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  1. Episode 2 when Cam got late hit by Kazee just pissed me off just like it did when it happened. I watched the first 3 last night. Surprised they didn't harp on Samuel's situation, losing Daryl Williams, Gettleman's return, and a few other early season story lines. Love seeing Cam on the sidelines and the huddle. How can people hate him? He's a giant goofball but a fantastic leader when he needs to turn it on.
  2. Nails the kind of guy to suck Hardy's Dad's dick just to get a taste of the recipe.
  3. I think he does if he can contribute in ST. Don't think CAP does, so if Holyfield can both be a backup and provide ST play, he would deserve a roster spot over CAP.
  4. I'd take you up on a beer dude. I love beer and talking football. But I wasn't really calling anyone out in particular, just pointing out people in general sleeping on Luke as an athlete.
  5. You're right, the Broom hurts more, it's more personal, far more gloaty, and there's no response to it that doesn't make you look like a sour grape. It's what makes it some damn fine smack talk objectively speaking.
  6. From my understanding of the Wonderlic, it isn't a means to diagnose intelligence, but ability to solve problems quickly under pressure - like a simulated snap in football almost. It uses basic arithmetic and logic puzzles to gauge a player's aptitude at thinking quickly on their feet. The problem with it though, is that not all players were brought up in the same education systems and therefor, might not be as strong of a reader or as good at math as others. Those same guys that get low scores on the Wonderlic might be able to diagnose a coverage or offensive play based on alignment quicker than anyone, but no reading or math is required. That's where football IQ comes in and there's no way to determine that unless you sit with a guy as he diagnoses film and works on the whiteboard. So for all we know, Wagner's football IQ is just as high as Luke's, but we plebs won't ever really know.
  7. Our guys took victory photos on the sidelines with minutes left on the clock against multiple opponents back in 2015. Class has nothing to do with it. Dudes talk smack and gloat when they win. Pisses me off when the saints do it, but objectively you can't get too mad. Such is life.
  8. If true, then that means Luke is that dang elite that it was noticeable that he missed tackles for once in his life.
  9. I mean, if they didn't like it they should have stopped him... Jordan really has a ton of love for Cam as a football player. All he ever does is sing his praises. He seems like the kind of dude that desires top competition and appreciates the challenge of facing off against Cam twice a year. He's also a top tier trash talker so it's easy to hate him if he isn't on your team.
  10. Remember 2 or so years ago when Russell Shepard didn't go to the Baltimore trip because it was his anniversary and half the huddle had a meltdown? That was fun.
  11. ... Well, there was that ONE play... I jest, I'm not even mad about it, wasn't even a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  12. Lot of people sleeping on Luke's athleticism... Wagner had the faster 40 time, further broad jump, and higher vert (meaning he probably has better acceleration), but Luke had better stats across the board Wagner's Combine: Ht Wt 40-yard dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert jump Broad BP 6 ft 0 1⁄4 in (1.84 m) 241 lb (109 kg) 4.46 s 1.57 s 2.64 s 4.28 s 7.10 s 39 1⁄2 in (1.00 m) 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m) 24 reps Luke's Combine: Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yard dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert jump Broad BP Wonderlic 6 ft 3 1⁄4 in (1.91 m) 242 lb (110 kg) 31 in (0.79 m) 9 3⁄4 in (0.25 m) 4.58 s 1.57 s 2.63 s 4.12 s 6.92 s 38 in (0.97 m) 10 ft 3 in (3.12 m) 27 reps 34 Those splits show that when Luke gets up to speed he's just as fast as anyone, and his shuttles and 2 cone drill are elite. People don't give Luke enough credit for his athleticism. Not only is he one of the smartest in the game, the guy is stupid athletic too.
  13. Him and Kuechly are 1a 1b interchangeable on any given Sunday. Wagner had a better year last year, don't even doubt it. Our entire defense had a down year - Luke included. He was out of position and missed a lot of tackles early on. He eventually righted the ship because he's Luke but everyone was suspect last year. Wagner had a better year start to finish.
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