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  1. The Redtails would be a fantastic way to not only change the name but credit the African American community for their accomplishments in WWII, they have a flyover plane already, and the large African American community in DC would love it. And it has nothing to do with the Native Americans who seem to just hate the Redskins for the most part.
  2. I can see it now "So unfair!" "Americans are not allowed to go to Europe because they are SO JEALOUS of our economy!"
  3. Even Lindsey Graham likes Biden. This kind of thing should not be discounted as a very important trait in a President; especially when there is going to be a hell of a mess to clean up.
  4. The Jerry Richardson Building!
  5. I wanted a 911, as I had already owned a 914, but a decent 70s 911 is 40k and up and I can't justify that. This car is about as perfect a resto-mod as you can get and it was far, far, less. The 74 2.0 4cyl is only 10 or 15HP less than the 70-72 6 Cylinder model. No rust ever on it. 911 suspension, Boxter brakes.Original Fuel Injection. Original color. 5 lug Fuchs and on and on, it's beautiful.
  6. Oh one of my Panthers buddies posted something about the style and grace of this First Lady and I reply posted a pic of her nude but with bars over her boobs, and I got a 24 hour ban, so don't use that picture.
  7. Damn people they are politicians not rock stars I got to hear Bill Clinton speak here in Charlotte outdoors, we were in the front row as my sister was the treasurer for the local Young Democrats, as well as a teacher (speech was about education) and it is undeniable that he projected a charisma and his voice made you want to believe him. I imagine all Presidents have some of that in them. But it was a free ticket and my sister and I went drinking after LOL Anyways just comparing Biden and Trump in this way is stupid. Trump is a circus master and these things are what keep him going. Bidens been a Senator forever and took the train into DC for work until he became VP. They could not be more different people regardless of what the Bernie Bros here want you to think. Biden is a real politician and a middlin' communicator. Once he is in, the rank and file Federal workers will come out of the woodwork to get things rolling correctly again. And hopefully kick Betsy DeVos in the nuts.
  8. https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephenlaconte/trump-supporters-breaking-point-regrets-reddit?fbclid=IwAR3U130MF_fj7xJVBo5JFKX0qQJZ1KxmiSOFRYPGoYRTjxQCcsBfnGw3xfQ Yesterday, a Reddit thread posed a question to the internet: "Republicans who will not be voting for Donald Trump this time around, what was the breaking point for you?" Mark Wilson / Getty Images e post quickly went viral, as thousands of self-described former Trump voters shared the moment they realized they no longer could support the POTUS. Jim Watson / Getty Images Here are some of the top-voted responses from the thread: 1. "In 2016 when he demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he completely lacked any moral fabric by attempting to disparage McCain's military record because he was captured." Drew Angerer / Getty Images —ImRightImRight 2. "Mandating all of his Secret Service escort to stay at his resorts and pay for high-end rooms, with our tax dollars." —throwaway-person 3. "If I had to pick one thing that was truly eye-opening for me, it was the worsening of the kids in cages thing." —PeaceInExile 4. "Name-dropping George fuging Floyd while talking about economic growth." New York Times 5. "When I realized his words had no meaning. You literally can’t trust anything he says. It could be blatant lies and he wouldn’t care at all. It’s dangerous." —WelcometoHale 6. "When I realized I'm an independent thinker and don't have to support everything my parents do." —AustinTheWeird 7. "When he gassed a bunch of innocent protesters with tear gas to get a picture of him holding a bible." Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images ADVERTISEMENT 8. "Stripping wildlife and environmental protections." —GPQ70 9. "Comparing his coronavirus briefing ratings to The Bachelor." —hominidnumber9 10. "[When he said,] 'Suppose we hit the body with a tremendous light.'" 14.7K people are talking about this —Mjbass 11. "The final blow? His handling of the coronavirus. Putting states at odds with each other and the feds over medical supplies? Why can't we know where the $500 billion [bailout for corporations] was allocated? What businesses?" —mentaltease 12. "Bailing out undeserving businesses instead of the real, hard-working Americans affected by the pandemic." —andhowareyou 13. "Recently when he threatened to shoot looters. (I don't support the looting, it's just that the punishment shouldn't be death.) Also when he said that the 75-year-old man who was pushed down was actually ANTIFA." 70.4K people are talking about this 14. "When he tweeted about a fake Russian propaganda bullshit article about how the old man that got pushed over by the cops and in the hospital for a week was a spy [for ANTIFA]. Can't even believe how stupid Trump is, can't believe that people still support him." 244K people are talking about this —JaCrispyMcNuggets 15. "When he had so many people removed from their jobs in his 'team' because they came out and said something he didn't agree with. No one expects the president to know everything, you are supposed to find the best people to get you the information needed." —JP5683 16. "The [rally] where he talked about how he hates windmills, and I believe he said he knows more about wind than anybody. Then did a bit about not being able to watch TV because it’s not a windy day. That was when I became embarrassed about my vote and started to regret it. It only got worse after that." 702 people are talking about this —johnnyquest1027 17. "TBH I was never a Trump supporter, but I had felt that the guy was not as bad as the media portrayed him and was somewhat redeemable. Then he betrayed the Kurds. Those people fought and died alongside US soldiers, and Trump just stepped aside and let them be slaughtered so he wouldn’t offend Turkey. I can tolerate an immature asshole. I cannot tolerate a traitor." —thatguymike123 18. "2020. It's literally making me miss Obama (who I really opposed on a policy level). The grace and kindness he displayed is oh so necessary right now, and it's nowhere to be found in the current administration." —AdmirablePassage 19. "I supported him in 2016 fully. Slowly started saying things like 'He’s good but immature,' which turned into 'He just needs to keep his mouth shut then he’ll be fine,' which turned into 'I like his policies but not quite him'...and so on and so on. I’m not really sure when I went from liking him to not, but I can now say I want him out, and regret ever giving him my support." Win Mcnamee / Getty Images 20. "The childish name-calling of everyone he doesn't like. A grown up, and especially the president, should not act like that. I can also do without constantly hearing him talk about how great he is in third person." —Earthicus 21. "It was a tough point of time in my life, and the idea of MAGA swept me off my feet and made me vote for him. Since then, though, America has been made anything other than great: He has just made things better for himself and worse for every other American." Drew Angerer / Getty Images 22. "The way he talks to world leaders is an embarrassment to our whole country. Some people are just too dense to see it." —Neo_F150 23. "It took me less than six months after he was inaugurated before I realized I made a huge mistake in voting for Trump. Just the way he handled himself, the people around him, those different from him, and his immediate lying made me realize that he is not mentally well." —theycallmenaptime 24. "My breaking point was the tweets to Michigan and Virginia [in which he falsely claimed that their governors] were coming for their guns. You simply shouldn’t purposefully turn your own citizens against each other. That really scared me." Finally, there was this former Trump supporter who simply said... 25. "**Broadly gestures at everything.**"
  9. Charlotte and Cooper looking smarter every day
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/18/politics/mary-elizabeth-taylor-state-department-donald-trump/index.html This WAS the senior African American woman in the "Trump Administration". Evidently she doesn't think it's enough and you are beyond stupid for spewing your crap.
  11. How did they get the 4 non obese patriots in one picture?
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