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  1. Greg Hardy is a better end with one arm tied behind his back than Cox and was not charged with a felony either.
  2. All class. https://gentnews.com/index.php?m=entertainment&d=viewvideo&id=155890
  3. Ha, same thing said every fight. The “experts” in the fight game and here on this board insisted Adams was different. Just like saying he whipped up on scrubs on the football field, but, somehow, no one in Panthers history has ever had more sacks in a season. Haters gonna hate. And Hardy’s gonna win.
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27221490/nfl-discipline-wr-hill-abuse-claims
  5. All world. Same one that changed this franchise from a loser to a winner-first by saving the season after it began 0-2 by racking up 3 sacks in a big win, then ultimately winning the division by himself with his performances against the two biggest rivals-forever changing the culture of this franchise and especially this core.
  6. https://www.mmamania.com/2019/7/17/20698542/ufc-san-antonio-greg-hardy-too-rich-pretty-take-juan-adams-serious-mma
  7. Yet here you are. Try as you and so many others might-can’t keep a good man down.
  8. Yeah a convicted felon and multi-time offender in Hill vs a great father and man in Hardy whose single charge went away as quickly as coke in Nicole’s nose. Idiots.
  9. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/4/27/18520963/ufc-fort-lauderdale-results-greg-hardy-scores-quick-tko-for-first-ufc-win
  10. Hilarious. Delusional. Scary. All are appropriate descriptions, to put it mildly. I hadn’t lurked here in many months and while returning for a few minutes did admittedly bring a chuckle and a head shake, it is a bit concerning that this place drifted further to the edge of the solar system.
  11. As opposed to your ADD level of PRESIDENT Trump hate which consists of endless hilarity, manure, and fantasy? I’ll take it.
  12. Bwah’freakin’ha!!! It’s “coming” and “brewing” alright.
  13. It's actually the Pocahontas pictures he/she uses for...whatever.
  14. Yep, we're definitely not in Kansas anymore. Ha!
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