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  1. I agree ^ Like I said I have no problem with it because its essentially non denominational, done early in the pregame runup, and I guess made Jerry feel he was atoning for his goofy sins. I can't imagine that Tepper holds any attachment to the ceremony, but maybe someone else continues to speak in favor of it - or, perhaps, it's part of the sale contract? Just a WAG there but we still have the statue....
  2. I’m from the hometown of the Pledge writers cousin (And went to Edward Bellamy Middle School), who wrote the 3rd most read book of the 1800s. Francis Bellamy was a minister who certainly didn’t feel the need to add God to his Pledge which was submitted for a contest. Politicians added it to pander to the Red Scare crowd and its unamerican.
  3. I'm not religious at all but can't recall an invocation that wasn't pleasant and inclusive. They get Franklin Graham out there, that's a different story.
  4. The notes right in the text says he got the info from a telephone interview with the college news director. The fact is Warren had nothing to do with this person promoting the school. I don't really give a poo about what anyone on the Republican side thinks about this issue, complaining about a woman correctly indicating she was part American Indian and using that to her advantage while electing Donald Trump? Are you kidding me lol
  5. Rush Limbaugh is the reason I'm a liberal.
  6. Ya know, the Constitution doesn't mention that you can't have an IQ test to be allowed access to the internet.
  7. this was all explained in the video game "Lemmings".
  8. I talked with one of the guys heading up this stuff today, I can tell you he’s just a fan, is pretty Football smart, loves the Panthers and is a realist. Like others have mentioned it’s just a fan thing to do and show our appreciation for everything Cam has done here.
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