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  1. It sure looks to me like this Iranian assassination was carried out by Neti with Trumps approval to get it done before Biden takes office and tries to get back into the treaty. This would erase any benefit of the doubt I've been giving Trump on not starting any new wars. He's a tool of the Saudis and uses Israel to benefit him domestically with evangelicals.
  2. I've always had a great admiration for military bands and choruses. Young people with lots of talent that just want to perform a lot without worrying about starving or where they are going to sleep, or having to wait tables to support themselves. They aren't making a statement or writing hits, but they sound about perfect.
  3. I read that story earlier, pretty amazing.
  4. more good news, even giant companies are bailing on the shithead https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/23/climate/general-motors-trump.html WASHINGTON — General Motors turned its back Monday on the Trump administration’s legal fight to nullify California’s strict fuel economy rules, signaling that it was ready to work with President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. to reduce climate-warming emissions from cars and trucks. The decision by Mary Barra, the General Motors chief executive, to withdraw her company’s support for Trump administration efforts to strip California of its ability to set its own fuel efficiency standards was a striking reversal. It was also a signal that corporate America is moving on from President Trump. More specifically, it was a sign that Mr. Biden may find the auto industry amenable as he tries to reinstitute and rebuild Obama-era climate change regulations that Mr. Trump systematically dismantled, at times with the help of industry. “President-elect Biden recently said, ‘I believe that we can own the 21st century car market again by moving to electric vehicles.’ We at General Motors couldn’t agree more,” Ms. Barra wrote in a letter Monday to leaders of some of the nation’s largest environmental groups.
  5. They only rarely fly over the US. They are all much more interested in the European goings on. I believe that on the occasions when they visit the US they land here, but that's only my memory working of a picture or two I've seen over the years. Tu-95s are escorted along the borders of Canada and the US or turned back - they are certainly using ESM to record signals and perhaps side scanning radar if they are really into it, but not in our airspace.
  6. You sheeple don't understand that all of this is in the master plan OF THE KRAKEN
  7. This is untrue. They use a specifically modified AN-30 as well as some modified civilian transports. We use a modified C-135. The planes used for these flights can only carry commercially available monitoring equipment of certain types and can be inspected by all parties.
  8. Open skies has been a great stabilizing project between the Russians and the US/NATO. While satellites are certainly a lot more effective at reconnaissance now, the coordination of normally hostile air forces to do flyovers creates familiarity and fosters friendliness which is just as important. It's also a great training opportunity for all parties.
  9. Think this is our first win in the second half of the season in 3 years, we are what 1-18 in this stat? A good feeling and yeah the Loins were not getting it together today but the guys played good team ball and I had a lot of fun watching it. They showed my empty tailgating lot and that made me sad but prepped for next year.
  10. A theory I have, and could probably be poked down pretty good, is that Trump is trying to show how he could get his followers to actually start civil unrest, and use that to "make a deal" to avoid prosecution.
  11. I ordered a copy for my sister, who is a principal/educator in CA and is focused on educating lower income kids.
  12. The old Dark Forces video game sequences on Nar Shaddaa were fantastic
  13. Bringing the alien back from the first episode made no sense whatsoever. Direction was iffy. The idea that the Mandalorian could fly all the way back, collect the Child, and save them against TIES with a rust bucket and just fly off was dumb. But it had exciting sequences and fights.
  14. That's what I was thinking too - there's nothing he needs to do but watch the fireworks and hair grease fly at the moment.
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