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  1. Cracka McNasty

    Which do you prefer??

    I'll be happy with any of them.
  2. I'm cautiously optimistic with this signing. I think it hits a lot of needs for the D-Line all in one move: Vet Pass Rusher Experience in both 3-4 and 4-3 fronts Hates the Saints I feel much more comfortable taking a young DE prospect next month during the draft.
  3. Honestly? Not much better. The offense wasn't our issue last year, but we have gone and made it better overall with the o line signing of paradise and Williams, but that will all be moot if Cam's shoulder isnt better. We've been in this position before and we are only as good as cam is healthy. We're hearing lip service about how he's working out now but that doesn't really mean anything until TC starts and he can get some actual reps in practice leading up to game days. The defense has only gotten worse on paper. We dropped numerous vet leaders who will be hard to replace in TD, Adams, and pep, and it looks like we might lose love, our best d lineman last year, as well. I understand the draft is stacked with defensive talent but they will be rookies and I would hate to put all my faith in a rookie turning in a pro bowl year to make our d great. Giant holes still at FS, DE and Nickel. Ron's defense only works if you can get pressure on the QB, and on paper we've only gotten worse St it while neglecting to improve the secondary. I see an 8-8 team right now with no more vet signings on the d.
  4. Cracka McNasty

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    End of an error
  5. Cracka McNasty

    Bortles cut. Backup?

    Sign the BOAT. Listen, he would be a backup QB. We aren't asking him to start. Dude has had a rough go to start his career. Something like 4 OC in the 5 years he's been in the league? Handled it all with class and humor. I'm not saying he'll be that good, but he's young, a big dude, has starting experience, a strong arm, and mobile. On paper, he's the perfect backup for the starting QB of our offense. He's a discount Cam. I have all the faith in the world that he could steady a ship and coast out .500 if Cam gets hurt. I'm all for it.
  6. Cracka McNasty

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    Fair point. It really is a lose lose situation.
  7. Cracka McNasty

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    If we aren't going to use all our cap room this season, there's no point in cutting him now. Waiting a year makes the cap hit reduced the next two after that. This provides us more cap space to work with next year than if we June 1st him this year.
  8. Cracka McNasty

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    If we weren't on the hook for Kalil's contract then I agree. But it honestly makes more sense to keep him financially this season as a backup rather than cut him.
  9. Cracka McNasty

    Barry Sanders Highlights

    Sanders was the first NFL Jersey I ever owned when I was a kid. Second was Biakabatuka. But Sanders was my favorite offensive player until Smitty came along.
  10. Cracka McNasty

    Barry Sanders Highlights

    All of them
  11. This is the same kind of contract Gettleman doled out when he was here. I understand he's an injury risk but I can't be mad at it at the price and need we have.
  12. @Saca312 Bro, I'm not the biggest Hurney fan, but paying 6 million for a starting tackle 2 years removed from an All-pro nod is bonkers good. Even if it is for a year.
  13. Cracka McNasty

    Zach Brown to be released by Redskins

    I still don't see how we aren't extending him yet, unless that is firmly on Shaq's camp's shoulders. People want to crap on him here, but he's not a bum. He's just not TD (then again not many are). He could be extended for a reasonable price but maybe he's refusing and betting on himself in order to get a bigger payday next year.
  14. Cracka McNasty

    Zach Brown to be released by Redskins

    Team believes they already have TD's replacement in Shaq. I don't anticipate us going after another LB, especially if we will be running more nickel this season. 3 LBs would put us behind on 3 receiver sets.
  15. The cupboard is barren at FS, LT, Nickel, and DE unfortunately. There really isn't a 2nd string talent available on the roster at any of those positions. Those are 3 positions we absolutely NEED to address through FA and the draft.