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  1. I have both him and moore stashed in a keeper fantasy league. Banking on at least one of them breaking out this year.
  2. I'm not watching these new films if D&D are writing them.
  3. There's too much poo in that last episode that made absolutely no sense for me to say it was a good ending. Wasn't NEARLY as bad as Dexter's end, but it really wasn't that good.
  4. I remember seeing someone on here mention that they saw someone filming for amazon earlier in the year. Can't remember who or when, but I always had a feeling it would be us.
  5. Hence why he's the best running QB. Wilson is the best Scrambling QB. Cam runs it down peoples throats even when they know he's coming. Wilson can't do that stuff. Wilson can make magic happen out of nothing better than anyone including Rodgers. Two different skillsets. One is a skillset from a pure running perspective, the other a skillset that is specific to QBs. Cam is a unique Football player with no true historical comparison.
  6. Cam is the best running QB in the game. Cam is an average to above average passer. Put those two skills together and he is an above average QB/Offensive threat.
  7. Totes, but he's the best blindside blocker we've ever had and was a top 10 Tackle in his prime, plus a leader on and off the field. Hell, Cam's kickball thing was originally Gross'. Gross definitely deserves it.
  8. Gross: Perennial pro bowler - 1x AP first team all pro and one of the best Tackles in the game when he played. Thomas Davis: 3x pro bowler (played at that level well before he was acknowledged) 1X AP first team all pro, 1x second team all pro, Walter Payton man of the year award winner, Came back from 3 ACL surgeries on the same knee, dislocated his finger and popped it back in on the same play to make a tackle, broke his forearm in the NFC championship game and came back to play in the super bowl. Dude's an iron man and all time great panther. If ANYONE deserves to be in the Panther's hall of honor, it's him.
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