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  1. It was so hot I didn't wear my silly hat, and after the first quarter my wife and I had to watch the rest of the game in the packed concourse. Getting old sucks. Tailgate lots looked pretty packed.
  2. I’ve got no money for water and electric since I spent it all on guns and ammo?
  3. There was a brief shining moment I thought G5 had grown some brain cells myself, but that was quite a while ago now.
  4. ilk must have been the vocab word of the day in his kids 5th grade class.
  5. when you say freaks, who exactly are you referring to? This is the HB2 guy, right? We should thank him for making it that much easier to prove discriminatory intent and normalize gay marriage faster than I thought possible.
  6. This just doesn't make sense to me, unless it's a test or precursor to something else. What is Trump getting out of this?
  7. Who knows what's gonna happen but at least we aren't hosting some team from up north or midwest that everyone moved to Charlotte from. Should be a fired up crowd out there supporting the team Wk 1
  8. that gun looks like it would be just as likely to blow up on the shooter than hit anything
  9. Han Solo at Stars End did more to flesh out the mechanics of the SW universe than anything else. Brian Daley was gone way too soon.
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