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  1. Has more to do with Wilson actually playing this year and Lance stuck in purgatory and not going HAM in his one outing at the beginning of the Season.
  2. To be fair to Hurney, he hasn't had to do negotiations like that with 2nd+ round talent since W was in office... Probably rusty.
  3. Well if we let Moton walk it won't really matter who we have behind center next year because they'll die by week 5.
  4. someone please photoshop him as the Crimson Chin from the fairlyodd parents
  5. I'll take either honestly. Or Lance I want to love my QB again.
  6. By all accounts, Both the Vikings and the Bills each won the trade. Bills needed a bonafide #1 and had the cap space to make it happen, Diggs was unhappy in Minny, and the Vikings used the pick they got to draft Justin Jefferson who is playing far better than they could have hoped at a fraction of the cost. Could they have drafted Jefferson? Sure, but the draft is a gamble and there was no guarantee that he would have been there when they picked so they made the move to get a known commodity in Diggs. All in all, Beane has been great for them, far better than Hurney has been for us. He has put together a roster with depth and players that contribute (positively) to the team throughout. Something Hurney really sucks at doing now. What are you going to do though? BTW, you forgot to mention Tre'Davious White, one of the best Corners in the game right now (Drafted by Beane).
  7. This place really is crazy on game days. Watching the game, my reaction when we lost was: and then I got on here to see what was going on and it was: Like people on here EXPECT us to win? Temper those expectations my dudes
  8. Good for Graham. Would still rather have Butker over any of them.
  9. Paradis was getting a lot of heat this year for crap that was Chris Reed's fault. He's been much much better this year.
  10. If we give this defense some talent in the secondary where they can cover guys for more than 1.5 seconds then his sack total should only go up.
  11. Shaq is solid. @Dex said it best Last month: I think Shaq would do better as our MLB than Whitehead. Actually not sure if that was the case this past week, can someone watch the tape and see if we were using him as the Mike all game?
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