Blackburn has been a damn solid ST coach since hired.
  8. Cracka McNasty

    Perry Fewell hired as secondary coach

    Gantt is such a dick. Like, he's a member of an internet forum, not a national writer. I mean he's right, but he's a dick about it too.
  9. Cracka McNasty

    PFF Grades for Panthers

    I mean I thought Shaq played fine the first 4 games. Didn't see anything incredibly negative, saw a few hard hits and good tackles. That's just my perspective on it though.
  10. Good post on Reddit about how the game is changed and how we were trying to force a square peg into a round hole with 3 LB's on the field at the same time: https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/aeecfw/jones_an_emotional_thomas_davis_says_the_panthers/edoresr/ So from a pure X's and O's standpoint, it makes sense to move on from TD when we have a younger guy to play. By removing one of these LB's, we are now forcing Ron to adapt to the rest of the NFL and move to a more nickel based D allowing Shaq to actually do things he's not bad at moving forward. A lot of people have been giving Shaq flack the past few years for getting burned in the slot, but it's just not a great place to put a LB at to succeed. His failure is more on Rivera/Washington/Wilkes than it is on him entirely. Putting a LB in the slot repeatedly is not a recipe for success. It's a mismatch that any decent O-coordinator will exploit. Good coaches put their players in positions to succeed. It's why Agholor was moved to the slot in Philly and flourished. It's why CMC was used all over the place in our O this past season, and hopefully by moving Shaq to a more traditional LB role, he will succeed as well. Based on this, I foresee us going after a decent nickel CB in FA or the draft this offseason. I believe that a combo of Luke and Shaq can be a good duo moving forward. It sucks that TD still has some gas left in the tank but I think it might be the best for the team and D moving forward.
  11. Cracka McNasty

    Tampa Bay hires Bruce Arians as head coach

    2016 is also the year Cam got injured. We haven't been doing as fantastically overall since that happened.
  12. All criticisms aside, Fewell is actually a solid DB coach if my memory is correct.
  13. Cracka McNasty

    The Interview Circuit

    It's his fault Bell didn't sign his tag obviously. Also I don't like this Arians news. That's a competent signing if I've ever seen one. If they end up with a good QB then they'll actually be a scary team.
  14. Cracka McNasty

    Would you draft this guy?

    Not sure how many people actually watched the videos. I wanted to before I just took someone at their word that he beat a woman with no context. Looks like he tried to break it up initially and then got carried away. If the context is as @bobcat91 said, then I'd be willing to give it a pass honestly. He didn't abuse someone close to him, he didn't beat up a woman unprovoked, he was trying to help a family member and got carried away. Dude was in high school. I'd be willing to give it a pass. It's not nearly as bad as Hardy's or Rice's incident. I would not be against drafting him if he is BPA and is actually good.