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  1. 4 hours ago, Captain Morgan said:

    Quick thread here: As Bucs play at Carolina tonight, Jameis Winston is hoping to end a long personal road losing streak. He's lost 12 straight road starts. Bucs are 0-14 in last 14 road games he's played in. It's been so long his last road win was literally in San Diego, 12/4/16.

    This tidbit scares me a little bit as we often seem to be the 'right the ship' game for teams to break these type of slumps.  Still, we're spanking that tail tonight!

  2. Nice, have fun building it!  I just built my first 'gaming pc' several months ago, kinda similar to what you're putting together.  I went with the 2600x processor to save a few bucks and went with a 2060 graphics card.  Been happy so far, but have yet really play any newer games.  Don't see a cooler on your part list, are you going with stock?  You can add a good air cooler for less that $50 probably.

  3. Sucks that we lost.  On the positive side I think the D played a good game.  CMC was a beast.  Neagatives are the turnovers of course.  Considering Cam coming of the rehab and didn't get any preseason play time to speak of, it could have been worse.  The backward pass (that was batted?) really screwed us - freak thing.  It was a competitive game vs a good team, I can live with that.  Trying to not let Panthers losses piss me off so much this season.

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