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  1. Thank You Sir, have another
  2. Ha the only player(s) that think he’s a cancer do not play for the Carolina Panthers. #9 of the New Orleans Saints for starters.
  3. Yeah, so nutty, he’s done SO much to embarrass himself recently and most especially during the Panthers historic collapse. He’ll be on an ESPN main event this month and the Panthers will be on their collective couches.
  4. Of course not. Not bad enough. Even a monkey could see that defensive end was and is our biggest need, and our all time single season sack leader was and is available at 30 years old with the tread of a 25 year old, is loved and adored by teammates and coaches, etc., and the man obviously said no to the delight of the other 31, while felons Tyreek Hill and Frank Clark forge ahead to January football.
  5. Nails

    Was CMC Worth the #8 Pick?

    Thank goodness CMC is a beast and not a bust, but Barnett and Kamara were my 1-2 combo then, and would clearly be the choice today over the CMC and Samuel combo if we could re-do.
  6. Nails

    Looking towards the draft.

    Obviously anyone would rather have the Barnett and Kamara combo than CMC and Samuel. (And a promising, cheap, young backup in Dobbs to save Cam’s reps over Hall as well, obviously) At least CMC is a beast and Samuel can make plays. But still no DE or chance to stop the opposition.
  7. Nails

    Looking towards the draft.

    Giving up big money to felon frank after pissing on Kraken for years
  8. Yes but you pee standing up. That “dude” and 4corners don’t care for anyone or any opinion that comes from someone that pees standing up.
  9. There is no “if true” to it.
  10. Should be interesting comparing the reaction of this to the single season sack record holder whose charge was dropped.
  11. Despite their columnists and talking heads bullying the Carolina Panthers into severely crippling their football team over multiple years, they themselves have no problem making money off of one of the top athletes on the planet. http://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/25456503/greg-hardy-make-ufc-debut-january-brooklyn