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  1. I'm pretty sure these guys are protesting a specific Act. It's called Murder. At the time of the Boston Tea Party, the rebels neighbors were in fact the sailors, dock workers, and buyers of the tea, some of which were loyal to the Crown because that is what these people had pledged. The people who depended on the status quo back then would have been crying out against the tea raid as detrimental to the rebels own cause, their own people were going to want that tea, the tea has nothing to do with the Kings taxes so don't blame it; instead of destroying perfectly good tea why can't these people take their grievances to the local governor like decent human beings.... A specific racist law? Wait are you 12 or something? Would it be easier if we make a law called the DONT fuging CHOKE PEOPLE TO DEATH FOR NO APPARENT REASON law?
  2. How many do you think they will need to kill to put the black man in his place?
  3. All of them have to sign a pledge that only missionary position will be attempted.
  4. I would feel sorry for the hookers and exotic dancers. And the low key gay escorts.
  5. I agree it’s not as easy as it sounds. And there have been countless instances of union leadership bought off by management. But how often does the union buy off the management?
  6. Of course having unions is better than not having unions at all, and I've spent a decent amount of my companies money paying union guys under the table to either get better treatment or to look away as I hooked stuff up at trade shows. People with power get greedy, doesn't matter if its a company owner or union boss - but a union boss can be voted out easier than a company boss. This stuff is a big crazy deal when a union does it; cooking books for the benefit of the rich is a President Approved company tactic.
  7. Invoking the Christian God as it benefits him yet has no interest in religion or its rules and tenets except as a control device is about as American Conservative as it gets.
  8. The current breed of Trumpanzee can trace it's lineage back to the 1980 Republican race for President. Ronald Reagan, knew that angry Southern Whites were the path to victory, but he could not just run on a racist platform. Instead he partnered with Ralph Reed, came up with that first great "I'M SO ANGRY!" white privilege faux outrage example, abortion, and found that surprise! the same people who wanted to tell black people what to do with their bodies had no issue with the same feelings about women. Abortion is the lynchpin of the whole pile of poo, and Roe vs. Wade is the center of that. To understand that anti abortion groups are completely uninterested in truth and feel payola is an acceptable substitute for honesty is important, is to look at those "baby in a trash can" pamphlets in the correct manner. Abortion is indeed about the Western mans desire to control women. This is why people don't picket fertility clinics for disposing fertilized eggs the owners no longer want or need.
  9. Our rescue girl Jade
  10. I was sick before all this started and I'm immunocompromised, so I've been in lockdown since late February, other than going to the hospital, a few drive thrus, and my ex fathers in laws house who passed away, and I have to get his car ready to sell. I was placed on the transplant list in March for a kidney but living donor testing is suspended so I am in a holding pattern there. I have recovered enough after the doctors figured out what was wrong with me to get back to work, and we all are working remotely (another IT guy here). Wife has been working remotely as a school secretary answering the phone. Kids are teens and one is 18 so they are doing some PostMates stuff.
  11. millions of idiots think its all clear now because their governor told them so join the other morons over there
  12. https://www.gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2020/05/08?fbclid=IwAR3XQ861hJZ29NBJgRgOlZ_Dta685MdalHXXxcjxTQHiZ3x-RQMWLpXPlgQ
  13. Number of Individuals with Felonies by Presidential Administration NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS WITH FELONIES BY PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT PARTY YEARS IN OFFICE # PEOPLE INDICTED # PEOPLE CONVICTED # PEOPLE IMPRISONED CONVICTIONS PER YEAR DONALD TRUMP R 1.7* 7 [35]** 6 [7] 2 (+3) [3 (+4)] 3.5 [4.1] BARACK OBAMA D 8 0 0 0 0 GEORGE W. BUSH R 8 16 9 9 1.1 BILL CLINTON D 8 3 2 2 0.25 GEORGE H. W. BUSH R 4 1 1 1 0.25 RONALD REAGAN R 8 26 16 8 2.0 JIMMY CARTER D 4 1 0 0 0 GERALD FORD R 2.4 1 1 1 0.4 RICHARD NIXON R 5.6 76 55 15 9.8
  14. they had to turn the camera angle so they would not see that giant "remember the A La Mode" sign LOL
  15. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-administration-shelves-cdc-guide-to-reopening-country_n_5eb3c588c5b6526942a2414d fug you, science! fug you, old people! fug you, people we asked to provide expert opinions on this life and death matter!
  16. When is our deal making president going to make an actual deal?
  17. 46 Republicans voted for the 94 crime bill so it was as close to bipartisan as that type of legislation is going to get. A lot more than Dems that opposed the civil rights act The original House version: Southern Democrats: 7–87 (7–93%) (four Representatives from Texas, two from Tennessee and Claude Pepper of Florida voted in favor) Southern Republicans: 0–10 (0–100%) Northern Democrats: 145–9 (94–6%) Northern Republicans: 138–24 (85–15%) The Senate version: Southern Democrats: 1–20 (5–95%) (only Ralph Yarborough of Texas voted in favor) Southern Republicans: 0–1 (0–100%) (John Tower of Texas) Northern Democrats: 45–1 (98–2%) (only Robert Byrd of West Virginia voted against) Northern Republicans: 27–5 (84–16%)
  18. Hey. You are being stupid. You know Hillary spent something like 12 hours under oath by a hostile congressional committee about that and crushed their tiny pee pees.
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