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  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/greg-olsen-julius-peppers-among-steve-smith-s-top-five-teammates He left off some names that surprise me, and one that I'm sure will piss some people off.
  2. Tolbert's comments are interesting. Up until that, I think it was believed that Cam was the one delaying surgeries. If it was the team, then that's pretty messed up. Either way, I don't fault anyone for delaying surgery. People make it out to be no big deal, but there is a significant chance that you don't heal properly from any surgery, and Doctors often prefer you exhaust all rehabilitation options before going under the knife.
  3. I really am drawing a blank on the throw you're talking about. From what I remember everything was lofted high and soft for anyone to come down with. His throws looked panicked and rushed and completely inaccurate more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. Do you have the play in question? Even if you do, one good throw out of 20+ bad ones doesn't mean he's got what it takes to make it in the NFL. I really don't think he has the skills to do it based on what I saw and who he couldn't beat out all season. I say this with not hating the pick when it happened and actively rooting for him to succeed.
  4. We watched completely different games man. Grier looked like hot garbage and it wasn't the receiver's fault.
  5. If they level BofA can they turn it into a giant parking/tailgate area?
  6. When did Gross corroborate this? Also that whole thread was on the main forum.
  7. Josh Norman is actually built like a corner though. Donte Jackson isn't built like an NFL player. I really think Jackson is just too small to be a great corner, and that's not a height thing, that's a body size thing. Dude is 175 drilling wet. Julio takes dumps bigger than that and we expect him to match up against him? I just can't see it happening, but hey, I've been wrong before and would absolutely love for him to turn it around and be a stud.
  8. Full disclosure, I wasn't a fan of the Donte Jackson pick when it happened. I am of the opinion that he is far too small and lacks the technical skills to succeed as an outside corner in the NFL. He gets burned on double moves far too often because he has always been able to rely on his speed to get him out of jams, and now in the NFL, the receivers are also fast and much much bigger than in college. He gets abused by anyone over 6'0 because they can just toss him around, and that's basically every single receiver in our division. Those who say he will actually get coaching this year: on all or nothing it was apparent that he did not take coaching well. That's why the elder statesman and coaching staff had numerous 1 on 1's with him to try and get through to him. He regressed second half of his rookie year and it continued into his sophomore year. The interceptions are fools gold because he was getting picked on CONSTANTLY. He lost far more than he won the past few seasons. Rewatch some of the biggest plays against us the past two seasons and look at who was supposed to be covering the guy. If it wasn't Reid, it was Jackson. Personally, I am not optimistic about him as a starter moving forward and would look for the team to move him to the slot full time and sign a vet to pair with one of our rookie CBs, who are actually decently sized and have a better opportunity to compete against the likes of Julio, Ridley, Sanders, Thomas, Goodwin, and Evans. If he continues to be uncoachable, look for 2020 to be his last season as a panther.
  9. I don't think you're very familiar with what the Giants have been through recently. Terrible roster with bloated contracts and a bad cap situation along with an owner that wanted so badly for Eli to be good again he made them pay him one last time on his way out the door. Gettleman first year he was told to try and win it all again with Eli one last time. That's why they shelled out that contract to OBJ and why they spent the #2 pick on barkey. When it was apparent that the wheels had fallen off, it was tank and clear bad contracts time. That's why they traded OBJ, drafted Jones, traded Vernon and got rid of Jenkins and a few others. Do not be surprised to see the Giants be competitive this season, especially in a division as weak as the NFC East. They've added a ton of help across both lines which should provide marked improvement, as well as a young up and coming coach. Since hurney came back, we have only gotten worse every year as he tries his damnedest to make us better in the short term. At least you can tell the Giants have a plan. We're letting some dingus try and fix what he broke.
  10. If the ONLY thing we had to bitch about with Hurney was that he missed on draft picks then I'd say people are complaining too much but the fact of the matter is he hasn't put together a winning team since 2008, he fuged up so many contracts that put us in cap hell for years, traded away future draft capital for bust players that hurt us for years, and signs terrible vet FAs that are overpaid and underperform. It's funny that the same people defending Hurney for only doing what his coaches ask would still poo on Gettleman when he had the same "inept" coach and still found the right JAGs that succeeded under Rivera. Gettleman went dumpster diving and we went to the playoffs 4/5 years. Hurney went out and splurged on overpriced vets and we get a top 10 pick. Maybe not being a yes man and actually having an understanding of the game on a fundamental level allows a GM to provide alternatives to a coach that might allow him to succeed. Hurney is not a good GM and you people that still want to give him a chance after all these years of incompetence because we "could do worse" when we had a GM that had more success in a 5 year span than Hurney ever did infuriate me. Get. Rid. Of. Him.
  11. Uhh, did you see Will Grier play last year? That's no issue for us.
  12. I'm personally not as high on him as most on here seem to be. I know everyone likes to root for the underdogs, but as a 4th round pick, he's a JAG to me until proven otherwise. I don't really expect anything from him and anticipate we draft his replacement next year in round 2 or 3.
  13. No. No no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no. No. No. 102-122 record as GM. Has not put together a winning roster since 2008. Bruce fuging Allen had more recent success than Marty fuging Hurney. 1 draft does not change the literal DECADES of mediocrity. Put someone else in as GM and put Hurney out to pasture. You fuging people and your short term memories, Jesus Christ.
  14. You can have all the athleticism in the world and still not be good at a position if you don't know the technique. You can get away with just being an athlete in College but you need to completely understand the ins and outs of a position in the pros. Chinn seemed to primarily play Safety, so he should probably stay at Safety. I have a feeling we sign a vet Corner that's available on the market to help coach up the young guys over the next season or two.
  15. Because that was college and they could get away with that in college. Can't do that in the NFL.
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