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  1. cookinwithgas

    All Things Conservative - Thread

  2. cookinwithgas

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    not this time of year, I think that was mentioned in some of the things I read about all this. just think we spent millions of dollars to send this fake president to Europe so he could stay in his hotel room and not in the White House or one of his golf courses.
  3. "I was being sarcastic; I never actually meant for them to build all those gas chambers" - Hitler, if he didn't kill himself and got sent to Nurenburg for trial
  4. cookinwithgas

    Russia no longer a threat to elections

    Nobody knows more about getting infected
  5. cookinwithgas

    Far Right is on the rise world wide

    We as a species have an incredibly short memory. The kind of thinking we are getting from these right wing movements are very much like those of many countries prior to WWII; although there was a lot more impetus to go to war back then than now, because of the more leftist approach the West took with Germany, Italy, and Japan after WWII; contrasted with the more right wing extremist punishments post WWI. We can avoid all of this if we just take a realistic look at the past, and identify the real threat actors such as Putin, the economic realities of modern China, and other changing events in our world and apply pressure as a group that can work together. This is the real crime of stuff like Brexit; it is designed to pull groups of people apart, and promote isolationism. Never a good idea.
  6. cookinwithgas

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    1961 ceremony. In the rain.
  7. cookinwithgas

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    come on we don't want his bone spurs to act up do we?
  8. cookinwithgas

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    https://metro.co.uk/2018/11/10/donald-trump-cancels-visit-to-ww1-military-cemetery-because-its-raining-8125310/?ito=social&fbclid=IwAR1s-X5TWKzf98hWd1vYvtv6qVU3wWSUikdwOhcJougkjHO-q16Wh_IMoxE Evidently moisture causes his bone spurs to act up
  9. This is like a Trump story without the guns or Marines
  10. I can always tell when something is totally wrong, my Trumper friends on FB require long paragraphs to get deflection, sealioning, evil media, and "respect for the office" in there when explaining it all away
  11. cookinwithgas

    Happy Diwali

    Had a thread on that neighborhood forum place about the fireworks involved with this and you could feel the restrained racism in some of the posts