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  1. ... I like them... Everything but the socks, but honestly, they look pretty sweet, and I LOVE that the helmets are black and no longer that crappy bedazzled silver.
  2. Honestly, these workout videos don't really mean much to me. I remember Jon Beason posting a ton of videos of him working out when he was coming back and trying to prove he was healthy again. Dude just couldn't stay healthy once he hit the field. You can workout all you want but we really won't know how well his body will hold up until bullets start actually flying. I hope he has a long and successful second half of his career, but if the past 4 years are any indication, that won't be the case.
  3. Oh, no way dude, if we keep running him into the ground he'll be dead by 27. I feel you there. I'm just saying, he doesn't have Gurley's injury history and he is versatile enough to potentially have a part two of his career, kind of like John Smoltz, Rick Ankiel, or Charles Woodson (for an actual football comparison). I've just never seen it happen for an offensive player before.
  4. I'm more worried about the defense, honestly. Even with incompetent QB, we were in quite a few games last year. Add an actual good game managing QB into the mix like Bridgewater and our offense will probably look even better. Our defense though, looks exponentially worse right now.
  5. Yes and no. I'm not a fan of big RB contracts but Gurley is both a good and bad comparison to CMC. Gurley has a degenerative knee issue from an injury back in college. He's only 25 but he has arthritis in his knee from the damage (Much like many fear with Cam's shoulder). His knee was a known issues coming out of the draft. CMC has no (Fingers crossed) significant injury history. Because of this, Gurley's contract was always a higher risk than other RBs. CMC is also a legit threat in the slot, not just "good at receiver for a RB". CMC's route running game is all-worldly, he just happens to play RB. It will be interesting to see what he does if he starts to lose a step as RB. He very well could transition into the slot as he gets older because his skillset at receiver translates incredibly well to that position.
  6. Gurley just got released. Dang
  7. You can pay premium for the supporting cast if you have a QB on a rookie deal. CMC is still technically under contract for another two years, new CBA makes it VERY hard to hold out. We suck this year, we get a QB high in the draft and we can allocate what would otherwise be a QB salary to supporting players at WR , OLine and RB. It's what the Chiefs did with Mahomes and eagles did with Wentz. We can do it too. Next year though.
  8. Given the state of the world right now, this crap seems trivial. I might have been bothered by it in the past, but as of right now, I have to many other more important worries.
  9. "If Cam is healthy he's an MVP" "If Cam is healthy he's the best" "If" Cam hasn't been healthy for 5 years now. Cam's MVP season in 2015 was baller as all hell and the most fun I have ever had as a fan of any sport, but that was a long, long time ago in terms of the NFL. Right now, Cam is an unknown commodity. Teddy, while definitely a step down from a HEALTHY Cam, is a known commodity especially in the new offensive scheme that we will be running. Cam is an unknown both in health and in how he will look in the new offense. Removing all emotion, it makes sense in that regard. If Teddy ends up sucking, we can still draft the franchise QB next draft between either fields or Lawrence because Teddy isn't good enough to put the team on his back and win us more than 6 games. I get you're upset that Cam is leaving, and it really does feel botched all around, but Cam is NOT the best player in our franchise's history. Cam had 1 amazing season a, few above average ones, and a solid half riddled with injury at this point. Luke was overall, a better player. Smitty, was overall, a better player, and Peppers, overall, was a better player. Cam however, was probably the most important player we've ever had. The first true franchise QB of a young franchise, Rivera rode him into the ground, never protected him properly, and refused to let him truly rest until the wheels had already fallen off. It's a shame.
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