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  1. We have enough misery to deal with, we don't need to go looking for other things to worry about.  We should be set with CMC through next season then use the 5th year option and extend him.  If he decides to hold out, thats beyond anyone's control, so why worry about it.  Deal with it when/if it happens and decide if we can afford it.  I'll remain hopefull that it wont come to that.  First thing is see where we stand at QB going forward.

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  2. On 11/16/2019 at 11:14 AM, Harbingers said:

    GOT’s author basically just stole everything he wrote for The Witcher books anywho.

    Having read ASoIaF and now being close to through with the Witcher books (halfway through Tower of Swallows), I'm curious as to what makes you say this, I just don't see it.  Both are great series though very different other than being fantasy with political intrigue.

  3. 1 minute ago, mc52beast said:

    Trying to find the Kyle Allen Fan Club but nobody’s around... can’t imagine why.

    Ron has been in Carolina too long. It seems like the players aren’t responding to him anymore. Hoping Tepper does what should’ve already been done 

    The Kyle Allen Fan Club is mainly the Anyone But Cam Fan Club.   Except for Snake, he's a true believer and today has to be hard for him

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  4. I don't want to defend Rivera cause I've wanted him gone for a while, but, he is 5-4 while losing our franchise QB.  Bradbury being out hurt today as well.  There's a valid argument to keep him since the team has still been in it despite the injuries.  Biggest factor will be how we perform vs the Saints and Falcons - he splits it with them or better and he probably stays, we get swept and I'd say he is probably gone.

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