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  1. 2018 was not originally a rebuild year for the Giants but it turned into one when Eli couldn't play any longer. This is the first true rebuild year. They have been dumping bad contracts the past two offseasons. Next year, they can have close to 70 million in cap space to work with in total if they release a few players here and there. They have the draw of the big city, a young QB to build around, and a ton of money to play with. If they suck next year, I'm all for calling Gettleman a bad GM.
  2. Objectively speaking, I think Hurney put a solid squad together for the season. I do believe the failures this year are more on Ron than Hurney. Having said that, I want them both out. I don't think Hurney has the stones or football knowledge to tell Ron to change some things up to improve the team. Hurney seems like a guy that acquiesces to others, specifically guys who know more about football than he does (which is almost everyone). We need a GM who knows and understands football (like Gettleman) who isn't afraid to tell Ron he's doing something wrong but isn't a total dickhead (Not like Gettleman). Basically Our GM should be smarter about Football than our HC, who should also be pretty damn smart about football.
  3. Samuel is getting open deep, Kyle just can't connect. Moore is getting more quick hitter slant routes. Moore is also the WR1 and getting targeted more often because of it. Sometimes Kyle isn't making his way through his progressions and Samuel isn't always the the 1st option. Samuel isn't the problem here. He's a perfectly capable WR2.
  4. Samuel is better than Jackson. Samuel is getting open, he's just not getting hit with the ball regularly. One thing he does need to get more consistent at is going to the ball on comeback routes. Jackson is a fast Corner, and that's pretty much it at this point. His technique isn't great and he relies on his speed far too much. He gets caught on double moves a ton looking for a big play rather than staying disciplined.
  5. In my opinion it's not whether or not I think Allen is the answer over Newton it's that I don't think Cam will ever be healthy again, and because of it we need to move on and find our next franchise QB. I don't know if it's Allen, I don't know if it's someone else, but I don't think Cam is ever going to get back to 2015 Cam again.
  6. Honestly I say clean house. If we lose Rivera that means that we don't make the playoffs and we most likely don't have a winning record. That would be yet another non-winning season on Hurney's resume, and that's not great. In my personal opinion with the value of hindsight, Hurney has too many one year deals on quality starters this year, instead of 1 year "Prove it" deals like Gettleman used to do with mid-tier/lesser known commodities that he identified as potential fits for our system. Specifically with Irvin, McCoy, Boston, and (to a lesser extent) Daryl Williams. Most if not all of those guys are going to want long term deals this offseason, but who of those can we afford to keep in addition to Bradberry AND Shaq? Half of our defensive starters are set to be free agents next year (including Mario Addison), and that's poor asset planning for the future (in my opinion at least). This doesn't include guys like Cockrell, Butler, Love, and Obada who have proven to be quality depth for us this year. Not to mention the two long term deals that he actually did give out to Reid and Paradis last offseason have kind of been flops so far. We've seen 14 years of Marty Hurney as GM. It peaked in 2003. It's way past time we moved on.
  7. If you slow everything down, to me it looked like Rudolph was trying to grab Garrett's helmet because Garrett Slammed him to the ground unnecessarily and wasn't getting off him. He was probably frustrated because he was about to lose and didn't have a great game. This crap happens in football games all the time. Tempers flare at the end of games and they should have been separated. What happens next is when it gets extra. If you slow it down, you see Garrett and Rudolph separate for a split second, then you see Garrett go BACK in to grab Rudolph's face mask in order to rip his helmet off in retaliation. Almost like a "I'll show you how to rip a helmet off". That's when Rudolph starts kicking at Garrett to try and get him off. Then Rudolph comes back at him after the helmet is gone like "WTF bro?" And then Garrett goes full heel and uses the helmet as a weapon. So originally I was 100% Rudolph as victim, but slowing things down, I can see how Garrett might have gotten pissed and ripped the helmet off in retaliation. However, there is absolutely no excuse for him to then swing it at Rudolph like a club and potentially murder the guy. That was completely uncalled for. Also #65 of the Browns is a punk for knocking Rudolph down when he wasn't doing anything. That was cheap. Also I don't blame Pouncey one bit for flying in to defend his QB. If that were Cam, I would hope one of our dudes would come to back him up if he got assaulted like that. I do expect a suspension for Pouncey for the kicking at Garrett while he's on the ground.
  8. I'm a pretty middle of the road dude. I lean left socially but right fiscally, and understand neither is perfect or 100% right and see both sides of the argument most of the time. I WILL ban the unvaccinated though. We don't need disease spreading around any more than it already has in here.
  9. Never again. By the way I think people missed that I was joking earlier, I haven't done anything yet. I don't even have the keys to the mod lounge.
  10. They really should expand the damn rosters already. Need at least 60 on a roster, dress damn near all of them.
  11. I use to do the same thing with David Carr back in the day. Didn't work out as well as it did in Madden.
  12. I joined up roughly week 2 of 09 looking for a place to vent about Jake, his poor play, and his recent contract extension. You know, the good ol' days of being a panther fan.
  13. Day one of the McNasty Moderation regime and there's already been sweeping changes. You're all welcome. ... jk I haven't started yet.
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