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  1. Bull sure has you DIMS backed in a corner here
  2. No idea why, it’s more syphillis than balls at this point
  3. Or as trump would call him, only the best people
  4. This is nothing, you should have seen that Obummer and his executive orders
  5. It's almost as if the writers of it gave us a way to change it if it no longer suited us or something If bull made any sense we would still have people in this country that only counted as 3/5 of a person, could not vote, and would be picking cotton for him. Women would not vote, that's for white male landowners, the only voters you can trust. Sounds like paradise.
  6. Just a bunch of morons elected by morons to do moronic things. Just a hint: If Alabama is doing it first, it's probably really stupid. If Alabama is doing it last, it's probably a good idea.
  7. Replace "Iran" with "America" above, it's easy.
  8. cookinwithgas


    this thread is almost as dumb as Ben Carson.
  9. Conservatives typically don't travel well and if they do get out of 'merica, they are the terrible American tourists you hear about wondering why NO ONE IS SPEAKING ENGLISH and WHY CANT THEY PUT THE PRICE OF THIS 6 PACK OF BUD IN DOLLARS (REAL MONEY). They tend to not know and not care about any one elses perspective. There is a reason when smart Americans travel abroad they put Canadian flags on their backpacks. I used to work for a Swiss company and had the opportunity to travel to a number of countries in Europe and Asia and always had a great experience whether it was Switzerland, which is a really conservative country in a lot of regards, Germany, a pretty liberal kind of place due to recent history showing them that conservatism can be turned to absolute terribleness, and Indonesia, the country with the worlds largest Muslim population. Learned a lot from all of them, a common thread being that people in all of these countries admire the US but wonder what the hell is wrong with all the stupid ignorant people there.
  10. The additional doctors have nothing to do with health or medical needs. They are there to make things more uncomfortable and difficult. G5 is just a flat out ass. Hey G5 you want to get people to agree with your about saving lives and punishing murderers, then get on that guy who Trump is going to pardon, sending the message that killing civilians for fun and revenge is OK, and you will find a life saving crusade that makes sense and has support from non lying assholes.
  11. example and explanation? or just hoping we believe you and don't make any of our famous "reality" arguments LOL
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