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  1. I actually agree. It's not fair to Hurney to say he should have seen Okung potentially retiring due to Covid. However I do think it's fair to criticize Hurney for trading for an aging LT with injury concerns and who recently mulled retirement and not getting ANY draft picks for Trai Turner. I'm looking at this as a trade for an injury prone player who is about to get diagnosed with a torn ACL before he plays a snap for us. It was a bad trade before Rona ramped up and it's an even worse trade now.
  2. The fact we got no draft capital at all in that trade looks even worse now.
  3. I just finished this. I normally do not watch anime but I watched Avatar the Last Airbender and it recommended I watch NGE to fill the void so I did. So, on the whole, the series is fantastic. The story is so incredibly layered and there's a ton of amazing imagery and whatnot throughout. I would probably highly recommend it... But that ending... Man I had no idea what was going on. At all. I had to read up on it afterwards and I guess I kind of get it now but I'll be damned if they couldn't have done things a little differently. I say this after watching the movie which was supposed to clear the ending of the show up, but just made me even more confused. So yeah, it's only 26 episodes and a movie, and it's really really well done, but gets super confusing at the very end. I do not regret watching it but I have a headache trying to understand it.
  4. It's apparently Richardson 2.0 Looks like Washington fans are getting a new owner, and I'm happy for them for it.
  5. SB Nation puts out some great content and they have an ongoing series called collapse where they chronicle the collapse of some of the best teams into obscurity. They did a really solid job giving a quick 15 minute summary of it all. Worth a watch if you want to feel more depressed about what could have been.
  6. I'm honestly shocked at the full 180 some of you are doing on Jourdan in this thread. Same people telling her to speak her piece are the same that were telling her to shut up and going at her after the whole routes thing.
  7. I anticipate our offense will look very similar. And I'm OK with that. I don't give a crap if we are dinking and dunking down the field as long as we are efficient and move the chains. The biggest gripe with Shula/Norv and the old regime was how feast or famine our entire offense was. If it wasn'ta huge chunk, it was a small to negative gain.
  8. No because Manfred is a cuck and destroying the game. The Astros should be banned for the bullshit they pulled but they got a slap on the wrist.
  9. You have a job opportunity there Jeremy?
  10. I can see the argument for both sides but recency bias and the fact that only 2 other players are apart of the 1k/1k club makes mean lean towards CMC (11 people have won the triple crown). Smith had a better supporting cast. CMC was the offense last year. So CMC by a hair, but I see the argument for Smith. That was a fun as hell year.
  11. ... But he didn't speak the truth. It was his opinion on the matter, and it was a very dismissive opinion on a very hot button issue right now.
  12. I agree with his points on the NFL trying to squash the movement originally and how there is systemic racism but $20 million is nothing to scoff at in the slightest. I get they can contribute more, and they could in the future, but with the uncertainty of the upcoming season any and all contributions should be welcomed and not criticized. Again, I agree with everything else.
  13. https://www.nfl.com/news/greg-olsen-julius-peppers-among-steve-smith-s-top-five-teammates He left off some names that surprise me, and one that I'm sure will piss some people off.
  14. Tolbert's comments are interesting. Up until that, I think it was believed that Cam was the one delaying surgeries. If it was the team, then that's pretty messed up. Either way, I don't fault anyone for delaying surgery. People make it out to be no big deal, but there is a significant chance that you don't heal properly from any surgery, and Doctors often prefer you exhaust all rehabilitation options before going under the knife.
  15. I really am drawing a blank on the throw you're talking about. From what I remember everything was lofted high and soft for anyone to come down with. His throws looked panicked and rushed and completely inaccurate more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. Do you have the play in question? Even if you do, one good throw out of 20+ bad ones doesn't mean he's got what it takes to make it in the NFL. I really don't think he has the skills to do it based on what I saw and who he couldn't beat out all season. I say this with not hating the pick when it happened and actively rooting for him to succeed.
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